Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 546


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Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping in a daze, with a touch of bitterness overflowing from the corners of her mouth. This was how she was taken by Su Ping at the beginning, but after getting along these days, she could feel that Su Ping was a good person with a venomous tongue.

“Don’t do this.” Tang Ruyan lowered his head and said: “I’m not worth it, I have to go this time!”

“It’s okay to go, but you can’t go to die.” Su Ping indifferently said: “After solving the problem, come back to me and take a good look at the store.”

Tang Ruyan relaxed, said with a bitter smile: “If I can survive…I will be back.”

“As long as you don’t court death, you won’t die.” Su Ping waved his hand: “I will let my pet beast accompany you back. Let me talk about it later. Let me stand for the last one of the day. Class post.”

Tang Ruyan was startled slightly, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

Su Ping wants to lend his pet beast to himself?

She knows that Su Ping’s pet beast has extraordinary battle strength, at least it is also the battle strength of King Beast grade. If she can take a King beast back, it will provide timely help for Tang Family!

“many thanks…”

She gave Su Ping a deep look and whispered.

Su Ping waved her hand to let her go back.

Tang Ruyan didn’t say much, turned around and returned to his post.

The people around also heard the conversation between the two and looked at Tang Ruyan in surprise.

If they guessed correctly, is the Tang Family of this girl the Tang Family of the Four Great Families?

Some well-informed people have already guessed the cause of the incident. It is hard to conceal the shock at this moment. I did not expect this Tang Family girl to actually work under this legendary who turned out to be born. In favor of the pet beast, the forces that oppose the Tang Family will be extremely unlucky!

Not long after, Su Ping heard the system prompt that the pet beast warehouse was full.

Fostering seats are almost full.

Su Ping immediately stopped the registration pen and said to the people in the line: “The seats are full, the rest of the friends, come next time.”

When I heard Su Ping’s words, the people behind were shocked. I didn’t expect Xi Man to say it here.

In other stores, I wish the customers continuously.

Although I was surprised, I thought that Su Ping is Legendary. This shop is obviously not Su Ping’s main business. It is just what I am interested in. As for making money? Will Legendary still be short of money?

The rest had to express regret and leave the shop reluctantly.

After the customers were all sent away, Su Ping motioned to Tang Ruyan to come with the one old and one young. After they were all in front of him, he said: “The news of the Tang Family accident is what you two said. Can’t tell me in detail, what happened and how long has it been?”

Xia Yumeng and the Tilted old man are both nervous, trembling with fear in front of Su Ping, Xia Yumeng courageously said: “Return to Senior, Junior also heard about it, Situ among the four. Family and Wang Family have conspired, and they have carried out economic suppression from various industries a few days ago. I heard some professionals say that this time Situ Family and Wang Family should come true. It is estimated that Tang Family will be attacked the past few days. “

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, “Situ Family and Wang Family? So, this is the fight of Four Great Families. What is the reason for their collusion?”

Xia Yumeng cautiously said: “It seems to be the injury of the patriarch cultivation of Tang Family.”

Su Ping was stunned and glanced at Tang Ruyan next to her. Seeing that her eyes were complicated, she couldn’t help shaking her head, saying: “Tang Family, as the Four Great Families, is only the patriarch injured. It is not enough to let the other Two Great Families conspire to attack. , I have been to live together in harmony before, but now I suddenly flanked Tang Family. There must be another reason. In this kind of Great Family battle, even if Tang Family patriarch falls, someone will take over the command, let’s say battle strength In the case of Tang Family patriarch, at most, it is Tilted Limit. It is not an opportunity to cause a fight.”

Xia Yumeng was stunned, her face turned pale, and said: “Night, Junior dare not lie to Senior, what Junior heard is like this…”

The Tilted old man next to him was also a little apprehensive, and said: “Senior, my family’s lady and Ruyan are close friends and will never deceive her. The villain is willing to use his own Tilted as a guarantee!”

Su Ping waved his hand and said, “Don’t be nervous, I didn’t say you cheated her, but that there are other reasons, and it’s normal if you don’t know, anyway, if they really want to attack Tang Family, it’s definitely not casual Just make a fuss, you must be sure of victory.”

The Tang Ruyan next to her was a little startled. Hearing Su Ping’s analysis, she suddenly woke up, and she couldn’t help feeling a little frightened and afraid.

Their Tang Family has a Legendary hidden treasure, even the King beast can kill it!

Then Situ Family and Wang Family will never know this, after all, they have been dealing with each other for many years.

This can only show that they have something that can withstand the Tang Family Legendary hidden treasure, and why they have to cannibalize their Tang Family!

Thinking of this, Tang Ruyan’s heart sank slightly.

She looked towards Su Ping, and she stopped talking.

If Su Ping can be hired, with Su Ping’s current deterrence, then Situ Family and Wang Family will have to give up after seeing Legendary no matter how long they plan to do so!


Su Ping in front of me is Legendary!

She has what skills and abilities, can you ask Legendary to come forward for her and Tang Family for them?

Previously, Tang Family attacked Su Ping’s store aggressively. Speaking of which and Su Ping had some fun. Although it ended with Tang Family offering hidden treasure to apologize, who knows whether Su Ping has let go of grievances?

“What’s the current situation in Tang Family?” Su Ping asked again.

Xia Yumeng respectfully said: “Yedou Base City, where Tang Family is located, has now entered a state of combat readiness. Foreign trade and traffic are being closely investigated, but there are no Situ Family and Wang Family actions yet. I don’t know when the war will start, but the Tang Family has already summoned all the Tang Family members outside.”

Hearing what she said, Tang Ruyan’s face next to him paled slightly, but he lowered his head without showing it.

