Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 539


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Su Ping had just finished speaking, and suddenly a sharp sword energy struck shatter void.

The sword energy seemed to jump out of time and space, and it was too fast to react. Su Ping didn’t have any perception. He only felt that a killing intent was fluctuating. Next moment, he stood in the resurrected Dark Space.

Don’t even think about it, the guy on the other side killed him.

Is it so cold?


Su Ping came back to life.

As soon as he was resurrected, Su Ping saw the calm and composed face of the Asura powerhouse, showing a touch of movement, and he was obviously surprised by the power of system’s resurrection.

Small sample…Su Ping faintly smiled, pretending to be profound, said: “Your Excellency, I said, I have no malice. I just come to ask for teaching swords. Of course, I will not learn your sword technique for nothing, if you If you have any wish, you can tell me, if I can do my best, I will help you finish it.”

The strong man of Asura stared at Su Ping with a pair of scarlet blood. These eyes were full of composure, calmness, and extremely subtle sharp sharpness, which seemed to be able to see through Su Ping’s heart.

Half a while, he opened the mouth and said: “Human race, where did you come from.”

“Do you know that I am a human?” Su Ping was surprised, and immediately felt that the question was a little strange.

He was surprised because in the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, most of the Dragon Beasts there did not know his race. Only a few old dragons at the top of Destiny Realm recognized his identity, and this In the ancient city of Asura, Su Ping only sees the dead and the Asura clan, obviously he is the only human here.

“The human race…has been extinct long ago, and there are impossible survivors left.” The strong Asura stared at Su Ping.

Su Ping is a bit speechless. In the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss, the human race is an extinct creature, and in this Asura ancient city, it is also extinct. It seems that the human race is indeed too weak in the plane of other races. Up.

He said: “Since you have seen it, I will have a showdown. I’m from another world. As for the goal of coming here, it is the same as I said before. Find you to learn the sword technique. You don’t have to try anymore. Kill me, don’t want to imprison me. It’s meaningless to find out the secrets in me. Can we get along well?”

The strong Asura didn’t speak, but stared at him silently, as if thinking about the truth of Su Ping’s words.

After a long time, he opened the mouth and said: “You really don’t have the breath of this place in your body. You are a human, but you want to learn the sword technique with me as an Asura. It’s okay. I can teach you. What a minute.”

Su Ping was stunned. He didn’t expect him to talk so well. Are the Asuras who said that the good Asuras are all vicious and tyrannical?

“Really willing to teach?”

“I never bother to lie.” Asura said indifferently.

Su Ping thought that he would have to pay more than a dozen deaths, so that the Asura powerhouse was completely helpless, so he would negotiate with him, didn’t expect the other party to be so happy.

“Well, now that I have learned your sword technique, this friendship, I will inherit it, in Su Ping, if you teach me the sword technique, I will call you Teacher tentatively. I don’t know what Teacher should be called?” Su Ping’s attitude is very correct, since others are happy, he will not come to a fake.

The strong Asura stared at him, then said: “Call me 暝, I teach you the sword technique, there is a condition, since you can enter here, you must have the ability to enter the world of other stars, if you can If you do, I hope you can find a god for me…”

Su Ping froze, looking for someone for him? Oh no, look for God?

“This, I can promise you.” Su Ping thought for a while and said, “Can you tell me what the god you are looking for?”

“I can’t find it by appearance alone.” Seeing Su Ping’s answer, his eyes seemed to become a little brighter. He raised the gray and black Asura palm, and the palm was a dark-green circle. There is also a twisted strap on it. This strap is not ordinary fabric, it is covered with crystal light.

“Her name is Cang Yue, and her full name is Shen Cang Yue!”

Looking at the jade green circle in his hand, with a touch of tenderness in his eyes, he looked up towards Su Ping and said: “The breath on this is her breath, and she looks like this…”

Speaking, a dark atmosphere emerged in front of him, like smoke and mist, transformed into a Goddess wearing a green dress.

This Goddess is shrouded in divine light, peerlessly beautiful, and impeccably beautiful. Su Ping has only seen the face of Joanna among girls. It is the beauty that looks like a sculpture. No flaws, just Joanna’s beauty, more inclined to Lori Tsundere, but this Goddess has several points of ethereal and gentle feeling.

Su Ping stared carefully, remembering what Goddess looked like, and also remembering the breath on the jade green circle.

He nodded and said: “I will find it for you in some Divine Race worlds, but it’s not that fast for efficiency. After all, there are a lot of Divine Race worlds. You have to find a god in it, and to find a needle in a haystack makes no difference, but I promise you that if I meet, I will recognize it and tell her that you are looking for her!”

