Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 541


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King beast?

Legendary? !

In the entire command room, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay in amazement, and then saw the ecstasy in their eyes.

Legendary is here for reinforcement!

Cold City is saved!

City Lord was also stunned. Apart from the surprise, he was still a bit at a loss. He remembered that he had been rejected when he asked for help from the Pagoda. Could it be that the Legendary in the Pagoda had made time to come for reinforcements?

“Go, let’s go east to meet Legendary!”

The City Lord said immediately.

Anyway, since Legendary came to support, they can basically defend the cold city. Trifling King beast at both ends, then Legendary should be able to suppress it. If not, they have to go into battle and cooperate with Legendary.

Arrange some generals and stay here to continue directing other battles. City Lord took a few people and rushed to the east immediately to meet Legendary.



The artillery roars, one after another Battle pet master has rushed under the high wall, leading his own battle companion and Demonic beast to fight in blood.

Ahead, the ground vibrates.

Three huge silhouettes fought in the beast tide, and the beast tide lineup that had been attacked in an orderly manner was immediately scattered, and the beast tide’s offensive was also slowed down.

The fighting of the three King beasts was even more brutal. One after another Legendary level skills appeared one after another. The ground was torn, rolled, fireworks erupted and disintegrated, killing a large number of surrounding beasts by mistake, and also caused confusion.


With a ferocious roar resounding across the battlefield, a giant crocodile-like Demonic beast frantically attacked one of the King beasts and completely suppressed it, not caring about the attack of the other King beast.

On the high wall, many desperate Battle pet masters showed tears of excitement.

Among some of the Battle pet masters that came over, a few people were stunned. They recognized it at a glance. This King beast is very familiar and they have seen it before.

Isn’t this the King beast who exhibited divine might in the Dragon river base city?

Isn’t this the mount of the sturdy Inverse King that killed Legendary in the League of Kings?

At this time, in the tide of beasts, the fight of the three King beasts gradually broke out. One of the King beasts was seriously injured and wanted to escape, while the other King beast was restraining the crocodile, but it was also obviously timid. Meaning, that giant crocodile King beast fought two battles, but won the upper hand, which made many people shocked and ecstatic.

It didn’t take long.

City Lord led several generals to the east, and just ascended the high wall, he saw the situation in front of the beast tide.

Immediately next to him, a general came forward to report back. When he learned that the giant crocodile King beast was a reinforcement King beast, the City Lord relaxed and was a little frightened. Didn’t expect the Legendary to send only one king pet. It can suppress the two king beasts, the legendary battle strength is quite terrifying.


At this moment, a silhouette flew over and fell on the high wall.

The City Lord noticed this silhouette, and was taken aback for a moment. Didn’t expect it was the famous Titled.

He immediately flew over and said: “Your Excellency Blade Venerable? Didn’t expect you to come to our cold city for reinforcements, thank you!”

Blade Venerable recognized him as the City Lord, slightly smiled, and said: “What thank you, this is what I should do. I can’t just watch the Demonic beast harm my own compatriots.”

City Lord laughed, he was in a good mood at the moment, and Legendary came to support him. The situation was stable. He was also grateful for the help of Blade Venerable. Although the latter came now, it was just icing on the cake, but he still had a good impression.

“Looking at the current situation, these two King beasts should be able to be solved by my partner. I don’t know how the other aspects of City Lord are?” Blade Venerable smiled.

The City Lord was stunned for a moment. He still wanted to find the Legendary’s silhouette among the beasts. Hearing Blade Venerable’s words, he said while staring: “Your partner? Are you following…Legendary Lord?”

It doesn’t seem strange to think of the reputation of Blade Venerable and to be with Legendary.

Blade Venerable was taken aback, knowing that he had misunderstood immediately, and said with a smile: “I came here alone. The partner I said is my battle companion, the King beast.”


City Lord’s eyes are slightly protruding, a little dumbfounded.

Such a brutal King beast is actually the battle companion of the Blade Venerable in front of you? !

Although he knows that Blade Venerable is very strong, it is a very famous Tilted in the Tilted rank, and he follows a Legendary under the command of a Legendary, and the probability of becoming a Legendary in the future is extremely high, but he didn’t expect that the opponent already has a King beast. Up.

“You, are you Legendary?” City Lord unable to bear said, the title has been changed to honorific.

Seeing the City Lord’s sudden nervous look like a junior, Blade Venerable was a little dumb, and felt a little dark in his heart. He was already in a great mood when he got the King beast battle companion from Su Ping. , And now, he can see the charm of this King beast.

In terms of identity, this City Lord is also the Titled Limit and the official status of the City Lord. He has a higher status than him, but now he is in awe of him and regards him as a Legendary.

This is the charm of Legendary…

Blade Venerable became more yearning in his heart, with a faint smile on his face: “City Lord, you have misunderstood, I haven’t breakthrough yet, this guy of mine is just given to me by another friend.”

City Lord: “???”

Send? ! !

City Lord looked at Blade Venerable blankly.

At this time, he also found that the breath of Blade Venerable had not changed much from what he had seen before, without the sense of detachment of Legendary, which showed that what he said had no breakthrough, it was indeed true.


This is King beast!

Actually, someone else gave him it!

Who is so exaggerated, actually sent a King beast out, and it is such a powerful King beast!

If it’s just a Low rank King beast, it may be replaced by Legendary as a casual gift, but with such a brutal King beast, which Legendary is willing to give it away?

If it was replaced, how powerful should this Legendary’s own battle companion be to eliminate this King beast?

