Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 570


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True Martial Academy, located in Longyang Base City.

Long Yang and Dragon river are only one word difference, but the status gap is huge.

One is the earliest A-Rank base city in the Asian continent. It is located in the Central Zone of the Asian continent. The many orders and rules in it are models for reference learning from many other emerging base cities.

The base city of Dragon river is a medium rank base on the border of Asia.

There are not a few base cities known as “dragon” mixtures.

In the Early-Stage of the Star pet era, Dragon Beast was the overlord of Demonic beasts and was extremely fierce. Therefore, when building base cities, many base cities like to add “dragon” to their names. , Not only hopes that the base city will stand as stubbornly as Dragon Beast, but also hope to borrow some “dragon prestige” to deter the demonic beasts that come to invade.

Of course, this kind of thinking seems to be somewhat superstitious today, but it was very common in the dark environment at that time.

True Martial Academy, located in the most prosperous central area of ​​Longyang Base City.

As the No. 1 Peak cultivation Holy Land in Asia, all aspects of the configuration here are Peak, and there is also Ancient Secret Realm as a place for student cultivation, which is enviable.

The students in their respective base cities are all well-known figures in each base city, with more or less background. After all, without background, it is difficult to cultivation to catch up with those Great Family by innate talent alone. At the point of genius, compared with innate talent, resources are more valuable. Even people with inferior is innate talent can still easily dominate peers with the accumulation of rare resources.

It’s like a rich man, who can make his descendants become billionaires by throwing a little money.

And no matter how hard an ordinary person tries to fight for his life, it takes a lifetime of energy to have such a slight possibility.

But there is nothing to be jealous of. To put it bluntly, resources are accumulated, and ordinary persons have not accumulated. It is a good start to be able to change from the poor N generation to the rich generation.

The Great Family can quickly produce blood only after hundreds of years of accumulation, but it is far more difficult than the poor N generation to turn the rich generation if it wants to maintain for hundreds of years.



The all around of the True Martial Academy is surrounded by high walls and the greenery extends outside the walls. Although it is located in the prosperous area of ​​Longyang Base City, the Academy is quite empty around it.

Beyond the greenery, people smelled of smoke. There were shops everywhere, crowded with big names, and they were all famous brand shops across several base cities. Some shops often have celebrities who speak for themselves and receive Peak VIP customers.

You can meet all kinds of celebrities here, including Peak singers, rich business people, and fashion darlings, but these people are the most ordinary people here, and the real eye-catching ones are the famous Battle pets. master.

You can see Tilted rank Battle pet master walking in the sky at any time here, but no one will make a fuss about nothing, and they are used to it.

Inside the walls of the academy is a vast world. There is a huge mountain standing tall. At the foot of the huge mountain is a community of buildings, as small as ants.

At this moment, beside a waterfall on the side of this huge mountain.

Several young silhouettes have disputes.

On one of them, there is a huge battle companion standing behind it, which is the rare species in the illustrated book. The one standing in the middle is the most eye-catching, exuding a strong gloomy breath, and the body is hideous, one after another sharp blade hanging down, It is a demon favor, and it is the second bloody Demon Servant of the demon rank!

Even in places like the True Martial Academy, such a rare pet of the Peak level is quite rare.

“The surname Qin, how many times have I told you that this neighborhood is the site of Senior Brother Nan, who let you enter without authorization?” A tall young man looked at the young man standing behind the Bloody Demon Servant , Turning a blind eye to the murderous aura emitted by the beast behind him, said coldly.

“This is the Academy’s public cultivation site. When is it his site?” A black-haired teenager complexion is gloomy said, his fists clenched in his sleeves, his eyes are sharp and angry, it is Qin Family Sent to the Qin Family Young Master, Qin Shaotian of the cultivation of True Martial Academy.

Many Great Family will send their Young Master to True Martial Institute for further training.

Even in some Great Family, graduating from True Martial College is part of the path to the test as a Young Master.

If you didn’t even graduate from True Martial College with impressive grades, then naturally you don’t deserve to inherit the Position of Patriarch.

“I said yes, don’t talk back to me. Before I get angry, hurry up. I don’t have time to spend more time with you here.” The tall and straight young man had a cold face, and he didn’t speak politely at all. In front of these people, whether it is from the background or each other’s strength, he is enough to look down upon.


A tall young man beside him couldn’t help being angry.

If someone from Dragon river is here, he will recognize him as the Young Master of Ye Family, Ye Longtian.

Another handsome youth next to him grabbed him and shook his head slightly, then turned to Qin Shaotian next to him and said, “Forget about it, since this is the site of the South Senior, let’s go elsewhere. Right.”

“hmph, there is a long-eyed witty man.” The upright young man is coldly snorted.

Qin Shaotian gritted his teeth slightly, finally let go of his fist and turned away.

Seeing that he gave up, Ye Longtian had to follow him and leave without showing a ruthless face to the other party. After all, he is also the Young Master of Ye Family. Although he has a hot temper and a straightforward temperament, he also knows this meaninglessness. It’s useless to do something about it, but it will provoke them unhappiness.

“hmph, a few Young Masters in second-rate base cities, really take themselves seriously.”

“Yes, my ancestors don’t even have a Legendary, and I don’t know where they got this Bloody Demon Servant. I really love to follow a pig.”

The young people around the tall youth are a little disdainful, but also a little jealous.

