Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 556


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“Tang Linzhan, are you willing to return to my Situ Family?”

Situ Family saw Tang Linzhan holding the Mirage Sea god hunting umbrella, and a look of dreading flashed in his eyes. This was the god umbrella in the hands of the opponent.

This divine umbrella broke out in Heavenly Might before, and cut two King beasts, but he was not afraid.

It’s just that at this moment, the umbrella is gray and tattered, obviously not small.


Tang Linzhan panted slightly. Hearing this, his body slowly stood up straight, his tiredness swept away from his face, revealing a killing intent, “With your Situ Family, you also deserve to hold me?!”

“hmph, since you die in such a hurry, I will satisfy you.”

Situ Family sneered slightly, his eyes skipped Tang Linzhan, looked towards the many Tang Family Titled behind him, and saw that they were all sitting on the ground, trying to struggle to stand up, but he didn’t know whether it was too badly injured or something else. The reason is that it seems extremely laborious to stand up. Only the surname Titled who supports the Tang Family stands up immediately.

“Under the suppression of my secret weapon, all you Tang Family Bloodline people will face Legendary-level space constraints here. Under such circumstances, do you still want to continue courting death?”

Situ Family chief coldly said: “If you are willing to surrender, you can sit down. By now, the Tang Family is completely over. Do you want to follow the stupid patriarch who hurt yourself by this cultivation?”

“Shut up!”

“You are not allowed to insult my Tang Family patriarch!!”

Some clan elders roared in anger, the body that was originally struggling now burst out with violent power, the gums were biting and bleeding, and forcibly stood up.

And those Tang Family Titled who were originally injured too badly to stand up, heard the long words of Situ Family, they also breathed fire in both eyes, and roared and struggled to stand up.

“My Tang Family would rather stand to die than sit to live!!”

An old Tang Family woman, Titled, sharply said, one arm was cut off in the previous battle, and her robe was stained with blood, but at the moment, supported by the person next to her, she stood tremblingly, her eyes dead. Staring at the two patriarchs, Situ and Wang Family.

“hmph, act recklessly!”

The Wang Family patriarch coldly snorted next to him, raised his hand, and several Titaned behind him suddenly flew out, rushing towards the many Tang Family Titled at speed.

Pu chi!

A divine arrow galloped out, passing through a Tang Family Titled instantly.

The chest of this Tang Family Titled was blown through a hole by the divine arrow, and its defensive hidden treasure was also penetrated. The divine arrow is extremely powerful.

With a plop, the Tang Family Titled fell to the ground in disbelief. Obviously, he did not expect that he would be killed so easily.

When other Tang Family Titled saw this scene, they all saw their canthus splitting. At this moment, they are under the constraints of space, and it is difficult for them to move. Fighting with other Titans is nothing but wooden stakes, let it be killed!


A Situ Family Titled rushed in front of a Tang Family Titled and slashed it out with a brazen attack.

This Tang Family Titled is extremely surprised and angry. He wants to move and avoid but can’t do it. He immediately summons his own battle companion.


A roar rushed out, but at the next moment, the roaring giant fell to the ground, and was suppressed by the constraints of the space, making it difficult to move.

This secret weapon is specifically aimed at the people of Tang Family Bloodline, and the pet beast of Tang Family people also mixes their breath, and is suppressed by the secret weapon.

The sharp sword was cut, and the Tang Family Titled’s head was cut in half.


The giant beast, who fell down beside him, looked up and saw this scene, his eyes were blood red, and he was going crazy.

But next moment, the contract that connected his mind disappeared. Suddenly, there was a blank look in his eyes, but, even though he was blank, blood and tears kept pouring out of his eyes.

I don’t know why I am angry.

I don’t know why I cry!

The giant beast sat on the ground blankly, just staring blankly at the fallen little human.

bang! bang!

Situ Family and Wang Family’s Titled shot quickly and attacked with all their strength. One after another Tang Family Titled was beheaded.

