Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 536


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In a blink of an eye, a long time passed.

When the countdown to return appeared in Su Ping’s mind, he opened his eyes.

Outside the space seal, the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons that had been onlookers have dispersed one after another, and the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons who had returned were all stepping on Su Ping’s seal when they went up the mountain.

At this moment, seeing Su Ping open his eyes, the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon stationed here sneered. It already knew from Elder that this ant creature angered Elder and committed a big crime. It will be suppressed forever until the end of lifespan. .

“For what you see, it is your glory to be trampled on by our dragon’s feet.” The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon roared, his words full of pride.

Su Ping glanced at it, no anger in his heart, just a pawn in front of him, he didn’t care at all.

“After returning this time, I have to be well cultivated and step into the Genius as soon as possible.” Su Ping thought about the things after the return. This Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, he did not step into Legendary, it is difficult to come here to ask It’s cheap and won’t come again for the time being. After all, he is mainly based on the real world.

Soon, the countdown is zero.

The garrisoned purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon still looked at Su Ping with a sneer, mocking, but at the next moment, Su Ping in its line of sight suddenly flashed, was swallowed by a dark vortex, and disappeared from the space seal.

This sudden scene made the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon stunned, and then turned pale with fright.

It hurriedly stepped forward to check, but did not sense the breath of Su Ping, and immediately reported Su Ping’s news to the top of the giant mountain.

On the top of the mountain, the old Starry Sky dragon and a few Elder Longs were checking the condition of the dragon source. They were mixed up by the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast. They found that the dragon source lost a lot. Longyuan, can heal hundreds of Void Cave realm Dragon Beast’s serious injuries, and can also nurturing ten Legendary Dragon Beasts!

“This damn evil dragon!”

“The trifling Low rank thing actually used our dragon source to construct the bloodline of the body, and also inherited a part of our bloodline, damn it!”

“Wait for the human being to die, find the evil dragon, skin it cramps, and let it repay!”

A few purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons are extremely angry.

At this time, news from the foot of the mountain came up.

The two purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons who sent Su Ping down the mountain were both stunned. They looked at the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon that came up to report, and their eyes seemed to gnaw at it, and said, “What did you say, he ran Lost? He was imprisoned by the piercing dragon, without any power, and sealed by my space, how could he escape?!”

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was stared at by several Elders and Starry Sky Dragon Kings. It felt like its hair was standing up, and it felt like it would be swallowed. It trembled and said: “Elder, I , I have been staring, the lowly creature is suddenly, suddenly missing, like being sucked in by something.”

“Fuck!” A purple-blooded Elder Long was furious, brandishing a dragon claw, and snapped his head.

This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon stared at the dragon’s eyes in horror. The next moment was photographed, the head was cracked, blood flowed across, and only a strand of dragon soul was left floating out, but around the dragon soul, Dead Spirits emerged. The whirlpool of the world, swallow it.

“Elder, your subordinates have been wronged, save me!”

“get lost! I can’t even look at a useless person, what’s the use for you!”

The whirlpool swallowed, the purple blood dragon soul was begging for help, struggling, but was still sucked in by the whirlpool.

“I’ll take a look.” A purple-blooded Elder Long said, and after speaking, he whizzed and dived down the mountain.

“Let the human run away?”

“Damn it, it’s no wonder that human beings dare to be so arrogant here, it turns out that there are other players!”

“However, his body has been searched and there is no hidden treasure. What kind of power is this?”

The other purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons were surprised and angry. They had just suppressed Su Ping, but after only half a day, they were actually ran away. They still wanted to suppress it forever. Now it seems like a joke.

Starry Sky Lao Long’s face was also extremely gloomy. It suddenly thought of what Su Ping had said before. He was leaving and no one could keep it. Now it seems that this is probably something else.

This human being is indeed full of secrets. If these secrets can be obtained by it, it will be invincible!

“Look, let me know, and investigate the dragon world!” After a short silence, the old dragon of Starry Sky said immediately.



