Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 572


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A strong murderous aura swept from behind the young people like a dust storm.

Blowing their hair and clothes in front of them hunting noises.

All of them were stunned.

They turned their heads hard, with a little heart shaking, feeling like a pair of Demon eyes staring behind them.

After turning their heads to see clearly, they saw that it was a trance illusion. In front of them was an extremely majestic giant dragon, dropping from the sky, falling in the open space outside the Formation.

On the shoulders of the giant dragon, there is a silhouette with his hands around his chest, his face is cold, and he looks down at everything condescendingly.

The terrible murderous aura that is unclear, is emitted from that silhouette.

“You are…”

The teenager outside Formation was overturned by the giant dragon’s blast. After he got up, he looked up at the giant dragon beside him, and couldn’t help but be stunned. The appearance of the giant dragon looked like a Purgatory Candle Dragon beast!

It’s just a little different from the standard Purgatory Candle Dragon beast he has seen in the illustrated book.

Soon, he saw the silhouette on the shoulders of the giant dragon, those cold eyes that could not be illuminated or covered by sunlight.

Is it him?

The boy couldn’t help his eyes widening, his face full of disbelief.

He didn’t expect anyhow, he would actually see Su Ping here.


Su Ping also noticed the young man at the door. The aura exuding from the other person made him quite familiar. At this moment, he swept his eyes and recognized him immediately.

“Xu Kuang?”

Su Ping looked at Xu Kuang, bloody and embarrassed, and a chill flashed in his eyes.

From the situation of Xu Kuang, one can see the situation of True Martial Academy.

He remembered that Xu Kuang came to True Martial Academy cultivation, and obtained the qualifications for admission to True Martial Academy by virtue of his outstanding spot from the elite league selection in Dragon river base city.

As a result, now, at the gate of this Academy, in such a situation?


Su Ping raised his hand, his power leaned out, and pulled Xu Kuang’s body from the ground to his side.

Xu Kuang did not struggle. As he flew closer, he saw Su Ping’s face more clearly, and his eyes were moist and red.

It was an extremely unspeakable excitement to be able to see people from the hometown again in this foreign land.

“Do you know?”

Mo Fengping saw Su Ping’s actions and somewhat surprisedly said.

“Why did you mix like this?” Su Ping ignored Mo Fengping’s words, but looked at Xu Kuang sitting on the dragon scales.

Xu Kuang woke up from the excitement, blushed, lowered his head in shame, and said, “I am useless. If I can be stronger, it won’t be like this.”

“Aren’t you in True Martial Academy cultivation?” Su Ping stared at him.

Mo Fengping, who was next to him, heard Su Ping’s words and was also taken aback. He turned his head and looked at Xu Kuang twice. Suddenly the complexion slightly changed, and he thought of something.

“I, I am here for cultivation.” Xu Kuang became more ashamed, a little hard to tell, gritted his teeth and said: “The people here are all Great Family from other base cities. They hug each other. I didn’t join in, so Was squeezed out.”

He spoke more tactfully, but still reserved a little dignity for himself.

In fact, it is not that he did not join, but that he wanted to join, but no one would accept him.

The groups and factions in the Academy have their own requirements. He failed their test and no one would accept him as a kid.

Darkness Dragon Dog, who did not lease from Su Ping, was instantly beaten back to his original form. With his own cultivation base and battle companion alone, he was impossible to get such a high ranking in the elite league.

When he came here, he naturally became the lowest-level student. He was full of expectations and confidence when he first came, and was soon shattered by reality.

No matter how hard he cultivates, he still cannot catch up with others. It just so happens that the main cultivation of True Martial Academy is Secret Skill, which takes time to train and cannot be done quickly, and he is not vigorous. Background resources, buy some body refinement divine medicine, it is difficult to change anything by your own hard work alone.

This is reality.

Even if you use up one hundred and twenty points of strength, but you can’t do it.

After hearing Xu Kuang’s words, Su Ping complexion is gloomy down, probably understood what is going on in the True Martial Academy.

“Where is my younger sister?”

He asked, staring.

Xu Kuang was stunned, and immediately woke up. Understood Su Ping appeared here. He quickly said: “Your younger sister is different from me. She has the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon you gave, and the academic advisor in the Academy. It seems that everyone cares about her, and her own strength is beyond my reach. Not long after she joined the Academy, many clubs invited her.”

“She is missing, do you know?” Su Ping saw Xu Kuang’s reaction, frowns saying.

Xu Kuang was shocked and hurriedly said: “Is missing? How could it be possible? Isn’t she cultivation in the Academy? How could she disappear?”

“She has been missing for seven days, you haven’t heard anything about it? Are you usually not in touch?” Su Ping asked calmly.

Xu Kuang’s face flushed, and he said angrily: “Master, you have seen it too. I am like this. Your younger sister is the subject of the key attention of the academic advisor. How can I contact her often? We are like a top student. With the tail of a crane, I usually squeeze the time, and I don’t have time for cultivation. I have to deal with those guys. How can I disturb your younger sister if I have time…”


When Mo Fengping heard Xu Kuang’s name beside him, he couldn’t help startled and looked towards Su Ping.

These two are the teacher-student relationship?

But looking at Su Ping, he is a few years older than Xu Kuang at worst.

Seeing that he didn’t know, Su Ping’s face also darkened. He turned his head and said to Mo Fengping next to him: “This is your True Martial Academy? I thought I was here to listen to the lectures and teachings of the academic advisor. I just need a good cultivation. ‘t expect there are students fighting each other secretly, does the Academy ignore it?”