After the same clan was beheaded one after another, some Tang Family Titled sat down soon, with fear on their faces, facing the attacking Situ Family and Wang Family’s Titled, only pleading.


At this moment, several Titans who were supporting the Tang Family stood up. They were not suppressed by the constraints of space. They were not Tang Family members and did not have the Tang Family Bloodline.

With these Titled shots, the Situ Family and Wang Family’s Titled were blocked outside.

“hmph, you outsiders, really want to die for the Tang Family?”

In the distance, Situ Family saw this scene for a long time and squinted coldly and said.

“Tang Family patriarch is kind to me, this kindness will be repaid by life!” A reinforcement Titled stepped out, his eyes cold and determined, full of murderous aura.

“Yes, maybe you will die, but no regrets!”

Another reinforcement, Titled, also stood up with the same firm attitude.

They hold on to this moment and have no plans to retire!


They are also afraid.

But they are more afraid and do things that make them regretful for life.

Some kindness, some people, even if they give all, they must return!

Hearing these reinforcements for Titaned, those Tang Family Titled faces were complicated, and those Tang Family Titled who sat down were even more ashamed. They lowered their heads and dared not even look at this world again.

Tang Linzhan’s body was trembling, and Tang Family Titled was beheaded. Those were the people who used to talk and laugh with him, accompanied him, and those who stood by the Tang Family’s great foundation for him.

Some even plan to catch a week for their grandson who will soon turn one year old.

Some are also preparing to attend their son’s wedding.

At this moment, they are all down and dead.

Even Titled is as fragile as a flower at this moment, easily withering.

The palm of his grip on the handle of the umbrella was trembling, angry, and painful, but more weak.

The situation in front of him, he can see clearly at a glance, because of this, he is desperate.

“Tang Linzhan, if you are willing to kneel down and give up, I can consider and let go of these people who will reinforce your Tang Family.” Wang Family patriarch stood up at this moment and looked at Tang Linzhan coldly.

Tang Linzhan’s body shook slightly. He wanted to grab the umbrella handle, charge forward, roar, and vent his anger.

But he restrained it. He knew that it would only cause the war to erupt, and there would be no more life here.

“patriarch, no!”

“Although we are not surnamed Tang, we are willing to coexist and die with Tang Family!”

“patriarch, we are here and we are ready to die!”

Seven or eight reinforcement Titans shouted, full of anger, and one after another summoned out their own battle companions, stood in front of other Tang Family Titled, and confronted the Titans of Situ Family and Wang Family.

It’s just that, in terms of quantity, the two sides are obviously not proportional.

There are 40-50 people in the surrounding Situ Family and Wang Family’s Titled!

Titled rank alone completely surrounds this place. Once a war starts, they will quickly be overwhelmed. They may be able to counterattack and cause some damage, but it is very limited.

Tang Linzhan raised his eyes and looked around, the light on his face was warm, but his heart was cold.

When hope is not visible, how can light bring real warmth?

All he saw was darkness.

It is as dark as the black armor on Situ Family and Wang Family Titled.

Depressed so much that it is hard to breathe.

He trembled slightly, but eventually he slowly lowered his head.

His back began to bend, his legs moved, one leg was bent down, one knee, and he knelt on the ground!



All Tang Family Titled, including other Tang Family high rank Battle pet masters around, and those reinforcement Titans screamed in anger, and some of them burst into tears.

The pillar of the Tang Family, the king who has been in the Tang Family for more than 20 years, how can he kneel down? !


Tang Ruyu pretty face is pale, at this moment she no longer called patriarch, but called father.

This is one of the very few people she calls Tang Linzhan in public.

When she was young, she called it that way, but she was warned.

“He is my father, why can’t I be called father?”

“This is a family rule!”

After several stubbornness and several heavy penalties, she compromised and never called each other like that again.

But at this moment, the intense sadness and anger made her forget the family rules she had remembered since childhood.

Under the shouts of everyone, Tang Linzhan did not turn his head back, and his other bent leg finally knelt down, kneeling with both legs!

At this moment, all the shouts stopped.

