Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 544


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The Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong next to them are used to it, but they are a little speechless. They didn’t expect Su Ping to sell King beasts again.

Where did his King beast come from? Is there no shortage of him?

They also didn’t see how many King beasts in Su Ping’s battle companion.

If there is a King beast, why use that Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and that strange dog beast?

They couldn’t figure it out, Su Ping did too many things that they didn’t understand, so they didn’t bother to think about it at the moment, just watched this scene silently.

In the shocked gaze of the three City Lords, Su Ping came to the door of the store, released the Dragon Beast that was captured on that end, and directly included it in the store’s list of pet beasts for sale.

Price, 180 million!


The huge dragon body of several dozen meters landed, the dragon wings covered the roof on the street, and the shadow was shrouded. The violent breath of King grade Dragon Beast swept the audience, and the violent dragon prestige came down, making all the people on the street think. Those who were waiting were all stunned, and some of them had their pupils constricted.

King beast? !

Those seven Rank-8 Battle pet masters are all shocked at the moment.

A King beast just appears out of thin air in front of my eyes, which is really shocking!

Several Tilted ranks inside were almost screamed in horror. The blood all over his body seemed to be solidified. If he felt a slight change, he would be shocked by this Dragon Beast!


On the opposite side of the street, on the second floor of Qin Family House, Qin Duhuang saw the Dragon Beast that suddenly appeared, and immediately startedled, and then his eyes suddenly lit up. Could it be that…


He suddenly rushed out and came outside the Su Ping store.

The powerful Legendary breath made him easily sway the crowd. He stood in front of the Su Ping shop and at the foot of the King beast.

Even if he became a Legendary, Qin Duhuang felt a little pressure from the King grade Dragon Beast at this moment. This kind of oppression was similar to the Storm Poison Scorpion King he had previously received, and even slightly stronger.

After all, this is the most powerful dragon pet among many Demonic beasts!

“Are you sure to purchase?” Su Ping asked.

City Lord stared at the dragon’s legs outside the store. Because the store door was obscured, he couldn’t see the full picture of the Dragon Beast, but he could feel the breath of this huge and powerful King beast, which made him all over The cold hair is erected.

“Buy, buy?”

City Lord didn’t expect Su Ping to be serious.

180 million, can you really buy this King beast?

This is too special to crack a joke!

“Me, can I really buy it?” City Lord unable to bear said, worried that it was the Su Ping test, and also worried that he would agree to it all at once. It seemed a little bit ignorant and ridiculed.

Purchasing King beast for 180 million yuan is a bit like a idiot dream.

“Of course.” Su Ping said: “Since I have come to my store, even if it is my customer, you can pay if you want to buy it. I don’t take credit here.”

The City Lord looked at Su Ping and saw that he spoke extremely casually and calmly. He didn’t seem to take the King grade Dragon Beast outside the store seriously. He clenched the teeth and said: “I buy, don’t say 180 million , Even if it’s 1.8 billion, it’s all Senior’s love.”

“It’s only 180 million. I don’t want more. If you want to buy it, just pay. The transfer code is on the counter.” Su Ping said.

City Lord turned his head and looked at the counter next to him. There was indeed a transfer code on it. He immediately took out his communicator and scanned it, and then transferred 180 million.

He wanted to make 200 million directly, but think about Su Ping selling King beast, is it a sale?

Do people really value such a small amount of money?

He was given to him!

Since he said it was 180 million, if he gave 200 million, he would appear to be pretending to be compelling.

Soon, the transfer is complete.

Su Ping also heard the transfer prompt, and said: “Okay, go and sign the contract. By the way, once you buy the pet beast from this store, you can’t terminate the contract at will within ten years, unless you come to the store and explain the reason. After my permission, the contract can be terminated early. Is there any objection to this?”

City Lord was slightly taken aback, not even think, shook his head and said: “No.”

cracking a joke.

This is a King beast. I finally got it, and my mind is not sick. Why should I cancel the contract?

For Su Ping, he felt a little strange in his heart, but he didn’t think too much about Su Ping’s redundant act. After all, some bigwigs always have some quirks.

