Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 565


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“It’s Young Master!”

“Young Master is back!”

When the silhouette of Tang Ruyan appeared at the end of the street, the huge vibration shocked everyone in the Tang Family who was restoring the garden. When some people squinted and recognized that the silhouette on the giant beast was Tang Ruyan, they were all Surprised.

“I am waiting to welcome Young Master!”

On the street, someone saw the giant beast on the side of the road. Although they were shocked by the king’s breath on the giant beast, they instinctively trembled, but they didn’t avoid it. Instead, they immediately fell one-knee kneels to the highest etiquette.

“I am waiting to welcome Young Master!”

“I am waiting to welcome Young Master!”

“I am waiting to welcome Young Master!!”

Along the way, under one after another silhouette one-knee kneels, they are all children of Tang Family, among them the Rank-8 Grand master of Tang Family!

The grand master-level cultivation base, lost in other base cities, can be regarded as a great character among the best, but at the moment, it is on the broken street, without the slightest hesitation saluting.

Giant beast’s footsteps gradually slowed down, walking slowly on the street.

Tang Ruyan, standing on the shoulders of the giant beast, saw the Tang Family people kneeling down along the way. They also saw some familiar faces, some were his former subordinates, and some were elite children from other branches of the family. But at this moment, they all bow their heads and offer the most respectful and pious respect!

Previously, she was an outcast who was expelled by Tang Family!

But now he is back, but he is covered in glory and is in awe of everyone!

“Tang Family ……”

Tang Ruyan looked ahead with complicated eyes.

With Tang Ruyan’s triumphant return, news quickly spread throughout the Tang Family Fort. Before Tang Ruyan came to the gate of the ruined garden, Tang Linzhan had led many clan elders and stood there waiting.

With the strength of oneself, to kill the Situ and Wang clan, there is no doubt that Tang Ruyan at this moment is the Tang Family’s most powerful house, and also the greatest support!

“Ruyan.” Tang Linzhan hurriedly stepped forward two steps, but seeing the ferocious aura emitted by the giant beast, he did not dare to walk too close, worrying that it would alarm the King beast and be attacked by it.

“I am waiting to welcome Young Master triumphantly!”

Behind Tang Linzhan, many clan elders all saluted and were in awe. Some clan elders had complicated eyes. They were the first group to stand up and propose to expel Tang Ruyan from Tang Family.

The first reason for the expulsion was because he saved Tang Ruyan and sacrificed too much. Tang Family suffered a great loss!

Secondly, because the guy who hijacked Tang Ruyan stood behind Legendary, they drove Tang Ruyan out, because they didn’t want to offend that Legendary, and have another dispute with that Legendary.

Didn’t expect, now Tang Ruyan returns at the most critical moment of Tang Family, saving Tang Family from fire and water, is the hero of Tang Family.

Behind the crowd, in a corner of the ruins, Tang Ruyu watched this scene silently, and bit his lip slightly.

She knew that with Tang Ruyan’s current power and such terrifying battle strength, she returned home to inherit the position of Young Master, and there was absolutely no objection!

Even, Tang Ruyan can get the position of patriarch if he wants!

After all, the news that one person will destroy the two clans is too horrible, this is what Chuan Genius can do!

The Tang Ruyan in front of me, although the cultivation base is not like Legendary, but the battle strength is comparable to Legendary!


On the back of the giant beast, the Tang Ruyan silhouette descended from the sky and landed in front of everyone.

“Situ and Wang Family, I’m already flat, only a few remaining parties are left to escape.”

Tang Ruyan looked at the father in front of her. The complex color in the eyes of the previous eyes was reduced at this moment, and her mood suddenly became very calm. She said indifferently: “These funeral matters will be handled by you, I will not Intervene again.”

Tang Linzhan was nodded again and again, with a smile and eagerness on his face, and said: “That is, that is, the news that you defeated Situ and Wang Family, we have received it, and those difficult old bones of the two races have been You kill, the most important battle strength is gone, and the rest are remnants of warriors, useless.”

Tang Ruyan slightly nodded, glanced around, looking at the Tang Family garden in ruins, and also has several points of small fluctuations in her eyes. This was the place where she played everywhere in her childhood.

“Here, leave it to you to fix it yourself. Now that Situ Family and Wang Family are destroyed, Yu Gong Family is afraid to be an enemy of Tang Family. From now on, Tang Family should have no opponents, unless it is Legendary.”

Tang Ruyan looked at the father with a slightly serious look in his eyes, and said, “Although Tang Family has no opponents, I hope that Tang Family will not provoked everywhere and oppressively. Otherwise, I may not be able to catch up in such a timely manner. Come back.”

