Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 543


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As the shop opened, everyone squatting on the street was all alarmed and immediately gathered.

“little brother, are your bosses there?”

“Bah, what is your look, Junior Zhao Ren, I have met Senior.”

“Meet Legendary.”

Some of the people who gathered at the door did not recognize Su Ping, but some of them knew more about the news and recognized at a glance. The boy who opened the door in front of him was the super powerhouse hiding in the Dragon river. , Kill Paramita’s Legendary War God!

For a time, many Battle pet masters salute Su Ping and are extremely respectful.

Those who didn’t recognize Su Ping’s identity were also shocked. They suddenly got into a cold sweat and hurriedly bowed to Su Ping with the people around them.

Su Ping was a little confused, and said: “You are?”

“I heard that Senior had retired Paramita and saved thousands of people in the Dragon river from the disaster. I am waiting for a special visit.” The middle-aged man who claimed to be Zhao Ren took a step forward and said respectfully.

Everyone else also nodded Nono.

Su Ping suddenly, they are all from other base cities.

It seems that a wave of Paramita’s heat has made him famous.

“There is nothing to visit, I’m just an ordinary little Boss, you are fine, don’t gather at my door, it will affect my business.” Su Ping said.

Looking at the cultivation base of these people, they are obviously people with backgrounds, and most of them want to get together.

And he won’t join any forces. He is a force himself, and he doesn’t need to get together with any forces, and he doesn’t want other forces to use his tiger skins for profit.

Su Ping entered the store after he finished speaking. He planned to go home and say hello to his parents first, but seeing so many people gathered at the door, he didn’t want to turn their attention to their parents anymore, saving them The curve saves the country, starting from the parents’ side to get closer to the relationship, causing trouble to the parents.

Seeing Su Ping returning to the store, everyone at the door looked at each other in blank dismay, but was not angry.

Legendary should have such a shelf.

There are so many high-rank battle pet masters, and there is no lack of Tilted ranks inside. After waiting for many days, they are still left outside. This is normal. Who is the Legendary?

Someone looked into the shop, but did not dare to step into the shop.

The two Dragon Beast sculptures outside the store are extremely lifelike and exude a powerful atmosphere, as if they were carved out of two powerful King beasts, which is shocking.

As for the Lightening Mouse curled up under one of the Dragon Beast sculptures, many people have noticed, but when they see only a Low rank pet beast, they ignore the past, and only treat it as a foolish mouse. The Dragon Beast sculpture has such obvious coercion that I can’t feel it, it doesn’t even have basic spiritual wisdom.

“I did not expect this Legendary Senior to be so young.”

“I almost said the wrong thing, it’s okay.”

Some people who didn’t recognize Su Ping before were all secretly afraid. If they played a role, they would directly offend this Legendary. It’s normal to be slapped to death by the opponent, and the family behind them has to be immediately Run over to Su Ping to apologize and make atonement for him.

Across the street, in the facade purchased by Five Great Families.

Qin Duhuang was sitting on the second floor of the hard-covered facade, sipping tea. Just after seeing the Su Ping store opening, he was about to stand up and went downstairs to say hello to Su Ping, but saw that Su Ping entered the store again , I had to sit down.

Now that the Dragon river is economically prosperous in all aspects, he is promoted to Legendary again. With him in charge, many of their Qin Family trades are unimpeded, and other Four Great Families are completely thrown away and can no longer compete with their Qin Family. As a result, he, the master of the house, can now take his time all day.

Many industries and things that originally needed to be contended for are now the following sentence.

After all, the matter of his Qin Old Master becoming Legendary is also well known in the upper circle of Dragon river. No one dares to stumble Qin Family’s industry secretly.

“I haven’t seen you in ten days. Boss Su’s imposing manner seems to have become terrifying a lot.” Qin Duhuang held the teacup and squinted slightly.

An old man next to him was surprised, and said: “Why didn’t I feel it, but instead felt that his aura was more plain than before. At first glance, he really thought he was an ordinary person.”

Qin Duhuang shook his head slightly, “You don’t understand, he is becoming more and more integrated with the world. I think if I use a pet beast, I may not be able to withstand his own attacks.”

The old man was stunned.

Qin Duhuang is Legendary, and then combined with King beast, the battle strength will double and explode. In this case, is it Su Ping’s opponent?

Be aware that the battle strength of the battle pet master itself is often weaker than that of the battle companion. This is a common situation, even if Su Ping is the Legendary Battle pet master.