In other words, as long as you are human, you will have some quirks, but you have not become a boss, and dare not just and honourable to let others know that’s all.

“Go ahead.”

Su Ping said.

At this moment, a silhouette came in outside the store, it was Qin Duhuang.

“Boss Su, I haven’t seen you for many days, please take care of the guy in my family.” Qin Duhuang laughed forward and said, saying that Su Ping had gone to cultivate pet beasts for their Qin Family elder.

“This is business, as it should be.” Su Ping said.

“Boss Su, what is this Dragon Beast?” Qin Duhuang noticed the City Lord next to him, but didn’t recognize it for a while, only saw that it was the Titaned rank powerhouse, which looked like a source of origin, so he didn’t dare to delay immediately. Cut into the topic.

“Sold it.” Su Ping said: “It’s already sold.”

Qin Duhuang just heard Su Ping’s previous sentence, and he was delighted and showed such a look in his eyes, but the next sentence immediately stunned him, and even looked towards the City Lord beside Su Ping.

Obviously, this is the buyer.

“It seems that I’m a step late…” Qin Duhuang smiled bitterly, with a bit of resentment in his heart, but didn’t show it. Su Ping has the freedom to sell to whom, he didn’t dare to ask Su Ping to buy this first right.

The City Lord was stunned when he heard Qin Duhuang’s words, he was late? So, this person also came to buy pet beast?

He quickly recognized that this person was Qin Duhuang!

Qin Family patriarch of Dragon river!

Decades ago, he was also a very famous figure. He was not inferior to the current Blade Venerable in Titaned, but then he returned to the family and managed family affairs, and gradually fell silent.

But it was reported not long ago that he has become a Legendary!

The birth of Legendary has naturally attracted much attention, and the news cannot be hidden.

“I have seen Senior Qin.” City Lord hurriedly bowed his hands in a salute.

There is something weird in my heart. Looking at Qin Duhuang’s appearance, it is obviously not the first time I have come to Su Ping to buy King beast.

Think of the previous Blade Venerable again…The City Lord suddenly felt a little dumb, and glanced at Su Ping next to him. How many King beasts did this Legendary sell…

“en? Are you the Jiang City Lord of Cold City?” Qin Duhuang also recognized him at this moment. After all, he was the mayor of a base city and the Titaned powerhouse, so he was naturally included in their Qin Family intelligence network. in.

Jiang City Lord laughed.

“City Lord Jiang is really lucky…” Qin Duhuang sighed, with some envy and regret in his eyes. He didn’t snatch it from here every day, but was snatched by the City Lord from the outer city.

However, seeing Su Ping’s appearance, he seemed to intend to sell it to this person, so he didn’t worry about it any more, so as not to arouse Su Ping’s disgust.

Jiang City Lord also realized that he had purchased this King beast. It was a bit jealous. He smiled humbly. Under Su Ping’s signal, he didn’t delay any longer. He came to the door and wanted to follow this Dragon Beast. Sign a contract.

When seeing the huge appearance of the Dragon Beast, City Lord Jiang felt a little trembling. For a while, he doubted whether he could successfully sign the contract, and worried that he would be rejected by the other side.

After all, this is a King beast, and it is not dying. Under normal circumstances, Tilted rank is impossible to sign successfully.

Under the signing of Jiang City Lord cautiously, the contract was soon established and the process went smoothly.

With the suppression of the system, the Dragon Beast will not resist, and the initial loyalty is qualified. Unless the City Lord abuses the opponent and angers the opponent many times, he will suffer backlash.

The people outside the store were all dumbfounded as they witnessed the signing of the contract by City Lord Jiang.

They thought this King grade Dragon Beast was a pet beast of Su Ping, but they didn’t expect it to be unowned.

And just under their noses, they were signed by a Titled!

What’s the situation?

sou! sou! sou!

Several silhouettes rushed in quickly, and they were Mu Family, Ye Family and other elders across the street.

As soon as they arrived here, they saw Dragon Beast who had already signed a contract, and immediately knew that they were late. They were all regretful and worried about being blamed by patriarch.

