Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 533


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I will make you the strongest dragon between Heaven and Earth!

Su Ping’s roar resounded through the top of the huge mountain and poured into Purgatory Candle Dragon beast’s ears like thunder. Its trembling body slowly stopped, and he turned his head in a daze, looking at Su Ping.

When Su Ping saw his angry face, it suddenly understood.


It turned and lifts the head, a pair of dragon eyes bloomed with a rich fighting intent, stepped forward and rushed towards the dragon source lake.


The old dragon of Starry Sky saw that this Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was able to withstand his deterrence. The complexion slightly changed, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.


It was coldly snorted, the space was trembling, and the body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast that rushed out before suddenly tore.

But just after being torn, the body of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was resurrected again at the next moment. Just resurrected this time, and before Su Ping issued the order, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast has moved towards the dragon source lake and washed away.


Go forward!

At this moment, there is only the dragon source in front of its pair of dragon eyes. That is the order and expectation of Su Ping!


It erupts with the ancient dragon roar, which is the Overflowing Great Road of the True Dragon in Dragon King Secret Realm. It roars out at this moment. Although it looks like a chick, it has several points of shocking imposing manner. .

The eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around are all startled, looking at this Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in surprise.

The old dragon of Starry Sky was also slightly stunned, didn’t expect the dragon howl from the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, actually has several points of Starry Sky-level shadow, where did you learn it from?

Moreover, can you learn it?

This is not something you can learn by listening to it a few times, unless you listen every day, otherwise, you need a perception beyond imagination!

“Sure enough, it’s a bit weird, but the humble bloodline can’t change much.” Starry Sky’s old dragon’s eyes flickered cold, and the space in front of it shook out. The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast just rushed out a few meters, the body was torn crack.

But next moment, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is resurrected again.

Go on!


Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, as if mad, roared towards the dragon source lake, with a press forward imposing manner and strong determination and faith.




The space oscillated, and the dragon soul of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was torn again and again, but every time it was torn, it was resurrected again. In just half a minute, it had already died dozens of times, nearly once every second.

Every time I was resurrected, I was torn apart, sometimes I didn’t have time to step forward.

The other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons were staring coldly and did not take action. At this moment, the old Starry Sky dragon took action. If they intervened in the attack, it would be offensive.

bang bang bang!

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is constantly changing between life and death, and stepping forward.

Dozens of times, hundreds of times, up to hundreds of times!

After hundreds of times, I saw that the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was able to resurrect, and the eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons around were shocked and speechless, and the old Starry Sky dragon was also a little angry. It was like a shame!

“Get me back!”

Looking at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast that was about to come to the front of Longyuan Lake, the old dragon of Starry Sky roared.


The surrounding time and space are turbulent, Power of Time swept out, it has to counter-current time, let this Purgatory Candle Dragon beast return to the original point, let its hundreds of death efforts are all in vain!

Soon, the power of time enveloped the body of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. Its body stepped forward, but it moved backwards, but it didn’t take a few steps back. It stopped in place and returned to the last resurrection. local.

Starry Sky, the old dragon was stunned, his eyes shrank, showing a terrified look.

It’s time is going backwards, it’s actually blocked!

It can only flow back to the time the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was killed last time, and cannot continue to flow back!

In the previous time, it seemed to be isolated, it was hard to shake!

“How is it possible!”

Starry Sky Old Dragon was shocked and a little confused.

Su Ping and his pet beast can be resurrected again and again. It believes that it is the effect of the Starry Sky hidden treasure. Otherwise, Su Ping alone is by no means a Starry Sky level. He can be sure of this.

At this moment, this Starry Sky-level hidden treasure effect is actually more powerful than his own time Secret Art, which is simply outrageous!

Is it the hidden treasure of the star master?

If it is a star master class, then it is the rule hidden treasure!

Thinking of this, a strong rays of light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the old dragon of Starry Sky, he ignored the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, but a pair of vision stared at Su Ping.

When the old dragon of Starry Sky ignored him, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast also smoothly stepped into Longyuan Lake.

The dragon source in the lake seemed to be drawn, and immediately wrapped around the dragon soul of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, and gradually enveloped its body inside.

This dragon source seems to have life, but it also seems to have no life. Just as system said, he cherishes Dragon Beast extremely and does not reject Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

“This time, I’ll take care of you.” Su Ping looked at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast that was gradually enveloped by the dragon source, and let it reshape its body well.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast looked back at Su Ping until his sight was covered by the dragon source.

Soon, Su Ping felt that the consciousness of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in Sea of ​​Consciousness fell into a deep sleep. It seemed that he was blocked and could no longer communicate.

Su Ping did not try to communicate with it again, so as not to affect its reshaping dragon body.

The old dragon of Starry Sky did not go to see the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in the dragon source. Like this Low rank Dragon Beast, it only needs a little dragon source to reshape it and resurrect it, and not much dragon source is wasted.

