Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 558


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Situ and many of the Wang Family’s Titans all broke out, divided into two forces, and killed Tang Ruyan.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the Tang Family changed in shock. The strength that Tang Ruyan just showed was beyond their imagination, but it was a 40-50 Titled co-attack, and even the Titaned Limit had to fall down!

“Everyone, read the love points in the past, I hope you can help… She got out of here, Tang is grateful in this life!”

Tang Linzhan turned around abruptly, and said to the seven or eight people next to him who were reinforcements of the Tang Family.

The seven or eight people whose surname is Titled are not restrained and suppressed by that strange force, and move freely. At this moment, he can only plead for their help.

The Tang Ruyan in front of him shows incredible strength and innate talent at this moment. It is their Tang Family’s hope in the future. As long as Tang Ruyan can leave this place and cultivation several decades, why not have any hope of becoming a Legendary?

Even if you fail to become Legendary, if you wait to become Tilted Limit, it will be a first-class powerhouse in Tilted Limit, and there will be no time for revenge!

“Patriarch, why did you say that, as long as you give me an order, I will definitely put my heart and soul!”

A foreigner named Titled quickly said.

“That’s right.”

“One sentence, patriarch, as you ordered, my life is yours!”

Several other Titled also opened the mouth and said, their eyes were determined and determined.

Help Tang Ruyan escape from the siege of Situ and Wang Family. They can only use their lives to win the front line, but… Tang Linzhan spoke, and they sacrificed their lives to accompany you!

As long as you say a word, you can fight until the blood burns out!

This is kindness, this is kindness!

Hearing the words of these foreign surnamed Titled, seeing their resolute gaze, full of strategy and plot against Tang Linzhan, in this brief moment, their eyes turned red.

He can make these already famous Titled have such kindness and repayment to him, including planning and plot against, and some of them are truly giving.

But what I get now is the decisive and unrepentant contribution of each and everyone.

The emotion in his chest is violent, but he can’t say anything.

At the front, Tang Ruyan, with black hair fluttering in his hands with a magic sword, looked forward with her cold eyes, but her eyes seemed not at all to see the surrounding Situ and Wang Family Titled, but instead Tang Linzhan’s pleading for the foreign surname Titled made her bit her lip slightly.

[I hope you can help…she get out of here…]

There was a bit of sadness in her eyes, but she was more stubborn, stubborn to keep herself from showing sadness.

Up to this moment, the other party still didn’t call her “my daughter” or “we Tang Family junior”, but just “her”.

Is she no name?

Does she have no identity?

My name is from you father!

Could it be that even if I give up everything and come back to die, I won’t get father’s approval?

Sorrow is like burning with flames!

Tang Ruyan felt the pain in her chest distorted, like a clenched flaming fist, kneading her heart to the point of breaking, but she clenched her teeth tightly to prevent herself from speaking.

Through childhood, the father warned her that as a Tang Family Young Master, there must be no weakness.

So she cut off her weakness.

Even at this moment, she will still follow this instruction carefully and cut the weakness again.


Kill! !

Tang Ruyan’s eyes became red, as if something was venting from the bottom of his heart, endless killing intents surged out, the magic sword in her hand buzzed slightly, as if he felt the master’s state of mind, the magic sword Dark demonic energy also rippled out, seeming to be grieving for its owner. This demonic energy gently wrapped Tang Ruyan’s wrist around her arm, as if to give her some temperature.

The squally wind around him quietly stopped when it reached Tang Ruyan’s side.

A terrifying killing intent that is so strong that everyone feels biting and horrified, burst out from this slender silhouette.

On top of Tang Ruyan’s head, the black hair is soaring from the roots, and his body is gradually getting bigger.

Everyone is horrified. What a strong killing intent is this. What has this woman experienced? !

Everyone in the Tang Family was also shocked, and couldn’t believe that this was the Tang Ruyan they had nurtured since childhood.


