Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 571


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“This is Longyang Base City.”

On Dragon Beast’s shoulders, the middle-aged man is quite respectful and authentic.

Looking at the growing base city in front of him, there was a little disintegration in his eyes, as he galloped all the way, he was too nervous to breathe.

The murderous aura exuding from this young man made him feel like he was standing with a monster, and could be torn apart by the other’s rage at any time.

Su Ping looked indifferent and swooped down on the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

He has seen the words carved on a city gate on the outer wall of this base city.

Long Yang!

This is the Peak Big Base City, which ranks first among A-Rank base cities!

The name of Longyang Base City is heard by residents in other remote base cities. It is rumored that it is extremely prosperous, with countless famous sceneries, and many famous earthquakes have been born in Asia, which is very impressive. Mouth of the powerhouse.

There are many legendaries that are widely circulated, all of which were born in Longyang Base City.

Here is the power stand in great numbers, which is very complicated. If you throw any bricks, you may kill a few wealthy Young Masters or Young Masters of a certain family.


Outside the base city, Pioneer war chariots are constantly coming in and out of Danger Land. There are also some weird war chariots, like touring cars, but fully armed and full of turrets.

“who is the newcomer!”

On the high wall, a Tittled silhouette rushed out, stopped in front of Su Ping, and saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast at his feet, his eyes were slightly narrowed, but his face was still cold and authentic.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is rare, and throwing it in other base cities will inevitably cause an uproar, but there are too many powerhouses in and out of Longyang base city. Although Purgatory Candle Dragon beast is precious, but I have never seen it.

“Dragon river, Su Ping.” Su Ping reported his name.

This Tilted eyebrows are slightly raised, coldly snorted and said: “I asked you to report Tilted, who knows your name, I have never heard of it.”

“Also, is this your first time to Longyang Base City? Even if you are a Titaned, low-altitude flights are prohibited in the base city. Noise disturbs the people. If you must fly, the altitude and speed must not be lower than 2000 metres. Not to exceed 200 meters per second, your current speed has already exceeded the standard seriously!”

“I haven’t decided on Titled. If I have to call, I will call me Boss.” Su Ping frowned, said: “When I enter the base city, I will control the altitude. If nothing else, please get out.”

“Boss? What kind of Tilted? I have never heard of it.” The middle-aged Tilted said ill-humoredly: “Look at your breath, it’s not the Tilted you just became. How could it not be Tilted, if you don’t report it. , I can’t check the registration for you.”

“I have already said, I’m not sure, if you don’t work, just treat me as not a Tilted rank.”

“How could it be wrong that you are a Tilted rank? You are obviously that you are not reporting Tilted now. Could it be that some notorious wanted Tilted? And if you don’t think of yourself as Tilted, just go to the queue, not Tilted rank, which Eligible to fly directly into the base city?”

This middle-aged Titled has a bad face and regards Su Ping as a blacklist Titled that cannot be reported to Titled.

“My lord, I’m going to Mo Fengping from True Martial Academy. This is my number to enter the city. Can you accommodate me?” The middle-aged man next to him didn’t expect Su Ping to be stopped, thinking that Su Ping was himself Teachers who are awe-inspiring, most likely impossible are Titled wanted, hurriedly stepped forward to open the mouth and said.

“True Martial Academy?”

When this middle-aged Titled heard Mo Fengping’s words, his brows moved slightly, his face lightened a little, and he said: “I will check.”

He entered Mo Fengping’s entry number in the watch newsletter, and the result of the check came out very quickly. He glanced at each other, nodded and said: “It’s indeed you. It turned out to be a teacher from True Martial Academy. I don’t know Master Old Mo. , Is this Titaned?”

“This is an acquaintance of my Teacher.” Mo Fengping glanced at Su Ping and barely said with a smile.

“Your Teacher’s acquaintance?” The middle-aged Titled was a little surprised. He lowered his head and glanced at the newsletter. There were simple information of Mo Fengping on it. These information are public and not a secret. Among them are his teachers. The teacher is Han Yuxiang…this is the deputy dean of True Martial Academy!