Bloody Demon Servant is the second existence of the demon rank after all. If it is cultivated well, when it enters the Peak stage, it is one of the very best existence in the Rank-9 limit Demonic beast, and other Battle pet masters. , Can only rely on high-quality numbers to win, it is estimated that it is difficult to find opponents if single pets are singled out.

“Okay, whether the pet beast is strong or not depends on the master, but it’s the Bloody Demon Servant that’s all. The bloodline is good, but the strongest is the Battle pet master itself.” The tall young man said calmly.

When the few people next to him saw him speak, they were all annoyed and didn’t say more.

If this statement falls outside, someone must refute it, but this is the purpose of the True Martial Academy.

Battle pet master is the strongest!

It is generally recognized outside that the battle pet master relies on the battle companion.

In the True Martial Academy, all the students have been taught, as long as the Battle pet master innate talent is high enough and with the powerful Secret skill, it can be comparable to the Dragon Beast of the same level!



“It’s so embarrassing to leave, what a shame!”

Qin Shaotian several people left the waterfall and walked on the mountainside. Ye Longtian couldn’t help but slammed his fist on the rock wall, his face was full of anger, and the anger he had held earlier wanted to vent the explosion.

In the Dragon river, why has he been so humiliated, look at the face?

Even in the face of the number one Qin Family, he is proud, and never thinks that their Ye Family will be inferior.

But here, from the very beginning proud of enrollment, after experiencing a severe beating, he can only learn to submit to humiliation.

“No way, the legendary was born in the family of the South Senior. We can’t afford to provoke him, and he enrolled earlier than us, and he is now a Rank-8 Grand master cultivation base. I heard that not long ago I also stepped into the 15 layers of Longwu Pagoda, which is only possible for Tilted rank high grade powerhouse.”

The young man who had previously held Ye Longtian shook the head, his eyes were also unwilling, but more of a dormant and forbearance.

“Qingfeng was right. It is not good for us to offend the other party now.” Qin Shaotian’s face has returned to calm and indifferent, but his eyes are still gloomy, with anger hidden.

“I thought that coming here would be famous and let people see how good we are. We didn’t expect that after coming here, we have become other people’s stepping stones. We can only look at those guys’ prestige, so frustrated!” Ye Longtian beat the rock wall and put his resentment completely on his face.

“It’s good to go out of a small place like Dragon river, we can really see what the outside world is like. In the past, our vision was too narrow.”

Liu Qingfeng next to him calmly said: “There are too many geniuses in this world, and even more monsters. I thought it was a monster like that guy. This is the only one in this world. Didn’t expect to come here. I know, there are many real monsters, and this is only in our subcontinent, excluding other continents. I can’t imagine that there are such guys in other continents who can easily cross several tiers of battle…”

Qin Shaotian and Ye Longtian both changed slightly and fell silent.


Although they are angry, they have to admit that those guys are all monsters.

Not only is the South Senior behind the upright young man who just humiliated them, but the other is just one of the influential figures that’s all in this True Martial Academy.

There are a few more, all of the monster level.

They used to think that being able to fight across a great realm is already an inhuman genius.

But here, it is commonplace. Most medium-rank students can do it, and the well-known figures can span several realms.

For example, the Senior Brother Nan, who is only a Rank-8 cultivation base, can break into the 15 layers of the Dragon Martial Arts Tower that can only be achieved with a Tilted high grade combat power.

Know that there is no way to use the power of the battle companion in there, it is entirely on oneself.

In the Tilted rank, one small realm can be regarded as a great realm. It is not an exaggeration to say that it spans several realm.

“We are still too small…”

Liu Qingfeng said in a low voice.

Qin Shaotian was silent for a moment, then turned and walked: “Stop talking, let’s go for cultivation.”

The low drop in Ye Tianlong’s eyes dissipated immediately. He took a deep breath and patted Liu Qingfeng on the shoulder. Previously, in the Dragon river, their three people were hostile to each other, but here they are actually huddled together.

“Cultivation, even if we can’t catch up with those monsters, we have to compete with each other. In the future, the name of the first Dragon river family, my Ye Family will be determined, and I will create it!” Ye Longtian said, After that, laughed heartily and walked with Qin Shaotian behind.

Liu Qingfeng looked at his back, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. These two guys, one is a bored bottle gourd, the other is a mindless, he really doesn’t know how Qin Family and Ye Family would choose such a person to be Young Master .

And Mu Chen from Mu Family… is even an orphan. He obviously can hug them, so he wants to go on his own. As a result, he can only be a kid now…

Thinking of this, Liu Qingfeng shook the head and also followed along.

Although Ye Longtian doesn’t look down on Ye Longtian in his heart, the other party is right.

Compared with those monsters, it’s too tired, and it’s not comparable, but at least they can’t be thrown away by each other.

“Dragon river is the first. I belong to Liu Family. I will personally lead Liu Family to dominate the Dragon river!” Liu Qingfeng secretly said in one’s heart, a sharp aura flashed in his eyes.


At the same time, outside the high wall of Longyang Base City, a whistling sound approached from far and near, and a huge wind was rolling, like a thunder-fire meteorite, flying straight from the depths of the clouds .


The clouds and fog were scattered, and a huge Dragon Beast silhouette with several dozen meters rushed out and arrived outside Longyang Base City.

On the shoulders of Dragon Beast, there is a silhouette with his hands around his chest, his clothes curled up and his face is full of chills.

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