Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 553


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Dragon river base, inside Rogue store.

In a place where gods are cultivated.


Along with the cracking sound of dark plasma, the hideous King beast in front of him fell down.

In front of the huge silhouette where it fell, there was a slender silhouette panting slightly. It was Tang Ruyan.

At this moment, Tang Ruyan, with her black hair fluttering, her beautiful cheeks, has several points of cold color, her eyes are full of cold killing intents.

In this god system cultivation ground, most of the territory has been occupied and occupied by Demonic beasts. In the years of war, countless souls who died in battle, some resisted the devouring of Dead Spirits world, relying on divine power It was left behind, but it was slowly eroded by the spirit strength in the void, and turned into an undead creature.

Among these undead creatures are the Divine Race, Divine Beast, and some undead races that have been squeezed into the corners of this place.

After being transformed into an undead creature, the former Divine Race will also change its temperament and become bloodthirsty and brutal.

“You just made a mistake. Just now its horns, you can use your Tang Family’s Immovable Glazed Technique to carry it. Your Immovable Glazed Technique has been cultivated to Peak and it is enough to withstand this blow, but you choose Dodging and attacking again, missed the opportunity of the best attack angle and the opportunity to shoot…”

Beside, Su Ping is seriously commenting on the guidance.

During this period, Tang Ruyan has made rapid progress.

Soaking in the cultivation of the world every day, and following Su Ping’s cultivation, her within the body also absorbs a lot of divine power and has divine force!

In addition, in the experience, she has completely absorbed the medicine ingredients of the previous Zhong Family. With the addition of some divine medicine collected in the divine cultivation ground, her cultivation base has soared from the 7th grade to Rank-9. Included in the Tilted rank!

In the battle of the cultivation ground, Tang Ruyan used all the secret skills of the Tang Family into the battle, and Su Ping saw all of these.

Including the Tang Family’s three secret skills, Su Ping has already seen it during Tang Ruyan’s repeated display, and after a little cultivation, with his strong foundation, it is easy to cultivation to Peak.

Because of this, he knew that the immovable glazed function resisted the King beast’s corner attack.

Although this attack is from King beast, King beast does not always use full force every time it takes a shot. The purpose of the corner attack is obviously to push Tang Ruyan away, but Tang Ruyan did not catch it, but like a King beast. As she wished, she took advantage of the trend and jumped and counterattacked, which caused her to waste her life!

Huh! call!

Tang Ruyan gasped. This is not the first time she has defeated King beast. From the initial excitement and disbelief, she is now used to it.

After all, she was not defeated by a single life, she died five times!

Although, she didn’t use the battle pet master’s biggest support, pet beast.

However, with the guidance and company of Su Ping these days, she has gradually become accustomed to fighting on her own strength. As Su Ping said, what can be done by pet beast, why can’t she do it?

She and King beast are in a 1V1 situation, and she has no reason to enter…Being instilled with such an idea, Tang Ruyan doesn’t even know it. This is enough to make people stunned.

At this moment, when I heard Su Ping’s words, Tang Ruyan was slightly frowned. Although she knew it was a dream, the dream was too real. She could feel her own improvement and change. She felt like waiting for her dream to wake up, even if cultivation The base will return to the 7th grade in reality, but this combat experience in the dream will help me greatly.

It’s like a problem that can’t be solved sometimes in meditation, but it is easily solved in a dream, and the answer is still correct.

“I understood.” Tang Ruyan said.

Su Ping’s guidance these days, she was still a little dissatisfied at first, but after battles and battles, she discovered that Su Ping was right every time she said.

According to Su Ping’s method, she can always achieve the results Su Ping said.

This fighting eyesight made her feel shocked… She was actually in a dream, in her subconscious mind, that this guy was so strong? !

Although she was a bit speechless about her subconscious, she was relieved when she thought of Su Ping’s various performances in reality.

This guy is indeed a monster, even in her dreams.

“A big guy is here, prepare.”

Su Ping didn’t say much, just about to move forward, suddenly brows moved.

hong long!

The ground is trembling, and with a hoarse roar sound, a strong smell of stench pours in, which is a huge and hideous silhouette.

King Beast grade again!

Moreover, it is stronger than the previous one. It looks like the peak of Vast Sea realm. The imposing manner is similar to the previous Dragon Pond Demonic Alligator beast of Su Ping.

Su Ping took a look and directly ordered: “Kill!”

This time not only Tang Ruyan took the shot, but Purple green bull python and several other customers’ battle companions also took the shot.

The pet beasts of these few customers are already several batches later. Su Ping cultivated the world here and stayed for more than a month.

At the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast at the back, I saw the undead King beast, and immediately stood up from the ground and let out a low roar, full of fighting intent, be eager to have a try.

Su Ping ignored it and let it stay.

After returning from the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss realm, its battle strength has 25 points, which is a battle strength of the Void Cave realm level. It can only be regarded as a warm-up against the giant beast in front of you, which is a bit bullying.

Er Gou is very lazy, lying on the ground without moving.

At the same time, Tang Ruyan has already taken the lead.

She has a black Demon Sword in her hand, which was picked up from a ruin in the cultivation ground of the gods. There are many Divine Race corpses in the ruins, all of which were killed by the organs in the ruins. , The owner of the ruins seems quite vicious, as can be seen from the construction of the ruins.

In that ruin, Su Ping also picked up several Secret Skills, but they were all quite evil Secret Skills.

Some people need to swallow blood every day for cultivation. After some cultivation, it will affect the temperament and become bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty.

For such an evil Secret skill, Su Ping naturally wanted to fiercely spurn it… and then hurry up and learn it.

Double study with Tang Ruyan.

