Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 563


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hong long long ~!

The ground in front of King beast suddenly trembles and arches, and the entire street rises high. From a distance, this street and the nearby buildings are all steep slopes, turning into a slant from the ground. The projected stone pillar!


Following the roar of King beast, the stone pillar suddenly exploded. It seemed that the ground below was a bowstring, which ejected it.

The sound of the sonic boom sounded, and the stone pillar looked like a giant aircraft carrier, and fiercely slammed into the huge mountain ahead.

In the high sky in front of the mountain, a huge energy cover suddenly lit up, which is the same as the energy barrier outside the Tang Family garden, but at this moment, the energy cover just appeared and collided with the stone pillar, and the next moment suddenly shattered. The front end of the stone pillar was also shattered, and countless rubbles rolled down and hit the foot of the mountain.


The remaining stone pillar still hit the giant peak.

“Block it!”

“They are here!”

sou! sou!

One after another silhouette suddenly flies out of the mountain, all Tilted ranks, one after another whirlpool emerges beside them, and battle companions of different shapes emerge from the inside. At the same time, they exert force, one after another skill toward the stone Hit the pillar and destroy it halfway.

“Sure enough, I had already prepared. I didn’t see a few women and children inside.”

Tang Ruyan is standing on top of King beast, squinting her eyes, her dark eyes are reddening, and she enters the state of ghost pupils, her eyesight has skyrocketed, and she can see the blood silhouette in the buildings at the same time. The stronger the cultivation base , More and more bright red, and judging from the height, most of them are adults.

Don’t even think about it. Most of the Wang Family patriarch notified the family, dismissed some potential juniors and secretly sent away.

Tang Ruyan didn’t delve into it. Tang Family will take care of these.

What she has to do is to defeat the main force of Wang Family and make it difficult for Wang Family to compete with Tang Family!

Glanced at Little Skeleton next to her. Tang Ruyan’s eyes flickered slightly. Little Skeleton was assigned to her by Su Ping to take care of her safety. This allowed her to let go and attack as much as possible. If someone retaliated, it would increase. Help the speed of destruction.


She immediately jumped and killed.

While Tang Ruyan charged, one after another silhouette jumped out at the foot of the mountain. There was an ambush long ago. These silhouettes stood beside their respective battle companions. At the moment Tang Ruyan stepped into the attack range, immediately Then a thunder cell gushed from the ground and enveloped his body.

This is an ambush!


“She is careless, very good!”

Seeing Tang Ruyan trapped in a thunder prison, some Wang Family Titled are all pleasant surprises. Didn’t expect this Tang Ruyan battle strength to be so terrifying, so careless.

Sure enough, I’m still too young…


The thunder prison suddenly collapsed, as if being slapped by something!

In this huge thunder prison within the range of several hundred meters, only the broken thunder and lightning are left wandering, and Tang Ruyan’s silhouette, a skeleton bathed in blood, appeared there.

Seeing this skeleton, many Wang Family Titled are eyes shrank.

The previous attack on the outer wall of the base city, they have learned from the communication from the city government, and they know that there is an extremely terrifying skeleton battle companion.

This one in front of you?

This long-prepared thunder prison dissipated too suddenly, and everyone in the Wang Family couldn’t react to their thoughts.

At this time, the silhouette of Little Skeleton has already appeared.

Su Ping’s command to it is to attack Tang Ruyan, kill without mercy.

This Thunder Prison is a large battle array formed by many Wang Family Battle pet masters. At this moment, these people have all entered the Little Skeleton Must Kill List!

One after another, the dark aura gushes out from Little Skeleton’s skeleton and floats in the air. As it rushes out, the black aura floating on it forms a huge dark door behind it.

There is a demon face guarding the door, seeming to be staring at this meaningless in the mortal world.

The surrounding sky turned gloomy in an instant.


The door opened, and inside was a very dark whirlpool. It seemed that something began to stir in the whirlpool.

