Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 561


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“The remaining remnants of the party should not pose a threat. I will leave it to you.”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes were indifferent, and he glanced at the remaining Situ and Wang Family Battle pet masters in the distance. Some of them were fighting each other and some were running for their lives. Obviously, they had no intention of continuing to charge Tang Family. It is only a matter of time before the Tang Family slowly crushes the end.

Tang Linzhan was slightly startled, and quickly said: “Then you…”

“I will solve Situ and Wang Family, trouble will completely vanish!”

“Go now?”

Tang Linzhan was stunned and couldn’t help saying: “It’s too anxious. Although you are very strong now, there are still a lot of battle strengths left by the two clans. You are attacking now, they must be prepared, and wait for it to calm down. , After we discuss, how about sending someone to come with you?”

“No, I’m in a hurry, I am enough.”

“In a hurry?”

Tang Linzhan was startled, “Where are you going?”

Tang Ruyan didn’t answer, he turned around.

“Young Lady, you should listen to patriarch’s words, you go by alone, it is too dangerous!”

“Yes, Young Lady, let’s discuss it again. After all, those two clans are big clans with the same name as the Tang Family, definitely not…”

Several elders are persuading.

But I didn’t finish speaking, and there was a thud on the ground.

A whirlpool appeared in front of Tang Ruyan, from which a dark and hideous giant leg was suddenly stepped out, with sharp hair like steel needles, next moment, the giant beast’s entire body crawled out of the whirlpool, a wild bloodthirsty wave The breath of, gradually emerged from his body, a pair of dark golden pupils, extremely cold, full of bloodthirsty and cruel rays of light.

Tang Linzhan and several Tang Family elders were all stunned.

The king… the beast?

The terrifying aura that transcends, without a doubt, is King beast!

Several people are stiff, feeling that this King beast is much more terrifying than the two King beasts they have seen attacking Tang Family!

The horrible murderous aura alone made them feel cold all over, as if their lives would be robbed at any time, and all of them trembled in their hearts.


In front of them, Tang Ruyan’s silhouette flashed suddenly and disappeared from the eyes of several people. Next moment, she appeared on the shoulder of this King beast.

“I’ll go back.” Tang Ruyan looked back, looking at Tang Linzhan on the ground and several Tang Family elders who had been looking up since childhood, and said indifferently.

On the edge of her eyes, she also saw Tang Ruyu standing on the edge of a few people.

I could see Little Brat who was eagerly following behind in my eyes.

I saw that when she grew up, the other person passed her indifferently.

Time goes by.

Time will always change many things, beyond recognition.

She was slightly silent, even if she had such an extraordinary power now, she couldn’t change it, letting time go back to when she was little, that Little Brat still “elder sister” and “elder sister” entangled the time behind her every day.


She said silently in her heart.

This farewell was told to the few people in front of her, or to the childhood that stayed in her mind, only Tang Ruyan knew.


Tang Ruyu looked at it blankly.

The wind raised by the giant beast moved the hair on her temples and floated in front of her eyes.

This scene is like eternity, frozen in her pupils.

In an instant, she felt as if she was back in childhood.

Go back to the appearance that always follows behind her…

The feeling was too it’s been a long time since we last met, she had forgotten it, but at this moment, she suddenly remembered it again.

It was a…very reassuring feeling.

Everything is carried by an elder sister.

The smile from when she was a child appeared in her mind, it was the gentleness of the elder sister.

Suddenly her fingers clenched, her nails sinking into her palms so much that the blood flowed out unconsciously.


Tang Ruyan withdrew her gaze, her indifference and killing intent returned to her eyes. She looked at one direction, which was the base city where Wang Family was located. She passed it to King beast at her feet, and was ready to set off.


The King beast’s limbs were suddenly bent, and the next sprint broke out and the ground collapsed. The sound of the vibration shocked many Battle pet masters in the distance.

A jump, this King beast traverses over the battlefield.

The countless Battle pet masters below were all shocked by the huge shadow above their heads.


A silhouette flickered, appearing beside Tang Ruyan, it was Little Skeleton.

Seeing that Little Skeleton can easily catch up, Tang Ruyan is not surprised, his face melted like ice-covered indifference, said with a slight smile: “Many thanks you before.”

Little Skeleton looked up at her, his hollow eye sockets looked a little dull.

Tang Ruyan touched its head and sat on the shoulders of the King beast. While it was on the way, he recovered the star force by the way.




Looking at the giant beast and Tang Ruyan going away, several Tang Family clans are always speechless.

Tang Ruyan actually hides the King beast?

