Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 562


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Boom! !

The high wall of the base issued a huge shock. In the dust and fog, the silhouette of the Little Skeleton flashed quickly, one after another blood bloomed, and the battle pet masters who tried to counterattack had no time to react, and their bodies were directly shattered.

“This, what is this?”

“Is it King beast? Hurry, hurry up!”

“Block it!”

There was chaos on the high wall.

The killing came too fast, and it was overwhelming!

Many Battle pet masters haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, and they haven’t even seen the target of the attack. If it is a King beast attack, you can see it at a glance with the physique of a King beast.

But at this moment, they only saw a burst of pale shadows. Most of the medium rank Battle pet masters could not even see the afterimages, only the destruction caused by the terrorist attack.

“This is King beast, and it’s super King beast!!!”

A Tilted Battle Pet master gathered the star force on his eyes, and barely saw the appearance of the afterimage. He was a little horrified. It was actually a low-rank skeleton species!

There is no doubt that the Skeleton Species has no such terrifying power!

This is probably some kind of special mutated skeleton species!

“Titled assemble, follow me to block it!” The Titaned Battle Pet master who had previously spoken to Tang Ruyan stepped out. This is an old man with a majestic face and white beard and hair. At this moment, he exudes a majestic star force, the cultivation base has reached the Tilted Limit impressively.

His reputation is also great, and he is an elder in the Titled circle.

When the other Titled heard what the old man said, they all woke up, reacted quickly, and gathered around the old man. Only by quickly joining forces can they hope to withstand this terrifying King beast!


“So fast…”

Outside the base, Tang Ruyan, standing on the back of the King beast, looked at the Little Skeleton rushing on the high wall, and was a little dumbfounded.

Didn’t expect this Little Skeleton person doesn’t say much, usually looks dull and cute, and a little silly, but the result is so brutal when he shoots, it is like an Asura tyrant!

“Wait for me, I will come too!”

Tang Ruyan said immediately.

Since Little Skeleton is charging in front and opening the defense, she can’t watch it either. This is a great opportunity.


With the transmission of her thoughts, the King beast at her feet burst into a ferocious roar, and the sound waves were shook and rippled.


The King beast’s limbs erupted, the ground shook, and its body rushed to the base abruptly.

On the high wall of the base, the old Titled Limit man is gathering Titled and preparing to launch a big battle.

When the Titled beside him gathered in seven or eight places, suddenly, a breeze swept over him. Behind him, a silhouette appeared quietly, and his body was spattered with mottled blood. In the gap between the skeletons, With some broken bones and broken hands and limbs, he looked terrifying.

Those Titled who gathered around the old man saw the ghost-like ghost-like skeletons behind the old man. They all had their pupils shrunk, their faces showed terrified looks, their mouths opened, and they couldn’t even speak.

That is the magic power of Monarch Overlooking The Whole World!

The surrounding temperature dropped rapidly, and a strong murderous aura appeared from behind. The old man was about to speak, but suddenly he was stunned. Then he saw the Titaned in front of him, all looking at him with extreme horror. To be precise, it was behind him.

The cold hair on his back has been instinctively erected.

There seemed to be an unimaginable vicious thing, standing behind him staring at him.

He almost held his breath.

He turned his eyes and wanted to turn his head.


His head suddenly burst.

A skeleton fist appeared on his neck, and the old man’s body collapsed. The star shield and hidden treasure on his body were just a flash of rays, and it shattered like a piece of paper. The obstacle of the second did not come.

Watching the headless corpse of the old man fall, all the surrounding Tilted trembled, and Tilted Limit was unexpectedly killed, too terrifying.

Their bodies can’t help but tremble and tremble, acting like girls who have never seen blood before, not at all like an experienced Titled powerhouse.


Without waiting for them to think and react, Little Skeleton’s body disappeared instantly, and then smashed two Tilted’s bodies in succession. In front of the third Titled, its palm stretched out and its bones were like a knife, directly piercing the third. Titled’s skull was lifted away, and the brain was ejected from the inside.