At the time of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, Su Ping had already returned to the shop on the other side.

His body appeared in the pet beast room. As soon as he appeared, he saw Joanna sitting in the Fostering seat staring at him. When he looked down, he found that his clothes were broken during the battle, and he was naked at the moment. His body was naked, and Little Skeleton turned into a scattered skeleton, falling at his feet.

The previous dragon piercing nailed him to death, sealing all his powers, and the Little Skeleton, which was fused with him, was also pierced, and all abilities were also sealed.

Even the skeleton Royal Family, in front of this dragon piercing, did not resist.

“This dragon piercing…” Su Ping looked in front of him. There was a huge blood-colored dragon thorn on the ground. It was the dragon piercing piercing through his chest.

Only after the return, the dragon piercing spike was stripped from his chest. When he returned, all his injuries were healed by the system, and the dragon piercing spike was also thrown on the ground.

Seeing this piercing dragon thorn, Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, and suddenly he didn’t feel that loss. This was a powerful hidden treasure.

Su Ping thought, and collected the dragon piercing on the ground into the storage space equipped with the system, and then looked through the storage space to find a set of clothing and quickly put it on.

“How is it, is it good-looking?” Su Ping asked Joanna.

Joanna’s eyes lightly turned away, and said: “There is nothing to look at, but it is the flesh and blood of trifling mortals. I have seen more.”

Su Ping said: “What are you talking about, I’m asking you if my clothes look good?”


Joanna turned her head and ignored Su Ping again.

Su Ping let the Little Skeleton lying scattered on the ground rest, go to rest in the Fostering seat, the ground is cold.

Little Skeleton understood the meaning of Su Ping. Scattered skeletons rolled around on the ground, maintaining a scattered posture, rolling into a Fostering seat one after another, and then continuing to turn into a pile of dead bones.

Su Ping looked a little speechless, he was too lazy, he didn’t even want to take a few steps, he had to wriggle.

However, thinking of the battle at this time, Su Ping’s eyes flashed with tenderness. In the battle, Little Skeleton’s deaths were very few. Unless it was the attack of the old Starry Sky dragon, other purple blood Heavenly Dragon attacks, Little Skeleton basically relied on the ability to live forever from deadly sins, and reborn itself.

I have to say that after awakening the Skeleton King Bloodline, Little Skeleton’s survivability is really strong and perverted, and even the existence of Destiny Realm Peak is not so easy to kill it.

Looking at the Little Skeleton in the Fostering seat, Su Ping turned and left the pet beast room, opened the door, and saw Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong in the store. Su Ping greeted them and arrived The Testing room, brought out the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon beast summon.


The huge body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast falls in the testing room. Fortunately, the space inside the testing room is extremely vast. Even the 1000-meter-class Dragon Beast like the old dragon of Starry Sky can accommodate it.

Looking at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast with half of the Heavenly Dragon Bloodline at this moment, Su Ping can feel that it has an extremely strong force within the body, and the dragon prestige exuding from the body is obviously stronger than before. Well, it is estimated that other Tilted rank Dragon Beasts are usually suppressed by this dragon prestige in front of it!

Su Ping uses the identification technique to call up the information of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast

attribute: dragon pet beast

Rank: Rank-9 middle grade

battle strength: 25

aptitude: Middle-Upper grade

innate ability: Low rank fast innate talent

Bloodline abilities: Purple Hell Dragon’s Breath, Bloody Dragon Soul.

Skills: Demonic flame, Dragon Soul Elegy, Thunder Dragon Howl, Giant Dragon Claw, Dragon Roar, Dragon Qi Domain, Space Shifting, Dragon Fission…


Seeing this attribute, Su Ping was a little surprised.

Didn’t expect the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, the level has also soared to the same Rank-9 middle grade as Little Skeleton, but the increase in battle strength of the two is obviously that Little Skeleton is more exaggerated and terrifying 39 Point, and Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is 25 points. It can be seen that the Bloodline inherited by Little Skeleton is more pure and thorough.

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