Standing at the back, on the edge, Tang Ruyu, who was not paying attention at the moment, looked at the surging silhouette of the killing intent blankly, a little confused.

She can be sure that it is Tang Ruyan.

She recognizes Turning into Ash, even if she can admit the mistake of father, she will never mistake her.


At this moment, she makes Tang Ruyu feel strange.

Although she can be 100% sure that it is Tang Ruyan, she can’t find any familiar feelings. It is extremely strange. She has never had this feeling.


The violent killing intent in his head seems to have found a gap and suddenly vents.

Tang Ruyan suddenly raised her head, her face was outlined with weird dark nicks, a pair of blood pupils full of hideous killing intents, she stepped out, and her silhouette flashed out instantly.

The body of a demon!

pēng pēng pēng pēng! !

At the moment Tang Ruyan stepped out, Situ and Wang Family’s Titled were slightly lost. This shocking change made them unexpected. The woman’s sudden burst of too terrifying breath was even scarier than Titled Limit.

But at the moment they lost their minds, a terrifying scene appeared, and a series of tearing noises suddenly burst out among the many Titaned in front of Tang Ruyan.

The silhouette of Tang Ruyan did not know when it appeared among these Titled.

Don’t retreat and counterattack!

And no one saw her shot clearly, only one after another couldn’t tell whether it was Situ Family or Wang Family’s Titled, and her body burst into blood mist, which exploded directly!

All are spikes!


The other Titans around are horrified, stared wide-eyed, and their faces are full of horror.

What monster is this!

Is there such a strong Tilted rank?

Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch also changed their faces suddenly and were terrified. They were shocked by Tang Ruyan’s attack, but they reacted quickly. Wang Family patriarch hurriedly roared: “The battle is over, Dragon King Killing Formation, Suppress and kill her for me!”

Situ Family also reacted. At this moment, Tang Ruyan is like a wolf into the flock. No matter how many Tilted are around, it doesn’t make sense. Only the pieces are broken into whole pieces and united.

“Situ Family, everyone listens to the order, the formation, the Seven Star Prisoners Sky Formation!”

Many Titans came back to his senses from their horror when they heard what they said. Each and everyone reacted extremely quickly and quickly adjusted their positions.

Titled after all, with a little reminder, you can make the most correct choice right away.

But when many Titans are divided into two sides, Tang Ruyan’s silhouette is like a devil, carrying a long sword burning black Demonic flame, rushing wildly in Titaned!


One after another Titled fell down one after another, and some of them didn’t even have time to scream. The defensive hidden treasure on his body was cut off by the demon sword as soon as it was activated by the amount of defensive power.

This black magic sword is like a divine iron, no stronghold one cannot overcome, destroy everything!



The other Titleds were all scared and hurriedly summoned their battle companions.

A Rank-9 giant beast appeared, just after landing, he obeyed the command of the master, roared and rushed towards Tang Ruyan, and the one after another skill burst and released.

The ground was turbulent, cracked, and one after another giant thorn flew out of it, and lava gushed out from it.

“Kill Kill Kill!”

“Damn it all!!”

“Tang Family, I will guard!!!”

Tang Ruyan has a hideous face, her voice has become hoarse, without the previous tone, but her shots are more brutal, her black hair is also folded into one after another scimitar, as she rushes, swings Cut out.

With a bang, a Rank-9 pet beast rushed away head-on, but was cut off by Tang Ruyan’s two scimitars. The hard rock armor on the surface burst, which was enough to withstand missiles, and Most of the rock armors with medium rank Rank-9 skills are shattered like confetti at this moment, which is shocking to see.

Tang Ruyan stepped on Ying Jue Shen, exploding at a speed beyond the Tilted rank, slashing with a magic sword, but all Tilted who got close to her were killed with a single sword!

No one survived!

“Too, too strong!”

“This is impossible, this is Legendary? Impossible!!”