Mo Fengping dumbly, said with a bitter smile: “Students who come to True Martial Academy have backgrounds. Even the Academy can’t force it down unanimously. It’s impossible.”

Su Ping coldly snorted, said: “Han Yuxiang is at the Academy, call him over.”

Seeing Su Ping calling Teacher’s real name directly, Mo Fengping smiled wryly and said: “Teacher should be at Academy. I will contact you first, and then I will take you to see him?”

“I mean, let him come and see me!” Su Ping turned his head and looked at him coldly.

For this Han Yuxiang, Su Ping was furious.

I have been missing for a week, only to tell him now.

Send a Titled to report the news from Longyang base city to Dragon river base city, but half a day’s journey, he knew the news too late!

What’s really going to happen unexpectedly, it’s very difficult for him to recover in time!

Furthermore, he sent Su Lingyue to the college. Something really happened, and he was also shameless to explain to his parents.

He is the Outsider of the dove occupying the magpie’s nest, and Su Lingyue is the real child of his parents.

She cannot die, nor should she die!

“Let me ask.” Mo Fengping saw the killing intent and anger in Su Ping’s eyes. He felt a little palpitating. He didn’t dare to provoke Su Ping. Thinking of Teacher’s awe of Su Ping, he felt that he was still the same. Just pass it so that you don’t get in danger.

Soon, his communication was connected.


“Fengping? How about, did you find student Su in Dragon river?”

“Um…Teacher, I met the big brother of classmate Su, the Mr. Su Ping you mentioned. He is now at the Academy. He is at the entrance of the Academy. He said he would let you come here…” Mo Feng Ping said awkwardly.


The other end of the communication fell silent.

After a few seconds, Han Yuxiang’s voice sounded again, saying: “Help me say sorry to Mr. Su Ping first, I’ll be here soon.”

After speaking, the communication hangs up.

Mo Fengping was stunned, and didn’t expect Teacher actually agreed to come out to meet him.

Who is Han Yuxiang?

Associate Dean of True Martial Academy!

Titled Limit powerhouse, famous for many years, in the Titled circle is rich, magnificent, and reputable!

At the request of Su Ping, such a character actually came to meet him in person? And let him say sorry to Su Ping first? !

Mo Fengping’s mind was buzzing and he was a little confused.

He put down the communicator and glanced at the boy next to him, feeling more and more invisible.

Those Titaned Limit powerhouses are already famous, but he has never heard of Su Ping.

At this moment, seven or eight silhouettes rushed in and stood in front of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, the guard of True Martial Academy.

They were all shocked when they saw the appearance of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, and they recognized it at a glance, and the size of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast was clearly close to the Peak period, which is the cultivation base of the Rank-9 limit. The master who controls this kind of pet beast is probably a Tilted, and it is a Tilted with extremely strong combat power!

“who is the newcomer?”

One of the guards stepped out and stood at Formation and said to Su Ping.

Mo Fengping reacted and quickly said: “It’s me, this is the distinguished guest of the vice president.”

The guards were all taken aback when they saw Mo Fengping. The latter was serving as a teacher at the Academy. They naturally recognized them. They all felt relieved immediately, looked at Su Ping twice, and finally all stepped aside.

If the other party is just a friend of Mo Fengping, they still have to say a few words. After all, in a place such as Academy, such a dynamic landing, they are quite dissatisfied with the majesty of the institution.

But since it is Han Yuxiang’s distinguished guest, his level is different, it is a real great character.

“Who is this?”

“The man seemed to know the trash, and he actually dragged him up for questioning.”

“Isn’t it said that the waste has no background, father is just a small local tyrant, how can he know the vice president’s distinguished guest?”

The young people standing in the Formation were all surprised. Seeing Xu Kuang appearing on the shoulder of the Dragon Beast, they felt uncomfortable.

Not long after, a silhouette came whizzing.


This silhouette wore a black and white robes and walked directly through the Formation, flying to the head of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

After seeing this silhouette clearly, the young people after Formation and the guards next to them are all startled, and the deputy dean actually came here? Is this to meet in person?

“Boss Su.”

Han Yuxiang, with half a hundred hair and a childlike face, looked at Su Ping in front of him, a little nervously.

The rumors of Su Ping have been circulated in Peak circles for a long time. First, it was born on the League of Kings and killed Legendary. It was honored by everyone as Inverse King!

Afterwards, he guarded the Dragon river and defeated Paramita.

Afterwards, it was rumored that he rushed to the peak tower, beheaded Legendary, and retreated!

Any one of these deeds is shocking enough to be shocking, let alone all concentrated on one person.

Before these incidents, Han Yuxiang knew that Su Ping was an extremely dangerous person. He was beaten back by Su Ping when he came to find Su Ping with the old man before. The old man was almost killed and fled. He was shocked by Su Ping’s subsequent rise, and at the same time felt that everything happened naturally.

This young man, from the day he stepped into the store, he knew that in addition to the famous Titans, there was also an unknown and terrifying monster hidden in Yalu District.

Moreover, not long ago, in the terrifying major event where the Tang Family Young Master flattened the two races, he faintly peeped out the silhouette of Su Ping from inside. Su Ping in front of him, his fear and fear are far away More than face the original old.


Mo Fengping was a little startled when he saw Han Yuxiang’s nervousness.

He is an academic advisor at any rate, and he is in a place with many forces like the True Martial Academy. He has such a keen eye, how can he not see Han Yuxiang’s fear and tension.


He thought that Teacher’s awe was only respect for Su Ping, but now it seems that it is not.

This is… scared!

This made a huge wave in his heart full of horror.

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