Bloody and cruel!

Some of the Titans who came from a distance saw this scene, all in horror, turning around and running hurriedly.

Boom! !

The high wall of the base shook suddenly. On another wall, a giant beast jumped up and trampled many Battle pet masters to death. The rest of the Battle pet masters also fled around in a panic. There is also the military spirit and morale to deal with, only panic is left.

dong dong dong!!

Suddenly there was the sound of the Mu drum. The sound of the drum was strange. The sound wave seemed to oscillate directly on the heart, which could affect the heart to beat.

“Kill without mercy!”

“Everyone, prepare to fight…”

On a high platform, there was a big drum, and a Titled officer stood in front of the drum. He shouted angrily. If he continues to flee like this, he will only suffer more casualties.

Before he finished speaking, a blood-red sword energy suddenly cut across the air!

This Titled eyes shrank hurriedly propped up the star shield, and at the same time three vortexes appeared around him, and three giant beasts rushed out of them, all of which were Rank-9 battle companions.

With a boom, several defensive skills appeared under the release of the battle companion, resisting the blood red sword energy.

Before the impact sound disappeared, Titled saw that behind the blood red sword energy, a slender and beautiful silhouette rushed towards with cold murderous intention.

“Block her!!”

This Titled hurriedly called.

Just because of the blood red sword energy, he knew that he was not a rival, not to mention that this person was driving a King beast, no matter what the Inverse King level, he faced it alone, impossible had a chance of winning.


Tang Ruyan is coldly snorted, stepping out.

Treading the shadows!


Her silhouette suddenly turned into several afterimages. Before Titled had time to distinguish the authenticity of these afterimages, her real body appeared behind the opponent, bypassing his battle companion defensive line.

With a puff, Demon Sword swept across, cutting his body.

At the place where it was cut off, there was blood adsorbed on the Demon Sword, peeling from it within the body.

As the Titaned fell, his three battle companions immediately stopped attacking and stayed on the spot somewhat blankly, but soon, one of the battle companions reacted more keenly and noticed the horror emanating from Tang Ruyan. With the killing aura, he immediately turned around and fled in fright, jumped directly off the base wall, and rushed into the wilderness.

The other two battle companions also reacted one after another, both of them ran into the wilderness in fright.

“I’m here to find Wang Family!”

“Block me, kill without mercy!”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are cold, holding a black Demon Sword, standing high in the sky, and speaking word by word.

Her words spread all over the battlefield. Many Titans who fled to see this scene shuddered slightly. They didn’t know what the City Lord thought. They didn’t know the information, so they dared to resist such a terrifying guy for Wang Family. Didn’t this take Wufeng base city into it? !

No one will stop Tang Ruyan anymore. The King beast at Tang Ruyan’s feet has already made many Titans shudder, let alone another more terrifying and weird skeleton.


Tang Ruyan summoned the King beast, who rushed through the crowd, and landed on top of it, and then sent a message to Little Skeleton in the distance to let it follow him.

Little Skeleton received her thoughts, raised his head and glanced at her, stopped continuing his attack on the crowd in front of him, and moved his body in front of her.

Seeing Little Skeleton taking care of himself, Tang Ruyan was a little happy, and immediately passed on to let King beast go forward and go to Wang Family.

King beast jumped into the base and ran all the way through the streets.

Soon, Tang Ruyan came to Wang Family.

The headquarters of Wang Family is built on a giant peak, which is also the first peak in the city of Wufeng Base.

“Break this mountain for me!”

Tang Ruyan took a look, his gaze scowling.

The King beast at her feet made a low growl, and energy surged out all over her body. The ground under her feet shook violently, and the buildings with a radius of 1,000 meters also trembled, and the walls of many buildings were cracked. Open to expose the steel bars inside.

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