It doesn’t count to have the skeleton that kills Legendary in seconds, but I still have a King beast!

If it wasn’t for the other person who grew up watching them, they couldn’t believe it, this is really Tang Ruyan!

Tang Linzhan felt that King beast’s brutal atmosphere was far away, and he was inexplicably relaxed in his heart. His face was a bit complicated, and there was a trace of depression deep in his eyes.

He has never made a wrong choice since he became a patriarch.

The booming development of Tang Family also proves this point.

But Tang Ruyan in front of him suddenly shattered his confidence.

Perhaps his biggest mistake is to underestimate his daughter.

Thinking of this, his heart moved slightly, turning his head and looking towards the side, he happened to see Tang Ruyu.

Tang Ruyu was also looking at Tang Linzhan, and when he saw him, he smiled at him, but the smile was obviously intentional.

Tang Linzhan was silent.

“patriarch, we should finish.”

An elder reminded.

Tang Lin Zhan came back to his senses, glanced at the people shining in the distant dawn, nodded.



Outside the Tang Family Garden, on the top of a tall building.

Several silhouettes stood here and took off the looking glass.

The last scene they saw was the back of the giant beast rushing towards Wang Family Base City.

Several people looked at each other, all seeing the shock in each other’s eyes.

The fierce battle of this night will actually end the earth shattering in this way!

They originally thought that the Tang Family would be destroyed here. This night of fierce battle, Tang Family’s various methods and hidden treasures were all displayed, and they were eventually suppressed.

However, the final reversal at dawn is beyond everyone’s imagination.

“Has the news been notified to the family?”


“Damn Tang Family, what monsters have been cultivated!”

“Is that really Tang Family Young Master?”

“It can’t be wrong. The Fengxue ears of my cultivation can hear some of their conversations. This person is real.”

“This Tang Family hides too deep, right? Tang Lin and the cunning dragon is despicable to his grandmother’s lap!”

“The Wang Family will probably be over, and the Situ Family will not escape. We Yu Gong Family must also quickly prepare.”

“It’s over, everything is over, I thought this battle, the biggest gain is our Gong Family, didn’t expect…”

“Let’s go, go back quickly.”

Several people were desperate and unwilling, exchanged a few words, and quickly evacuated from here.

This battle, Tang Family will surely shock the world.

Especially Tang Ruyan, whose identity is bound to be included in the ranks of the first-level list of other forces, and is regarded as a key focus object.



Wufeng Base City.

There are five giant peaks in this base city, which existed in old times and are famous in the world, hence the name.

Wang Family is in Wufeng Base City.

Wufeng base city is also an A-Rank base city, with equipment and battle strength to resist King beast.

At this moment, outside the Wufeng Base City, the hong long long voice vibrates, and Tang Ruyan’s silhouette is sitting on the shoulders of King beast, and he has already arrived outside Wufeng Base City.

I saw the city gates everywhere in Wufeng Base City were closed tightly, and artillery was erected on the walls, entering the first level of combat readiness.

“Sure enough, the news was notified in advance.”

Tang Ruyan squinted, and the Wang Family patriarch escaped. At this moment, she probably didn’t have time to return to the Wang Family. After all, she rushed directly on the King beast, which must be faster than the Wang Family patriarch’s actions.

But the other party can communicate in advance to arrange work.

“Is the Tang Family here?”

A voice boosted by star force came from the base city, and it was a Titled speaking.

Tang Ruyan stood up slowly and said: “Under Tang Ruyan, I am here only to kill the Wang Family remnants. I hope the Wufeng City Government will not interfere, otherwise you will be accidentally injured. Don’t blame me for not reminding!”

“Tang Family, the enemy is not suitable to be settled, I am not willing to be your enemy, I hope you leave soon!”

“hmph, you should tell Wang Family this, I will ask again, do you let it or not!”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are cold.

Titled on the wall didn’t speak any more, the next moment, the rumbling sound of artillery fire suddenly appeared, a laser-like beam lased in an instant, and it was aimed at Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan eyes shrank, too late to react.


The beam burst, and a silhouette appeared in front of her, it was Little Skeleton.

White smoke came out of Little Skeleton’s body, but there was no injury. The skeleton was intact. It slowly raised its head. In the hollow eye sockets, two red light slowly appeared.


The air burst sounded, and the silhouette of Little Skeleton still stayed in front of Tang Ruyan, but in the distance, the high wall suddenly collapsed. An erected cannonball was knocked out of several hundred meters like a bulldozer. A plume of smoke and dust was plowed on the ground.

The Little Skeleton in front of Tang Ruyan, the silhouette gradually faded, and it was actually an afterimage.

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