Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 552


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Following the order, the Rank-9 giant beast brazenly rushed to the Tang Family Gardens as a pioneer.

The rest of the Battle pet masters are in the back, arrange Formation and gather energy arrays, and their summon battle companions are also divided into attribute types, and some of the battle companions of the same race can also display racial skills together.


The protective cover on the Tang Family garden was shaken to a loud rumbling, and the horn of battle was completely started in the night battle base city.


“hmph, it really came early.”

In the garden, in the Tang Family Fort, a tall clan elder with his hands on his back stands on the stargazing platform, looking down at the battlefield outside the garden.

This battlefield is like the waves in the dark night, the waves are turbulent, and the specific number of people is not clear, but it is like a wave of waves swept over to destroy the Tang Family Fort.

“The third child, it’s really you!”

The eyes of this group of old people are gleaming. If Su Ping were here, he would recognize him. He is the Tang Family old man, Tang Mingqing, who had suffered at the Su Ping store before.

At this moment, his eyes are like cold bald eagles, flashing with cold rays of light. He raised his hand and a very brief signal in the communication lights up. He said solemnly: “patriarch, everything is ready, waiting for you.”

“Okay.” There was a strong, low voice inside.

At the same time, the protective cover of the Tang Family Garden is in danger, rippling one after another ripple. In the face of the combined attacks of many Battle pet masters and pet beasts, this protective cover can no longer hold.

Just as the protective shield was about to burst, suddenly, behind the outer enclosure, there was a whistling sound.

Countless meteorites and fire rain fell from a high altitude, the ground shook, and the ground of the street was propped up on a steep slope. One after another, the rolling stones gathered from the steep slope and rolled down.

“There is an ambush!!”

“Tang Family is behind, it is Qianjiying!”

“Kill them!”

In the huge crowd outside the Tang Family Garden, someone immediately gave instructions, and the people in the outer circle at the back immediately turned back and killed the Battle pet masters who had attacked behind them.

In this kind of emergency situation, those Titans who were still watching the battle with less effort have also shot one after another. They entered this ambush and must defeat them, otherwise the front position will be greatly traumatized. The people inside After all, they are all elite Battle pet masters of their respective families.

There was chaos in the rear. When it fell into chaos, the energy cover in the Tang Family garden was also broken, but at the same time it was broken, one after another giant beast rushed out of it, and various chaotic ranged skills followed behind him. Throwing out, colliding with the skills that hit the shield in the high air, a brilliant rumbling sound erupted.

Dark fog, fireworks, and ice.

The strange rays of light with various skills bloom in the melee.

The battle companion sends out a roar, rushing forward.

hong long long ~!

in the sky, lightning gathers, illuminating the dark night sky brightly.

Countless people looked up, and suddenly saw a large group of birds and beasts. These birds and beasts are huge, with a length of more than ten meters after the wingspan. They are like floating houses, and they are all birds and beasts of the same race. Purple Thunderbird!

This is the strong army of Tang Family, Flying Feather Army!

“Not good, it is the racial fit of the purple thunderbird!”

“The Heavenly King’s Army listens to the order, line up!”

“Canglong Array is activated!”

Following the command’s command, the army below quickly mobilized. A group of people lined up and their energy surging. In a moment, their energy seemed to resonate with the same frequency. A huge energy shield suddenly appeared, supporting it. Above everyone’s head, the energy cover is extremely huge, not inferior to the protective cover of Tang Family Garden.

At the same moment, the vortex thundercloud condensed by the purple thunderbird in the sky also burst down.

The thunder pillar is stout with several hundred meters, and the lightning is surging. The power of half of the Yedou base city is instantly out of control, the power is out in the distance, and the electrical appliances in the nearby residents’ homes burst into flames.


The thunder pillar slammed down and collided with the huge energy shield on the ground.

Countless lightning bursts, shining the night like day, extremely dazzling.

The electric light is like thousands of birds singing, making a harsh zhi zhi sound.

Behind the thunder pillar, there is an attack from one after another Flying Feather Army. Numerous divine arrows are flying down. Each arrow is accompanied by strong energy and strong penetrating power. The super giant energy below Shrouded under the bombardment of thunder pillars, struggling to support it, but the arrow that followed closely from behind instantly crushed it to pieces.

bang bang bang!

In the crowd, a large number of Battle pet masters were overturned by Juli and injured by divine arrow.

There were a lot of casualties for a while. The Tang Family Flying Feather Army’s shot undoubtedly gained an advantage and also played a deterrent effect.

“Is this the Flying Feather Army, the super strong army of two thousand Battle Grandmasters!”

“I heard that one was destroyed before, why are there so many?”

“No, there are mixed brands, not all Grand masters!”

Everyone was shocked, but some Tilted rank powerhouses were very calm, and some people saw the clue.

