Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 534


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The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon and the Starry Sky old dragon are taking turns to kill Su Ping, and Su Ping is not waiting for death in vain. Every time he is resurrected, he uses his full strength to fight back!

He is like Xiaoqiang who can’t die, and a War God who always keeps fighting intent. No matter how far away from his opponent, no matter how small the damage caused to the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon, he will fight back every time, exhausted. Fully!

In fact, Su Ping’s attack is still bearable for the old Starry Sky dragon, but for the other eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons, it needs to be treated with caution. Su Ping can already kill the weak Destiny Realm. Exist, his attack is not to tickle, but to make them feel severe pain!

“Damn Stinking Insect!”

“Why can it be resurrected, why!”

“I’m not dead yet, die for me!!!”

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon replaced the Starry Sky old dragon, and shot one after another. From the initial outburst of anger, to the later venting of anger, I saw that Su Ping was still resurrecting time and time again, and every time he counterattacked, they suffered Minor injuries, when minor injuries accumulate, it becomes a little uncomfortable.

The most important thing is that the resurrection of Su Ping seems to be endless, leaving them invisible to the end and hope!

Obviously it is a very weak creature, but under the constant bombardment, it makes them feel desperate!

The Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon can no longer stand Su Ping’s counterattack, and suddenly roars to seal Su Ping. If it is sealed, Su Ping can’t be resurrected. It will seal Su Ping forever until lifespan dies. It does not believe that Su Ping can be resurrected when lifespan dies!

The proposal of this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was quickly recognized by other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons. Previously, they wanted to push Su Ping’s resurrection to the limit, but after killing hundreds of times, they already had some Weak and tired, after all, every time they kill Su Ping, they have to use a lot of power.

Like a normal person, it takes vigorous punches to kill a prey, and after swiping hundreds of punches, it will also sweat and tired, and the prey can fight back every time. Not only is it tired, but it is also hit back. It’s not easy.

“Seal it!”

“Seal forever, exiled to the Evil Dragon Relic!”

With the consent of the Starry Sky old dragon, the eight-headed Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon immediately released the Dragon Race seal technique of the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon family, freezing the space around Su Ping, and turning the endless Purple Qi into a chain, Su Ping was entangled all over.

Under the power of the eight-headed Destiny Realm Peak Dragon Beast, Su Ping’s body was completely imprisoned and sealed by them, unable to move.

The potential domain behind Su Ping is still turning, inside one after another chaotic silhouette faintly discernible, which is extremely vague and faintly discernible in the potential domain, but exudes a palpable atmosphere.

The old Starry Sky dragon noticed that Su Ping’s influence is extraordinary, but thinking that Su Ping was just a lowly creature, it didn’t pay much attention to it and obliterated the matter.

Su Ping’s body was sealed, but his thoughts could still turn. Seeing that these purple blood Heavenly Dragons finally used his most fearful sealing technique, he was angry, but struggled with all his strength and still couldn’t break it. This seal.

“This seal seems to only seal my body, but cannot seal my energy within the body.”

Su Ping noticed that this seal is not an absolute imprisonment, perhaps because his battle strength at the moment is not much different from the eight Destiny Realm Dragon Beasts, they can’t completely imprison him, they can only block his action.

Su Ping said silently in his heart, burst!


His cultivation Chaos Star Force Chart, all the star vortex in the body cells suddenly burst. In an instant, his energy within the body doubled, and the imposing manner soared, but at the soaring next moment, this chaos In the disordered and uncontrollable situation of energy, the first one to destroy is himself.


Su Ping within the body emits a groaning sound, next moment, his structure within the body is completely destroyed, and the soul is wiped out.

Suicide is so simple, it is definitely a wolf.


next moment, Su Ping’s body reappears, and the body that reappears has regained freedom. This means that the eight-headed Purple Heavenly Dragon needs to seal him again.

Seeing the resurrected Su Ping, the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was visibly stunned, and then became a little angry. He could also use suicide to resurrect to unlock the seal. This is simply shameless!

Su Ping looked at them coldly, still holding on to Long Yuan.

The old Starry Sky Dragon also realized that Su Ping could not be completely suppressed by the other eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons. His eyes gushed with anger, and once again raised his strength, releasing Time and Space Strength, and Su Ping Ping suppression.

During the pause of time and space, Su Ping’s thoughts will be paused and Self-destruction is not possible.

Soon, Su Ping was frozen by Time and Space Strength, motionless.

“Go to get the dragon thorn, I will abolish its cultivation base!”

Starry Sky Old Long said in a low voice.

A purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon suddenly wanted to shoot his head. Why didn’t you expect this?

Wait until Su Ping’s cultivation base is abolished and then sealed, isn’t it just letting them deal with the humiliation?

At that time, it will be hard to die and life is involuntary. They can knead at will!


Immediately, a purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon rushed out and left the mountain.

Not long after, this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon came back and brought back three huge blood-colored long spears at the same time. This long spear shone with bright blood light, but it was not made of metal, but it was a bit like… some kind of polishing. Fangs!

“The dragon piercing thorn is here, and I will abolish him!”

The other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons are roaring, and they are extremely angry with Su Ping.

Without hesitation, this purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon immediately shot a blood-colored long spear, passed through Su Ping’s chest, nailed it to his chest, and nailed him to the front of the dragon source. On the ground.

This blood-colored long spear is extremely sturdy. If you nail Dragon Beast, you need three, but if you nail Su Ping, one is enough to penetrate his body.

