Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 560


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Under the order of Tang Linzhan, the Tang Family Titled who resumed operations immediately took action.

one after another Titled roars out, summon joins the battle with a battle companion.

The situation on the field soon fell into a three-way melee, and the Tang Family elite children in the periphery were also ordered to start chasing and killing those fugitive Situ and Wang Family Battle pet masters.

Above the center circle of the Titled melee, the silhouette of the Little Skeleton stood quietly, without any movement, his hollow eye sockets looked at the dawning light in the distance, seeming to be in a trance.

At its feet, the roar of the beast and the sound of fighting resounded.

bang! !

Dark red rays of light broke out, Tang Ruyan silhouette was like a demon, cut off the neck of a Rank-9 purple-feathered bird with a sword, blood spattered, she did not resist, bathed in blood, and strode out.

At the rear, the other Rank-9 battle companion spews out a hundred zhang fire sea, sweeping Tang Ruyan violently.

Tang Ruyan cut open with a sword, dividing the fire sea.


She rushed through her silhouette at extreme speed, and instantly approached the battle companion, sword light swept past and killed it.

Though these Rank-9 high grade battle companions have been boosted by Wang Family patriarch’s Battle pet master skills, and their battle strength is comparable to the Rank-9 limit, they are still too weak in front of Tang Ruyan, who has entered the state of a monster. Completely crushed!

“Damn it!”

“This guy is also Legendary, can’t you?!”

Several Wang Family Titled were frightened, including Wang Family patriarch, who were discolored, with deep horror in their eyes.

The ferocious battle strength erupted by Tang Ruyan made them feel frightened. It was too strong. It was like a vengeful War God from hell. No one could stop it!

“patriarch, you go first!”

“Let’s stop her!”

Several Wang Family Titled screamed, burst out a vigorous star force, blazing, summon all their battle companions, and landed on the surrounding open space.

Even without the horrible skeleton above their heads, the Tang Ruyan in front of them makes them feel desperate, and they have no idea of ​​trying hard.

Only run!

As long as patriarch can run away, Wang Family will not collapse so fast!

Seeing the actions of several clan elders, Wang Family patriarch gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. In the end, he turned and ran without looking back!

In order to keep them in check for longer, Wang Family patriarch did not take back his battle companion. In the nine-headed battle companion, he only called back one of the dark demonic beasts of the Rank-9 extreme bloodline.

This is the Demon attribute beast pet. It has a very high rank in Titaned. It is rumored to be the demonic beast serving under the seat of Asura. This is also the pet beast that Wang Family patriarch loves and has been with the longest. He really regarded it as ” “Partner” battle companion!


He gritted his teeth and ran forward!

He broke out with the most extreme speed of birth, and escaped here at all costs!

The moment he turned and fled, it was also announced that their Wang Family and Situ Family teamed up to besiege Tang Family, which was completely bankrupt and failed!

Not only that, they are in big trouble behind the Wang Family, and they will even be removed from Four Great Families!

This siege has affected a monster like Tang Ruyan. The momentum of the Tang Family is basically unstoppable!

They Wang Family and Situ Family will inevitably face the counterattack and anger of Tang Family. With the strength of Tang Ruyan and the bones and skeletons, it is enough to beat any race!

He must escape!

Escape is not to survive, but to prepare the Wang Family, break it into pieces, and start the family’s most urgent seed latent plan!

That’s also the Winter Plan!

The inheritance plan will only be launched at the critical moment of the collapse of the family!

“I must never die!!”

Wang Family patriarch’s eyes were red, and he gritted his teeth and ran wildly.


“Stop going!!”

A Wang Family Titled roared and saw that Tang Ruyan wanted to chase patriarch, and immediately released one after another Wang Family Secret skill, while holding a divine spear and cooperating with his battle companion to kill Tang Ruyan.

“get lost! ”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are blood-red and cold. She sees Wang Family patriarch is about to escape, and her eyes are angry. She had let the Situ Family run away before, and she was already very unwilling to let this Wang Family patriarch at this moment. Run away from under his eyelids.


Hundred zhang red light bursts out of the Demon Sword in her hand, and a Shocking Heaven Sword bursts forth and swept across.

blood refinement million Demon Sword!

bang bang bang!!

Four battle companions couldn’t evade, their bodies were swept by sword energy, and they were cut into two instantly, killing them instantly!

At the incision in his body, blood is boiling and surging constantly. From the blood there are strands of blood energy flying out, flying towards the Demon Sword in Tang Ruyan’s hand, and being absorbed into the Demon Sword in.