Although the Flying Feather Army is strong, there seems to be a lot of people in it. Although the battle strength is also very strong, it is a bit out of place. Combine it with the Flying Feather Army that was lost by the Tang Family Army. Obviously, this A Flying Feather Army was assembled by mobilizing the personnel of other Tang Family armies.

In this way, the unity is not so strong, not monolithic.

“Brother Feng, let’s compare and see, how about who kills more?”

“Well, I also want to see and see, your Wang Family’s Overlord Spear method!”

Several Titled did not continue to wait and see, and immediately stood up and rushed towards the Flying Feather Army high in the sky.

At the same time as they rushed out, one after another whirlpool appeared beside them, and summon came out of their respective battle companions, driving the battle companion walking on air, into the Flying Feather Army.

The Flying Feather Army of the two thousand Grand masters is indeed a very strong battle strength, but these Tilted ranks are not alone. The Flying Feather Army is a little heavier for Tilted ranks.

As one after another Titled came out, the Flying Feather Army was suddenly torn into a gap. The previous divine might was suppressed and had to deal with the Tittled rank that came up.

“I will help!”

In the Tang Family Garden, one after another Tang Family Titled, upon seeing this, a strong killing intent broke out, and they all rushed out.

In another place, on the podium, Tang Ruyu is looking at the big picture, commanding the Tang Family ministries.

At this moment, a breath came in suddenly, Tang Ruyu was shocked, turned his head and looked at her father walking in armor.

But this time, her father is not so haggard and pale, but her eyes are cold, full of murderous intention, and her body exudes a monstrous imposing manner, just like a ferocious beast.

“Father, your injury…”

“What kind of injury, you father, how can I be stupid enough to be cultivation injured.”

Tang Linzhan showed a sneer. He strode to Tang Ruyu, his eyes flashed with chill, and said: “This Situ Family and Wang Family have been spying on our Tang Family for a long time. They have conspired secretly for sixty years. They thought I was I don’t know, huh, do we really think our Tang Family is blind?”

Tang Ruyu complexion slightly changed, a little frightened.

Conspired for sixty years?

The news she heard through childhood was that the Situ Family, Wang Family, and other families were fighting with each other.

I also heard that Situ Family beheaded Wang Family Titled. There are videos and pictures, which is ironclad!

I thought that their relationship, just like Tang Family and them, were both hostile. Now father actually said that they had conspired for sixty years?

Then everything in the middle is a play on the spot?

Those dead Titled are also “performers”! ?

Thinking of this, she took a breath for the impossible to bear.

Use the life of Titaned rank to act, these Two Great Families are really cruel!

“Go and call your third uncle over.” Tang Linzhan said.

Tang Ruyu was slightly stunned and wanted to ask, but Tang Linzhan’s attention had been placed on the battlefield in front of him. Obviously from this moment on, he had taken over the command. She was responsible for what he said earlier, mostly deliberately. That said, including this injury, so that father thinks there is an undercover in the family?

Thinking of this, Tang Ruyu’s eyes flashed slightly, and a killing intent flashed under his eyes, and he nodded immediately.

Not long after, a Tang Family elder came here under the summons of Tang Ruyu.

Seeing Tang Linzhan on the high platform, this Tang Family elder complexion slightly changed and realized that it was not good.

“Youngest, come here.”

Tang Linzhan didn’t turn around, only opened the mouth and said.

His voice is inaudible, but full of majesty.

The old Tang Family’s face changed, and he said with a smile: “Patriarch, is your injury better? This is really great. If you are in town, the people below will be relieved a lot. “

“Come to my side.” Tang Linzhan said without answering him, still keeping his previous tone.

The Tang Family elder complied and walked towards him.

But just after taking two steps, he suddenly burst into energy and rushed towards Tang Ruyu next to him.

His face full of smiles suddenly became hideous and full of killing intent.

The change was so fast that it was caught off guard, but Tang Ruyu, who was standing next to him, just looked at him coldly, as if she had already expected it, her body flashed abruptly, leaving behind a shadow in place, and at the same time, A dark shadow appeared behind her, waving a dark shadow sword, and beheading the Tang Family clan.

This Tang Family veteran eyes shrank said in horror: “How can it be possible to break free from my energy suppression!”

He is a Tilted rank, and he is still Tilted high grade, but he can’t suppress Tang Ruyu of Rank-8 with energy?

“That’s my clone, you see clearly.” Tang Ruyu said coldly.

The Tang Family clan elder narrowed his eyes, his face was instantly angry and grim. He roared and burst out powerful energy, smashed the dark shadow sword with a punch, and leaped quickly over his body. He is the extinct shadow step god of Tang Family Trace, came directly to Tang Ruyu and smashed her in the face.


At this moment, a coldly snorted sound rang. Tang Linzhan’s silhouette did not know when he appeared. He stood in front of Tang Ruyu and took the punch.

There was a bang, but his body didn’t move at all.

On him, the rays of light of jade green are fleeting.

“The body is like colored glaze, not moving the Pluto!”