“Boss Su, you are selling King beast again.”

Among them, the Ye Family clan saw Su Ping at the door, and said with a smile.

Liu Family clan old man looked towards Jiang City Lord and said: “This is?”

Jiang City Lord had just signed the pet beast and felt that the contract had been established. He was a little dizzy with the idea that appeared in his mind. He didn’t expect this dreamlike thing to happen.

At this moment, when someone was talking to him, he came back to his senses and took a look. He didn’t talk to someone he didn’t know. He didn’t want to reveal his identity here, and he realized that he had taken a big advantage. , Will make people jealous.

“many thanks Boss Su.”

Jiang City Lord turned around and bowed to Su Ping.

It was a great gift this time, I am very grateful.

“It’s just selling, no thanks.” Su Ping said: “It’s me, thank you for your medicine ingredients.”

“Senior is polite.” Jiang City Lord said hastily.

Su Ping didn’t say any more words, and then turned around and entered the store.

Qin Duhuang and several clan elders next to him understood that Su Ping was intentionally sold to this person because this person sent Su Ping medicine ingredients.

They immediately thought of the medicine ingredients that Su Ping had entrusted them to find before, and their eyes lighted up, feeling that they had found a way to exchange for King beast.

Other people outside the store, when they heard their conversation, their eyes stared like brass bells, and they forgot to close their mouths in a daze.

This King grade Dragon Beast was actually sold by Su Ping?

Sell even King beast? !

They swallowed unable to bear, and then they saw the words “pet beast” at the door, and suddenly felt that these words were a bit dazzling and hot. Is this really a pet beast store operated by Legendary?

Jiang City Lord didn’t wait much. After thanking Su Ping, he drove the Dragon Beast, took two Titled entourages and left.

There is a King beast. Although many people are jealous, they dare not follow the past to snatch it. After all, a Titaned with a King beast is basically an Inverse King.

Inverse King, who was hard to come up for hundreds of years, was created in a short moment here. This is the power of Legendary!

Qin Duhuang saw that the pet beast was gone, and with regret and helplessness, he said goodbye to Su Ping.

The elders of the other four families also left one after another, so they had to wait for the next sale of Su Ping.

Su Ping returned to the store and waited for a while. No one came to the store. After more than half an hour, many people from outside the store swarmed into the store. It was the people who had been guarding the store before.

Seeing Su Ping in the store, these people said hello quickly.

“Previously, Senior, I heard that your store can cultivate pet beasts. We are here to cultivate pet beasts.” A middle-aged man said cautiously, with a sly smile.

Previously, they didn’t dare to enter, but after inquiring from other local forces around the Dragon river, they learned that they could cultivate pet beasts in the Su Ping shop.

They are not mainly to cultivate pet beasts, but want to get closer to Su Ping. If they can buy a King beast from Su Ping as before, then they will make a lot of money.

“en. ”

Su Ping’s face was calm and said: “It’s okay to do business, not just to cultivate pet beasts, you can also look at animal food. The goods in this shop are all excellent.”

“That is that.”

“The store opened by Senior is definitely the first pet beast store.”

Everyone laughed and complimented.

Su Ping is too lazy to say, waiting for them to choose.

Soon, when they learned about the prices of various services in Su Ping, many people were still secretly stunned, showing signs of shrinking.

Although they know that when a Legendary like Su Ping opens a store, the prices in all aspects are bound to be very expensive, but they did not expect it to be so expensive.

Cultivating a High rank pet beast costs 100 million at a time!

Be aware that this is just cultivation, not buying!

Moreover, on the market, a Rank-9 adult Dragon Beast will sell for 100 million top days. Unless it is the Rank-9 limit, bloodline is included in the top ten of the top grade of the dragon rank.

Nurturing is nothing more than icing on the cake on the original basis, and strengthening some battle strength that’s all.

Su Ping is Legendary, but it’s just Battle pet master, not Training master. Many people can’t accept this kind of money making. After all, this is not a small amount.

However, although some people are a little unbearable, most people choose to spend money on relationships.

