Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 557


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The tragic death of the Tilted old man caused Situ and Wang Family to be shocked.

Instant kill?

This is the powerhouse of Titaned high grade!

Although no summon has a battle companion, do you need a battle companion if you want to kill one of your juniors?

“Be careful, her breath… is Tilted rank!”

A Wang Family clan elder suddenly speaks, his eyes are shocked, and he has several points of dignity and fear.

As soon as this was said, the audience was silent.

The Tang Ruyan in front of me, is it Tilted rank? !

When Tang Ruyu heard this, his face was shocked, and he looked at that figure in disbelief.

She is Titaned?

How is it possible!

Her own cultivation speed has always surpassed this useless elder sister. Because of this, she became the true Young Master secretly cultivated in the family!

But so far, she has only cultivation to Rank-8 Grand master.

Such an innate talent has been regarded as a rare encounter for the Tang Family in a century.

And she in front of her… Tang Ruyu remembered that she was only 7th grade, why did she jump to the Titled rank all at once? !

The other Tang Family elders are also shocked, looking at each other in blank dismay.

The person who was expelled by them by default, not only came back at such a critical moment, coexisting and dying with the Tang Family, but also a Tilted rank?

They know Tang Ruyan well, the 23-year-old Titled rank, if it is to be spread, it will be enough to leave its own name in the history of the entire Asian continent!

This is definitely a genius that is rare in a century!

Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch both have a gloomy face, and they also sensed Tang Ruyan’s breath. It is indeed a Tilted rank and a Tilted middle grade!

Such a cultivation base is a bit bizarre.

They suddenly thought of another possibility. Perhaps the Tang Family Young Master who is known as the mask in front of them is the real Tang Family Young Master, and the covered Tang Family Young Master is actually a mask. This is a trick. In the count!

If you use this as a speculation, then the Tang Family Young Master in front of you and the previous rumors are probably fake, or the Tang Family deliberately released it!

The legendary boss who hijacked Tang Ruyan, the so-called hijacking, most of the Tang Family entrusted this person secretly, the purpose is to send his Young Master to the other side, to the other side to teach!

The more they think about it, the more likely it is.

With the Tang Family’s background and financial resources, if you really want to be cruel, you can still hire a Legendary to nurture their offspring.

It’s just that, as a result of the cultivation right now, the Legendary obviously spent a lot of hard work, and he really cultivated it with heart, rather than casually dismissing it.

After all, Tang Ruyan’s previous information was only 7th grade, and now it suddenly rises to the Tilted rank in just a few days. This is too sudden.

“I don’t know, whether that Legendary came or not.”

Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch looked at each other, and they could see the scruples in each other’s eyes. If they didn’t come, they didn’t believe it, otherwise Tang Ruyan jumped out in front of him, wouldn’t it be courting death?

Tang Family managed to hide her identity and became a leak in their intelligence network. However, she appeared alone at this moment to accompany Tang Family to her death. This is not about feelings, but disregarding the overall situation.

Tang Family will not let such a mindless person be a Young Master.

Wang Family patriarch gave Situ Family a look. Only the head of Situ Family could understand the meaning of this look. His eyes were slightly dim, slightly nodded, and then quietly put his hand behind his back, and an emergency communication quietly Send out silently…

When the hand behind the back was put down, Situ Family was a little relieved, darkly relaxed, and then looked at Tang Ruyan coldly, and said: “Since you took the initiative to send it up, let’s stay together today!”


He issued a killing order, and several Tilted ranks stepped out immediately beside him.

These Tilted ranks are full of breath, deep and unmeasurable like mountains, and they are all Tilted high grades.

Tang Ruyan’s performance just now was so amazing that many Titans were shocked, unable to see her shot clearly.

But… no matter how strong you are, you are only a Tilted rank!

And they have 40-50 Titled here, not to mention that Tang Ruyan is just a mid-tier Tilted. Even the well-known Tilted Limit like Blade Venerable can’t say that it can get out of 40-50 Tilted attacks. Out!

Several strong auras burst out. The four Tilted old men who stepped out all had cold eyes. They didn’t care about it this time, and directly summoned out the battle companion.

Bang bang several times, accompanied by a ferocious roar, the battle companion landed, trampling the ground deeply.

Seeing that the four famous clan elders from Situ Family joined forces to attack Tang Ruyan, everyone on Tang Family’s face changed, and they reacted, each and everyone both shocked and angry.

