Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 535


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When I saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, I was about to rush over. Su Ping calmed down and immediately passed on to it: “Don’t come here, continue to absorb those dragon sources. If they can’t be absorbed, destroy them!”

He has already seen that this old Starry Sky dragon seems to be very scrupulous about Long Yuan, and he is a little cautious in his action. He did not directly pause in time and space to take out the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. In this case, he let the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast continue to be Act wilfully in this dragon source, let these purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons also taste the real sadness!

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast’s body stopped, its red eyes stared at Su Ping dumbly, until seeing Su Ping’s firm eyes, the long-term tacit understanding of getting along It knew what to do at the moment, it chose to obey, and immediately turned around and plunged into the dragon source.

The dragon source surged, and the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast roared, turning the previous instinctive absorption into the active absorption at this moment, and continuously gathering the surrounding dragon sources into the body.

“Stop it!!”

“Damn, damn!”

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon around was all anxious, and the old Starry Sky dragon was also unbearable, and once again released the Blade of Time to kill the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was immediately resurrected by Su Ping as soon as it died. Without Su Ping’s command again, it continued to draw the surrounding dragon source.

Starry Sky’s old dragon became more and more angry, and shot one after another, killing the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast repeatedly.

But every time it was killed, it quickly resurrected. It clearly had the power to reach the sky, but at this moment there was an unstoppable sense of powerlessness.

Starry Sky, the old dragon tried to reverse the time again, and wanted to return the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast to the previous time, but soon discovered that no matter how hard it works, it can only reverse the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast to the last resurrection. The appearance of time.

There is a wall of time that it can’t enjoy, blocking its power, it is difficult to shake, and it even feels that it is no longer a time reversal, but a certain supreme law!

“Stop, stop!!”

Starry Sky, the old dragon could no longer maintain his majesty, and roared in anger.

The roar resounded from the top of the huge mountain, and the entire huge mountain seemed to be shaken.

The countless Dragon Beasts under the mountain heard the Dragon King’s roar from the sky above. It seemed to be passed down from the sky, and the anger filled with it shocked all Dragon Beasts.

Dragon King is still furious?

Su Ping looked at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, which was constantly absorbing the dragon body to perfect the dragon body, and gradually felt relieved. The body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast had completely condensed. As more dragons inhaled, its imposing manner As it climbs, Su Ping can clearly feel that its power is rapidly increasing!

bang! bang!

One after another The Blade of Time beheaded, but every time it was beheaded, Su Ping resurrected the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Every time it is resurrected, it is restored to its original state before being killed.

Starry Sky’s old dragon’s attack seemed a bit futile. Su Ping also had to admire the system’s resurrection ability. Relying on this ability, he cultivated the world here. With the trifling 7th grade cultivation base, he was able to compete with Starry Sky. The creature challenged him, and he was the starry Sky Dragon Beast with the strongest name!

“Let your dragon pet stop!”

Starry Sky, the old dragon saw Purgatory Candle Dragon beast seem to be able to resurrect endlessly, from anger to powerlessness to despair and pain in his eyes. It concealed the painful emotions, stopped attacking, and stared deeply. Su Ping on the ground said: “I can let you go and let your dragon pet stop immediately.”

On the ground, Su Ping, who was nailed to death by the piercing dragon, heard Starry Sky’s old dragon’s stern tone, but obviously softly begged, he became unable to bear laughed heartily.

“Are you begging me?” he said with a big smile.

Starry Sky old dragon’s blood is boiling, Dragon Beast is already irritable, Su Ping’s words pierced into its heart like a needle, making it feel unprecedented humiliation, dignified Starry Sky-class Dragon King, but at this moment, he is asking for one Low rank creatures, as the saying goes, it’s too ugly if you don’t see it through.

“Don’t be impossible to tell good from bad!” Starry Sky Old Long gritted his teeth.

Su Ping was nailed to be impossible to move, but he laughed more and more madly, and said, “What is good or bad, are you? You are worthy of saying this, when I step into Starry Sky, I will kill you like a chicken !”

