Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 551


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“Patriarch, the third and fourth generations of Tang Family, have returned. Those five generations who exercised outside have sent them to hide in secret spots outside, and they will come out when things pass. “

A burly middle-aged man stood in the hall and said, arching his hands.

He is the second generation of Tang Family, and the mainstay generation.

As for the third and fourth generations, they are still very young, and they are the core children of the Tang Family and the future.

The Five Dynasties, even more so, need to explore and exercise outside, they are the seeds!

Hearing the report from the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man sitting in the center of the hall was slightly nodded. His face was a little haggard and his temples were white. It seemed that he had just been seriously ill and injured, and looked rather weak.

“This time the catastrophe, if I can get through it safely, my Tang Family will break through the rebirth and become stronger!” He stood up, with a rosy color on his face, it seemed that his complexion had recovered a little. But everyone with a discerning eye can see that it is he who mobilizes energy to support his body.

“Our Tang Family has been passed down to me from the first generation, and we have 800 years!”

“800 years of glory, my Tang Family gave birth to two Legendary Old Ancestors, seven 12 Titled!”

“We Tang Family have fought for a lifetime, hunted King beasts, killed hundreds of Rank-9 Demonic beasts, guarded the night battle base city, and rushed to help more than a dozen base cities to resist the animal tide for them!”

“We Tang Family have always been in battle and invincible!”

“The Situ Family and Wang Family want to take advantage of my cultivation injury and cannibalize my Tang Family 800-year foundation. It can only be said to be wishful thinking!”

He looked around the audience with his eyes full of majesty and piercing energy, and said: “My Tang Family will not fall, I will not be defeated. Only ourselves can defeat us!”

When he heard his words, everyone in the hall had eyes boiling, with a strong fighting intent in their eyes!


How can the glory of Tang Family 800 years fall easily? !

What is the concept of 800 years? Some ancient times dynasties can only last for hundreds of years that’s all!

“Situ Family and Wang Family have just received secret information. Three days later, they will attack the night battle base city overnight and come to our Tang Family!”

This Tang Family patriarch, Tang Linzhan looked at the audience, his body slowly sat down, and said: “I will do my best to recover from the injury in these three days. During this time, everything about Tang Family The plan and arrangement, I will hand it to your Young Master, Tang Ruyu to carry out!”

In his words, many people looked towards the girl sitting with the clan elder.

This girl looks 18-19 years old, still very immature, but her face is cold and calm.

For this Tang Family Young Master, many Tang Family clansman know that as the Young Master of the Tang Family, the latter’s ability is also witnessed and recognized by them, not just who, can serve as Tang Family Young Master , Blood relationship alone is not enough, it must be able to convince the public.

And Tang Ruyu’s ability, without a doubt, belongs to the extremely stunning Peak genius among the four generations!

Among the geniuses born in the Tang Family generations, they can be regarded as rare in a century!

When he was only 18 years old, he entered the realm of Grand master!

Enough to make the younger generation shut up. Even some of the older generations have nothing to say. Compared with Tang Ruyu, their own younger generations are far behind.

Be aware that even those geniuses in the mainland’s No. 1 Academy, True Martial Academy, were only 7th grade that’s all when they were 18 years old.

Able to reach Rank-8, they are all top students in True Martial Academy, the influential figure in Academy!

In addition to battle strength, Tang Ruyu’s scores and performance in all aspects of strategy, command and other tests are very good. Now he is in danger and serves as the commander of the family. There are many three or four generations of children in the hall. A few people are a little worried, but no one refuses.

Some clan elders did not speak. They knew that although Tang Ruyu was the commander, he was mainly the executor. The real decision was made by Tang Linzhan, the cunning dragon.

“Tang Ruyu takes the lead!”

Under Tang Linzhan’s appointment, Tang Ruyu got up and said neither humble nor humble.

Tang Lin fought slightly nodded, and then said: “I have notified the City Lord that the base city still maintains the status quo. Don’t beat the grass to scare the snake for now. In these three days, we can prepare well. I want to let the world People know that although the Legendary of our Tang Family has passed away, it is definitely not something that others can insult!”

“Tang Family will win!”

Some people in the hall roared, their eyes showing warlike fierceness.

Even if there is no Legendary, Tang Family is still four big family members, and there is the foundation.

“You must kill…” Tang Ruyu’s eyes also glowed coldly.


That night, the Tang Family held a conspiracy meeting.

Arrange preparations for these three days.

After the big meeting that night, Tang Linzhan left, and several clan elders sent off and accompanied him into the cultivation secret of Tang Family.

“Patriarch, the news goes on so soon, will Situ Family and Wang Family have any doubts?”

“It is to make them suspect. They suspect that I am deliberately telling them the news through their’ears’. In this way, they will change their strategy. Although our hidden stakes are buried deep, there is no guarantee that they will not find out. , Maybe the news we got was what they deliberately told us.”

“This is true, otherwise the attack in three days is impossible, we know now.”

“I don’t know if they change the plan, they will attack in advance.”

“It’s hard to say, it depends on the news from the hidden pile.”

In the secret area, a few people discussed in low voices and eventually dispersed.


Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

On the night two days later, outside the Yedou base city, a large number of flames suddenly appeared, illuminating the night sky.


At the northern city gate of Yedou Base City, a large group of silhouettes suddenly appeared. They drilled out of the ground and used a tunnel opened by the Rock Demonic beast to sneak in and appear directly outside the city gate of Base City.

The soldiers guarding the base city were a little shocked after seeing the sudden enemy attack, and soon sounded the alarm.

But not long after the alarm sounded, the city gate that had been guarded suddenly opened.

Among the garrison soldiers in the base city, a group suddenly became chaotic. Many soldiers launched an attack. Some of the garrison soldiers who were caught off guard suddenly fell down and were beheaded.

“There is an internal response!”

I don’t know who screamed, resounding in the night sky.

The north city gate of the night battle base city was broken.

The countless silhouettes sneaking in from outside immediately rushed in along the open city gate, while some Tilted ranks walked in the sky directly, flying over the city wall, with numerous silhouettes, one after. another passing by, at first glance, at least hundreds of Tilted ranks!

If this scene is seen, it will probably startled to fall the chin.

Titled rank is the existence of second only to Legendary, so its status is so respected. There are hundreds of Titans attacking at the same time. This battle is too terrifying!

As the northern city gate of the Night Fight Base City was broken, countless silhouettes entered the city and went straight to the Tang Family Fort.

The residents and shops along the way were all trampled and destroyed by the pet beast from summon.

The residents inside were trampled to death in their sleep, and some destroyed houses were crushed to death.

To these ordinary residents, these Battle pet masters have no scruples. In the eyes of the awakened, the ordinary person is no different from the ants. They are completely two species without the slightest empathy.


The sky-shaking sound of rushing and killing sounded in Yedou Base City.

Countless Battle pet masters flooded into the base city and swept along the streets to Tang Family Fort.

Soon, outside the Tang Family Garden, many silhouettes gathered, one after another huge Fireball was thrown into the Tang Family Garden, and it fell down like a meteorite.

In the Tang Family Garden, a huge protective shield appeared to block these long-range attacks.

At this moment, there are also many Tang Family children in the Tang Family Garden, all of them are ready to go, wearing armor, and they seem to be ready for battle.

“Situ Family listens to the order, kill all Tang Family people!”

A loud command sounded, and then there was a Dragon Beast roar resounding in the night sky, and giant beasts descended outside the Tang Family Garden under the summon of the Titaned powerhouse.

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