Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 545


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The siege of Two Great Families is obviously extremely unfavorable to the Tang Family.


Father was injured?

Tang Ruyan’s heart tightened, his face was a bit complicated, and there was an inexplicable tingling sensation in his heart. I don’t know whether this father would recognize her as a useless daughter.

However, anyway, if Two Great Families besieged Tang Family and the father is injured again, then Tang Family is indeed… in big trouble!

“Ruyan, you really don’t know?”

Xia Yumeng looked at Tang Ruyan’s fluctuating expression, thinking of what she had said before that she would take them to play, she couldn’t help but wonder.

Tang Family encountered such a big event, but Tang Ruyan did not know the reason. She really didn’t understand the reason.

Tang Ruyan came back to his senses. She glanced at this best friend and didn’t explain anything. She was silent for a moment, then turned her head and looked towards the counter where Su Ping was accepting the customer’s pet beast registration.

She shook her eyes slightly, and finally gritted her teeth slightly, and said to Xia Yumeng beside her: “Xiaomeng, thank you for telling me about this. I may not be able to accompany you anymore. I want to go back.”


“I’m fine, but if you want to go back, you have to be careful.” Xia Yumeng said worriedly, knowing that Tang Family encountered such a thing, if Tang Ruyan wants to go back, she can’t stop it. There is no reason to stop.

Tang Ruyan slightly nodded, and immediately walked towards the counter.

Su Ping is registering a customer’s pet beast. Just after finishing writing, I heard Tang Ruyan’s voice: “Boss.”


Su Ping looks up.

“I want to ask for leave.” Tang Ruyan whispered.

Su Ping is surprised. After staying in the store well, what leave should I ask for?

“Why are you going?”

“Don’t do it, just ask for leave.” Tang Ruyan said dullly, she didn’t want to drag Su Ping into this muddy water.

“What do you consider this place? If there is no reason, you will not approve it!” Su Ping said without curiosity.

The customers in line next to him also looked at Tang Ruyan with amazement. Is this an employee of Su Ping?

So sturdy, facing this Legendary Senior, he dared to ask for leave for no reason, and his attitude was so arrogant, awesome!

Tang Ruyan was a little speechless, so he had to say: “My friend has come to Dragon river, I want to take time off and accompany my friend out to play.”

After finishing speaking, she turned to point to Xia Yumeng in the distance.

Xia Yumeng heard what she said, saw Su Ping looking over, and quickly reached out to say hello to Su Ping, revealing a cute appearance.

The Titled old man behind her was too nervous, looking at Su Ping with a grimace and nodding his head in salute from a distance.

Su Ping took a look, raised his eyebrows slightly, and said to Tang Ruyan: “It will be full soon, and you will be able to get off work soon. If you want to accompany your friend, take any leave, just go with her after work. How long are you going to play?”

Tang Ruyan was slightly silent, and said: “I want to take three days off, I want to accompany her to go shopping more, and I don’t want to stay here all day.”

At the last sentence, she clenched her fingers slightly. Only those who knew her knew that when she lied, she would make such small movements.

“You don’t want to stay here?” Su Ping slightly frowned.

He looked at her up and down carefully, and when he saw her clenched little hand, a beam of light flashed in his eyes, and said: “You honestly explain, why do you want to go on leave? Three days, who will entertain you in my shop? Forget it, I won’t ask you anymore. Those two, please come over.”

Hearing Su Ping’s greeting, Xia Yumeng and the Tilted old man were both surprised and a little nervous, but they still brace oneself and walked up.

“I have seen Senior.”

Both said respectfully.

After speaking, he looked at Su Ping nervously. The Tilted old man was already regretful and did not hold his Young Lady, for fear of Tang Ruyan’s affairs that would make Su Ping angry on them.

Their Xia Family can’t bear the anger of a Legendary, let alone Legendary, even the anger of Great Family like Tang Family, it is not they can bear.

“She wants to take three days off to play with you?” Su Ping narrowed his eyes.

The two of them were stared at by Su Ping, and they were all unnatural. Su Ping at this moment no longer had the ordinary and ordinary appearance before, but had its own regal power, which made people timid.

“Don’t scare them.” Tang Ruyan saw Su Ping’s attitude and said quickly.

Xia Yumeng’s face was pale, and she felt like her whole body was blocked by sharp swords. She seemed to be torn apart by Wanjian if she moved a little bit. This real and extremely dangerous feeling made her heartbeat almost stop.

The Titled old man behind her was also sweating coldly. In front of Legendary, he naturally did not dare to lie and quickly said: “Senior, no wonder, Young Lady Tang wants to take a leave of absence, so he should want to return to his family. It has nothing to do with me. I hope Senior will forgive me. It is my fault and my fault.”

He wants to bear the fault for his Young Lady. In this case, if Su Ping is really angry, he will be killed if he kills him, at least it will not be implicated in Xia Family.

“Back to Tang Family?”

Su Ping was slightly startled, and couldn’t help turning his head to look towards Tang Ruyan.


He asked, his tone calm.

Tang Ruyan’s face was slightly ugly when she saw that the matter was broken through. She did not dare to look at Su Ping’s eyes, and lowered her head and said: “Tang Family is killed, I…have to go back.”

“However, Tang Family has expelled you, and you are no longer a member of Tang Family.” Su Ping stared at her.

He still remembers clearly, like what happened yesterday.

On the League of Kings, the younger sister of Tang Ruyan he met, who now inherits the status of Tang Family Young Master, casually said in front of him:

If she provokes you, just kill it.

This kind of indifference, if replaced with Su Ping, is inexcusable anyway.

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Tang Ruyan lowered her head and raised it again. Her eyes were very calm and clear, and said: “But my body is always flowing with Tang Family blood, I know, They didn’t consider me a Tang Family person, but… I am a Tang Family person, even if all Tang Family people don’t recognize it, but this is true!”

Su Ping complexion slightly changed.

Looking at the girl’s bright eyes, he suddenly felt a little dazzling.

He was silent slightly, and said: “So, do you really have to go?”

“You must go!”

“What difficulties did you Tang Family encounter? What can you do if you go?”

Tang Ruyan froze and fell silent.

She is only the 7th grade Battle pet master. Although the battle companion is good and can be comparable to the ordinary Rank-8 Battle Grandmaster, in the Great Family battles like Situ Family and Wang Family, trifling Rank-8 Battle pet master is completely A piece of dust, even a Tilted rank, is of little use in such a situation.

“I will not return to my roots when I am born, so let me die together.”

Tang Ruyan, who was silent for a long time, gave her answer.

Su Ping’s heart was slightly shaken, but she didn’t expect her to be so determined.

“Since you are going back with the determination to die, then I cannot let you go like this.”

Su Ping raised his hand, pressed it on her head, and said, “You are also a temporary employee I picked up. If you are really dead, where can I find another one? You said you don’t want to stay all day. Here, it’s a coincidence. I like to force others to do things that I don’t like. From now on, you are going to stay here forever.”

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