Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 547

Su Ping turns around in the store, looking at this brand new Level 3 store, I feel that it is indeed much more splendorous and majestic than before.

With a thought, he called up the system store that he cared most about.

The current system store is also Level 3, with a display on it, and it can display six items at a time.

“Mysterious Martial God shield (Low rank Divine Demon Battle art): the price is 1 million energy.”

“Blood of Scale Dragon (material): the price is 620,000 energy.”

“Advanced trap ring (enhanced version): 500,000 energy.”


Looking at the six items above, Su Ping’s eyes lit up slightly, and the first item was actually Divine Demon Battle art!

Although it is Low rank, this is the fighting skill of the gods and demons!

The rest of the products below are also sold at hundreds of thousands of energy, and rarely are prices lower than two hundreds of thousands of energy.

“With this enhanced version of the advanced beast trap, the probability of catching the King beast is…30%!”

Su Ping looked at the introduction of this item and was very excited, so he bought it immediately.

The original high-level beast trap has a 10% chance of catching the King beast!

If you have bad luck, lose ten rings, you may not be able to catch one end.

Although the price of this enhanced version has increased by 400,000, it originally only cost hundreds thousand, but the probability has increased by 20%. According to Su Ping’s previous theory of Demonic beast critical injury capture, if the Demonic beast is severely injured, With this enhanced version of the advanced beast trap, Su Ping feels that the probability of capturing should be increased to about 50%~60%!

This is definitely a very high probability!

Know that the coverage area of ​​this King beast is Vast Sea realm at the bottom and Destiny Realm at the top!

Even the peak of Destiny Realm can be captured!

“It’s so worth it. Go back to Demi-God’s Fallen grounds and ask Joanna to send someone to the pinnacle of Destiny Realm. It’s seriously injured. If you can catch it and sell it, you can sell it for millions. Profits can almost double ten times!”

Su Ping is excited.

The pet beast at the peak of Destiny Realm, he cannot sign a contract, either stores it or sells it. Only Void Cave Realm Legendary can buy it.

“This mysterious Martial God shield Secret skill, I also bought it.”

Su Ping didn’t hesitate, he still had 80 million energy, and he spent 1,000,000 to buy it, so he didn’t feel distressed.

Soon, a golden light Secret Skill appeared in his mind, and a system prompt came from it, whether to absorb it or not.

Su Ping can only use the secret skill purchased from the system store and cannot be handed over to others, unless he understands it himself and then teaches it through his own oral teaching.


Soon, the golden Secret skill turned into a majestic message and flooded into Su Ping’s mind.

In a daze, Su Ping saw a huge basalt standing standing between Heaven and Earth. The basalt shell was covered with strange mysterious lines, which seemed to have some rules.

These lines grew bigger and bigger in Su Ping’s sight, until it drowned him.

next moment, he came over clearly.

Only a part of the strange lines remain in my mind. These strange lines have an unclear charm. Su Ping seems to understand something, but also seems to understand nothing.

He runs subconsciously within the body energy, but the star force in Star Jade swims in a strange trajectory.


On his body, a faint golden light suddenly appeared. The strange lines on the Xuanwu body appeared on Su Ping’s body. His body was enveloped with golden rays of light, like an energy shield.

Su Ping woke up, looked at the energy shield outside his body, and tried to hit him with a fist.

With a bang, the fist was bounced, and the energy shield was not damaged.

Su Ping can feel that the energy in this energy shield forms an inner loop, without the continuous influx of energy within the body. The previous punch used 70% of his strength, which is comparable to the strength of King grade. , But did not affect the energy shield at all. It can be seen that the energy shield can at least resist the attack of King beast.

This is terrifying!

Know that his current cultivation base is nothing more than a Tilted rank.

The energy shield built by his own star force can actually block the King beast attack, even if he doesn’t rely on other abilities, he is also an Inverse King.

“The specific limit, wait until Testing Space to try it out.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart, he felt that the defensive power of this mysterious Martial God shield did not stop there.

However, before the test, Su Ping was going to ransack the system store.

Except for the secret technique of gods and demons and the high-rank beast trap ring, Su Ping can use other things, but it is not urgently needed. For example, the blood of the scale dragon can transform the sub-Dragon Beast into a bloodline pure Dragon Beast, and inherited the bloodline of Featherscale.

This feather-scale dragon is a race of Destiny Realm bloodline. It is rumored that if the reverse scale turns into a feather, there is hope that it will surpass the destiny, evolve again, and become a Starry Sky-class Dragon Beast.

But this is just a rumor, and the probability is low.

“I don’t know how much energy can be sold if this is sold as a commodity?”

Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart.

“The goods in the system store, how much energy the host spends to buy, is how much energy is sold.” The voice of system appeared in Su Ping’s mind.

Su Ping asked: “Have you repaired it?”

“I have a good rest.”

“So, I bought this for 620,000 energy, and sold it to others at the same price?”

“That’s right.”

“…You are going to starve the middleman to death!”

Su Ping was a little speechless. He bought it for 620,000 and then sold it to others for 620,000. He didn’t make a dime.

This is all about being a good person.

“But it’s not impossible to buy it. You can sell it to some regular customers. Although it doesn’t make any money, it can be regarded as a reward and benefit to regular customers.” Su Ping thought.

Looking at his huge energy deposit, he didn’t worry anymore and bought the blood of the scale dragon.

Su Ping didn’t use the remaining materials for the time being, so he chose to refresh them directly.

Free refresh once a day.

Six items are refurbished. There is no Divine Demon Battle art this time, mainly some exotic materials and pet food.

“God lock rope: the price is 800,000 energy.”

“Can it lock the soul of King beast, separate its fleshy body and lose its mobility?”

Su Ping saw a hidden treasure. When he saw the effect, he couldn’t help being a little surprised. This is the hidden treasure that can make any realm king beast lose its mobility.

However, the stronger the cultivation base of King beast, the faster the recovery of mobility.

The King beast of Vast Sea realm can be locked for eight hours.

The King beast of Destiny Realm can only lock one minute!

“It has no effect on Starry Sky-class creatures. Just lock Destiny Realm. With my current battle strength, there is nothing wrong with playing against Destiny Realm. I don’t need this thing, but if it’s the peak of Destiny Realm, there is this thing. Delay one minute for me, I can even fight back!”

Su Ping’s eyes are shining brightly. Although this hidden treasure is only Legendary hidden treasure, it is definitely a very strong Peak hidden treasure.


-800,000 energy.

The little hand shook, and the rope was locked.

Su Ping checked in the storage space, and a golden-bright and dazzling rope was reel inside.

Su Ping continues to refresh.

This time it costs energy. The first time it was 100. Now Su Ping is also rich and imposing, so it’s affordable.

“Dream divine medicine: the price is 320,000 energy.”

“The memory of the target can be tampered with, so that the target can treat the next experience as a dream, and it can also make the target forget what happened during the period and related memories.”


Su Ping was a little speechless when she saw the first product that was published.

Where is this divine medicine for dreaming, is it simply a divine medicine?

It turns out that you are such a system.

Even selling this!


-32 million energy.

Looking at the word sold out, Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart: “system, this medicine is expensive, right? 320,000 energy is 32 million Star coins. This thing is on the black market, usually a few hundred It’s only a dollar.”

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