Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 566


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After hearing Tang Ruyan’s words, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.


When they saw Tang Ruyan in front of them, they were a little relieved. Tang Ruyan grew up under their noses. They were quite clear about the strength and innate talent.

Furthermore, when Tang Ruyan got the identity of the mask, it was also a conclusion after professional analysis.

On the innate talent, she is indeed inferior to her younger sister, Tang Ruyu.

The original observations were made after rounds of quizzes. They were very meticulous and almost impossible to make mistakes.

And Tang Ruyan now has such a terrifying strength. Obviously, it is a chance. This is the only thing beyond the scope of innate talent and effort.

And this opportunity is mostly related to that shop, which is the kindness Tang Ruyan said.

“Ruyan, with your current strength, you can save your life even in front of Legendary, why bother to go back there to be a clerk and be angry? There is no reason to be a clerk in a powerhouse of Titan rank!” Tang Linzhan couldn’t help but say He wants to keep Tang Ruyan and work as a clerk for others as Tang Ruyan. How does this make others think of their Tang Family?

When patriarch spoke up, the other races were always worried and all joined the lobby.

“Yes, Young Lady, although there is a Legendary behind that person, your strength today is not what it used to be, plus you are young and have boundless prospects in the future, why bother to be a small shop assistant.”

“Young Lady, if you want to repay your kindness, we can use other methods. Our Tang Family is willing to give out half of the hidden treasure in the treasury, and let the other party choose.”

“No matter what conditions the other party proposes, as long as Young Lady comes back and sits in Tang Family, everything can be discussed. Young Lady, you have to think twice!”


Tang Ruyan waved his hand slightly, interrupting many clan elders.

“This has nothing to do with my current strength, even if I have become a Legendary, this is also due to that person, his transmission of the gong, that gives me the current strength, I came back this time, but also got his instruction Permit, so you can be saved this time, and the kindness in it has to be counted on him.” Tang Ruyan said.

Tang Linzhan and everyone were stunned.

The person instructed it?

They suddenly came over.

Indeed, Tang Ruyan was kidnapped by that person. Without that person’s permission, how could she come back alone.

“This…really.” Tang Linzhan’s complexion was so complicated that he had to admit this kindness. Previously, the other party asked them to lose two powerful troops to Tang Family. He has included the latter on Tang Family’s blacklist, but it is not on. The blacklist of the surface, after all, the other party has Legendary as the backrest, and if the Legendary does not fall, they will not be foolish to provoke this person.

“If you have any kindness, you have to report it. You don’t have to persuade you any more.”

Tang Ruyan said coldly, already has several points of boredom between the brows.

Feeling Tang Ruyan’s impatience, everyone did not dare to persuade him more for fear of arousing rebelliousness.

At the beginning, Tang Ruyan abandoned Tang Ruyan, regardless of life and death, Tang Ruyan was inevitably grudged, and they did not dare to force her anymore.

“Even if you want to go back, I still hope you will inherit the position of patriarch.”

After a short silence, Tang Linzhan opened the mouth and said again.

He looked directly at Tang Ruyan seriously and said: “You are the most suitable person to inherit the patriarch. At the beginning, we were nurturing you according to the Young Master’s line. You know everything about the Tang Family, just because …For some other reasons, you did not become a true Young Master, but you are definitely qualified to be a patriarch.”

The other reason he mentioned refers to Tang Ruyan’s innate talent.

Tang Ruyan knew it well and didn’t break it, but he didn’t expect that he would insist on passing the position of patriarch to himself.

“I’m not thinking about dealing with family affairs, you should keep this position.” Tang Ruyan shook his head.

At the beginning, she had a lot of expectations and respect for this position, but now this position has suddenly become very light for her. Maybe it is because of the surge in her strength that she easily beat Situ and Wang Family , This made her see the fragility of Great Family, speaking of which is Four Great Families, but in front of King beast, it is impossible to withstand a single blow!

Strength is king.


She wants to go back.

In the bottom of her heart, that place is her home, home!

There is no reason to go home.