Only this kneeling man in the court is left.

In a silent despair, Tang Linzhan spoke, as if facing the Wang Family patriarch in front of him, and as if facing the people behind him, he lowered his head, his voice was exceptionally low and heavy: “I kneel down Not because of your strength, but because of them.”

Wang Family patriarch smiled on the face of the impossible to bear, and said: “I know, of course I know, but people will only see you kneeling now. Who knows why you are kneeling?”

He beckons with the hand, and a Titled next to him walked out with an instrument in his hand. The picture inside was Tang Linzhan who was kneeling at the moment.

Hearing this Wang Family patriarch’s words, Tang Linzhan suddenly raised his head, his originally gloomy eyes suddenly burst into a crazy killing intent.

“Heh, there is a video of you kneeling down. When you are all dead, your Tang Family property should be accepted smoothly. After all, even you kneel down to acknowledge allegiance. Others still have a reason to resist. Huh?”

Wang Family patriarch lightly said with a smile, put away the instrument in his hand.


Tang Linzhan stood up suddenly, burst out in an imposing manner, rushed to Wang Family patriarch, trying to snatch the instrument.

But the two Tilted old men next to him suddenly shot, their speed was faster, and they waved their arms, knocking out Tang Linzhan who was rushing up.

Under the suppression of the secret weapon, Tang Linzhan was already quite difficult to move at this moment, and was easily defeated by these two Tilted old men.

“Hearing, everyone in the Tang Family, extinguish!”

“These reinforcements for Tang Family are the same!”

Wang Family patriarch issued an order, said with a sneer.

The Situ Family chief next to him is also smiling, and he thinks that he can get someone else’s life by kneeling? It’s really naive. The kneeling of dying people is meaningless to them. They don’t need to rely on this to satisfy themselves. All they want is the foundation of the Tang Family. Other vanities are all clouds.


The two Titled who were reinforcements of the Tang Family quickly caught Tang Linzhan.

Tang Linzhan gasped, but his face was red, his eyes were frenzied.

“This is the Young Master of Tang Family, father, can you give me a few days to play?”

Among the crowd, a young man stepped out, beside him stood a hideous silhouette with four five meters high. This is a Demon attribute beast pet, unable to see the limbs, and a waterfall-like black hair covering the whole body, at this moment only The long and sharp mouth appeared, and it seemed to be full of desire to eat.

Tang Ruyu complexion changed, a little angry.

He knows that this person is the Young Master of Situ Family.

The latter is only the 7th grade cultivation base, not her opponent at all, but at this moment her body is suppressed by that strange force, it is difficult to even stand, and can only be slaughtered.

“Don’t be troublesome, just kill.” Situ Family chief slightly frowned said.

He wants to give his son, but there is Wang Family beside him.

The youth has some regrets hearing this, so I had to say: “It’s a pity, but destroying beauties is my favorite thing.”

I didn’t see him posing, the demon beside him grinned suddenly, like a cloud of dark mist, rushing towards Tang Ruyu.

Tang Ruyu’s face was full of anger, and he hurriedly backed away, but his body was like stepping on a swamp, moving extremely hard, and the demon pet was so fast that he rushed to the front in a blink of an eye.

“I can’t die!!”

Tang Ruyu has despair in his eyes, and his heart is full of unwillingness and anger.

She will also lead the Tang Family and become the first family in Asia.

She wants to hit Legendary’s realm!

She also wants to visit the world outside of Earth.

She still wants to…

Too much.

She still has too many wishes, not fulfilled.

Will fall down here?

You are about to die in the hands of this trash?


The open mouth of the devil pet suddenly swallowed, engulfing Tang Ruyu’s sight, turning it into pitch black.

But next moment, a ray of light broke in the dark world, followed by a gush of blood.

The devil pet in front of her suddenly split.

divided into two from the middle!

On his fallen body, zi zi black smoke appeared, like it was burning. The demon screamed harshly, and then, his body was burned into nothingness.

This scene shocked everyone in the audience.