“You are just Starry Sky-class Dragon Beast, but your eyes are high above the top. Are other Dragon Beasts whose bloodline is lower than yours, are they not Dragon Beast? If so, then you… are not worthy As Dragon Beast!”

“Do you really want to be imprisoned forever?” Starry Sky old dragon was very angry and threatened.

Su Ping unable to bear laughed, “I can come and go, who can keep me in this purple blood dragon world?!”


Starry Sky’s old dragon was furious, but Su Ping’s words kept its heart sinking. Human races like Su Ping had never seen it before, only heard from their ancestors. They were already extinct. Low rank creature, and when it was young in the dragon world, no human remains were ever seen.

Where did this human come from?

In addition to Su Ping’s weird resurrection ability, it has several points of powerlessness in its heart at this moment. If Su Ping is telling the truth, it may indeed be unable to do anything with Su Ping.

However, their purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon clan, who has ruled the dragon world for countless years, is now about to be forced by a trifling ant human to be pleading? !

“You are a bit humble and look down on Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. When I come back, I will let you see and see. The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast that you look down on now can easily flatten your family!” Su Ping said with a cold laugh, without concealing his killing intent and revenge.

Now Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is also resurrected. He can walk anytime he wants, even if he is imprisoned. When the training plane lease time is up, the system will send him directly back. No matter how imprisoned then, it will be difficult Resist the power of system.

Or, when he is killed until his energy is exhausted and he can no longer use energy to purchase the resurrection, he can choose to return, so he can return to the store early.

No matter what it is, Su Ping is now fearless.

When the old dragon of Starry Sky heard Su Ping’s words, he roared angrily and said in anger: “Don’t bully others too much!”

Speaking of this, the picture at this moment is a bit weird. The Starry Sky Dragon King, who is as tall as a mountain, said to the ant human who was nailed to the ground and could not fight back. Going up is extremely ridiculous!

The eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons next to them all have a blood turmoil, feeling humiliated.

“When you regarded me as inferior, you didn’t give me a chance to talk. Now you are also not qualified to negotiate terms with me!” Su Ping said coldly.

Starry Sky, the old dragon is furious, brandishing the Great Dragon Claw, crushing Su Ping to pieces.

Su Ping is resurrected again.


Dragon claw photographed and Su Ping was killed again.

After more than a dozen consecutive resurrection and killing, Starry Sky old dragon’s anger was almost vented, and it growled: “What on earth do you want to do?”

Su Ping looked at it indifferently without answering.

In the dragon source behind, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is still devouring the dragon source at a fast speed. It exudes a heavy purple blood Heavenly Dragon aura. This is the dragon source of the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon clan and is shaped by this dragon source. The dragon body is half the Bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon with purple blood. At this moment, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is covered in purple and red scales, exuding domineering majesty and a king-like atmosphere.


With a long howl, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast stopped drawing and reached saturation.

Its body is bigger than before, more than 30 meters high, and its imposing manner is strong. At this moment, it does not wave the dragon’s wings, but floats in the air above Longyuan.


Purgatory Candle Dragon beast issued a low call, looking at Su Ping from the sky.

Su Ping turned his head and looked towards it. When he saw its new dragon body, he felt astonished. It felt more domineering than the surrounding purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, and with the extremes of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon family. Strong killing breath.

“system, is the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast fully resurrected now?”

For the sake of caution, Su Ping asked in his heart, worried that he would not be able to see it, after all, his knowledge was limited.

“en. ”

system is un’ed in Su Ping’s heart.

Getting the answer from the system, Su Ping was relieved. When the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was about to be put away, he glanced at the dragon source again. He turned to look at the old Starry Sky dragon and said: “This dragon is just Keep it for you for the time being, so I can take care of it. Now I have to go, do I still need to keep me?”

Hearing Su Ping’s arrogant and domineering words, the Starry Sky old dragon and the eight-headed purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon were so angry that they were on the verge of raging. Numerous bloodshots were already protruding from the huge dragon eyes, and they looked like eyes. Redness.