Seeing Su Ping’s serious appearance, Min glanced at him, slightly nodded, the sharp color in his eyes converged, and said calmly: “It’s okay, I can wait. I have been waiting for her for hundreds of years. Wait for her, I transform from Demi-God to Asura with a long lifespan, I can continue to wait.”

hundred thousand years?

Su Ping was taken aback by this number. Destiny Realm can last forever by relying on heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Hundred thousand years is too exaggerated and too far away, and the Asura in front of him is actually Transformed from the Demi-God depravity, it is no wonder that you will know a Goddess.

“My beautiful question, what is your relationship with this Goddess, siblings?” Su Ping asked curiously.

While speaking, the unfathomable mystery in his mind came up with the guy who always quarreled with him.

Min glanced at him and said calmly: “She can be regarded as my master, she is a pure Blood Divinity, she can sign a contract with the descendants of Demi-God, and control it as a favor. This is the contract of Divine Race, no matter what, If you have the ability, find her for me and tell her that Min has been waiting for her and she will know where it is.”

Su Ping froze, didn’t expect that Goddess was his master.

Waiting for your master, hundreds thousand years?

He was silent suddenly, and after a while, he said: “I promise you that I will do my best to find her for you!”

Min looked at Su Ping’s extremely serious look, with a calm face, and said: “Then I will start teaching you the sword technique now, how did you come to come here to learn the sword technique from me? Who told you, I Good at sword technique?”

I can’t say it’s the introduction of the system… Su Ping’s thoughts also returned to the front, saying: “This is hard to say in a word, anyway, I promise you, I will try my best, and I hope you can make an all-out effort. Teach me.”

Min glanced at him, as if thinking of something, and didn’t delve into it any further. He put away the jade green ring, stood up, exuding a deep and restrained imposing manner, and said: “My sword technique, Domineering and stout, I have been fighting here for many years. My sword technique also incorporates the brutal bloodthirsty of the Asura clan. Without sufficient Willpower and extraordinary murderous aura, it is difficult to learn. Do you have this consciousness?”

Su Ping smiled and said: “Of course.”

“Really, let me see first, can you bear my sword!” Min said.

He suddenly shot his hand. I don’t know when an extremely sharp Black Sword appeared in his palm. His body was like a flash, suddenly approaching, appearing in front of Su Ping, the swelling wind, the air and dust that Su Ping all around They all pushed away, and even Su Ping’s hair was blown backwards.


Min has a cold killing intent in his eyes, and his eyes are sharp.

The sword light is like a rainbow, and the murderous aura is like a sea, heading down towards Su Ping.

In an instant, Su Ping seemed to hear all around the wailing of evil spirits, the dark ocean beating, countless corpses entwining his body, there was a cold feeling of being isolated by the world.

A sword strikes, shocked!

Su Ping’s heart could not help beating twice, but soon, a strong murderous aura burst out in his eyes, and the potential area behind him emerged, and countless evil shadows swept through it. There are millions of corpses, 10,000,000 li The blood sea, at this moment, the murderous aura that burst out of him is not inferior to Asura Min in front of him.


A flash of surprise flashed in Ming’s icy eyes.

What a heavy murderous aura!

And, what’s the sight in that realm?

It’s a living purgatory!

There is a hell buried in the heart of this human race!

What kind of inner world is this!


Black Sword flicked past, drawn from the sideburns of Su Ping, the surrounding murderous aura suddenly disappeared, and Black Sword had already taken it back. Min looked down at Su Ping, with rays of light flashed in his eyes, finally showing a touch of self-deprecating, shook the head, said: “If I changed to hundreds thousand years ago, I would definitely kill you on the spot, but now, I and you don’t seem to be any better. You are qualified to learn my sword technique.”

Su Ping’s murderous aura converges, and his expression has returned to calm. He has been able to release the murderous aura freely, and the potential behind it has also dissipated. He understands the meaning of the words. Hundred thousand years ago, the other party was Demi-God.

And Demi-God will naturally take action when he encounters a vicious person like him.

“Maybe my heart is sinister, but I have never killed innocent people.” Su Ping lightly said with a smile, this sounded like an explanation, but his tone and expression were unexplained, but like Is it for myself, or it is for the uncaptureable but controlling his fate.

Min is slightly nodded, and doesn’t mean much to delve into. He just said: “From now on, I will teach you the Asura sword of breaking evil. Although it is evil, this sword is the most evil. Murderous aura is cruel and in a dangerous environment. It’s easier to cultivation, and you are mentally prepared.”


Su Ping nodded.

Min didn’t say much, and began to teach Su Ping sword technique.

First, I will explain the meaning of the sword technique, and then through the Spiritual Imprint, I will directly transfer the sword technique Profound Truth to Su Ping’s mind.