Although 100 million is expensive, many people also gritted their teeth and agreed.

Su Ping saw what these people thought, but didn’t care. Anyway, doing business is to impress people by results, not by lip service.

While he was collecting money and pets, on the other side, among the people in the line, a woman in her 20s saw Tang Ruyan who was entertaining everyone in the store, and she was stunned.

She looked at it repeatedly and was sure that she was not dazzled. She immediately walked out of the team, followed by a Tilted old man beside her, and quickly followed up, a little nervous, and whispered: “Young Lady, Why are you going?”

There is Su Ping in front behind the counter, and the other party is Legendary. This Tilted old man is very nervous, worried that Young Lady’s reckless behavior will offend this Legendary.

The woman ran directly in front of Tang Ruyan, glanced twice, and said: “Is it Ruyan?”

Tang Ruyan stood next to me boredly, maintaining an already regular order. At this moment, seeing the silhouette rushing over, she glanced at it, and was stunned. Her eyes widened slightly and said, “Little Meng, Why are you here?”

The woman named Xiaomeng was surprised when she heard what she said, and said: “It’s really you. I didn’t see it wrong. Why are you here? I heard from your Tang Family that you are dead. , I still want to attend your funeral, but you Tang Family don’t let outsiders enter…”

Tang Ruyan was startled, his face was slightly ugly, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with a wry smile, and said: “For Tang Family, I am indeed dead.”

“Why, what happened?” Xiaomeng asked unable to bear.

The sad thoughts in Tang Ruyan’s eyes converged, and he shook his head and said: “It’s nothing, how come you come here, you are the big baby of your Xia Family, you are actually willing to let you run around.”

This woman named Xiaomeng is her former friend and daughter of Xia Family.

“The old man has seen Young Lady Tang.” The Tilted old man behind Xia Yumeng said in a low voice.

After speaking, I glanced at Su Ping in the distance, and saw that the latter hadn’t paid attention to it, so he relaxed a little.

Seeing his appearance, Tang Ruyan seemed to be extremely jealous of Su Ping, and felt a little funny in her heart. She stayed with Su Ping, but did not feel that Su Ping was so terrifying, and said: “I am no longer Tang Family Young Master Now, Senior doesn’t have to be so polite with me.”

“Are you not Tang Family Young Master?” Xia Yumeng looked at her in amazement, her big bright and intelligent eyes filled with blankness.

Tang Ruyan didn’t want to talk about these unhappy things, and said, “Don’t mention these. Since you are here, stay here for a few more days. When the store is finished, I will ask Boss for a leave. You go around.”


Xia Yumeng is speechless for a while.

The Titled old man behind her was also stunned.

Ask the Boss for leave?

Does this Boss refer to that…Legendary Senior?

If this is the case, then Tang Ruyan in front of him, is he involved in working under Legendary? !

Thinking of this, they thought of Tang Ruyan’s previous appearance of maintaining order in the store. They couldn’t help but glance at each other, and they all saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

The Tang Family Young Master, who was rumored to be dead, actually worked under Legendary, and he said that he is no longer Young Master. Could it be that Tang Family had another arrangement?

If this is the case, they accidentally ran into each other. Will they leak the secrets to Tang Family?

A worry flashed in Xia Yumeng’s eyes. She didn’t want her friendship with Tang Ruyan to be mixed with family things. She was about to refuse, and suddenly thought of something.

“Ruyan, your Tang Family is in trouble now, do you know?”


Tang Ruyan suddenly startedled, his face suddenly changed.

Seeing Tang Ruyan’s reaction, Xia Yumeng was a little confused, but the other party didn’t even know?

She said: “I heard that you Tang Family offended very terrifying people earlier. Recently, your Tang Family Patriarch had a problem during cultivation and was seriously injured. This news came out without knowing why. Situ Family, Wang Family, are suppressing your Tang Family from all aspects. It is estimated that they will prepare to besiege together.”

Tang Ruyan was startled.

Situ Family and Wang Family are both members of the Four Great Families. The forces of any family are equally divided with their Tang Family, which is not much different.

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