Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 549

In the pursuit, half an hour later, Su Ping, who was moving forward, suddenly noticed that a breath had locked him. This aura was quite powerful, but Su Ping was also considered experienced and knowledgeable, so he recognized it all at once. Vast Sea realm King beast breath.

“It’s a bit taller, but it’s okay.” Su Ping’s gaze moved without stopping.

Soon, he followed the paw prints to the end of a destroyed forest road. A giant beast stood there, turned and stared at him. The previous breath was the giant beast’s, and it sensed something was moving. It approached it along its route, but after sensing it, it was discovered that the other party’s breath was not strong, so he stopped and waited.

“hunter? Die!”

The giant beast saw Su Ping clearly, the dark golden pupils glowed coldly, and the words of God were also uttered in his mouth.

Su Ping followed Joanna to learn God’s words, and he can barely understand some of them. The God’s words spoken by this giant beast seems to have another flavor, with a strange tone.


Su Ping let customers’ three pet beasts and Purple green bull pythons rush out first to face this Vast Sea realm King beast.

As for the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou, Su Ping stayed by his side. If they both acted, this King beast would not be able to hold them.

“You go too.” Su Ping turned around and said to Tang Ruyan who was chasing after gasping for breath.

Tang Ruyan just stopped, her hands resting on her knees and gasping for breath. At this moment, hearing Su Ping’s words and seeing the giant beast in front of her, her eyes widened and said: “King beast, King?”

“Yes, go kill it!” Su Ping said coldly.

Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping in astonishment, wondering if there was a problem with her ears, and asked her to kill King beast?

She was about to vomit, but suddenly a strange feeling caused all the doubts and distracting thoughts in her heart to be cast aside. She suddenly felt that Su Ping’s words might be right, and she should go.

It’s just that this is King beast!

The idea of ​​​​survival was stimulated. She broke free from the strange state and couldn’t help saying: “I, I’m only 7th grade. If I go, this will be a hindrance, right?”

“Don’t be afraid, let you go, let it go, kill me, I will be responsible for death.” Su Ping said coldly.

When cultivating pet beasts, he was always cruel.

Hearing Su Ping’s order, Tang Ruyan wanted to say it again, but her whole body suddenly burned, and there was a feeling of flame spreading. There was a feeling in her heart that if she did not follow Su Ping, she would die soon !

He wants to kill himself?

Tang Ruyan was unbelievable, but seeing Su Ping, who had a cold face at this moment and was completely different from the usual one in the store, suddenly felt a bit strange, not the way he could easily crack a joke.

She looked ugly, but in the end she clenched the teeth, surging with energy all over, preparing to summon her pet beast, and fight to the death.

But as soon as the summon whirlpool behind her opened, Su Ping said: “Just go by yourself, don’t use the battle companion, rely on your own battle skills, your Tang Family should have a lot of battle skills, you should play well.” /p>

Tang Ruyan almost vomited blood. There are indeed a lot of battle skills collected by Tang Family, but no matter how many, it is meaningless to face King beast!

Seeing Su Ping’s unrelenting appearance, she bit her lip, and suddenly felt a sense of anger in her heart, thinking that since you are going to die, then I will die!

Thinking about this, she also cast aside her fear, once again displayed the Shadow Walk, rushing towards the King beast.

At this moment, King beast is being surrounded by several battle companions. Seeing these low auras, the guy who is not even King beast wants to besiege itself. It growls in anger, feeling that its dignity is insulted.


A divine word uttered, it burst out with brilliant golden light, and the energy within the body shook out directly, with several bangs, the pet beast of the three-headed customer was severely injured and flew out, if not cultivated previously However, just this blow is enough to kill them all in seconds.

Beside King beast, only Su Ping’s Purple green bull python is still there.

Purple green bull python’s scales tightened. At the moment of energy shock, it opened its defense and resisted the attack. At this moment, it just shook its head, and then rushed towards the King beast again, very fast, following it. Its huge calves entangled up.

Purple green bull python has an extremely rich combat experience and is extremely flexible. This King beast wanted to grab it and tear it apart, but was easily removed from the sharp claw by its extremely smooth scales.

At this moment, Tang Ruyan also rushed to the King beast.

Looking at the huge body of King beast, his previous determination to die suddenly hesitated.

But thinking of Su Ping’s words, her eyes showed grief and anger, and she let out an angry roar, like the last scream, and rushed towards King beast.


