Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 542


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The arrival of these powerhouses surprised the local influence of the Dragon river. They immediately sent people to pay attention to it. When they learned that these foreign powerhouses had come to the Dragon river and they were also inquiring about some news, they immediately understood them. Come to the cemetery of the Dragon river.

It turns out that these powerhouses gathered in the Dragon river and came to Su Ping!

Dragon river encountered the beast tide before, and news of Paramita was heard, which disturbed all parties and was also asking for help. This news spread extremely far, and then the Dragon river successfully resisted the beast tide. Many forces have noticed this. Under investigation, he also learned some inside information about resisting the animal tide.

Among them, the most inevitable one is Su Ping.

A few forces are aware of the existence of Su Ping, such as Tang Family, Starry Sky organization, etc.

Other forces don’t know much about Su Ping, but such a mysterious Legendary powerhouse turned out to be born and it is obviously not in their interests if they don’t hurry up and make friends.

Outside the Rogue store.

In the ten days that Su Ping cultivated behind closed doors, many powerhouses have gathered outside the store.

Faced with the closed doors, many powerhouses were a little helpless, but no one dared to make trouble. They were waiting quietly. On the contrary, they felt that this kind of closed-door rebuff was in line with Legendary’s style and identity.

Which one of the most talented people these years is not a closed-door Juke?

A bull who doesn’t keep his door still called a bull?

No one questioned the authenticity of the news, because the Dragon river can’t hide the news about the animal tide!

There are too many powerhouses on the Dragon river. They have all seen the terrifying of the Dragon river. Let’s not talk about Su Ping, the fierce god of Paramita who kills and retreats. It’s just the dragon river’s great families. Those King beasts are enough to shock the world.

This is just a B-Rank base city!

There are so many King beasts in the forces, and these forces with King beasts can be included in the ranks of the top-tier forces!

However, so many great influences gathered in the Dragon river in a low-key manner, and the Dragon river was included in the ranks of B-Rank base cities in a low-key manner. This is not just in name only, but also in reality… Pretend B!

Obviously there is an A-Rank, even a super-A-Rank base city, but you have to pretend to be a B-Rank base city, it’s too much!

“This child, so many guests are waiting, neither opening the door nor going home, what are they thinking?” In front of the street, Li Qingru stood at the door, looking worriedly at the shop.

There are many silhouettes waiting outside the store, sitting on the street twice, not to mention hundreds of people, but Su Ping has not been home for ten days and has not opened for business, so she has to worry.

“The child is old, you have a sense of measure, so don’t worry about it.” Su Yuanshan lightly said with a smile, he turned his head and glanced at the direction of the store, his eyes flashed slightly, revealing a bit of doubt.

But soon, he shook the head and pulled Li Qingru back home.

“We old couple, don’t mix up.”

“Okay, you start to think I am old.”

“I didn’t.”

“You still quibble, and now you dare to lie in front of me, you have changed.”



In the store.

Su Ping, who wandered in the cultivation world for a hundred days, returned to the store.

His face is slightly more mature than ten days ago, and his clothes are in tatters. He has just returned from an elemental world. Although his injuries have been healed, the battle inside is quite embarrassing.

“Finally, all cultivation is over.”

Su Ping let out a sigh of relief. He exercised day and night in the nurturing world. For a full 100 days, his changes were quite obvious. This hundred days was not only about nurturing these pet beasts, but also for his own Maximum exercise.

“My cultivation base has also entered Rank-9…”

Su Ping clenched his fists slightly, divine light flashed in his eyes, like two sharp sword glows pierced out, now he is a real Rank-9, Tilted rank!

His imposing manner is much stronger than before. The imposing manner is slightly revealed, and it is as deep as the vast Dragon Abyss. Even some King beasts appear small in front of him. At this moment, he is relying on his fleshly body strength. , Is enough to kill the ordinary Vast Sea realm King beast with one punch. As for the Tilted of the same level, it is as simple as cutting melons and vegetables.

With the refined Asura Evil Broken Sword, Su Ping can single out the Void Cave realm King beast, and will not fall behind!

With Little Skeleton, his battle strength is enough to compete with Destiny Realm King beast, and he belongs to the ranks of Destiny Peak!

“The way of flame, I have realized myself…”

Su Ping opened his palm, and the purple flame burned in his palm, flashing electricity from time to time.

His training in Flame element world made him realize Low rank Fire Dao!

Training in Thunder Element World has made his Low rank Thunder Dao insights more settled and deeper, and there is a tendency to advance to the medium rank.

In addition, in the Dragon Training plane, Su Ping accidentally ingested some peculiar spiritual medicine, and his fleshly body strength surged. In line with his original Golden Crow god Devil Body, he can now follow the Vast Sea realm with only fleshly body strength. King beast hard shake!

And the energy of his within the body, as vast and deep as a vast ocean, is hidden in the cell Star Jade. Each Star Jade is extremely large and full. His star force is through Heavenly Tribulation baptism, which is extremely pure and absorbed later. The star force, the impurities inside are also removed by its own pure star force, which belongs to the compressed star force.