Compared with this, Su Ping’s mysterious resurrection hidden treasure is what really cares about.

“You do your best to resurrect this lowly Dragon Beast. After it is resurrected, I will kill it as well, and I will eat it as your noodles!” Starry Sky old dragon looked down at Su Ping, A pair of huge dragon eyes is cruel, and Su Ping’s previous resurrection of shamelessness has made it angry.

Since you are angry, you must vent it and let the other party experience it tenfold.

Su Ping walked towards Longyuan Lake.

During his walk, the old dragon of Starry Sky did not stop him, and Su Ping stood in front of Longyuan Lake smoothly. He took a deep look at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in the lake that was shrouded by Longyuan. Then, He turned around, turned his back to Longyuan, and looked up at the old Starry Sky dragon in front of him and the eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons in front of him.

“From now on, I will not take a step back!”

“What are you capable of, come to me!”

Su Ping’s words sounded extremely arrogant.

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is full of anger in the eyes, the whole body is surging, and they are patient and want to make a move.

Starry Sky’s old dragon’s eyes narrowed, “Although you can be resurrected, you are not strong enough. When I imprison you, I take the hidden treasure from you and see how you can resurrect!”


As his words fell, an unexpected energy surged out, completely freezing the time and space in front of Su Ping!

This time is not only a confinement space, but also the time inside!

Su Ping was standing in front of Longyuan, but his body was motionless, he couldn’t even blink his eyes, even the thinking in his mind was already still!

If the old Starry Sky dragon unlocks his power at this moment, Su Ping’s thoughts will still stay for a second, and he will not even know that he has been imprisoned.


When I saw the soul of Su Ping, in addition to the old dragon of Starry Sky, the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon next to him was also shocked, and immediately felt like fiercely slapped his face.

The creature that forcibly rushed to Longyuan under their obstruction was actually just a trifling Rank-9 existence!

No wonder the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is used. Legendary is not a lowly dragon pet. It turns out that this creature’s own cultivation base is also very low!

However, the cultivation base of Rank-9 can burst out such battle strength?

After being shocked, the old dragon of Starry Sky immediately noticed the white bone beside him, and it quickly recognized it as a young skeleton Royal Family!

On bloodline, it is similar to their Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon, and even more noble than them!

It immediately crushed the bones and rummaged inside.

Still not.

Starry Sky old dragon is a little confused.

But at the next moment, the crumpled flesh and blood suddenly disappeared. Then, Su Ping’s silhouette appeared out of thin air again.

Resurrected again!

Yes, when Su Ping’s soul was ruined and shattered, he was already dead. After death, his soul returned directly to the system’s resurrection space, and he naturally chose to resurrect.

Seeing Su Ping resurrected again, the Starry Sky old dragon and the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon were all stunned. Didn’t expect Su Ping to be resurrected if he died so thoroughly.

Moreover, in Su Ping, they didn’t find the hidden treasure of resurrection that they thought.



Starry Sky Old Dragon’s eyes burst out with strong rays of light. It believes that there must be secrets it doesn’t know. Otherwise, how could Su Ping trifling, a Rank-9 cultivation base person, be resurrected repeatedly, even if it is It can control time, and even with such a thorough death, it cannot use time to reverse itself.

Looking at Su Ping, Starry Sky’s old dragon’s eyes flickered for a moment, and it said solemnly: “You didn’t say before, let your dragon pet be resurrected by Longyuan, can you exchange things with things, tell me why you can Repeated resurrection?”

Su Ping knew that he was dead through the resurrection just now, but he did not feel that he was killed. It can be seen that the other party used Power of Time.

Hearing what the old Starry Sky dragon said, Su Ping smiled lightly, but soon the smile faded, and said coldly: “I was sincerely discussing with you before, but you were unwilling. Now I can’t find a way or a clue. , Can’t kill me, so I have to ask me, but unfortunately…you are worthy of knowing?”

Hearing Su Ping’s contemptuous words, the eight-headed Purple Heavenly Dragon was furious.

“How do you talk about your humble life?”

“Do you want to be annihilated? When I find your race, I will kill it!”

“You dare to speak rudely to Lord Dragon King, don’t think we really can’t kill you!”

When the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was angry, the old Starry Sky’s eyes were gloomy, icily said: “No matter what kind of hidden treasure or ability you are, there is always a limit, even if you can resurrect. Hundreds of times, thousands of times, I don’t believe it, if you can be resurrected tens of thousands of times, you will be killed constantly by me!”

“Really, then come!”

Su Ping gushes out in an imposing manner, his head is erected, his eyes are sharp, and he said: “You are just the Starry Sky race. You are a lowly person. Although you are Dragon Beast, but also not the highest bloodline. Dragon Beast!”

“Today, my Su Ping is here. Don’t you think you can kill me? You think you can kill me! I will come to Zhan’er, the weakest mortal. First name!!!”