The City Lord didn’t dare to think about it, and said angrily: “No, you deserve to be Blade Venerable…”

Blade Venerable is also laughed, but soon thought of business, and immediately said: “City Lord, what’s the situation in other areas, is there a King beast attack?”

City Lord also immediately thought of the situation in Cold City, shook his head and said: “No, thanks to Blade Venerable’s help this time, thousands of people in Cold City will remember your kindness from Blade Venerable!”

Although Blade Venerable did not break through into Legendary, he still maintained awe of Blade Venerable. After all, with such terrifying King beast, Blade Venerable is already considered as Inverse King and can no longer be listed in the same level as Tilted Limit.

Blade Venerable also relaxed, saying: “That’s good, it seems that I came in time, City Lord, you don’t have to thank me, speaking of which, you sent me this friend of King beast, and also asked me to come Here to help. If City Lord is grateful, please thank him. Without the King beast he sent, I came by myself. I guess I can’t cope with the situation.”

City Lord was slightly startled, and immediately said: “Your friend is?”

“He is a rather weird and interesting guy. He lives in Dragon river, a Legendary who claims to be not Legendary. He runs a pet beast shop called Rogue in Dragon river. His name is Su Ping. I don’t know if City Lord has heard of it. On the League of Kings before, Legendary fell, he did it.” Blade Venerable said with a chuckle.

On the League of Kings, Blade Venerable believes that the City Lord has heard about the fall of Legendary. After all, this is enough news to shock all influence.

“Is it him?”

The City Lord was stunned.

League of Kings exchanges such as Peak battle strength, he certainly pays attention, and he also heard the hot news that appeared one after another above. First, the Qing Family Old Ancestor jumped out, bursting out Legendary battle strength, shocking all parties, and then It also broke that he was beaten to death by a mysterious person with no background.

This news has spread throughout the Great Influence circle.

Just didn’t expect, the battle companion of the Blade Venerable in front of me was actually given by the murderer who was called Inverse King.

Furthermore, the other party also asked Blade Venerable to help Hancheng, which shows that it is not as cruel and brutal as the rumors say, and cannot be provoked.

“I will come to the door personally to thank you someday.” City Lord said sincerely with a complex color flashing in his eyes.

Blade Venerable laughed, and said: “Let’s fix the cold city first, my friend is not too particular about these.”

City Lord nodded.

The two returned to the high wall, and the City Lord mobilized other generals to cooperate with the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast to destroy the beast tide in the east.

The battle of Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast was quickly divided, Blade Venerable did not intervene, and he was not familiar with the battle strength of this King beast. He could only let it play by itself, so as not to be affected by his own command. Limit its battle strength.

Soon, the crisis in the east was resolved, the previously injured King beast escaped, and the other King beast was bitten by the Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast, and beheaded in the beast tide.

The remaining beast tide was quickly smashed and fled everywhere.

The City Lord did not let people continue to hunt down, but saved the battle strength and turned it into reinforcements.

That night.

The news of Cold City reported that the animal tide was successfully resisted.

Cheers all the way.

The crisis in Cold City was also resolved, Blade Venerable also appeared on Cold City’s official TV, enjoying the applause and gratitude of everyone in Cold City.



Dragon river, inside the Rogue store.

Su Ping still cultivates pet beasts in the store day and night.

When you are hungry, you will nurture the world to fill your stomach, and when you are sleepy, you will rest in it. Every time you go back to the store, you will hurriedly bring your customers’ pet beasts and return to nurturing the world again.

He cultivated dragon pets in the dragon world, and collected a lot of spiritual grass that Dragon Beast loves.

In the process of nurturing, he himself ate some extremely mysterious spiritual grass. Some were fatal, causing him to die on the spot, and some made his fleshly body strength a lot stronger. There was no battle strength again. Small improvement.

In addition to cultivating dragon pets.

When cultivating the most elemental pets, Su Ping also went to a different elemental world.

He cultivated Fire Element pet beast and ice attribute pet beast in Fire Element world.

Let the Fire Element pet beast comprehend the Fire Element skills, enhance its energy density, and let the ice attribute pet beast increase the fire resistance, and by the way, see if it can promote the mutation of the ice attribute pet beast.

One of the ice attribute pet beasts has undergone mutation. The attribute has changed from a single ice attribute attribute to a dual system of ice and fire. Even the appearance of the body has been greatly changed, and the battle strength has been greatly improved.

Except for Fire Element world.

Su Ping also went to Thunder Element world, ice attribute world, these are the cultivation sites of medium rank.

In Thunder Element world, Su Ping harvest was huge.

In addition to cultivating pet beasts, his experience in the inside, from the strange minefields he encountered, and the battle with some Thunder Element King beasts, has rapidly improved his perception of Thunder Dao. He has already relied on Thunder Dao insights. , I can simulate and release Legendary Thunder Element skills by myself.

In addition, many high-rank Thunder Element pet beast favorite foods are also collected in it.



The cultivation time passed quickly.

Ten days passed in a blink of an eye.

When Su Ping came out again, it was the thirteenth day of the Dragon river from the invasion of the Demonic beast. These three days were the time for Su Ping to coma and go to the peak tower.

In nearly two weeks, the Dragon river also barely walked out of the shadow of the disaster. Everywhere in the base was restored to life, and suddenly became more lively and prosperous than before. Various shops have already opened. People also need to rely on their original food skills to feed themselves and increase family income.

Moreover, during this period of time, as the Dragon river purchased and collected materials and the underground railroad track was opened, many foreign powerhouses poured into the Dragon river.

The large number of these powerhouses helped the Dragon river’s economy recover rapidly.

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