“It’s too late…”

Situ Family and Wang Family Titled are both panicked. In just ten seconds, Tang Ruyan has cut more than a dozen Tilted. The speed of killing is like cutting melons and vegetables. These are all Tilted ranks. , And among the dozens of Tiltled, there are still several Tilted high grade, which can be regarded as highly respected Tilted Senior.

At the moment, it is not the enemy of one!

Where did this monster come from? !

Some of the Titans who were about to form a battle were chased and killed by Tang Ruyan. The speed of Tang Ruyan’s explosion at this moment made them too late to discuss how to deal with it. Although many people, they are like a piece of scattered sand, being chased and killed!

This scene made everyone in the Tang Family who were struggling to resist the restraining force stunned.

This is a scene they can’t even imagine!

One person, chase more than fifty Tilted ranks!

And they are all Titans from Situ Family and Wang Family. These Titans are familiar people, but at this moment they are crushed. Even if some Titans display family secret skills, they can’t escape Tang Ruyan’s fate. .

Too strong!


At this moment, Tang Ruyan is like the same demon War Goddess, overwhelming the audience, no one can stop!

Those who are preparing to help Tang Ruyan get away with the surname Titled are also stunned by each and everyone, this battle scene…There is no room for them to intervene at all!

Is this really… the abandoned son of the Tang Family?

Many people are at a loss.

Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch’s eyelids throbbed and felt horrified.

The power and killing intent that Tang Ruyan burst out made them all feel terrified.

They are both Tilted Limit, but the other party can make them feel unstoppable pressure, which is a very scary thing.

The only thing that can make them feel like this is Legendary!

But Tang Ruyan in front of him is not Legendary, and his breath is still Titled rank.

“This guy is a monster!”

“How could her body become like that, is this really a human body?”

“Is she not disguised by Demon? Damn, why hasn’t that adult arrived yet?!”

Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch are both surprised and angry. They don’t dare to come forward to fight, and have a tingling scalp.

bang! bang!

One after another Titled was beheaded, the battle companion from summon pounced on Tang Ruyan, but failed to play a containment role, and was directly rushed away. No one could stop her killing!

It’s like a beast that got out of its cage and plunged into a group of sheep.

But these people around are not sheep, but a powerhouse with a Titled. They are all powerhouses with a lot of blood on their hands.

“You…damn it!”

Tang Ruyan turned his head, blood-red eyes fell on the Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch in the distance. This is the leader of Two Great Families, she must be killed!


She stepped out, her body still seemed to stand in place, but in front of Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch, Tang Ruyan’s silhouette had appeared.

The black hair on top of her head turned into a sickle, suddenly opened and turned into eight scimitars, like an open bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and swallowed towards the Situ Family.

Situ Family roared a long roar, and an energy mask burst out of his body. At the same time, he floated in front of him, and a Dragon Beast with the limit of Rank-9 crashed to the ground.

This is actually a Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon!

Dragon Beast ranked sixth in the Titled Dragon Rank!

With a bang, at this moment, the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon just hit the ground, it froze the ground and propped up a Rank-9 dragon defense skill, guarded by the Frost Dragon God!

But when the guardian skills were halfway released, the fragmented voice suddenly sounded, and the long energy cover of Situ Family turned into countless pieces, and the guardian skills that were half released were also directly cut off.

The dark breath poured in, Tang Ruyan carried the burning magic sword and descended in front of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.

Seeing Tang Ruyan’s extremely cold blood-red eyes, the dragon eyes of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon shrank slightly, involuntarily showing a bit of retreat.


Tang Ruyan’s body shook, next moment, his body passed the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.

The Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon’s slightly opened dragon mouth, before it had time to perform dragon skills, its body suddenly froze, and then a huge dragon head fell off, cut off from the neck, and the cut was extremely neat.

The sharp dragon scales did not protect them at all.

Looking at the dragon head that fell on the ground, Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch are both eyes shrank, with a sense of horror.