Su Ping’s words spread all over the mountain, full of wild and domineering.

With the weakest body, fight the strongest name!

Hearing Su Ping’s words, the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon present was all angry.

Dragon Beast is the Peak race of the heavens, and was actually despised by this trifling lowly creature!


“Kill him!”


The Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon is all angry, each and everyone burst into an imposing manner, all furious.

The old Starry Sky dragon also exploded with cold light in his eyes, and when his mind moved, Time and Space Strength suppressed again, with a bang, he tore Su Ping’s body directly, and even the flesh and blood was annihilated into nothingness!


Next moment, Su Ping’s body was resurrected again. He laughed wildly, calling for the Little Skeleton who had been smashed together to fit together, bursting out in a monstrous imposing manner, and rushing towards the old Starry Sky dragon.

“Just take a look, who kill who!”

Su Ping rose into the sky, roaring and waving Subduing Devil Divine Fist.


The space-time power of hong long long shook out, crushing the Subduing Devil Divine Fist he smashed, and then crushing Su Ping’s body together!

But Su Ping, who had just been crushed, was resurrected again, and his state was Peak again. He roared and threw his fist again.

Starry Sky, the old dragon was really angry, and burst into a powerful imposing manner, killing Su Ping again!


bang! bang!

Successive bombardment, Su Ping resurrected repeatedly, but was shocked as soon as he was resurrected.

However, Su Ping’s resurrection is endless, ten times, dozens of times, hundreds of times! !

Every time it is resurrected, Su Ping bursts out with all-out resistance, and every time it is in Peak state. After hundreds of consecutive shots by the Starry Sky old dragon, his aura has been significantly weakened, even if it is Starry Sky level. It is also impossible to continuously use time force, and each use consumes extremely energy.


Su Ping, who is resurrected again, roars and punches towards the old dragon of Starry Sky in the state of becoming a bone demon.

Starry Sky’s old dragon’s eyes were so gloomy. It swung its claws at Su Ping. This claw shot Su Ping’s whole body to pieces, but when Su Ping collapsed, he hit it sharp with a punch. At claw’s fingers, smashed a purple scale into the hollow.

This fist gave Starry Sky the feeling of the old dragon, like photographing a stone, some little pain.

Thinking of being injured by a Rank-9 cultivation base creature trifling, the old dragon of Starry Sky became a little furious. It raised up to the sky and issued an extremely loud dragon roar. This dragon roar shook the clouds and mist floating around the huge mountain. Open, spread up and down the giant mountain!

Countless purple-blooded Dragon Beasts on the giant mountain, including those other races Dragon Beast who came to the mountain, heard the roar of this angry Dragon King!

All Dragon Beasts are horrified. Who provokes the Dragon King so anger?

The Dragon Beasts who were on the mountainside before are all horrified at this moment. Could it be that the human who climbed to the top of the mountain has not died?

Moreover, can actually anger the Dragon King? !

On the top of the huge mountain, after roaring, the old Starry Sky dragon waved the giant claw and shot Su Ping again, and Su Ping also roared and fisted to meet him.


Without suspense, Su Ping was shot to death, but the old dragon of Starry Sky also felt dragon claw pain.

Su Ping resurrected again, merged quickly, and then rushed out with a flash, and with a thud, he slammed a fist on the scales of the Starry Sky old dragon’s belly, and the violent fist strength smashed its scales apart. trace.

Starry Sky, the old dragon was in pain and became more angry.

In the continuous shots and killings, it has become a little tired, but this ant is still the same, every time it looks the most vicious, it has already felt bored, even a little flustered.

It’s like slapping an ant that can’t die anyway, but the ant can bite itself every time, and it hurts!

The anger in its heart has been vented, and Su Ping is still alive, it already feels a little tired.

Su Ping came back to life, still standing in front of Longyuan Lake.

He looked at the old Starry Sky dragon who hadn’t shot immediately, with a sneer in his eyes, once again turning a bone into a demon, surging in an imposing manner, burning blood, guarding in front of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

When the Starry Sky old dragon stopped, the other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons could no longer hold back, and said angrily: “Despicable things, die!”

The surrounding void is rippling, one after another Space Secret Technique is attacked and killed.

These purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons have not used other destructive power abilities, and they are worried that it will affect the dragon source. Su Ping is now standing in front of the dragon source. This also makes them dare not release many of their skills and can only use the space with the least impact. Power, kill Su Ping!

“Come on!!”

Su Ping roared, and the blood light bloomed in his eyes.

He shook his fist and blasted away the surging spatial waves in front of him, but there were a few weird spatial chains running through it, and his body was pierced.

After being penetrated, he came back to life again, still standing firmly in front of Longyuan Lake, not backing away.

His gaze is squinting. Although he is looking up, his eyes are like looking down, looking at the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon in front of him.

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