Although it is Rank-9, its star force is as powerful as Vast Sea realm, and it is more than ten times the ordinary Tilted rank!

Su Ping is still very satisfied with this one-hundred-day cultivation journey.

With a wave of his palm, Su Ping put away the flames in his palm, and felt that he was watching. Seeing Joanna sitting in the Fostering seat, she was staring at him in a daze. He couldn’t help but smile and said, “What?”

Joanna came back to his senses, shook her head slightly, and withdrew her gaze, but a bit of surprise flashed in her eyes. She felt that Su Ping nowadays, she is not 100% sure that she can defeat it. These days, Su Ping is Cultivating the world in and out, every time we return, the imposing manner is stronger than before, and the progress is extremely obvious.

Just ten days have passed, but the current Su Ping is as different as heaven and earth from the previous one.

This terrifying speed of progress made her feel shocked.

“Have you ever counted it for me, how long have I been nurturing?” Su Ping asked, he was completely immersed in the nurturing world and couldn’t remember how long it had passed outside.

Joanna said: “It has been ten days since you first nurtured it.”

“Ten days…” Su Ping was startled slightly, so he had been nurturing the world for hundreds of days.

Furthermore, if he cultivates for ten days, he earns 24 million energy, which means he earns only 2.4 million energy a day, so it will only double that’s all that’s all.

“Sure enough, energy is not so profitable, even if it is the Titaned rank powerhouse that comes to my store, choose the most expensive cultivation, which is 2.4 million a day, professional training is still too time-consuming and painstaking.” Su Ping secretly Said in one’s heart, a little sigh, it seems that he has to improve the efficiency of cultivation.

It’s just that it’s not that easy to improve.

It’s the same even if he goes to the high-rank cultivation place, but the stronger the cultivation place is, the faster the cultivation speed, and the most suitable is the best.

In the Peak cultivation area, powerful creatures are everywhere, but they will continue to die, delaying time, and battles are often killed in seconds, and the effect of cultivation cannot be achieved.

“Anyway, my own gain is the biggest, and now my cultivation base is enough to upgrade the shop.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart.

Suddenly, he thought that he hadn’t come back in ten days, and he probably worried about father Mother.

He immediately opened the door of the pet beast room, and immediately saw the two figures lying on the sofa in the store, it was Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong.

The two women are a little sloppy, with knotted hair, and seem a little slouched at the moment.

Hearing the sound of opening the door of the pet beast room, the two women were immediately alarmed and sat up. When they saw Su Ping at the door of the room, the two women were both relaxed.

“You finally figured it out!” Tang Ruyan unable to bear said.

Zhong Lingtong also hurriedly stood up and trot over, but it seemed that he hadn’t walked for a long time. He just ran a few steps and almost got his feet.

“What smell on you guys, it smells so bad, haven’t you taken a shower for many days?” Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan heard this, impossible to bear rolled the eyes.

Such a straight male cancer statement, you are doomed to find a girlfriend!

“Isn’t it all to blame you!” Tang Ruyan said ill-humoredly: “It’s good if you go in, and shut us in the store. We can’t push the door of this store, nor can we get out. Go, if there were some cold drinks and snacks in the store, we would all be starved to death by you!”

Su Ping was stunned, and then realized that he was negligent. They are all temporary employees and have no right to change the shop. In the system, they are no different from passers-by. They can neither force into the shop nor force them out.

“My mine.” Su Ping continued, and some sorry, saying: “You guys go wash first, and I’ll give you some supplements later.”

“humph.” Tang Ruyan coldly snorted.

Zhong Lingtong came to Su Ping and cried out obediently: “Teacher.”

Su Ping rubbed her head, “I have suffered, and I will give you some compensation later.”

Zhong Lingtong’s eyes lit up and said: “What compensation?”

“How about compensating you for cleaning up the garbage you eat in the store?”


Su Ping slightly smiled, but he is indeed quite apologetic. When he comes out this time, he intends to teach himself some cultivation skills for this student.

For example, the Low rank fire Dao insight he stepped into in this cultivation, he intends to teach her everything.

In this case, with this Low rank fire Dao insight, her ability to cultivate fire pet beasts is comparable to Level 9 Training master.

As for the future, he may also pass on the Spirit Awakening record of the Low rank to her, but it is not the time yet. After all, this is a cultivation skill that can inspire pet beast spirituality and awaken innate talent.

Even if many Peak Training masters don’t have it, this is his trump card.

He won’t teach it until he has a better trump card.



With the return of Su Ping, the store has resumed operations.

Su Ping opened the store door, and a cloud of dust filled the sun, wandering like light dust.

Outside the store, Su Ping immediately saw a lot of silhouettes squatting on the side of the street, with a strong aura, all high rank battle pet masters.

There are seven or eight Tilted ranks among them.

Su Ping is a little surprised. Judging from the dressing of these people, they don’t look like Dragon River.

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