Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 575


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Pei Tianyi: “??”

He looked towards Han Yuxiang with some confusion.

You must know that although they are in a teacher-student relationship, Han Yuxiang has never put on a teacher’s airs in front of him, and loves him very much, and has never criticized him.

At this moment, he saw this attitude for the first time.

“Teacher, who is this?”

Pei Tianyi frowned, slightly puzzled.

He faintly saw that Teacher’s attitude seemed to depend on the boy in front of him.

It’s just that, listening to this boy, it seems that he is Su Lingyue’s big brother?

Su Lingyue’s identity background, I heard that he came from a common base city, who stood out in the base elite trials inside, and was specially recruited to the university.

The Su Lingyue he has seen, the innate talent is average, but the battle companion is very strong, and her Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon’s combat power makes him a little concerned, but that’s all.

No matter how strong the battle companion is, it is a waste of innate talent when encountering an ordinary master.

“This is Boss Su, Su Lingyue’s big brother.” Han Yuxiang immediately said: “Boss Su is here to investigate the cause of student Su’s disappearance. You can tell Boss Su about the situation when you went in to find out. Say.”

Pei Tianyi raised her eyebrows slightly, and said calmly: “I’ve already said the situation at the time, Teacher, you know I don’t like to repeat what I said.”

Han Yuxiang was taken aback, complexion slightly changed, and took a peek at Su Ping. Seeing that his eyes were slightly colder, he quickly said: “Tianyi, you speak well, Boss Su is a Titaned rank powerhouse. His status is far away. Beyond your imagination, you must be rude.”

A touch of mockery appeared in Pei Tianyi’s eyes, Tilted rank powerhouse?

I don’t need Han Yuxiang to say this, he can perceive it himself, after all, the Tilted rank powerhouse he comes into contact with is not a minority.

But the three words “Titled rank” are shocking to others, but they can’t make waves here.

His goal is to become a Legendary, and he doesn’t care about Titled.

What’s more, his own combat power is enough to defeat the overwhelming majority Titled rank.

Only some Tilted Limit powerhouses, with bottoms and some unknown hole cards, can make him a little bit afraid.

“Teacher, sorry, I don’t like being forced.”

Pei Tianyi said indifferently, although Han Yuxiang spoke, but just like what he said, he doesn’t like being forced, nor does he like to force himself.

He doesn’t want to repeat it, just doesn’t want to repeat it.

Even if the Titled Limit powerhouse stands here, he has the same attitude.


Han Yuxiang suddenly became anxious when he saw his attitude.

Obviously, Pei Tianyi regards Su Ping as an ordinary Tilted rank. If it is an ordinary Tilted, Pei Tianyi does not need to care, and even salutes can be avoided, but Su Ping is who? Killed Legendary, singled out the peak tower, and repelled the terrible monster like Paramita. Speaking of which is the Titaned rank, it is actually a tyrant that Legendary is afraid of!

Without waiting for Han Yuxiang to say anything, Su Ping raised his hand and interrupted Han Yuxiang.

next moment, Su Ping’s raised hand stretched out instantly.


Pei Tianyi had eyes shrank, without warning and without precaution, he only saw Su Ping’s hand turning into an afterimage, and then his throat was tightly choked!

He felt five powerful fingers, squeezing his throat like steel bars, as if they were slightly tightened, they could be cut off!

There was a terrified look in his eyes, his face changed and he was a little frightened. When he saw Su Ping’s indifferent eyes, the anger in his heart turned into fright.

He felt the killing intent!

The kind of substantive, unbridled, wild killing intent!

This person actually wants to kill him? !

Perceiving such a thought, Pei Tianyi set off a huge wave in her heart, a little horrified. This is the True Martial Academy. His Teacher and the Deputy Dean of the True Martial Academy are standing next to him. How dare this person attack him? !

“You said you don’t like being forced. By coincidence, I like to force others.”

Su Ping looked indifferently, and said: “I ask you a good question, and you just need to give me a good answer. I have to let me do it. I remember the Rank-8 Grand master facing a Tilted rank higher than himself, his attitude should be respectful. Yes, how come this is not easy for me, I can’t even ask you anything?”

“Su, Boss Su, you show mercy!” When Han Yuxiang saw Su Ping’s move, his face turned pale with fright, for fear that Su Ping’s force would really pinch Pei Tianyi to death.

This is the highest innate talent student of True Martial Academy!

Furthermore, I just refreshed the innate talent record. Before I graduated, I can pass the 18th Layer of Longwu Pagoda, which is enough to make my name on the historical monument of the university!

Even years later, in terms of the ranking of innate talent, his name is indispensable.