At this moment, being nailed by this sturdy dragon piercing, the old Starry Sky dragon immediately unlocked his Time and Space Strength. If it has been maintained, it will consume a lot of money.

When the Starry Sky old dragon regained Time and Space Strength, Su Ping also came back to his senses. The first feeling was the sharp pain. This tearing pain came from his chest. He looked down. He saw that his chest was penetrated by an extremely strong blood stab, and his body was nailed to the ground, making it difficult to move.

Moreover, all the power of his within the body was sealed, and he couldn’t perceive it!

“What is this!” Su Ping endured the pain, a little surprised and angry.

Seeing Su Ping struggling, the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon that was previously aggrieved are all disabled to bear laughed heartily up, and after laughing with two dragon-piercing purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons in his hand, Turning to a sneer, he said: “Being nailed by this piercing dragon thorn, even if you have the ability to reach the sky, you have to get down!”

“This is used to deal with the evil dragon of our race, since ancient times, the first Low rank creature to enjoy this dragon piercing!”

“Taste it, this can be considered your honor!”

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon all looked down on Su Ping, feeling fiercely sighing. They didn’t expect that they would be forced into such an embarrassing situation by a Low rank creature, which is a shame.

Starry Sky, the old dragon also looked at Su Ping coldly, wishing to smash Su Ping into pieces.

But it can no longer be said to be “wishful”, but has already done so, but it has no effect after finishing it.

Su Ping tried to sense the power of within the body, but there was no trace. His complexion is gloomy and wanted summon Er Gou to come out to help, but when he thought about summon, he suddenly realized that he didn’t even have the slight energy of summon. Up.

He is like an unawakened ordinary person.

Feeling the tearing pain in his chest, Su Ping endured it, coldly looking at the purple blood Heavenly Dragon in front of him, and said: “Is this the arrogance of you believe oneself infallible? Only in this way Don’t you feel embarrassed to imprison an opponent you can’t defeat?”

“hmph, Smelly Brat, you don’t want to provoke us.”

“Inferior tactics, do you think we will be fooled, yes, I am angry, but I will knead you well in the back, making you impossible to ask for death, so painful to cry!”

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is all sneered, not being fooled by Su Ping.

Although Su Ping’s words really touched the bottom of their hearts, they all chose to ignore it at the moment. If today’s shame is not spread, no dragon will know.

Su Ping complexion is gloomy, just as he was thinking about countermeasures, suddenly a wave of fluctuations in his consciousness.

Su Ping was slightly startled, and immediately wanted to turn his head, but he was nailed to death at the moment, so he could only look up to barely see the back.

On the Longyuan Lake, there was a surging of energy, and a large number of dragon sources rolled up and gathered in the direction of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Su Ping feels that the consciousness of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is showing signs of recovery!

The situation on the Longyuan Lake also shocked the other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon and Starry Sky old dragons. They were all shocked. When they saw the situation, they were all angry.


“Ahhh! Humble beast, stop now!!”

“How do you want to draw so many dragon sources!”

The eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons roared with great anger, and at the same time they shot to take out the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, but when their spatial power arrived in an instant, they failed to capture the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. silhouette.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, which was condensing, suddenly sank to the bottom of Longyuan. It seemed to sense the fluctuation of Space Power. The moment the eight-headed Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon shot, it avoided.

“Come out!”

Seeing this scene, the eight-headed Purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon almost ran away, but this time, they can’t make any more moves, they are all anxious and angry.

In the Dragon Source, if their attacks go deep into it, they will destroy the Dragon Source. If the root cause is damaged, the Dragon Source can no longer be condensed here. Then their Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon clan will be considered as leaving. At the end, we can only wait for the existing dragon source to slowly dry up!

Starry Sky Lao Long also had an extremely ugly face, staring angrily at the constantly surging Longyuan Lake.

Longyuan Lake is rippling, and it gradually forms an hourglass inside, gathering a huge vortex, and the breath of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is in the depths of the lake, and a large number of Longyuan moved towards it gathered.

Starry Sky old dragon wants to freeze time, but Longyuan is an extremely special substance that cannot be frozen by time. That is to say, in its time domain, Longyuan still flows, it can only suppress And kill the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast inside, kill it to stop the riot of these dragon sources.

However, this dragon source matters a lot, and it has to be careful when attacking.


Looking at the opportunity, the old Starry Sky dragon suddenly shot, a blade of time suddenly drawn out of nothingness. This is Strength of Time. It has not reached the Starry Sky level, and it is difficult to even perceive it. It does not believe this Purgatory Candle Dragon beast can react!

Furthermore, the destructive power of this blade of time is controlled properly to ensure that it can kill the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast without hurting the dragon source.


Without any suspense or accident, the body of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast at the place where Longyuan gathered suddenly burst.

Seeing this scene, Su Ping’s eyes turned red and immediately brought him back to life.

next moment, the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon beast actually maintained the appearance of absorbing the dragon source before, and its body has been constructed, no longer the previous Purgatory Candle Dragon beast dragon body, the dark red purgatory dragon scales In the middle, there are dark purple dragon scales, which are the scales of the purple blood Heavenly Dragon clan.

At the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, the consciousness was completely awake. It was a little confused. Previously, it was in the closed mind Sea of ​​Consciousness, absorbing the delicious things by its own instinct.

But now, it jumped out of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and immediately saw Su Ping nailed to the ground outside of Longyuan.

In an instant, its pair of dragon eyes turned red and almost split.

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