Su Ping also took a look at her. From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to see Tang Ruyan go back. The Tang Family didn’t count her in the Tang Family at all, but he had persuaded him and he had also persuaded not to move. Asking her to go back is also considered as an end.

“If you really want to attack, it will be soon.”

Su Ping thought slightly, and said to the one old and one young in front of him: “Many thanks, please tell me, if you have anything, go first.”

When I heard Su Ping’s Expulsion Order, the Tilted old man was very witty and humble. He quickly retired and took his Young Lady away. He didn’t dare to stay in front of Su Ping. The pressure was too great.

After waiting for Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong to be left in the store, Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan: “I will let Xiaobai follow you. If it is there, at least it can protect you from death.”

“Little White?”

Tang Ruyan is a little dazed.

Su Ping brings out Little Skeleton summon, Xiaobai is the name he just gave to Little Skeleton.

He originally planned to let Purgatory Candle Dragon beast accompany her. The battle strength of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is definitely a big threat to Four Great Families, but this time it was a conspiracy of Two Great Families. Su Ping worried that they had other preparations. Although the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is strong, Xiao Bai is more secure. After all, he is not around this time.

As for Little Skeleton, even if it encounters Paramita, it is not easy to be killed. The bloodline ability of the death sin and immortality has been tested in the purple blood dragon abyss realm, even those purple blood Heavenly of Destiny Realm Dragon, it’s hard to kill it!

When he saw Little Skeleton, Tang Ruyan was taken aback, and was immediately surprised.

She knows that in Su Ping’s pet beast, this Little Skeleton is the most unimposing in appearance, but it is the strongest!

“Thank you!” she said impossible to bear.

Su Ping’s kindness to her is too heavy, she doesn’t know what to say.

The word thank you was pale, she could only remember it secretly.

“Little Brat, just follow this Aunt, take care of her, don’t let her die.” Su Ping touched Little Skeleton’s smooth skull and said.

Tang Ruyan: “??”

Little Skeleton looked up at him, as if digesting his words, after a few seconds, it was nodded, and the reflex arc seemed to be a bit slow and slow, Yazi.

Su Ping is also used to it. Although Little Skeleton is relatively slow in communication, it is the most sensitive in combat. It is the heaviest murderous aura in his pet beast!

“Anyone who tries to hurt her, obliterate.” Su Ping ordered.

Little Skeleton nodded.

Su Ping slightly smiled, and looked at Tang Ruyan again. He suddenly thought of the medicine ingredients that Zhong Family had given him for increasing cultivation base. He had forgotten to use it. Now he uses Asura King blood and Dragon Realm Some of the weird spiritual grass has brought the cultivation progress to Rank-9. The effect of these medicine ingredients on him is already very low, and it is only suitable for people of Rank-8.

“Your cultivation base is too low. Normally, Titled can kill you directly in the air. Xiaobai may not be able to keep it all the time. I have a bit of spiritual medicine. You can use it and win the rank- 8. “Su Ping said, he took out the medicine ingredients presented by Zhong Family in the storage space.

Tang Ruyan is a bit speechless, but she has become accustomed to Su Ping’s poisonous tongue. Thinking of her 7th grade cultivation base, she feels complicated. She used to be proud of her own cultivation base. After all, she is so old and in peers In, she is by no means weak, and it is nothing to say that she is a genius.

But after seeing monsters like Su Ping, plus the Titans and even Legendary that she saw in the Su Ping store, she also felt that 7th grade was really…a bit hard to get.

“If I am cultivation, will this be delayed, in case I go back to Tang Family…” Tang Ruyan said worriedly.

Su Ping said ill-humoredly: “Don’t think too much. Didn’t your friend say, Tang Family hasn’t started a war yet? Anyway, it’s also a Great Family battle. Even if the war starts, it won’t end so soon. If you are in a hurry, go to cultivation.”

After speaking, I threw the medicine ingredients to her.

Tang Ruyan caught it, his face changed for a moment, but he still felt that Su Ping was right.

When Tang Ruyan went to the Testing room with the medicine ingredients, Su Ping asked Zhong Lingtong to fetch the register, look at the pet beast received today, and classify it.

After waiting for the classification, looking at the energy balance of the store, Su Ping unable to bear tsk tsk sighed.

Today’s income is 68 million energy.

The pet beasts that came to cultivate are all High-rank pet beasts, and most of them choose Professional training!

With the previous energy, there are already 90 million energy!

Another 10,000,000 will break 100 million!

100 million energy is 10,000,000,000 income!

Su Ping didn’t dare to think about it, but the pet beast registered today was enough for him to cultivate for a long time. This is also his plan to not accompany Tang Ruyan to Tang Family personally.

The first is that Tang Family is not pleasing to the eye, and the second is that he is too busy now.

It is enough to have Little Skeleton to follow.

At least it can keep Tang Ruyan safe.

As for whether Tang Family is destroyed or survived, Su Ping doesn’t care.

“Upgrade the store!”

Su Ping immediately said silently in his heart.

Upgrading Level 3 stores requires 10,000,000 energy.

And Level 4 stores need 1 billion energy!

A hundredfold improvement!

“Upgrade detection…condition one is met, condition two is met, condition three is met…”

“The store will be upgraded below.”

“The system will be under maintenance. The upgrade time is 24 hours.”

“During the upgrade process, the cultivation world will only be open for beginners to advanced levels, and the top cultivation world will be temporarily closed.”

“Upgrade energy deduction…”

“System store is being upgraded…”

A series of prompts came, Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked in his heart: “system, you still have to maintain it? You are not the top mentally retarded…smart?”

“Maintenance is rest. Always supervise your useless host. This system is very tired.” System countered in a cold voice.

Su Ping is surprised, this system has learned to curse people?

Who did you learn this feature from?

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