“What you said is.”

Tang Lin was nodded and agreed with Tang Ruyan, but soon, he noticed the words in her words and said in a daze: “Come back? Are you leaving?”

Other clan elders also noticed that Tang Ruyan’s words were all startled, and their expressions changed.

“I am no longer a member of Tang Family, and there is no need to stay here anymore.” Tang Ruyan said indifferently.

“Young Lady, where are you, you will always be the Young Master of Tang Family!”

A clan elder stepped out and looked older. He earned and well-meant advised persuaded: “Previously, your fourth uncle and sixth uncle wanted to propose to expel you. In order to get you back, the family sacrificed enough. The two powerful armies, it was their sacrifice that made Wang Family and Situ Family miss our Tang Family.”

“In the meeting to expel you, patriarch tried his best to block it, but you also know the situation of the family, we can’t do anything.”

Tang Ruyan slightly frowned, glanced at him.

Then he looked towards the father in front of him.

Trying to stop?

Her eyes flickered slightly, and there was a sudden tingling feeling in her heart.

She didn’t believe this at all, but her deep in one’s heart had a feeling of expectation, telling her that she hoped it was true.

However, this will not be true…

“Yes, as the leader of a clan, I can only take care of the overall situation. If you are angry or care about this matter, just say, since you are back today, your current strength is far more than me. From now on, this Tang Family will treat you as the new master, and you are the new patriarch of Tang Family!”

Tang Linzhan said quickly, and he wanted to directly inherit the position of patriarch to Tang Ruyan.

When he heard Tang Linzhan’s words, everyone else glanced at him. Didn’t expect patriarch to be so decisive that even the position of patriarch was willing to give up directly.

However, this is a good thing for them, as long as Tang Ruyan can be kept.

Taking Tang Ruyan’s battle strength, if you are the master of the house, the benefits to them and the Tang Family will only be greater than Tang Linzhan!

“Young Lady, we were wrong before, and I will apologize for you.”

“Young Lady, among the people who expelled you, there is also me.”

“Me too, Young Lady, please stay!”

One after another silhouette stood up, apologized to Tang Ruyan, and one-knee kneels down.

these all are Tang Family Titled, some of them are still very high status elders in the Tang Family, such as the four uncles and six uncles mentioned earlier. These are the elders of Tang Ruyan and the powerhouse of the elder Tang Family. Tang Family has established a magnificent military exploit, but at this moment, in the presence of the crowd, he kneels down and apologizes for Tang Ruyan!

Seeing this scene, many Tang Family children in the distance were shocked. Didn’t expect Tang Ruyan’s power to be so powerful. In order to keep Tang Ruyan, these clan elders even ignored their own face.

Tang Ruyan’s face changed slightly. Obviously, he did not expect that these elders of the clan that he respected in the past would actually apologize for himself in such a grand manner.

I have to say that the resentment qi in her heart has disappeared a lot.

She was silent for a moment, then said: “Every elder, please get up.”

“Young Lady, just stay!”

“Young Lady, if you forgive us, we will get up.”

Some clan elders opened the mouth and said one after another, looking at Tang Ruyan hopefully, hoping she could stay.

Tang Ruyan looked at them, did not speak, but within the body star force shocked, vented out, and held them all up.

Some clan elders want to resist, but find that this star force is extremely powerful, unless they are struggling with all their strength, they cannot resist.

Obviously no one would resist with all his might, so they had to stand up.

“I won’t stay here.”

Tang Ruyan glanced at them, and finally his gaze fell on Tang Linzhan who was in front of him, and said: “The things here are over, I have to return to the Dragon river. My strength was given to me by the person who hijacked me. I It is the employee in his store. Without him, maybe there would be no me today. It is estimated that Tang Family…will also be destroyed today.”

Everyone was stunned.

Although she knew that Tang Ruyan was kidnapped by the person behind the Legendary, she didn’t expect to return now.

Moreover, where to work as an employee?

Is it bad to stay as the patriarch of Tang Family? !

You must know that today’s Tang Family, without Situ and Wang Family, swept Yalu and became the first family is a solid matter!

Becoming the patriarch of Tang Family means that it is the Number One Person of the Asian continent!

The power is extremely high and will be included in the list of all Middle-Upper grade forces. One sentence can determine the life and death of thousands of people!

Is this status, this status, can’t it be compared to being an employee? !

“Young Lady, you…” A clan elder still wants to persuade.

“No need to say more, my heart is determined, there is a kindness to me, I will return this kindness in my life!” Tang Ruyan said coldy.


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