Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 559


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Second kill!

The world is dead!

Legendary got a headshot and never finished speaking!

The scene of the skull bursting and blood squeezing and splashing, seemed to be slowed down by time thousands of times, floating in the sight of everyone.

Everyone looked at this scene with open mouths and dull faces.

This Legendary…

It’s so dead? !


Whether it is Tang Family, Situ and Wang Family, they are all confused.

This is Legendary!

Suppression of the current world, countless Titans of prestige, which can be called legends, were killed like this!

Looking at the snow-white skeleton splashed with blood, everyone was in a daze and at a loss, wondering if they had seen an illusion.

Where did the skeleton come from?

Some people have forgotten the existence of this skeleton.

Some people still remember that this skeleton came with Tang Ruyan, but this is just a Low rank skeleton. Who cares?

Situ and Wang Family patriarch, who were just relaxed, with a smile on their faces, were also at a loss.

Even if their city is very deep and their emotions are not visible, it is difficult to conceal their heart when they see this shocking scene in front of them.


Everyone in the Tang Family is completely blank in their heads and can’t react.

The appearance of this Legendary made them feel desperate. The pillar of hope that was just supported by Tang Ruyan collapsed in their hearts, but they didn’t wait for them to cry. The next second, this Legendary died!

Battered by a punch!

This is Legendary!

It took less than half a minute to come out, and without saying a word, he was killed without warning!

It’s like sudden death!

“This skeleton…”

In the Tang Family Titled, Tang Mingqing looked at the blood-spattered skeleton, and suddenly woke up. He only felt a chill from the bottom of his heart, his pupils contracted slightly, and his mind could not help but reflect the nightmare Experience.

In front of the pet beast shop, beside the man, there is also a skeleton!

But the skeleton is gray and black.

The one in front of him was snow-white, and because of the different colors, he hadn’t been able to associate it together before.

But at this moment, the violent power, the feeling of being bathed in blood, and the size of that body shape made him immediately overlap the two in his mind!

Plus Tang Ruyan was kidnapped by that guy again.

This is clearly the skeleton species!

He lent it to Tang Ruyan?

No wonder Tang Ruyan is coming back, is it… he is coming too?

Thinking of this, Tang Mingqing in ones heart trembled, can’t help looking towards all around. In the world where the dawn light shines, it seems that there may be places where the guy hides.

He couldn’t help but a strong hope in his eyes.

Regardless of whether that guy is or not, the horrible battle strength of this skeleton species alone is enough to save their Tang Family!

The existence of this skeleton battle companion is the representative of that guy.

I don’t know why the other party is willing to help, but the only explanation is Tang Ruyan.

Thinking of this, Tang Mingqing looked towards that in midair Ling Li, demoness-like silhouette, that murderous aura… even more terrifying than Titled, what kind of cultivation can be honed?

There was a shame in his eyes, and he no longer looked towards the other party, feeling a little shameless to face.

In addition to Tang Mingqing, the other Tang Family Titled were shocked, but they also showed complex expressions. It was ecstasy and ashamed. In the end, they were reduced to the rescue by the abandoned son who was jointly agreed by everyone.



In midair, Tang Ruyan looked at Legendary who was blown to the head by a punch. She was a little stunned. Although she knew that Su Ping’s battle companion was very strong, she didn’t expect it to be so exaggerated.

Successfully kill Legendary with one punch!

And this Legendary didn’t react!

This is exactly the battle strength of the crushing grade!

This is Su Ping’s battle companion?

While shocked, the violent killing intent in her mind was a little awake. Seeing the sluggish Situ and Wang Family patriarch on the ground, the killing intent flashed in her eyes and she immediately swooped down to kill.

Little Skeleton stood quietly in midair without moving.

It remembers Su Ping’s account of it.

The one who hurt Tang Ruyan, kill without mercy!

When this Legendary appeared before, he caused damage to Tang Ruyan, so he died.


On the ground, Situ and Wang Family patriarch watched the Legendary whose corpse fell to the ground. Before turning from the brain jam, they felt a killing intent coming. Both were awakened at the same time, waiting to see Tang The silhouette of Ruyan killed them, and their hearts were chilled. Although this Tang Ruyan was not as scary as the skeleton, it was also quite scary.

“Join hands, kill!”

Wang Family patriarch gritted his teeth.

Both of them are Tittled Limit, and it is impossible to retreat and escape. This Tang Ruyan’s speed is extremely fast. When the Tang Family’s Secret skill cultivation of Shadow Steps to Peak, they may not be able to escape, they can only fight back and kill. !


Situ Family agreed in a long word, and the killing intent was also rising in the eyes.


Wang Family patriarch exploded with a vigorous aura, turned over the palm, and a divine spear that deterred countless families and forces appeared. This is the Wang Family’s blue spear!

Just as Wang Family patriarch took out the divine spear, suddenly, a violent force attacked him.

The attack came suddenly, Wang Family patriarch’s face changed in shock, and he hurriedly resisted, but under the hurried resist, he was knocked out more than ten meters, while the oncoming Tang Ruyan was covered with demonic energy and had already been attacked.