Anyway, the secret skill is learned by others, and I won’t miss anything. What’s more, Su Ping brought Tang Ruyan to this cultivation site for the purpose of training her.

It’s just that Tang Ruyan is obviously not as fast as him. He has already passed the level. Tang Ruyan has only learned half of it. This Secret skill is a Destiny Realm-level attack method. It is based on Tang Ruyan’s current Rank-9 cultivation base and cultivation. It seems rather obscure, after all, there are some things in it that involve the mystery of space.


Tang Ruyan’s physical strength has increased sharply, and he is using the Tang Family’s Shadow Walk Secret skill, which is the Legendary Secret skill of Vast Sea realm Low rank. At this moment, Tang Ruyan has used it to its extreme, its silhouette is like ghost-like, bursting The speed of the Vast Sea realm Legendary is close to that hideous King beast in an instant.

Her eyes turned blood red, her black hair was soaring and messy, strands of her hair were gathered together into a scimitar, which matched the black Demon Sword in her hand and slashed out instantly.

The Secret skill she used at this moment was one of the things she picked up from that ruin, the body of a demon!

This is the Destiny Realm Secret skill. At this moment, she only cultivation to Early-Stage, barely able to enter the form of the devil, but only stays in the primary form.

In the ghost form, her speed, strength, and perception will double and increase, and some elemental attacks will be ignored. If the cultivation reaches Peak, even the Space Secret Technique can directly cross and cannot resist.


This King beast was immediately struck, and the black Demon Sword cut a wound with several meters deep. The blood gurgled from the wound, and the blood flow was endless and it was difficult to heal.

There are viscous and corrosive demonic energy, which can eat blood in the wound.

This sword is another secret technique, refining the Blood Sword, and it is also the destiny level.

Cultivation This sword technique requires countless blood of Demonic beasts, especially the blood of the undead Demonic beast is the best. With blood sacrifice swords and heart sacrifices, only the heart is vicious, the sword will be more vicious!

After being injured, this King beast is not someone who is easy to deal with. It is covered in dark mist and roars. This dark mist forms a sealed space around his body, and all perceptions inside are shielded and dark The mist will also penetrate into the enemy’s within the body invisibly, eating away energy.

Su Ping saw the mist strangely at a glance, but he didn’t remind.

If it is him, there are dozens of ways to instantly kill the King beast, and in front of him, he only needs Tang Ruyan to comprehend one of them, or he can come up with another unique cracking method.

With strong murderous aura, Su Ping can not see the situation in the dense fog, but can perceive the silhouette of Tang Ruyan.


King beast issued a roar and rushed towards Tang Ruyan.

Purple green bull python and a few other pet beasts next to him made a vicious attack, restraining their body.

And Tang Ruyan’s silhouette keeps flashing. In the state of the demon’s body, she casts Tang Family’s shadow walk, which is faster and close to the late stage of Vast Sea realm.

She dodged all the King beast’s attacks. Although she could not see clearly, the blood energy perception she had learned through the blood sword technique of cultivation refining was able to barely capture the movement trajectory of the King beast.


Tang Ruyan’s blood-red eyes, full of cold color, her hair is open, full of wild publicity, her soaring hair turned into a machete, and her body is fast with the red Demon Sword in her hand. Approaching, a sword slashed towards King beast’s neck.

This part is fatal.

But at the next moment, her sword swung empty.

It’s an illusion!


A bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl suddenly rushed forward and swallowed Tang Ruyan in. Numerous sharp teeth instantly chewed his body into pieces.

The pain struck, but at the next moment, her body regained perception. The roar of King beast was still in front of her, but there was a bit more shock in the roar.

Tang Ruyan knew that she had just resurrected, and her complexion is gloomy, she killed again with a sword.

In a few minutes.

The King beast crashed to the ground.

Tang Ruyan sat on the corpse of King beast, gasping for breath. The hair that had been condensed into a scimitar was also loosened at this moment and shortened to its original length. Her face was a little pale and exhausted.

“With them to cooperate with you, it took six lives and three mistakes.” Su Ping walked over and said, shaking his head.

Tang Ruyan was a bit speechless. Every time the battle ended, Su Ping gave her a negative evaluation, which made her deeply shocked.

I have worked very hard, OK, this is King beast!

But this kind of remark, she had said, was ruthlessly refuted by Su Ping.

And in front of Su Ping, she didn’t have much confidence to say this, after all, this was an inhuman monster in front of her.

“I know.”

She got up and said, “Next time I will be more careful!”

Even if Su Ping didn’t say it, she knew her mistakes and was very angry.

Piss yourself!

If it were in reality, she could barely survive without making mistakes, and making mistakes would be death!

Su Ping glanced at her and saw that she knew what she knew, and didn’t say much. He checked the time and said: “It’s almost there, you…close your eyes.”

Tang Ruyan was taken aback, raised his eyebrows and said: “What’s the end?”

“Don’t ask.”

“If you don’t tell me, I won’t close my eyes.”



Tang Ruyan hasn’t reacted yet, so he has a pain in his head and his eyes are black.

fuck ……

An instinctive reaction just appeared on her lips, before she could say it, her eyes closed in confusion, she saw Su Ping in front of her, quietly watching her fall.

Then she fell to the ground, only seeing Su Ping’s bare feet on the corpse of King beast.

The eyes closed, she couldn’t support it any more, and she passed out into a coma.

“Always disobedient.”

Su Ping glanced at the guy at his feet, shook the head.

He took her into the summon space, checked the time, and chose to return.

“She is now able to protect herself, so it’s time to go back.”

Back to the store, Su Ping took Tang Ruyan summon out, watched her lying on her feet and was still asleep, whispering to herself.

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