The Wang Family Titled that rushed up was swept by the sword energy wave and flew upside down, but was quickly caught by other people. Several people were angry and surprised. This woman was exaggerated and she was a monster!

“Quickly, complete the formation, marsh and mine the ground!”

An old Wang Family man quickly said, although Tang Ruyan’s battle strength was shocked in his eyes, he responded very quickly. They were all experienced old Titled.

The other people all reacted, staring at each other, and quickly began to line up.

The formation they formed this time was not a big formation, but it was also an extremely famous array of Wang Family. This formation most restrained the Tang Family’s shadow step god from disappearing, or in other words, they were more restrained in the existence of all skilled in speed.

hong long long ~~!

One after another Thunder and lightning burst out from all corners.

In the battle companions in the hands of several people, there is a Thunder Element battle companion, and after the previous summon came out, this Thunder Element battle companion has been quietly scattered everywhere, making the base point for the formation.

At this moment, following the thoughts of several people, these Thunder Element battle companions roared and roared, and blazing violent thunder broke out all over their body. Array secret technique, in just a few seconds, a Formation was formed, covering Tang Ruyan inside.

Tang Ruyan felt thunder and lightning appear in the air from time to time, slashing her body, but the thunder and lightning fell on her body without pain or itching. She didn’t feel much.

It’s just that when she rushed forward, she obviously felt a heavy sense of restraint, her action became slow, and as she moved, it seemed to stimulate something, the air surging close and numerous The lightning shrouded her body, and the whole person was bathed in thunder sea.

This Wang Family’s marsh and thunder-bound ground formation, Tang Ruyan has heard about it. If it is still in this formation, it will not be attacked. Once it moves, the faster the movement, the stronger the thunder and lightning will be drawn!

If Tilted rank is formed, even Tilted Limit is difficult to break through!

Not to mention, these Tang Family old men in front of me are all Tilted Limit!

“But it feels like it’s not terrifying as rumored.”

Tang Ruyan felt the thunder and lightning that kept hitting her body. It didn’t seem to hurt as much as she imagined. On the contrary, it seemed to tickle her. This is Wang Family’s daunting Secret skill Formation?

It seems to have blown too far!

There was a sneer at the corner of her mouth, and she stepped out suddenly, the demonic energy surged all over her body, the Demon Sword in her palm flipped, and a sword slashed out.


The blood red sword energy tears through the sea of ​​thunder and strikes straight out.

“Not good!”

A Wang Family Titled is horrified. Tang Ruyan, who didn’t expect to be so unscrupulous in this thunder-bound ground, dare to be so unscrupulous, and can burst out such a terrifying power!

He wants to dodge, but if he can dodge, the Formation will be broken!

Seeing the blood red sword energy swept over, his pupils were slightly enlarged, and he gritted his teeth suddenly, making a roar behind him, and a battle companion leaped on him.


The defensive skills in front of this battle companion were cut, and the chest was penetrated by sword energy, tearing a huge hole.

Behind the hole, the Wang Family old man’s sad face was exposed.

But next moment, on the other side of this hole, Tang Ruyan’s body was brutally killed!


A sword swept across, and this sword directly cut off the battle companion that was too late to fall. Its body passed by, and the sword light flew by. As soon as the expression of surprise appeared on the face of the Wang Family old man, it was completely frozen.

His head fluttered and cut off from the neck.

As the energy in his body faded and the Formation faded, Tang Ruyan’s speed significantly increased dramatically.

“All have to die!”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are cold and full of killing intent.

She is not a flower bone flower in the greenhouse. Through childhood, during her overwhelming majority time in Tang Family, she was exercising, fighting, and killing.

She is rude to those who violate Tang Family.

“We… did our best…”

A Wang Family Titled fell down with despair in his eyes.

Too strong, it’s completely crushed!

They are all Tilted Limits, but in front of Tang Ruyan, they look like Rank-8 Grand masters one realm lower than her, and there is nothing to fight back!

All this is slow to say, but in fact it was only one minute before it happened and ended. Tang Ruyan raised her head and looked at Wang Family patriarch, who had run out of sight, with an angry look in her eyes. She wanted to catch up, but she thought of something , Turned his head and looked around, and saw that the Tang Family Titled behind them had resumed their actions and were hunting down the two Titleds that had fled.


A silhouette rushed towards Tang Linzhan.

Looking at this familiar yet distant silhouette, Tang Ruyan was about to catch up with the Wang Family patriarch and stopped.