“Boss Su is open for business. Let the notification go down. Let Old Guy who is available in the family quickly go to Boss Su’s shop to occupy a place. He closed the door before, and it should be to cultivate pet beast.

Now all parties know about Boss Su, and more and more powerhouses are coming to Dragon river. If they all know that there is a Peak Training master in the Boss Su store, they will come and rush to patronize. Whenever Boss Su is impatient , No longer want to do business, then there will be no chance. “Qin Duhuang said.

This old man startled, immediately reacted.


For powerhouses like Su Ping, doing business here is obviously out of interest.

Although Su Ping keep on saying said, doing business by yourself is serious.

But… who believes it?

Hurry up when Su Ping is still interested in doing business. After all, the nurturing service in Su Ping’s shop is indeed very rare, and you can’t meet it even if you want to queue up.

Even if they are Tilted ranks, it is extremely difficult to go to the base city of holy light to find Peak Training masters to help cultivate pet beasts. It is possible to do it only if you have to ask for interpersonal relationships and spend a lot of financial resources. It’s so convenient as Su Ping, and the effect of cultivation is fast and good.

“I’ll go right away.” The old man said immediately.



Su Ping returned to the store, took out the communicator, and asked the owner of the 24 pet beasts to pick it up.

While he was waiting, someone outside the store cautiously walked up the steps.

The leader is a middle-aged man, followed by two suit entourages.

Although it is a follower, but the imposing manner is restrained and powerful, and it is also a Tilted rank!

Su Ping was slightly surprised when the three Titleds came to the door, but didn’t feel too much. He waited for them to come forward and said, “Is there anything you need? This shop can cultivate pet beasts and sell all kinds of animal food.”

The headed middle-aged man heard Su Ping’s words and said grimly: “Senior, you are misunderstood. Next is the City Lord of Cold City Base City. I am here to visit. Thank you for letting Blade Venerable help us Cold City.” /p>

Su Ping immediately thought of the previous news and asked: “How is the situation in Cold City, are you holding it?”

“Senior, don’t worry, I’ve held it.”

The City Lord was very polite, and immediately turned over the palm, and the palm appeared out of thin air. Two boxes, said: “I’m looking around. I heard that Senior is looking for some materials. I took the liberty to inquire about the materials list. Two of them Dao materials happen to be in our cold city, one is in our cold city’s inventory, and the other is gifted to Senior by our cold city maple family’s Shen Family, thanks to Senior’s help to cold city.”

Su Ping startled, eyes bright.

Previously, he searched for the cultivation materials of the Golden Crow god Devil Body 2nd floor, but there was no news. Unexpectedly, the City Lord of the cold city actually contributed two things to him.

“many thanks.”

Su Ping said immediately.

Receiving the material box handed over by the City Lord, Su Ping opened it and found that it was indeed the material he needed, and it was well preserved.

“many thanks!” Su Ping closed the box and said again.

Seeing Su Ping’s joy, City Lord was relieved and said with a smile: “This is our cold city’s heart. You like it, Senior. Other materials. If we find again, we will I will find it for Senior.”

Su Ping nodded, thank you very much.

Blade Venerable to Han City Lord. If he wanted to, he planned to sell the Blade Venerable Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast. He had already thought about it. He didn’t expect that after the Cold City was saved, he thanked him. Ashamed of it.

“We won’t disturb you Senior.” City Lord said, after giving the gift, he was ready to leave.

Su Ping thought for a while, and said: “I have a general King beast dragon pet for sale, do you want to buy it?”

The dragon pet he was talking about was a Dragon Beast caught with a high-rank beast ring during Dragon Beast cultivation.

The probability of the high rank trap ring catching the King beast is not high, but Su Ping found that if the pet beast is dying, the probability of catching will increase by several percent.

After wasting some trapping rings to catch those Peak Destiny Dragon Beasts, Su Ping’s last remaining trapping ring only caught a Vast Sea realm Middle-Upper grade Dragon Beast with a battle strength of about 16.

City Lord was taken aback.

Selling King beast dragon pets?

He wondered if he had heard it wrong.

But suddenly thinking of what Blade Venerable had said before, his heart beat fiercely twice.

It turns out that there is really a King beast for sale!

The Legendary Senior in front of me will really sell the King beast!

His throat is a little tense, unable to bear swallowed, and said: “Before, Senior, do you really want to sell King beast? At this price…”

“The price is 180 million,” Su Ping said.

City Lord felt a little dizzy.

The two Titans behind him are also a little dizzy, unbelievable.

Dignified King beast, you actually sell it for such a small amount?

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