And Su Ping did not resist, nor was he afraid. He would not die here anyway, even if the other party took the opportunity to look at his memory, he was not afraid.

Even if the other party knows the existence of the system and the store, there is no threat to him, because the system is bound to him, and at the end, he will naturally return to the store. No matter how secret the other party knows, he can only stay here. .

Min didn’t do tricks, but passed the sword technique Profound Truth.

Su Ping was slightly startled, and immediately said: “No problem.”

Min obviously didn’t expect Su Ping to promise so happy, he slightly frowned, and said, “Don’t rush to agree, once you drink the blood of the king, you can certainly learn the sword technique, but you will also have it within the body. The breath of the Asura clan, if you go to the world of Divine Race in the future, your breath will be easily exposed. Even if you are in other worlds, other creatures feel the breath of Asura on your body, and they will reject you.”

Su Ping looked at him and said: “Since Teacher has such concerns, but Teacher has said it, it means that Teacher also wants me to drink the blood of Asura King?”

Min complexion slightly changed, glanced at him, was silent for a moment, and said: “This choice is up to you. If you have Asura in your body, going to Divine Race world will definitely shock them. That way, it will help you Find someone for me faster. Anyway, you are not afraid of being killed. Even if you start Divine Race, it’s nothing.”

Su Ping fell silent, and after a while, he opened the mouth and said: “I do.”

Min Weiwei, frowns saying: “Did you really think about it?”

“en. ”

Su Ping nodded.

He just asked the system from the bottom of his heart. He drank the Asura King blood if there were repercussions.

But the answer he got surprised him. According to system, Asura belongs to the Demon Race of Great Ancient Era, and he within the body already has the Bloodline of Golden Crow, the blood of the Asura King family. , Will become the nourishment in his Golden Crow Divine Demon Blood vein. He can hide the Asura breath in his Divine Demon Blood vein, without being perceived by those Divine Races.

His physique is the Devil Body, where the gods and demons coexist. This is the mighty creature of the Great Ancient Era.

“Okay.” Ming took a deep look at him, turned over the palm, and a dark bowl appeared in his hand, which was filled with dark liquid with a faint smell of blood-reeking qi.

“This is the Asura King blood.” Min said.

Su Ping took a look, and it felt like ink.

He didn’t hesitate to take it.

When he was about to take it, he could obviously feel that Min’s grip was a little tight, but when he took it, it still loosened.

Su Ping drank it directly.

An extremely unpleasant fishy smell permeated the whole mouth. Next moment, Su Ping felt like drinking the cold king’s blood within the body, it seemed like a gunpowder primer was ignited, and it burned down his intestines and then circulated rapidly. There is a violent burning sensation all over the body, like a fire like.

This severe pain made Su Ping unable to bear roar in a low voice.


The black bowl in his hand fell, Su Ping scratched his hair, his eyes were blood-red and bloodshot, and his eyes became extremely strange, shaking constantly.

The intense pain caused Su Ping to lose his mind.


With a roar, Su Ping within the body seemed to have something recovered, and the burning pain on Su Ping’s body was quickly suppressed.

Su Ping’s sanity is also gradually recovering. He gradually restrained the fading pain, gritted his teeth, and the dark and blue veins that bulged on his face gradually disappeared, and his face became white and more It seemed more pale before.

Su Ping eyes opened, his eyes turned into black pupils again, but there was a faint dark red in the depths of the pupils.


Su Ping breathed out lightly, feeling the pain in his whole body subsided, but instead there was a continuous force gushing out within the body, unspeakable comfort, and the feeling that the pores all over his body were opening.

Power is emerging, Su Ping feels that the star vortex in all cells within the body is being filled.

“en?” Min saw the changes in Su Ping. He was a little surprised. It felt different from what he thought. Su Ping seemed to have some Asura breath, but it seemed incomplete. It was because he absorbed too little blood. For the sake of it?

Su Ping turned over the palm, and a crimson Blood Sword appeared.

This was obtained by beheading a ghost general during the previous exercise in the city. The ghost general was also killed by him using the resurrection. It is a Destiny Realm-level existence.


Su Ping power within the body surging, holding the Blood Sword at this moment, waving suddenly, energy bursts forth, a slaying dark Asura power erupts from him, sword energy like a rainbow, hidden behind Su Ping A huge shadow appeared, and with his long sword swinging, he slashed forward!

The emptiness is turbulent, and the space is cut apart!

sword energy is fleeting.

Su Ping retracted the sword, with a surprise in his eyes.

The power of this sword just now is too strong!

This is what the real Asura Sword of Evil should have!

Break through the sky with a sword!

The point is that he is not in a situation with Little Skeleton at the moment, he can do it on his own!

Slicing the space, this is already beyond the Vast Sea realm Legendary and can rival the power of the Void Cave realm!

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