In the Tilted rank circle, there is definitely a famous existence.

An acquaintance of Han Yuxiang?

The middle-aged Titled glanced at Su Ping and changed his attitude toward him, said curiously: “Is your name Su Ping? What is your Titled? Get to know?”

“You are not worthy.”

Su Ping’s eyes are cold, he drives the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and flies directly.

The feeling that the defender Titled gave him was a kind of Old Fox.

“What’s the thing?” The middle-aged Titled was taken aback, apparently he didn’t expect Su Ping to give him face so much. He only reacted after the dragon body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast flew by.

“What is it called Su Ping? I remember, don’t get out of the city from here!” The middle-aged Titled was foul-mouthed and a little annoyed.

Titled he sees more.

In Longyang Base City, a Titled dare to pretend?


“The opponent is the Titled of the Longyang military. You should not offend the opponent.” Mo Fengping stood beside Su Ping, cautiously authentic.

Su Ping said indifferently: “It’s just an ant. As soon as you don’t speak, he will obstruct, and he will die.”

“Uh.” Mo Fengping was a little speechless. He didn’t expect Su Ping to be so murderous. He did feel Su Ping’s murderous aura just now. He was a little puzzled. How could Teacher recognize such a murderous aura? A Titled.

“This is the Longyang base city, not other base cities. There are countless Titans here. The members of the Zhenlong group are all Titans. It is said that there are more than 80 people. It seems that you just offended It’s a Tilted, but it’s actually more than 80 Tilted. Their connections… are too huge and complicated.”

Mo Fengping is worried and authentic, and doesn’t want to get involved with him and his Teacher because of Su Ping.

“I said, it’s just ants, you don’t care about this, it’s already passed, hurry up and show the way, I’m going to True Martial Academy.” Su Ping said coldly.

Mo Fengping smiled wryly. I don’t know where Su Ping is so emboldened. He admits that Su Ping is very strong, even at the same level as his Teacher, but Longyang is no better than other places, even here it’s Tilted Limit. Thump does not raise.

Like his Teacher, he also has to deal with interpersonal relationships politely, otherwise it will offend many people and make things difficult.

“Just fly straight over there.” Mo Fengping raised his finger and said.

Su Ping took a look, and drove the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast to fly straight.


In front of True Martial Academy.

In front of the school, there is only a huge stone gate building. In the gate building is a transparent Formation. You can enter and exit freely only by wearing an Academy token. On both sides of the stone gate building, there are two Black Dragon sculptures, lifelike and dragon eyes. Divine light shot from the middle, seeming to stare at the people entering and leaving the university.

With a bang, a silhouette suddenly flew out of the Formation at the door and fell outside.

This silhouette is covered in ragged clothes and blood, with one arm bent and broken, and the elbow bones are pierced through the skin of the elbow, and blood is exposed.

“Waste things, is it true that True Martial universities can come in with anything?”

“I received his token and asked him to stand outside. It happened to be the performance test in the afternoon. He couldn’t be there and just scored a zero.”

“The surname Xu, this is the end of the Young Master you offend. There is no ability, but it is hard to bend down and cry Young Master. Is it difficult for you to be beaten now, you are too late to beg for mercy Up!”

“Okay, let this waste stay here. The continuous assessment is the bottom. I’m still late today. It shouldn’t be long before I will be dropped out of school.”

In the door, several youths looked down at the youth outside Formation, their eyes full of disdain.

The boy gritted his teeth, with blood dripping from the tip of his hair, supported by one hand, and barely climbed up from the ground. He raised his head and looked at the people in the Formation angrily. His teeth made ka ka rattle, his eyes were grim, but He just clenched the fist that was not interrupted, and said angrily: “One day, I will let you double back!”

“act recklessly things, stay.”

“Go away.”

Sneered inside the door, a few people turned and left.


As soon as they turned around, a huge rumbling sound suddenly sounded behind them. A giant beast dropping from the sky fell on the ground outside the Formation at the door, shaking so that the entire stone gate building was shaking.

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