Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 538


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Su Ping raises his eyebrows.

“So, now is my cultivation base dragging down?”

Didn’t expect to upgrade the store, but there are still tough requirements for the cultivation base, but it seems that it can be another way of saying… With the 7th grade cultivation base, he has accumulated the energy needed for Level 3 stores and completed it. The cultivation of medium rank pet beast is too good!

Thinking of this, Su Ping sighed, shook the head, and said to the system: “Didn’t expect even you underestimated me.”

system :”……”

“You must be very excited to find a host like me.” Su Ping said in his heart.


Su Ping smiled with satisfaction.

Today’s game with system, he won.

My stupid system, you still don’t have the experience of dealing with human pretense.

“Insult system once.” System said immediately.

Su Ping smiled lightly and didn’t think about it anymore. He won’t give the system a chance to retaliate again.

Exit from the shop interface, Su Ping looked at the previously registered pet beasts and divided them into categories. It is still extremely difficult to cultivate each pet beast to High grade aptitude, and the money is not easy to make.

“These pet beasts are currently Low-Low grade aptitude, and some are still inferior. This has to be upgraded to High grade in one breath, at least to increase their battle strength by a large amount, and they must be given inspire spirituality first. OK, let them at least master the Low rank fast innate talent. I don’t know how much an innate talent can improve their aptitude?”

Su Ping summoned these classified pet beasts in the pet beast room one after another. He first summoned two dragon pets, but they were all ordinary dragon pets, and the dragon rank was beyond ten.

If such dragon pets are thrown into the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, they are probably everywhere, and they are the “Low rank meat” in the eyes of those Purple Blood Heavenly Dragons.

Su Ping presses his hand on the head of the dragon pet to release spiritual awakening.

No surprise, both dragon pets were successful by inspiration spirituality, and they also have an innate talent attribute in their attributes, both of which are Low rank fast innate talents.

Su Ping looked towards their aptitude, and found two Low-Low grade dragon pets, and at this moment, the aptitude has both improved to Upper-Low grade!

Skip the Upper-middle rank in one go!

“Sure enough, innate talent is rare. A dragon pet that can awaken innate talent, just like a girl who loves to laugh, aptitude will not be too bad, after all, the poor will not laugh.”

The two dragon pets have not been cultivated by him, and rely on innate talent alone, and they are almost approaching the medium rank, which shows the importance of innate talent.

And their battle strength, under the low rank fast innate talent, also directly reached the limit of 9.9!

The battle strength of the previous two dragon pets was only 9.4 to 9.5. Compared with their Rank-9 low grade, they can only be regarded as a little bit higher than their own battle strength. This kind of increase is in the dragon pet. Here is normal.

However, for many Battle pet masters, it is already a lot of energy to reach normal levels.

After all, those who are not well cultivated may have battle strength that is lower than the level.

This is by no means exaggeration and rare.

It’s like a normal child who can get a score of 60, but his own fails. Isn’t it common? !

Cultivating pet beasts is technical work. Some pet beasts are poorly taken care of, and even have poor growth and weak body. Some pet beasts often eat randomly and the owner does not care, resulting in eating some strange spiritual grass by mistake and often getting sick. , The body is weak, even if the level is higher, the battle strength will be frustrated.

Not every Tibetan mastiff can beat a pastoral dog.

Of course, winning Erhana is no problem.

Su Ping doesn’t know whether the two dragon pets just reached 9.9 or the limit of 9.9. After all, this 9.9 is a bit cheating.

In any case, Su Ping is still very satisfied with the ability to increase aptitude by a large amount. It can also be seen that the importance of Spirit Awakening record. If he has a medium rank fast innate talent, the effect will be even more different. , Low rank fast innate talent only doubles the speed, only doubled, there is such an effect, if it is twice the medium rank, it would be even more exaggerated.

This increase in speed is twice that of reaching the limit through other secret techniques, which is very scary.

Two pet beasts of the same battle strength, one with a low rank fast innate talent, can explode more than twice the speed of the opponent, and they can completely kill them before the opponent does not react!

Su Ping takes back the two dragon pets, and then calls out other pet beasts to perform inspire spirituality one by one.

By doing this, these customers’ pet beasts are definitely making a lot of money, but Su Ping is not at a loss. It is just a hands-on thing for him, and after he completes professional training through other training methods, Basically, these pet beasts have reached their limit. In the future, if their masters want to continue to strengthen their battle companion’s power, they can only come to his store and go to other stores. No one can improve and nurture them.