“Situ Shou!!”

Wang Family eyes wide staring angrily, so angry that his face is ferocious.

The long silhouette of Situ Family has turned around and ran away without looking back.

Join together?

cracking a joke!

He is indeed confident to join forces with Wang Family patriarch, and then unite with other Titaned powerhouses to suppress Tang Ruyan, but…the scary skeleton next to Legendary that kills Legendary, do you think it is dead?

…Well, the skeleton seems to be dead indeed.

After all, it is an undead creature.

But the skeleton is obviously with Tang Ruyan!

Although I don’t know why Tang Ruyan didn’t let such a cruel skeleton directly attack them, instead he chose to do it himself, but anyway, the existence of this skeleton cannot be ignored!

Even if you kill Tang Ruyan, you will still be over!

Besides, with this skeleton, it is the same thing whether you can kill Tang Ruyan!


Situ Family bursts out of all strength, displays life strength, and runs at full speed.

Such a cruel skeleton, unheard-of!

In his eyes, Xu Lao is already a Heavenspan-like existence, and he can kill Tilted by raising his hand, but the opponent is killed by a skeleton. This gap makes him tremble when he thinks about it.


Tang Ruyan rushed down, and saw the Situ Family leader, browse frowned, who turned and run desperately. If the other party wants to run, if she chases and kills, the other Titleds here will cause danger to everyone in the Tang Family.

But she was unwilling to watch the opponent run away.

“Little Skeleton, help me kill him!”

Tang Ruyan had to turn around and ask for help from Little Skeleton in midair.

Little Skeleton was unheard of and ignored.

It only takes care of Tang Ruyan’s safety, but will not listen to her instructions.

Seeing that Little Skeleton didn’t respond, Tang Ruyan smiled bitterly. Knowing that Little Skeleton only listens to Su Ping’s words, she regrets in her heart that she is not close to this Little Skeleton in the store, and has a good relationship.

“Well, you can run to the monk, but you can’t run to the temple!”

Tang Ruyan eyes flashed, there is already a lore plan in his heart.

She ignored the escaping Situ Family chief and directly killed Wang Family patriarch.

“Damn it!”

Wang Family patriarch was furious, but knew that it was impossible to find Situ to keep the accounts at this moment and had to deal with the immediate crisis first.

Now he is alone and has no plans to fight hard with Tang Ruyan. The terrifying battle strength Tang Ruyan smashed in Tilted completely surpassed the Tilted Limit he had seen. It is estimated that Legendary would have to kill her. Fan hands and feet.

“Cover me!”

Wang Family patriarch roared and displayed Wang Family’s stunt, divine spear!


The long spear danced, a dragon roar swept across, and one after another vortex emerged behind him. The nine-headed giant beast rushed out from the inside, exuding a wild breath.

These nine battle companions are all Rank-9, and most of them are Rank-9 high grade, three of which are Rank-9 extreme pet beasts.

As soon as he appeared, he crossed the silhouette of the Wang Family patriarch and rushed towards Tang Ruyan.

The many Situ and Wang Family Titled who were thrown away in the back have also seen the situation here, especially Wang Family Titled. When they saw Situ Family’s long sneak attack on their own patriarch, each and everyone was furious.

“Fucking Dog Situ Family!”

“Despicable, damn it!”

“Wang Family and Situ Family, absolutely irreconcilable!!”

Wang Family Titled are all furious.

Previously, they had a good relationship with Situ Family Titled, talking and laughing, and captured Tang Family together, but at this moment, they were completely violent.

Situ Family Titled’s face also changed in shock, knowing that there was no way to explain it, and in this scene, patriarch had escaped, obviously fearing the terrible bones and skeletons, and they didn’t need to stay here again.


A Situ Family Titled elder said solemnly.

His status in Situ Family is quite high. Hearing his command at this moment, Situ Family Titled immediately retreated.

“Where to go!”


Wang Family Titled was angry. Some people went to reinforce patriarch, and some directly attacked the Situ Family Titled next to him. Chaos soon appeared.

Standing in the distance, Tang Family Titled stared at this scene in a daze. Didn’t expect the situation will suddenly undergo such a reversal.

Many people looked towards the bone skeleton in midair.

The skeleton just stood there, oppressing Situ and Wang Family, already driving them into madness, and forcing them to rebel!

“My body seems to have recovered.”

“Mine seems to be too.”

Soon, Tang Family Titled felt that the oppression of my body was not as strong as before.

Some Tang Family Titled tried to move their bodies and found that they were able to move freely.

Tang Family Titled, who was barely standing before, has now resumed action.

“Cooperate with Tang Ruyan to contain those who want to run!”

Tang Linzhan also resumed his actions. He saw the situation ahead and made a decision immediately.

Those Situ and Wang Family Titled fighting each other, he did not care, let them fight each other, and those who want to run, as long as they can be restrained, and then cooperate with Tang Ruyan, they can catch everything in one net!

If all the Titans here can be solved, Situ and Wang Family will both strengthen great injury and lose most of their battle strength!

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