Tang Lin’s mouth twitched slightly, didn’t expect Tang Ruyan to refuse again and again, what a supreme status this is, anyone would be jealous, she actually abandoned it like a clog.

He sighed secretly in his heart and shook his head: “If you are unwilling to handle the housework, I can handle it for you, but you will still be the patriarch. When will you think about it, figure it out, and be willing to come back, The door of Tang Family is always open, waiting for you!”

Other tribes always looked at Tang Linzhan in amazement, this is not like his style of doing things.

Tang Ruyan’s appearance is clearly determined to leave. What is the point of giving patriarch to her?

Furthermore, Tang Linzhan is still in his prime now, far from the point of rushing to pass the position.

Tang Ruyan also frowned, looking at him suspiciously.

“This is the case.” Tang Linzhan saw that Tang Ruyan did not resist, so he made a final decision.


Some clan elders spoke, hesitant to speak, and wanted to persuade.

They have no objection to let Tang Ruyan be the patriarch, but Tang Ruyan, a person who is going to the Dragon river to be the patriarch, is the central brain of the Tang Family. After that, Tang Family’s body is in the night fighting base, but the brain is beyond a On the Dragon river of thousand li, isn’t it awkward to do anything? I feel uncoordinated.

This is very wrong!

Tang Linzhan’s eyes were sharp, he glanced at the clan elder, and immediately forced his words back.

“Preparing to pass the ceremony.”

Tang Linzhan was instructed against a clan elder next to him.

This clan always manages the affairs and hesitates at the moment, but still nodded.

Tang Ruyan shook his head and said, “I don’t have time to stay. If you really want to pass it on, just pass it to Xiao Yu. Isn’t she your Young Master? From now on, I have nothing to do with Tang Family. Maybe you have encountered it. When the extermination is in trouble, I will come to help, but maybe I won’t come again, so you can do it for yourself.”

After speaking, she turned back and jumped back on the back of the giant beast, glanced at the crowd one last time, and then left.

Tang Linzhan complexion changed and hurriedly said: “Anyway, from now on, Tang Family will recognize you as the master. Even if you don’t participate in the ceremony, I will record your name in the patriarch of the genealogy, and you will keep it The blood of Tang Family, this is not clean, you will always be a member of Tang Family!”

Tang Ruyan frowned, but did not answer, and only lost one sentence: “Whatever you want.”

After speaking, the giant beast under her feet crawled around, turned and walked away slowly.

“patriarch, why do you insist on passing the position to Young Lady?”

Seeing Tang Ruyan’s silhouette walking away, everyone didn’t dare to stay and looked towards Tang Linzhan.

Tang Linzhan retracted his gaze, glanced at them, shook his head slightly, and said: “You haven’t figured out what is the concept of one person destroying two clans. She doesn’t even do anything, as long as she is the patriarch of the Tang Family. No one dared to touch Tang Family. Tang Family can be guaranteed for hundreds of years. When she becomes Legendary, it will be a thousand years!”

Legendary lifespan is immortal for a thousand years!

Unless, it was killed.

“This time the Tang Family encountered a catastrophe and was almost wiped out. It was a wrong decision I made. As a patriarch, I almost destroyed the Tang Family’s hundreds of years of foundation. I am guilty!”

Tang Linzhan looked at the direction Tang Ruyan was leaving, and said, “I can’t let her leave like this today. She wears the name of patriarch. I will manage the affairs of the clan for the time being. I will wait for a long time and wait for her to change her mind. , When the person who kidnapped her no longer needs her, she will come back after all.”

Everyone was startled, didn’t expect Tang Linzhan was going to put a long line to catch a big fish, this time it was his own daughter.

“Young Lady came back this time and became completely famous. It is estimated that in the future, the Starry Sky organization will have to give in three steps to see our Tang Family. There are also those old forces that have been born Legendary, always relying on the birth of Legendary. Just wait for the expert. From now on, in front of our Tang Family, we have to lie down obediently.” An elder smiled sternly.

The other clan elders are nodded, with a little emotion in their eyes.

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