This is the “monopoly” of dependence.


In a blink of an eye, Su Ping started spiritual awakening of the 24 battle companions.

Most of the aptitudes of these battle companions are Upper-Low grade, a few are Upper-middle rank, and some have reached the medium rank aptitude, which belong to the high aptitude that was originally cultivated.

Su Ping classified them according to their classification, and then they were cultivated in batches.

These pet beasts have demon pets, dragon pets, and element pets of various lines.

As for the battle pet beast, this is the least common. It doesn’t even have elemental skills. It only has a brute force. Although the defense is good, compared with elemental skills, whether it is viewing or practical, it is a bit inferior. This It is also the reason why the combat pet beast has become a favorite of civilians, and only the poor have to use it.

Su Ping gives priority to demon pets.

There are seven demon pets in total, all of which are not high-ranked demon pets. The strongest among them is only ranked seventh in the demon rank, which is already quite high.

Su Ping is only 7th grade, but his mental power exercises are extremely tough and can sign nine pet beasts.

Except for the five in his hand, he is nurturing the world and can sign four more temporary pets at a time.

In other words, these seven pet beasts, Su Ping need to be brought in and cultivated in two batches.

This time, Su Ping did not go to Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, but picked it from the Demon attribute beast pet cultivation ground.

Demon attribute beast pets are cultivated in many places, most of them are Shura World, Spirit Realm, etc. Among them, Shura World alone has many distinctions, just like the dragon world.

“Why are there so many Shura World, isn’t it a unified Great World?” Su Ping asked the system curiously.

System did not answer immediately, but was silent for a while before saying: “There used to be only one world, in the earliest Great Ancient Era, but then it was broken, and a different world was formed.”

“Why is it broken?” Su Ping asked curiously.

System didn’t say a word. Su Ping waited for a long time and didn’t wait for system to answer. He fed twice, but still didn’t respond, so he didn’t ask any more. Anyway, he knows it now and it doesn’t make much sense. It’s too far away.

“Go to the breeding ground of Asura City, Sin Sword.”

Su Ping picked a place and made a choice.

This is a cultivation site of medium rank. The introduction in it is that this cultivation site is the world of an Asura Sword King.

In addition to cultivating customers’ pet beasts, Su Ping has not forgotten his previous thoughts. He can also increase his strength by taking part in the cultivation ground.

“If you can find the Asura Sword King in this cultivation ground, and get him to teach the sword technique, it seems good.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart.

As mentioned in the introduction, this Asura Sword King masters the peerless sword technique, Su Ping has several points of heartbeat, although his favorite is to rely on his fists, because it is simple and rude, but it is good for other weapons and secret techniques. There is no harm in mastering more, after all, if there are more prostitutes, it is only good to know more.

After the selection, Su Ping paid the entrance fee directly.

Spend 40 energy from the system store to purchase four temporary contracts. Su Ping will sign the contract with the first batch of demon pets to be cultivated, and then go to the Asura City of Sin Sword.



Asura City of Sin Sword.

Speaking of a city, it is really a city. The main location of the entire world is in a desolate ancient giant city. Outside the giant city, it is a dim wasteland. There is not much Life Aura.

In this ancient giant city, there are only a few undead skeletons wandering around, not many.

At the highest point of Asura City, there is a beheading platform, where there is a dark giant sword of several dozen meters long, and a huge silhouette sitting in front of the sword, emitting a terrifying aura that can swallow light. , There was the killing horn of the Asura clan above his head, but one of the horns was broken.

Su Ping teleported to this city of Asura, and he summoned all his pet beasts, including the customer’s four, for a total of nine.

Fighting on the empty streets of the city, fighting all the way, after he was accidentally attacked and killed seven or eight times, Su Ping came to the commanding heights in the city, the beheading stage.

There are no other undead creatures here, not even the intractable evil Nether Soul. Su Ping saw the burly silhouette sitting in front of the giant sword and recognized the Asura clan at a glance. The imposing manner is extremely strong, absolutely not. Legendary, but Starry Sky level, even more terrifying than the old Starry Sky dragon he saw in the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss!

This is an imposing manner that will explode every moment, full of vigor.

next moment, Su Ping saw the open eyes of the other person. At the moment when he met his eyes, Su Ping felt tingling in his eyes.

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