This is the Dragon Beast of Rank-9’s extreme bloodline!

Is the cultivation base already the limit of Rank-9, or Dragon Beast, and the battle strength is definitely Peak rank. As a result, in front of Tang Ruyan, he was killed in seconds?

What kind of sword is that that can easily cut away the dragon scales? !


Tang Ruyan’s blood red eyes, with ruthlessness and killing intent, fell on the Situ Family leader.

She shook her silhouette and swooped down towards the Situ Family.

Situ Family was terrified, and all of his strength suddenly exploded. At the same time, his palm opened and a medicine bottle appeared. At this moment, the medicine bottle was directly grabbed by him, and there were several dark red pills inside.

He was about to take it down, and suddenly, an indifferent voice appeared: “Wait, no need to panic.”

This sound has a feeling of aloof and remote. At the moment the sound appeared, Tang Ruyan swooped down like it hit an invisible wall and flew upside down, but it flew out of several dozen meters and stabilized. After closing her body, her blood-red eyes turned slightly, looking towards in midair, a silhouette suddenly appeared.

This is an azure clothed old man, dressed plainly, but the dress is simpler, with ancient jade hanging on his waist, and a cloth-wrapped sword on his back obliquely, has several points of dusty breath.

Tang Ruyan was startled slightly, and the killing intent in his eyes instantly became intense.

It’s Legendary!

When Tang Ruyan recognized each other, Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch saw this person, both were relaxed at the same time, with a bit of wry smile on their faces.

The two hurriedly bowed their hands and saluted: “I have met Mr. Xu.”

The azure clothed old man waved his hand slightly, indicating that he did not need to say more. He squinted at Tang Ruyan, his face has several points of a little surprise, and then showed a somewhat interesting expression.

“Titled rank’s cultivation base can actually burst out with such a strong force. I have only seen it in my life. No wonder I dare to come here alone.”

Tang Ruyan stared at him. For some reason, although she knew that the other party was Legendary, there was not much fluctuation or fear in her heart.

“Get out of the way.”

She said solemnly.

Beside, the other Situ Family and Wang Family Titled were shocked when they saw the azure clothed old man. A few of them showed a relaxed appearance, and most of them showed excitement after the shock.

Judging from the shots of this azure clothed old man, it is obvious that they are on the side of Situ Family and Wang Family.

With Legendary in charge, Tang Ruyan is useless no matter how strong it is.

On the other side, everyone in Tang Family was stunned when they saw the azure clothed old man. Tang Linzhan seemed to think of something, and his eyes suddenly showed unstoppable anger. He finally knew why Situ Family and Wang Family would attack him. Tang Family, mostly this Legendary pointed out from behind.

Dignified Legendary, but wanting to worry about their Tang Family, this made him angry.

It’s like children competing. What kind of hands are you as an adult?


“It is Legendary…”

Tang Family everyone was stunned, somewhat absent-minded.

Although they did not recognize who this Legendary is, Titled is still quite sensitive to the breath of Legendary. This feeling of being out of the dust is definitely not Titiled, even Titiled Limit is not like that.

Tang Ruyu was also stunned. The excitement just appeared in his heart, and it was like a basin of cold water.

Behind the attack on their Tang Family, it was Legendary!

She looked pale, with a little despair in her eyes.

“The secret in you, I am looking forward to it…”

The azure clothed old man smiled and looked at Tang Ruyan. Trifling Titled Intermediate, but he could burst out such a battle strength. Tang Ruyan’s murderous aura and power at the moment made him feel amazing and wanted to dig out of him. Secret.

But just as he was halfway through his words with a smile, suddenly, a burst of cracking sounded.

The head of the azure clothed old man suddenly burst!

Under the squeezing force, the violent force squeezed all his eyes out of his eye sockets, and his entire head burst.

A fist clenched by a small skeleton hand, shuttles through the blood of its bursting skull!

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