Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 568


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Legendary is the minimum requirement for being an employee?

This… I really dare to say it!

However, thinking of the Su Ping store, it seems that there is a Legendary. They are all a little embarrassed and dare not refute it. After all, you have the final say.

“Boss Su really is the atmosphere!”

“Legendary as an employee, I guess I can only see it in Boss Su’s shop.”

Everyone laughed, half flattering and half flattering.

Although Su Ping is extremely mysterious and strong, let Legendary be an employee… They have to listen to it as a joke.

Legendary is the Supreme Existence, not to mention Legendary, even if it is Tilted rank, it is all arrogant, how can it be easily succumbed to others, let alone being a small shop assistant.

While everyone was talking and laughing, Su Ping’s eyes moved slightly, and he glanced up outside the store.

At the entrance of the store, the line grows up. After Su Ping glanced back, a silhouette dropping from the sky landed on the steps outside the store.

“Hey, that beauty, don’t jump in the queue here, something will happen.”

“Shhh! What are you yelling, you don’t even know Young Lady Tang?”

“Young Lady Tang?”

“She is a clerk in this store!”


In the team behind, someone recognized Tang Ruyan and immediately piled up smiling faces.

Tang Ruyan is here to receive customers. Many old customers who have been here know her. After all, such a beautiful clerk is difficult not to catch the eye, and many people are deeply impressed.

Hearing the discussion behind, the corner of Tang Ruyan’s mouth was slightly curved. She looked at the familiar shop in front of her, feeling inexplicably moved in her heart, and feeling “home”.

Sure enough, this is the best place for you.

With a silent sound in her heart, Tang Ruyan walked into the shop with her chest tall, and she is now not what she used to be, showing the powerhouse aura of Titaned rank all over, which attracted the attention of many people. Then, her toes tripped on the threshold .

Tang Ruyan: (._.)

People around: (⊙ˍ⊙)


“Young Lady Tang…”

“Tang Mushroom Cool…”

Some old customers along the way saw Tang Ruyan, they were nodded to say hello, quite enthusiastic, and did not treat the latter as an ordinary clerk.

cracking a joke, can work as a clerk in Su Ping’s shop, they don’t believe it without any identity background.

What’s more, Su Ping said just now that to be a clerk here, the minimum is Legendary.

They secretly sensed Tang Ruyan’s breath. It’s okay if it doesn’t sense. As soon as they sensed it, they were shocked. The few battle pet masters of the Tilted rank in it suddenly sensed that Tang Ruyan’s cultivation base is the same as them. All are Tilted rank!

And those Battle pet masters who are not Tilted ranks can feel tremendous pressure from Tang Ruyan. This is the invisible oppression caused by energy, and this kind of oppression is only felt when they are in contact with Tilted.

This girl who looks very young in front of me is actually a Tilted rank?

Several Titled in that team all had a look of shock in their eyes.

Titled rank actually came to this store as a clerk?

Although Su Ping said earlier that the minimum requirement to be a clerk here is Legendary, but they are just a joke, and a Tilted rank clerk in front of them is enough to surprise them.

“Wait, what she looks like…”

“I, am I wrong?”

Suddenly, someone noticed Tang Ruyan’s dress and appearance, which he didn’t immediately think of before, but when he looked at it more at the moment, he was a little shocked to discover that this Young Lady Tang who worked as a clerk under Su Ping, It is actually the protagonist who has just shaken the news in Asia and the Mainland!

The Young Master of Tang Family? !

Soon, someone noticed that, behind the opponent, there was a Little Skeleton who was half-human.

The white skeleton…

Some people who have watched the Situ Family and Wang Family extermination videos were all sluggish on the spot.

There is no doubt that the person in front of you is the female devil who has stepped down Two Great Families!

And the snow-white skeleton is even more dubbed the title of the Bone Demon Venerable by the outside world!

Battle companions also have titles, but very few battle companions can achieve titles. Like some legendary well-known battle companions, they have different titles and are widely spread.

The skeleton beast in front of me has already surpassed the title of ‘Bone Demon Lord’!

“I’m back.”

Tang Ruyan ignored the eyes of the people around him and went straight to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded, glanced at the Little Skeleton behind her, and beckoned to it.

Little Skeleton immediately walked out from behind Tang Ruyan and came to the counter. It stood on tiptoe, but its head still couldn’t reach the height of the counter. Suddenly, it lifted its hands with a ka-cha, and lifted the skull connected to the spine. , Put it on the counter.

This scene shocked the customers who were queuing around, their faces changed a little.

Su Ping is accustomed to it, touched its smooth little head, feeling like touching a cold pebbles, and whispered: “Go and rest.”

Little Skeleton’s head was broken, and his mouth opened slightly. Then his head grabbed his head with both hands and placed it on his neck, turned it left and right, and adjusted it.

When the head is connected, it is nodded, and then turns and walks straight to the pet beast room.

At the door of the pet beast room, Joanna’s silhouette leaned against the door and saw Little Skeleton approaching. A grave expression flashed in her eyes. Today, Little Skeleton is no longer something she can despise. She can already I felt strong pressure from Little Skeleton, and the strength of the latter completely surpassed her!