Although Tang Ruyan killed a Tilted high grade just now, there is something like a sneak attack in it. Now that they know Tang Ruyan’s cultivation base, they seem to have seen the fire of hope.

As long as Tang Ruyan can escape, and then join the five generations of Tang Family hidden outside, Tang Family will not be extinct, and there is hope of rising in the future!

“You old bastard, together to bully a little girl, what kind of ability!”

“Four hits one, I yuck, to have no shame!”

“The elders of Situ Family, are they so shameless?”

Some Tang Family Titled are so anxious that they can’t move their bodies and can only be anxious.

The four Situ Family who took the shot have a gloomy face and anger in their eyes, but they didn’t respond back, so they became a verbal confession, just secretly in the heart. After Tang Ruyan is resolved, they want Let these angry people, unable to ask for death, die miserably and painfully!


One of the Situ Family seniors shouted.

bang! bang!

The battle companion in front of the four immediately exerted force, the ground collapsed and rushed out.


At first, it was a Dragon Beast, sending out a loud roar, shocking the audience.

The energy blessed by the other two Rank-9 element pets on his body makes his body extremely light and fast. At the same time, he is wrapped in fire armor, imposing manner is ferocious, reaching the limit of Rank-9.

With a bang, Dragon Beast opened his mouth, and a molten column erupted in an instant. The high temperature of the molten column caused the audience to be in the fire sea, and the scenic trees thousands of meters away instantly ignited spontaneously.

The Battle pet masters present all release energy to resist this high temperature. If it is an ordinary person here, it will be directly scalded to death by the boiling high temperature.


When Tang Linzhan saw this scene, his face changed color, struggling to stand up.

The Tang Ruyan at this moment is the hope of the Tang Family. He doesn’t want to see her fall here.

Moreover, the other party can come back at such a difficult time, and the Tang Family has already abandoned him and returned to help as an abandoned child. This kindness makes him somewhat ashamed.

The molten column swept, next moment, the molten column suddenly divided into two, rushing to the left and right in front of Tang Ruyan.

The split melt stream will bring the Tang Family elite children gathered next to it into two burning underworlds. These Tang Family high rank battle pet masters swept by the melt stream, without exception, are all killed, and even the corpses are dead. Did not stay.


Seeing Tang Ruyan hardly catching the blow, all the Titans present are startled. This is the signature skill of the Flame Star Dragon. With the blessing of the powerful Rank-9 pet energy, the formidable power is exerted to the extreme. Tang Ruyan Can actually block it?

Soon, everyone saw that it was not Tang Ruyan who blocked this skill, but her…the snow-white skeleton next to her!

The unremarkable skeleton, at some point, stood in front of Tang Ruyan.

The shocking thing is that this snow-white skeleton did nothing, just stood there quietly, this molten pillar was actually broken apart, divided into two!

What a scary skeleton is this!

Not only Tang Family, Situ and Wang Family are also stupefied and speechless.

Tang Ruyan didn’t expect that Su Ping would take his Little Skeleton so quickly. She was ready to resist. There was a feeling in her heart that this skill could not help her, and she had already seen it The weakness in this skill.

However, since Little Skeleton is one step ahead of her, she also saves effort.


Tang Ruyan’s eyes were cold, and a cold breath filled her within the body, making her thoughts extremely calm and clear, her body flashed suddenly, and she was killed by the current.

The black magic sword in her hand turned into a black thread, like a thread harvested by Death God!


The silhouette disappears, and the black light is like an arc.

The molten pillar was cut off in an instant, and a dark sword energy burst out, fiercely hitting the Dragon Beast’s chest.

In an instant, the fire armor collapsed and blood bloomed. The Dragon Beast sent out a painful roar, and his body retreated a few steps. On its chest, a terrible bone wound appeared in the bloody forest.

The silhouette of Tang Ruyan appeared, with his feet standing on top of this Dragon Beast’s painful roar.

“So fast!”

“How is it possible…”

“This, is this the Shadow Walk?”

Situ Family and Wang Family are both scared. What speed and power is this?

Everyone in the Tang Family on the other side was also shocked. They recognized that Tang Ruyan had just performed it, which seemed to be one of Tang Family’s three great stunts, Shadow Walk!

But the difference is that although there are traces of the Shadow Walk, they can go much faster than their Shadow Walk.

“Treading the Shadows!”

Tang Linzhan opened his eyes wide, his eyes full of incredible.