The Tang Family clan screamed, with a thick terrified look in his eyes.

This is the performance of Fudo Liuli Gong cultivation to Peak.

The whole body is as transparent as glass, but with the fleshy body, it can withstand the Rank-9 limit Demonic beast attack. Only Legendary or an attack that reaches a critical point can be injured!

This Tang Family patriarch, the leader who stood out in the previous generation of struggles, actually cultivated this cultivation technique to Peak at the age of 40 years? !

He has not reached this level!

“I wanted to give you another chance, but you didn’t cherish it.” Tang Linzhan said indifferently.


He suddenly punched out, using his hand as fast as an aurora, next moment, the Tang Family elder with a horrified face in front of him, his body trembled suddenly, and then his energy began to collapse.

In his chest, a hole was penetrated in his heart.

His lips squirmed slightly, finally revealing a bit of bitterness, and he whispered: “Please patriarch… let me go, my this lineage…” He stopped abruptly before he finished speaking.

“You should know the price of betrayal.” Tang Linzhan retracted his hand, shook the blood on his hand, and turned back to the high platform again.

Tang Ruyu looked at the fallen clan elder, her face was indifferent, she also put away her own strength, the shadow behind her was also quietly hidden, her face was slightly pale, after all, it was the shot of Titled rank high grade. Father’s words, she couldn’t stop the other party’s punch, that was another Tang Family attacking Secret skill.

When Tang Linzhan solved the traitor, the battle ahead was not optimistic.

The Situ Family and Wang Family are well prepared. They have a huge number of Titaned. The Flying Feather Army in the sky has been rushed to pieces. One after another companion Titled silhouette is driving their respective Rank-9 battle in the battlefield. In the rush, Tang Family’s response seemed a little weak, and was constantly suppressed and retreated.


At this moment, a wild roar suddenly sounded, penetrating the night sky.

Hearing the roar that shook the audience, everyone in Tang Family’s complexion changed abruptly, and they felt all blood trembling. This feeling was extremely terrifying.

Is it King beast? !


In the battlefield, a huge silhouette appeared, like a giant rhino, but with sharp blades all over it. At this moment, it was by its side. The surrounding Situ Family and Wang Family Battle pet masters all avoided.

The huge silhouette let out a low growl, and slammed into the Tang Family Garden.

There are four or five Tang Family Titled Rank-9 pet beasts standing in front. At this moment, under the roar of this giant beast, these few Rank-9 pet beasts, who are constantly fighting, all stopped, a little trembling. , In constant retreat.

The pressure of the King beast enveloped the audience. Following the collision of this huge silhouette, the few Rank-9 pet beasts seemed to be ordered, and in the trembling, they still faced up.

bang! bang!

next moment, there seems to be an invisible force oppressing the air. Several Rank-9 pet beasts were killed alive. One of the pet beasts was knocked upside down and flew out. Although not dead, it was seriously injured and dying. .

The gate of the Tang Family Garden collapsed under the impact of this giant beast.


Tang Ruyu saw the situation ahead, and the disabled to bear changed color.

Tang Linzhan has sharp eyes, but he is not too surprised. He clenched his fists slightly and said in a low voice: “Activate the Mirage Sea God Umbrella Hunt and kill this beast!”

Tang Ruyu got the order and quickly turned around and rushed.

But not long after, Tang Ruyu’s silhouette returned to the high platform. At this moment, she looked pale and panicked like never before. She hurriedly said: “Father… tribe, patriarch, there is a problem with the Mirage Sea God’s umbrella hunting!” /p>


Tang Lin fights startled, and his face suddenly changes color.

Mirage Sea is the Legendary hidden treasure and the Sea Calming Divine Needle of Tang Family. How could something go wrong?

The person in charge is someone he absolutely trusts.

“Patriarch, it’s the seventh, the seventh betrayed!” Suddenly, an anxious voice came, full of anger, and it was Tang Mingqing who came from another battlefield.

Hearing what he said, Tang Linzhan’s body shook slightly, and he felt black in front of his eyes.

The person he trusts the most, would he betray?

Even if his daughter Tang Ruyu betrayed the Tang Family, he was not surprised, but he never expected that the man who was sympathetic to him, saved him several times and almost died for him, would betray him!


The voice in his throat, but his voice is hoarse, like a fire.

It’s just that, but it’s not as full of spirit and majesty as before.

“patriarch!” Tang Mingqing saw his absent-minded appearance, unable to bear yelled.

Tang Linzhan woke up, still a little trance, but soon his eyes became sharp. As the Helmsman of Four Great Families, Tang Family, he took a deep breath and said: “Even if the old man betrayed him, he didn’t If you can destroy the Mirage Sea, you can’t take it away. I’ll see what the reason is. You’ll be here for the time being.”

The last sentence, he said to Tang Ruyu.

Tang Ruyu nodded.

Tang Linzhan quickly turned around and rushed away, his silhouette disappearing into the night.

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