King beast gave a low growl, and the violent sound wave vibrated. The energy shield supported by Tang Ruyan’s body was immediately shattered, and the Immovable Ceramic Glaze body on her also cracked every inch.

Next moment, her body flew upside down and fell outside several hundred meters, dying.

Su Ping slightly frowned, came to her.

“Go on,” he said.

Tang Ruyan coughed up blood and lay on the ground, looking at the face that Su Ping looked down on. There was no warmth and familiar feeling on that face, only coldness remained.

Slowly a smile bloomed on her face, she slowly propped up the ground with her hands, little by little climbed up vigorously, she felt painful and strenuous even standing, but there was no trace of pain on her face , Just facing the boy, lowered his head and whispered: “If you want me to die, I will go…”

After speaking, she looked up at Su Ping.

There was only tenderness and affection in that glance. Su Ping was shocked by the solidified things.

He suddenly realized that Tang Ruyan in front of him was not a pet beast, but a living person.

In other words, the pet beasts he cultivated are not the kind of “pet beasts” he understands. They also have emotions, but they don’t show so real like Tang Ruyan.


Is it true?

Su Ping’s eyes appeared in front of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Darkness Dragon Dog, under his command, attacking each time.

It is determination, attachment, trust, and willingness!

He was silent suddenly.

It turns out that along the way, he has been unconsciously with so many things on his back.

It’s no wonder that Purgatory Candle Dragon beast still doesn’t retreat in front of Paramita.

It is already nurturing the world, and it is willing to sacrifice for him, so why fear Paramita?

“Is this what you think of me…”

Su Ping turned around and looked at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou who were looking out from behind. They were sitting bored at the back. The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast scratched his back with his paws. Er Gou was looking for a small insect on the ground. , Seems to have no interest in the battle in front of him.

They have gone through too many battles…

Su Ping’s mouth moved slightly, and he slowly retracted his gaze.

“Go ahead.”

He looked up and said again to Tang Ruyan in front of him.

In an instant, Tang Ruyan’s bright eyes seemed a little gloomy.

Su Ping saw it, but didn’t say anything.

This trust and willingness, he knows, since he has taken it on his back, he will not let down this intention, even if it is at the cost of hurting the other party right now.

After all, it’s not really death here, the pain in front of me is for real living!

Isn’t this the law of survival?

Tang Ruyan stared at Su Ping deeply, without saying anything, turning around, dragging his seriously injured body towards the King beast and walking again, from walking to trotting, to the final sprint, and shouting.


As soon as she rushed to King beast, her body suddenly burst.

Su Ping watched her resolutely fighting back, silently thinking of resurrection in her heart.

Soon, the intact Tang Ruyan appeared on the spot. She was visibly stunned, looking at herself blankly, and found that there was no physical damage, and the fatigue was gone.

“Go!” Su Ping said again.

Hearing Su Ping’s words, Tang Ruyan came back to his senses. He was stunned and suddenly a little confused.

Here, is it reality?

She suddenly wondered if she was dreaming.

In reality, how could she suddenly come to such a strange place?

Moreover, he was already dead just now, but he was alive again…

It must be a dream!

Thinking of this, and seeing Su Ping completely different from the store, she suddenly understood.

This is dreaming!

Since it’s a dream, what are you afraid of?


Tang Ruyan rushed to the giant beast ahead again.

Soon, she was alive and dead again, and then resurrected again.

The second and third time… With the resurrection again and again, Tang Ruyan’s mood has become more and more excited, it is really a dream!

And so real, lifelike!

Here, can’t she act wilfully?

“hahaha, die for the old lady!!”

“King beast? Come on, let my old lady blow you up!”

“Yo, the little shopkeeper, give my old lady a smile.”

Unbridled laughter echoed in the forest. Tang Ruyan brazenly killed King beast again and again. Although she was killed every time, her fighting spirit became more and more high.

Su Ping: “…”

This style of painting has changed, and he has not adapted to it.

The touch from the bottom of my heart just now disappeared.

I must have thought too much…

This guy usually looks serious, like a lady, but he didn’t expect to be so mad inside.

“Use your Tang Family’s Secret skill, play hard, don’t think that you are immortal, you can learn casually with those pet beasts.” Su Ping looked at Tang Ruyan, who was becoming more and more casual. .

Tang Ruyan hummed: “Stop ordering me, here I am the biggest, but in other words, why this King beast is not dead yet, I should be able to kill it with one thought.”


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