He recognized at a glance, this is the highest realm of the Shadow Walk, which can be as fast as the shadow! This shadow is just a metaphor. The appearance of the shadow is the irradiation of light, which actually refers to the speed comparable to the irradiation of rays of light!

Of course, it is an exaggeration to say that it is comparable to the speed of light, but from this exaggerated metaphor, we can also see how terrifying cultivation to the extreme can be!

He realized that he learned after reaching the Tilted Limit. It was ten years ago, and at that time he was already quite young, over thirty.

But in front of me…

Tang Ruyan, who was only 23 years old, actually cultivated this secret skill to the top?

When Tang Linzhan’s face was shocked, Tang Ruyan had a little bit of his feet and had already shot straight out.

Her target is not the Dragon Beast at her feet, but the four Situ Family’s Titled.

“Blood, kill!”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes gradually showed strong killing intent, and she didn’t even feel it. How amazing is the imposing manner she exudes at this moment, the monstrous murderous aura erupted from her, like stepping out of a magic sea Demoness!

She stepped out of the air step by step, as fast as a shadow. When she was 100 meters from the four Titaned, she suddenly raised her sword, and her killing intent was condensed on the magic sword in her hand.

blood refinement Ten Thousand Demon Sword!


With one sword, the rays of light between Heaven and Earth seem to be extinguished!

It seems that the demons are crying, and everyone can see the color of scarlet blood in their eyes.

The bloody color erupts from the sword. It is extremely dazzling, like countless tons of fresh blood refinement. The pungent blood energy makes some Tilted who have been battle-tested have a feeling of vomiting. .

“How is it possible!”

A Tilted old man was shocked. He roared and burst out energy all over his body, and displayed Situ Family’s Secret skill, an unparalleled fighting fist!

He moved towards the blood red sword in his vision, roaring and swinging out his fist.

The sword glow flicked, puff puff puff puff four times, the four Situ Family Titled elders all stopped the offensive, their bodies froze in place, and then in a short silence of less than two seconds, the four people’s bodies instantly Burst open.

As if a bomb was buried within the body and detonated, the body was torn apart, and there were only residual limbs.

Everyone is horrified, speechless.

Slaying four Titaned high grades with one sword? !

The patriarch of Situ Family also looked shocked and couldn’t believe it was true.

The Wang Family patriarch next to him also shrank his eyes, shocked in his heart.

Too strong!

This kind of power is definitely Tilted Limit!

This is just a junior in the Tang Family, how could it have such power? !

Even Tang Linzhan may not be able to do this step!

“Wait, isn’t there a secret weapon suppressed? Is it invalid?”

Someone reacted and couldn’t help shouting.

Hearing this, everyone else also reacted, all in shock.

When they saw that other Tang Family elders, including Tang Linzhan and the others, were barely standing, they believed that the secret weapon did not expire.

Could it be said that the woman in front of her still exploded with such terrifying power under the suppression of the secret weapon? !

Thinking of this, many people are sucked in a cold breath. If this is the case, then my wife would be too terrifying!

Wang Family patriarch took the lead in came back to his senses, his face was so gloomy, he said: “Who is your Excellency?”

He didn’t believe it, and being able to exert this kind of power under the suppression of secret weapons, it is no longer Tilted Limit, but Legendary!

If it is really Legendary, why should Tang Ruyan talk nonsense to them, and directly show the power of Legendary, they can only surrender or run for their lives!

But Tang Ruyan didn’t do this, and he didn’t think it was necessary for a Legendary to pretend in front of them.

This can only show that the Tang Ruyan in front of him is a counterfeit. If this is the case, it can be explained more clearly, why this Tang Family Young Master has such an amazing battle strength.

“Who am I, don’t you still know?” Tang Ruyan said indifferently, within both eyes with murderous intention.

She stepped on the broken corpses and blood stains of the four Situ Family Titled, and walked towards Situ Family and Wang Family step by step, surrounded by murderous aura on the sword in her hand.

“hmph, whoever you are, you will die today!”

The old Wang Family clan showed a killing intent in his eyes, and roared: “All shots, kill!”

The Titled around were all taken aback. They all shot, against one person?


Situ Family Chief also said angrily.

The four elders were killed, all belonging to their Situ Family, which made him extremely angry.

Hearing the two patriarch’s orders, the others did not dare to have any opinions, and the battle strength demonstrated by Tang Ruyan also made them quite jealous. If they were to fight alone, except for a few of them, most of them, Titan Limit Everyone knows that they are not the opponent of this woman. At this moment, it is safer to attack together, so that no more casualties will occur.

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