“Want to go? I want to suppress you forever at the foot of my Holy Mountain, and let countless Dragon Beasts trample on my clan!” Starry Sky old dragon roared angrily.

The two dragon piercing thorns in the hands of a purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon next to him, one of which was suddenly pulled by force, broke free from its claws, burst out suddenly, penetrated Su Ping’s body, and nailed him again To the ground.

The tearing pain made Su Ping slightly frowned, but he was not too surprised. He just looked at the old Starry Sky dragon coldly, without begging for mercy or screaming.

“Catch it down, suppress it!”

Starry Sky old dragon said angrily.

The eight purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons next to him saw that the matter was finally over and hated Su Ping, and immediately two dragons stepped forward, confined Su Ping’s body with strength, and flew down the mountain.

Su Ping can only let them hold. He is checking his remaining energy. He has spent an unknown amount of resurrection before. At this moment, there are only tens of thousands of energy left.

Seeing the remaining Energy points, Su Ping secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast completed the body structure in time. Otherwise, when his energy is exhausted, he can only be forced to return and stay behind. , Will really die here.

If you are forced to return, you can only accumulate energy again and run again next time.

“Now I can only wait for the lease time to end, and it will automatically return.” Su Ping took a look at the remaining time, there are still more than ten hours, most of the day.

Although his body is imprisoned at this moment, he is not too worried in his heart, but silently endures the tearing pain caused by the dragon piercing.


Two purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons swooped down, and the no-air rules on the huge mountain were of no use to them, and soon they flew straight to the middle of the mountain.

The Dragon Beast gathered on the mountainside, seeing two huge shadows flying down, they immediately recognized the Elder of the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon clan, but soon they saw the two Purple Blood Heavenly Elder Long beside them. A tiny silhouette is imprisoned in the air. This silhouette is surprisingly Su Ping who went up the mountain earlier.

When they saw Su Ping being nailed by the dragon piercing, all Dragon Beast were shocked.

This is a dragon piercing that would be used to punish the powerhouse of the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon clan. It was actually used on this human?

Thinking of the angry roar at the top of the mountain before, all Dragon Beasts were shocked and speechless. Obviously, it was this human that made the Dragon King so angry.


The two purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons flew past halfway up the mountain without looking back, heading straight to the foot of the mountain.

There are more Dragon Beasts at the foot of the mountain. This is the place for climbing. The two purple-blooded Elder Long descended directly in front of the mountain gate at this moment. Their huge dragon body and the imposing manner exuded immediately shocked the surrounding area. The Dragon Beast.

Seeing that it was Elder, all the Dragon Beast knelt down and saluted respectfully.

Dragon Race’s etiquette is to kneel down on the ground and withdraw your head under the wings to indicate acknowledgement allegiance.

“You are here, be trampled by my clan forever!”

One of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons dug out a large hole in the ground in front of the mountain gate, threw Su Ping in it, and then condensed it into a cube with Space Power, and sealed Su Ping inside.

This Space Power is transparent, you can walk through it and you can directly see Su Ping.

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon wants Su Ping to be here forever, watching them pass by, trampling in every possible way, and suffering humiliation.

Su Ping heard the words of the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon, but sneered without speaking.

After the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon took care of Su Ping, it transferred to nearby guards to take care of this place, and then soared back to the top of the mountain.

As the two purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons left, the other Dragon Beast curiously leaned forward, surrounding the cubic seal of this space and looking at the Su Ping inside.

When I saw the dragon piercing thorn on Su Ping, the surrounding Dragon Beast was a little shocked and shrank subconsciously. Dragon Beast was extremely afraid of the name of the dragon piercing, and it was carved into the bone marrow. Any Dragon Beast, let it be He has the ability to reach the sky and is nailed by the piercing dragon, so you have to get down honestly.

Just, this thing, how could it be used on this little scaly Little Brat?

The surrounding Dragon Beast discuss spiritedly, while Su Ping in the seal closed his eyes altogether and waited for his return.

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