Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 564


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Ten minutes have passed, and the battle has subsided.

There is a feeling that it has ended before it has started.

Wang Family, who has been ambushing for a long time, is ready to go shopping. At this moment, corpses everywhere across the field, blood has infested the entire mountain peak, this huge peak that has stood for thousands of years, the top of the peak was blasted and broke!

Feng Rui clan died!

The many undead creatures that fought and killed have all returned to the dead Spirit Sect.

Only Little Skeleton and Tang Ruyan, and Tang Ruyan’s King beast remained at the scene.

“You, your Tang Family…don’t die!!”

A Tilted old man with blood on his face, among the rubble of the ruined wall, looked at Tang Ruyan ferociously and bitterly.

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are indifferent and there is no fluctuation, and he raises his hand a finger pointed.


The blood energy energy shoots out, piercing the old man’s skull.

She has been able to point out the sword energy. To her, killing the same rank is already with no difficulty, let alone a severely wounded Titaned.

“The big clans fight, if you don’t bleed, you shed tears.”

“When your Wang Family wants to kill my Tang Family, you should make such preparations. This time, you are destined to cry!”

Tang Ruyan’s eyes are sharp, and the blood corpses all over this time have not made her feel soft. Through childhood, Wang Family and Situ Family, as well as the other Yu Gong Family clan, have extremely complicated conflicts and hatred with their Tang Family.

This kind of hatred is the accumulation of history.

Their ancestors, in each generation, some people died tragically at the hands of other families.

In the face of struggle, there is no innocence.

Even weak children who will learn to hold a knife in the future will be the first to face their Tang Family.


Tang Ruyan didn’t wait any longer, turned and flew back to King beast’s shoulder.

The Little Skeleton silhouette flickered, and appeared on the shoulder of the King beast, following Tang Ruyan.

This King beast was a little restless about the arrival of Little Skeleton, but did not resist. The invisible demonic energy emitted from Little Skeleton made it tremble even though it was growing in Savage Wilderness World.

With a thought, Tang Ruyan drives the King beast and rushes in the other direction.

There is the location of Situ Family.

She doesn’t want to give Situ Family a chance to breathe. In addition, she also hopes to end early so that she can go back sooner.



In the distance, some people craned their necks and saw that Tang Ruyan was driving the King beast away. They were all relaxed. They were afraid that the master of the Tang Family would be fierce and slaughter in this base city.

If this is the case, Wufeng Base City will be over, no one can stop here.

“Wang Family…no more.”

“The hidden treasure was exhausted, and it only lasted for less than ten minutes…”

“It seems that from now on, Legendary will not come out. The world in this sub-continent area will be changed to Surnamed Tang…”

The people who were watching were all embarrassed and complicated.

Wang Family, which has been operating in Wufeng Base City for hundreds of years, hid the sky with one hand, is over.

A skyscraper, built for hundreds of years, collapsed in just ten minutes, collapsed and turned into rubble!

Just like the broken giant mountain, there is basically no hope for recovery.

Tang Family will not give Wang Family a chance to recover. At most, some Wang Family children remain, struggling on whilst at death’s door in the dark, and they are slowly hunted down by Tang Family from generation to generation.

This is the big family!

Once the fight is lost, the clan will be destroyed, and generations will be sad!



When Tang Ruyan left, Wufeng Base City did not stop him anymore and let him leave.

With the destruction of Wang Family, Wufeng base city will also fall from A-Rank base city to B-Rank.

Not long after Tang Ruyan left, the news of the destruction of the Wang Family spread throughout all influences. Even the training master Holy Land like holy light base city, which has nothing to do with other family forces, heard of this terrifying news.

Some of the battle companions cultivated here by Wang Family clansman, many of them have become unowned pet beasts.

It didn’t take long for the news of the destruction of the Wang Family to come out, and then another news came that the Situ Family was also destroyed!

The interval between two messages, but only two hours!

The two Peak families in the Asian continent have both been born with Legendary forces, and they collapsed one after another!

The upper-class forces in the entire sub-continental area were alarmed, and felt that the sky was about to change. This change was so terrifying that I hadn’t heard any wind before.

Starry Sky organization.

“Wang Family and Situ Family are gone, it was Tang Family Young Master who did it.”

“One person destroys one family, this Tang Family is too cruel!”

“Are there any live videos, then Tang Family Young Master, I remember he was still very young?”

“The skeleton beast…”

In the Starry Sky Council Hall organized by Starry Sky, one after another Titled sits in it. They are all Tilted Limit cultivation bases. There are a total of nine people, each of which is the pillar of the Starry Sky organization.

Among them, Xie Qiange of Titled Soldier Artifact King was a little stunned when he saw the shooting video played above.

The skeleton killed in there… He would never read it wrong.

It belongs to that guy!

Although the skin was changed, the head did not change, nor did the fierce feeling change!

Behind this, that guy actually planned it?

Xie Qiange immediately thought that during the previous crusade against Su Ping, he met the Tang Family Young Master in his shop. At that time, he also met Tang Family who came to ask for the Young Master.

As a result, Young Master did not want to go back, and lost the strong army, and also apologized to Su Ping.

didn’t expect Su Ping was already standing behind Tang Family in an instant!

In Xie Qiange’s view, this skeleton beast is the battle of Su Ping. This Tang Family is mostly controlled by Su Ping. In this case, when Tang Family integrates the resources of Situ Family and Wang Family, there is no doubt. It must be the strongest force in the Asian continent!

Even their Starry Sky organization is hard to match!

Legendary is number one if it doesn’t come out!

Such a weapon will be controlled by Su Ping!

Thinking of this, Xie Qiange’s mood becomes more and more complicated.



Tang Family.

Tang Linzhan is commanding everyone to rectify the garden after the war.

Battle pet masters of Situ Family and Wang Family, fleeing, dying to death, now in this Tang Family garden, only their Tang Family members and some captured prisoners are left.

The once beautiful Tang Family garden is now shattered everywhere with blood everywhere.

While Tang Linzhan was rectifying, news came from Tang Family’s intelligence, which was news of the destruction of Wang Family.

After learning the news, Tang Linzhan was a little shaken, didn’t expect Tang Ruyan to arrive at the Wang Family so soon, and he also destroyed the Wang Family!

Thinking of the back of this daughter when she left, Tang Linzhan felt very complicated.

It didn’t take long for the intelligence to report again that the Situ Family also collapsed!

Although Tang Linzhan had expectations in his heart, he couldn’t help feeling excited when he heard the news.

Wang Family and Situ Family are gone, and Tang Family will be the world from now on!

Tang Linzhan immediately passed on the news. The entire Tang Family was originally drowned in the grief of casualties after the war. When they heard the news, everyone was shocked.

Some Titans who have seen Tang Ruyan were shocked, but slowly digested and accepted.

After all, the battle strength of Tang Ruyan is really too terrifying.

As Tang Family continued to reorganize the garden, near noon, the ground vibrated and the giant beast galloped, and a silhouette galloped along the broken street attacked by Situ Family and Wang Family.

On the shoulders of the giant beast, a silhouette stands, whose hair is fluttered by the wind. It is Tang Ruyan.

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