“If you want to punish Tang Family, how can you lose me?”

A very cold voice sounded from above everyone’s heads.

Everyone was horrified and looked up.

I saw a bird and beast trembling in the sky high in the sky, and on its back stood a very slender silhouette.

Everyone couldn’t see its appearance, but the strange thing was that they could clearly see the cold eyes looking down.

The cold glow in those eyes, like the ice in the extreme north, makes people feel cold.


The birds and beasts disappeared suddenly, being swallowed by a whirlpool.

As the birds and beasts disappeared, in midair there was only the slender side and a bone skeleton sitting in midair beside it.

“Yes, is it her?”

Some Tang Family Titled tried their best to look at it, and soon, they saw the appearance of this person, each and everyone was shocked.

It was her? !

Tang Linzhan was also stunned, with a look of shock in his eyes.


Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch can see this person clearly, browse frowned, and they recognize at a glance, this is the Young Master before Tang Family.

The other party is the Tang Family Young Master, and they naturally know each other’s appearance.

It’s just that, isn’t it rumored that this Young Master was kidnapped by a terrifying guy? Tang Family sent heavy soldiers to ask for it, but they couldn’t get it back. How could he be here now?

“It’s her…”

Tang Ruyu looked up, and when she saw the other person’s appearance, she was completely stunned.

Is that…useless elder sister?

She is not…


Tang Ruyan’s silhouette landed slowly, and then under everyone’s attention, it slowly landed on the open space surrounded by Situ Family and Wang Family.

She had a pair of cold eyes, glanced at Situ Family and Wang Family, and then looked towards Tang Linzhan and the Tang Family people, her eyes also glanced at Tang Ruyu, who was just rescued by her, this innate talent was extraordinary. Higher than her younger sister.

“who you are?”

In the crowd, a Titled shouted sharply.

“She is the Tang Family Young Master.” Titled was replied for that person.

Tang Ruyan looked at the blood on the ground, his eyes ignited uncontrollably.

She thought that she would no longer be angry and sad about Tang Family, but she did not expect that when she saw it with her own eyes, when she saw the faces she was familiar with when she was a child, she looked desperate and weak at this moment. Her heart will feel pity.

Looking at the many Titans in front of her, she suddenly realized that she had no sense of fear in her heart.

Instead, there is a kind of contempt.

Yes, it’s contempt. She doesn’t know where this feeling comes from, just feels that these people, these Tilted, seem to be… nothing at worst.

“I am not Tang Family Young Master, I am just surnamed Tang.”

Tang Ruyan spoke slowly, word by word, indifferently: “You want to kill Tang Family, how can you miss me?”

As soon as this statement came out, many Tang Family Titled faces changed and were extremely complicated.

surnamed Tang?

But no one in Tang Family thinks you are surnamed Tang anymore!

Tang Linzhan also had an ugly face, with a trace of guilt deep in his eyes.

Tang Ruyu in the distance was startled, she came back to his senses, unable to bear angrily and said: “Why are you back, you are alone, what’s the use? Tang Family doesn’t need you, Tang Family’s grave , There is no place to bury you!”

Tang Ruyan turned his head and glanced at her, indifferently said: “If I die, I won’t be buried in Tang Family, I won’t dirty the place of Tang Family, you can rest assured.”


Tang Ruyu stunned, she grabbed her slender fingers, tears welled up in her eyes, “You shouldn’t be back, really shouldn’t.”

On the death of the Demon attribute beast pet just now, she saw that Tang Ruyan had acted.

She still remembers that she trained with this elder sister since she was a child, and she eagerly followed the other side.

It’s just that time has passed.

She is no longer the one she was when she was a child.

The elder sister, whom she once admired, has become her mask.

And she became the real Young Master.

The performance of this elder sister has increasingly dissatisfied the elders and father in the family.

Including the Tang Family’s heavy losses before.

According to the father’s words, to shame Tang Family’s loss is waste and shame.


Why are you coming back?

There is no place for you anymore!

You are surnamed Tang, but you are not Tang Family anymore!