The blood-red color in her eyes faded, and the dark black magic hair that was erected and sharpened, and gradually fell, turned into a beautiful hair hanging down, the magic lines on her face faded, revealing the beautiful and alluring cheeks.

Father and daughter looked at each other, silent for a while.

Tang Linzhan opened his mouth slightly, and suddenly he didn’t know what to say when he wanted to say something.

Suddenly, he discovered that he had not seen each other in less than half a year, and he and this daughter suddenly seemed to be very far away.

They are clearly standing a step away, they can reach out with their hands, but they seem to be separated by an extremely thick wall!

father ……

Tang Ruyan looked at this tall, stalwart man in front of him.

She doesn’t know if she can satisfy him and become the “qualified product” in his mouth.

But soon, Tang Ruyan saw this man who had always been aloof and remote, the majestic man, a little shame and dodge in his eyes.

That once majesty and domineering, now is no longer seen.

She was in a daze for a while.

Is this still the father in her impression, who is so strong that she never dared to resist?

She fell silent.

“Yes, sorry…”

Tang Linzhan still spoke first, but he himself did not believe what he said. These three words would never come out of his mouth.

Tang Ruyan stared at him, and a moment later, a trace of relief suddenly appeared in her eyes, and she had several points of regret and loss.

She knows that there are some things that will never go back if they happen.

The repaired mirror can only show the beauty of incompleteness.


Tang Ruyan spoke, but his voice was indifferent: “Situ Family and Wang Family patriarch ran away. Since I came back this time, I will understand the matter thoroughly, and I will talk about it when I go to level the two clans.”

This indifferent tone made her a little surprised. She didn’t react until she finished speaking. She had never spoken in this manner in front of the father in the past, but now that she had finished speaking, she quickly controlled her expression without showing Unusual expression, had to keep the original expression.

Tang Linzhan was stunned.

Completely ended?

Stop the two races?

Suddenly there was an unspeakable feeling in his heart. I don’t know if it was shock or panic. He couldn’t help but said: “Ruyan, it’s my decision to expel you from the clan. Don’t hate Tang Family…”

Tang Ruyan interrupted him and said: “I don’t hate Tang Family, nor will I hate you. If I hate it, I won’t be here.”

Speaking of which, she glanced at the man in front of her and whispered: “It seems that you never know me.”

Tang Linzhan opened his mouth slightly, but was speechless.


Tang Ruyan’s presence here speaks for itself.

He felt ashamed a little bit deeper, and his face changed repeatedly. Soon, he thought of what Tang Ruyan had said, and immediately said: “Situ and Wang Family have hidden treasures of the town clan, and it is not easy to attack. Although they are now defeated, if we take the initiative to attack their lair, the difficulty will be more than ten times that of the present. It is better to consider this matter in the long term.”


At this moment, several other silhouettes ran in the distance.

Some Tang Family elders, in addition to a slender silhouette, Tang Ruyu.

Tang Ruyu looked at this elder sister who was indifferent and talked to the father, with complex eyes.

The battle strength that Tang Ruyan exploded earlier was far beyond the Tilted Limit. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is Legendary. It is just that it did not compete with the real Legendary. It is hard to comment, but it kills the Wang Family digital Tilted Limit so quickly. , Is enough to be famous for Yalu.

Is this the elder sister who is her mask?

She bit her lip, feeling hard to describe.

“Young Lady!”

“Young Master!”

Several Tang Family elders came behind Tang Linzhan with awe, and looked at Tang Ruyan with strong hope in their eyes. Some people even called out the name “Young Master”.

As soon as this name came out, Tang Ruyu’s face changed even more. He lowered his head and clenched his fingers.

This identity belongs to her, but from now, it is obvious that she is not half qualified to compete with Tang Ruyan for the identity of the Tang Family Young Master.

Hearing the word Young Master, Tang Ruyan’s eyes also fluctuated a bit, and the original indifferent expression became even colder.

“Although I surnamed Tang, I am not Tang Family Young Master. I was not before, and I will never be again…”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are gloomy, and he says every word.

Hearing her words, several Tang Family elders complexion slightly changed, and immediately knew that she minded the previous thing, and hadn’t let go of the grievances in her heart, no wonder.

Several clan elders did not dare to mention it again, they all laughed.

The Tang Ruyan at this moment is the hope of the Tang Family.

With the battle strength that Tang Ruyan broke out today, their Tang Family is enough to be listed as the top of the Four Great Families. Even if they beat the other Three Great Families in the future and unify the Asian land forces, it will not be a problem!

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