Of course, only her reincarnation is beyond.

The cultivation of her reincarnation body is the mind. If she wants to increase cultivation base, she will be able to quickly raise her body to a level similar to that of the deity by relying on the resources of the deity.

But in that case, even if the two fit together, it is difficult to step into the higher realm.

The purpose of her cultivation reincarnation is to refine the mind. When the time is right, she can help her deity surpass the realm of Order God and become the Supreme Lord of Demi-God’s Fallen grounds!

“This guy is improving faster and faster. Before he became a Legendary, he has such a strong battle companion. He is still the Starry Sky-class Skeleton King Bloodline…”

Joanna’s eyes flickered slightly, looking at Su Ping who was registering fees in the distance, and watching him see the curvature of the corner of her mouth when the account was entered, the corners of her eyes twitched slightly.

This guy, if he cultivates well, he might be able to step into Legendary long ago!

She shook her head secretly and didn’t think about it anymore, so as not to destroy her mentality.

“Boss Su, is this skeleton beast your battle companion?”

Someone watched the skeleton beast enter the pet beast room and couldn’t help but looked towards Su Ping in surprise, asking carefully.

Su Ping indifferent expression.

Some people who know about Situ and Wang Family’s reactions to Su Ping are all shocked in their hearts. Didn’t expect that this skeleton beast that was named Yang Yalu and scared all influences was Su Ping. The pet beast.

“Go to work when you come back.” Su Ping said casually.

Tang Ruyan glanced at Su Ping. Seeing that he hadn’t asked her Tang Family at all, she couldn’t help biting her lip slightly. She turned and left the counter and returned to her original position.

“Sister Ruyan.”

In the corner of the shop, Zhong Lingtong greeted him and looked at Tang Ruyan in surprise, “I thought you would never come back when you left.”

Seeing the surprise in her eyes, Tang Ruyan felt warm in her heart, and said: “I won’t go, I still owe this guy something, and I haven’t paid it off yet.”

“I owe the Master?” Zhong Lingtong was stunned, a little confused, but he did not ask much when he thought of something vaguely.

Shortly after Tang Ruyan returned to the store, the reception seats in the store were full.

Su Ping had to announce the end of business today.

When the crowd was dismissed, Su Ping began to sort out the pet beast categories.

As for those who left the Su Ping store, many people left in a hurry to inform the news of Tang Ruyan’s presence here.

Since the Dragon river withstood the Paramita attack, the Dragon river has become famous. Many Battle pet masters in other base cities have come here since they heard some news.

Many of the customers in the Su Ping store are from families or forces in other base cities.

The Tang Family Young Master, who was previously divergent, actually appeared in the base city of Dragon river. The rumors have been confirmed. Obviously, the person behind this Tang Family Young Master is Su who opened the shop here. Ping!

As the news leaked, Su Ping’s silhouette soon came into the sight of many forces.

Some forces went to Heavenly Eye Pavilion to inquire about Su Ping’s information.

But Heavenly Eye Court refused to sell Su Ping’s intelligence.

This has made many forces very confused, but some people have noticed that it is unusual.

While some forces who know Su Ping are asking for detailed information on Su Ping, Su Ping has finished counting the pet beasts, and is also about to close the door for cultivation.

But just as Su Ping was about to close the door, someone suddenly came to the door, a middle age person, who seemed to be angry.

Su Ping can tell at a glance that this is a Rank-8 Grand master.

“Sorry, business is closed today, please come back tomorrow.” Su Ping said.

This middle age person enters the store and feels a little nervous. The two Dragon Beast sculptures at the door are so realistic, they are almost like two living dragons, and the breath that emanates makes his heart tremble, like being stared by a King beast , The whole body is erected.

“Hello, I am here to find someone.”

The middle age person glanced at Su Ping and immediately said: “Do you know a gentleman named Su Ping?”

Su Ping raises his eyebrows.

“I am.”

“You are?” The middle age person startled, could not help but glanced up and down at Su Ping. When he came, his teacher told him to be more respectful to Mr. Su Ping, didn’t expect This Mr. Su Ping, whom his Teacher said, is actually such a young teenager.

“Who is looking for me?” Su Ping asked.

The middle age person came back to his senses, a little surprised, but looking at Su Ping’s appearance, it doesn’t seem like telling lies, and he faintly felt an oppression from Su Ping, which made him secretly embarrassed.

“You are Mr. Su Ping? Family teacher Han Yuxiang, let me bring you a message.” The middle age person said the word “jia teacher” with a slight respect in his eyes.

“Han Yuxiang?”

Su Ping is startled slightly, he naturally knows who this is, the 1st place school in mainland China, the deputy dean of True Martial Academy, and the person he commissioned to take care of that guy for him.

“What are you talking about?”

Su Ping frowns saying.

“My teacher said, your younger sister Su Lingyue student has disappeared in the Academy. I don’t know if you know where she is. My teacher asked me to come and look for it to see if your younger sister is back home.” said the middle age person.

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