The strong dead Spiritual Qi breath rushed from inside, next moment, suddenly a hideous Demonic beast riding a giant beast rushed out. This Demonic beast is like a wolf, more than ten meters high, sitting and riding three A giant beast of more than ten meters, holding a divine spear, the barrel of the gun is dull, and there are many cracks.

But the ancient gun has a breath of time, which seems to stir space.

As the Knight undead rushed out, behind him was a group of undead creatures with hideous postures, rushing out like an army.

“Here, what is this!”

“Undead, they are all undead creatures!!!”

“Then, that is a King Beast grade undead?”

“No, those are two King beasts!!!”

Wang Family Titled was shocked to speechless by seeing this scene.

The Boss Gu gate standing between Heaven and Earth is full of gloom and evil aura. The creatures rushing out of it all bear the shadow of death.

Especially the giant horse beast headed, the cavalry and the giant beast under the crotch are all king grade creatures!

Plus the King beast at the feet of Tang Ruyan, and the skeleton, this is the four-headed King beast! !

Everyone in the Wang Family who was ready to resist desperately just now, their eyes are full of horror and despair. This bone skeleton is simply a devil!

Boom! !

The undead giant wolf rides out. It obeys the orders of Little Skeleton, respects it, and takes the might of the army into the Wang Family Battle pet master below.

In an instant, countless blood bloomed and life died!

The silhouette of Little Skeleton shuttled in Wang Family Titled, each and everyone Titled was too late to stop, and it was killed instantly.


It’s a total slaughter!

Tang Ruyan, who had just flew high above the battlefield, stared at the bloody scene of Asura Purgatory in front of him, somewhat stunned.

This…is the skill of Little Skeleton?

At this moment, Wang Family Kyoho is attacked by undead creatures constantly rushing out of the door. Most of these undead creatures are the cultivation base of Rank 8-9. Among them, the weaker ones have six 7th grade. Quite a lot, equivalent to small beasts. Seeing that the door is composed of Little Skeleton within the body energy, this is obviously Little Skeleton’s skill!

A pet, comparable to a small animal tide!

This is Su Ping’s battle companion?

Tang Ruyan was speechless in a daze.

In the current situation, it was not her turn to take action at all, and Wang Family was overwhelmed.

Kill a family with one pet!

Thinking of Su Ping, who is far beyond a thousand li, sitting in the store, Tang Ruyan has an indescribable feeling in his eyes.



When Wang Family Kyoho was slaughtered, the situation here also fell into the eyes of some all influence onlookers in the distance. Soon, the news here was passed on through the channels of various forces.

The entire Asian continent is like a Level 12 earthquake!

All the forces heard the news, and they were all shocked.

Especially some forces that hold live video recordings are shocked speechless by the scenes in the video.

They only saw Tang Ruyan standing in midair. This person who was supposed to be the protagonist did nothing at the moment. On the Wang Family giant peak, he was plundered by the undead, and countless Wang Family Battle pet masters died tragically. corpses everywhere across the field.

The most eye-catching features are undoubtedly the bone skeletons that constantly slaughter the Titans, and the giant wolf cavalry who ride King beasts.

This is the creature summoned by the skill of the bone skeleton!

The undead family has the skills of Undead Summon, but they have never heard of it. They can summon the undead of King Beast grade!

And two at a time!

This skeleton is comparable to the three King beasts!

What a terrifying battle companion this is!

“This woman, is that Tang Family Young Master?”

“Isn’t Tang Family Young Master just over 20 years old? Did I make a mistake or you made a mistake?”

“This white bone skeleton is definitely an unknown rare species. Look carefully, its body structure is completely different from those Low rank skeletons. The color and structure of the skeleton are very sophisticated!”

“Which is this kind of skeleton, it is simply a Demon Lord!”

“Remember, when you see this skeleton in the future, stay away and don’t offend.”

“This bone skeleton is also the battle companion of the Tang Family Young Master? I heard from the Starry Sky organization that there seems to be another owner…”

all influence When I get the news, my attention is all on the battle between Wang Family and Tang Family. Many forces are using their own intelligence network to inquire about Tang Ruyan’s details and these terrifying battles in the video. companion information.

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