“hmph, I really missed you. Since you took the initiative to find you to die, you will be fulfilled.” A Tilted old man behind the Situ Family said with a sneer.

“Trifling came here alone. I heard it was the mask of the Tang Family. It seems that it is indeed a brainless mask.”

“I am coming!”

A Titled was too lazy to be verbose and took a step directly.

Situ Family didn’t stop it, just browse frowned. As Tang Ruyu’s Young Master’s identity was revealed, this Tang Ruyan’s identity was naturally exposed. It was a Tang Family mask. It’s just that this mask is really so stupid. Well, a person went to the meeting alone and came to die?

He distracted his attention, trying to see if there was an ambush.

Beside him, Wang Family patriarch does the same, paying attention to his surroundings.

The Tang Ruyan in front of him, he didn’t care at all, but cared about the danger hidden in the dark.

He didn’t believe that the latter would be so stupid, otherwise the two of them would be fooled by this stupid mask.

Moreover, there is another doubt in his heart.

He had heard about this mask before, and heard that it was captured by a Legendary boss. He also inquired about this news from the Starry Sky organization.

But in front of him, this man is back. It is always impossible to escape from Legendary, right?

If it didn’t escape, it was the Legendary who let it go.

Or, that Legendary came with her!

After all, this person was arrested by Legendary. No one knows. Why did Legendary arrest her because he was lusting for beauty, or for other reasons?

“Be careful.” Wang Family patriarch whispered.

This is for the Situ Family.

Situ Family saw Wang Family patriarch’s solemn gaze, and suddenly heart shivered with cold, and immediately thought of some other information in his mind, and his body became tense.

If there is a Legendary watching in the dark, will Tang Ruyan in front of him make a shot, will that anger the Legendary?

While they were worried, the Old Man who opened his mouth had already stepped out and killed Tang Ruyan.

“Be careful!”

Tang Ruyu changed color and hurriedly called.

Other Tang Family Titled are also discolored. This is a Tilted shot, and they recognize that the other party is an elder from the Situ Family. They have been dealing with Great Family for many years, and they face the Tilted rank in each other’s family. We all know each other.

Although the elder of the Situ Family is not Peak, it is also a Tilted high grade battle strength. It is very easy to deal with Tang Ruyan like this.

Not to mention that now, under the bizarre hidden treasure, their Tang Family are all tied down, within the body star force like being imprisoned, it is difficult to exert much power.

Tang Ruyan turned his head and looked towards the Tilted old man who flew over.

Seeing that the other party was so gross that there was no summon battle companion, but directly swung the sword to kill, a flash of sarcasm flashed in her eyes.

weak spot! weak spot! weak spot!

All are weak spots!

She can see more than a dozen deadly weak spots with just a casual glance.

Want to kill her?


She stood still, at the moment when the Tilted old man was approaching fast, at the moment the sword slashed at her neck…time seemed to be slow in an instant.

Then she stabbed with a sword.

The black Demon Sword swept across, and in an instant, she returned to her original sword-holding position.


The Titaned old man in front of her suddenly burst into pieces and turned into seven or eight segments. His head, body, and limbs were all severed, and he couldn’t die again!

At first glance, Tang Ruyan seems to be standing there and never moved.

Blood spattered, pouring from the severed limbs.

Tang Ruyan’s body was stained a little, and Little Skeleton beside her was also stained a lot.

This unexpected scene stunned everyone.

Tang Ruyu, who had hurriedly shouted before, was stunned, and then stared in shock, looking at the familiar but unfamiliar silhouette in disbelief.

Is that really Tang Ruyan?

Her waste elder sister?

In the rear, many Tang Family Titled and those Titans who are supporting Tang Family are also dumbfounded and shocked.

They didn’t see the reason, then the Tilted old man died!

What kind of weird attack is this? !

Only a few of them, Titled Limit, saw Tang Ruyan’s shot clearly, but the speed was too fast, making them feel terrified and incredible.

This is the speed that Tilted Limit can achieve!

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