If you die in Su Ping’s hands, or are killed in the Academy, then the reputation of the True Martial Academy will be lost!

The commotion here immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding students. Everyone swarmed over and was a little surprised. Didn’t expect just walked out of the Longwu Pagoda. The scenery and beauty of Senior Pei is now like a chicken. The man pinched his neck and picked up Shan.

Who is this person?

Many students thought of Su Ping’s behavior just now when riding a pet, and they were a little surprised. Obviously, based on Su Ping’s previous behavior, we can see that there is definitely a very high background.


Where is the True Martial Academy?

Throwing a brick casually can kill several Young Masters of the family, or seeds with background.

Here is a gathering of all influence descendants. Although Pei Tianyi is not the strongest in the background, he is definitely the innate talent. Now he is so insulted?

Besides, Han Yuxiang, who is the deputy dean and Pei Tianyi Teacher, is nearby. This is too courageous!

“Boss Su, don’t talk to him lower oneself to somebody’s level, he’s just not sensible…” Han Yuxiang said quickly, wanting to reach out, but he was a little afraid.

After all, Su Ping even killed Legendary, and he himself don’t dare provoke Su Ping.

Seeing Han Yuxiang’s reaction, the students around were shocked, a little weird.

Han Yuxiang was just persuading?

None of this helps?

Mo Fengping and Xu Kuang were dumbfounded in the crowd. Didn’t expect Su Ping to be so courageous, and didn’t expect that Han Yuxiang’s fear of Su Ping actually reached this point!

This is humiliating your lover in public!

Don’t dare to get angry? !

“Can you tell me now?” Su Ping looked at the young man in his hand.

Han Yuxiang saw that Su Ping couldn’t move, and he turned around and said to Pei Tianyi: “Tianyi, you can talk to Boss Su, otherwise, I can’t keep you.”

When Pei Tianyi heard Han Yuxiang’s words, his pupils shrank slightly. He gritted his teeth, and his heart was full of humiliation. He could feel that Su Ping really had the guts to kill him!

“I… said.”

He struggled.

Although it is extremely embarrassing to be soft in public, he knows, but compared with face, living is the most important thing. Only by living can we get revenge!

Next moment, Su Ping’s palm loosened, Pei Tianyi fell to the ground, he quickly backed up a few steps, rubbed his neck, and his eyes showed anger.

I glanced at my Teacher, saw Han Yuxiang look anxious, Pei Tianyi’s eyes swayed, and finally he didn’t want to take any risks.

The Tilted rank that can make Han Yuxiang so jealous must have its terrible things. Although he can match a lot of Tilted, he can be considered as self-protection ability, but it is better to keep a low profile when encountering such unfathomable characters. .

“I said.”

He took a deep breath, and the complexion is gloomy said: “I went in to find your younger sister, from the 1st floor all the way up, looking up to the 16th-layer, without seeing her, then I came out .”

“This is it?” Su Ping raised an eyebrow. “Then have you found the clue she left in it?”


Pei Tianyi was slightly silent. He was ordered to listen to Han Yuxiang’s words before going in. For him, he just completed Han Yuxiang’s commission and walked through the scene, and didn’t care about anything else.

He didn’t find anyone, so he withdrew, which is considered to be a business relationship.

“Not found.”

After a short silence, Pei Tianyi said, he naturally wouldn’t say that he didn’t look carefully at all. Anyway, he went in to find someone, but he didn’t find someone. What about the others?

Su Ping glanced at him, his eyes a little gloomy, he wanted to ask if there were any unusual clues, but now it seems that the question is for nothing.

“I’ll go look inside.” Su Ping said.

Han Yuxiang started and quickly said: “Boss Su, this Dragon Martial Pagoda is age-limited. There is absolutely no way to enter if you are over 24 years old. Even Legendary won’t work. I really didn’t deceive you.”

Noting Han Yuxiang’s honorific name, Pei Tianyi was slightly startled.

“I didn’t say you lied to me, you didn’t have the guts.” Su Ping said, he pushed Han Yuxiang away, and strode forward.

Seeing Su Ping walking towards him, Pei Tianyi took a step to the side subconsciously, thinking of the previous feeling, and stepped aside.

Han Yuxiang quickly caught up with Su Ping and came to Longwu Pagoda with Su Ping.

“Boss Su, you see, I really can’t get in.” Han Yuxiang rushed in front of Su Ping and walked towards Longwu Pagoda, but was stopped outside the cave. It seemed that an invisible force was blocking him. .

Su Ping glanced at him and ignored him, but just raised his foot and walked out.

next moment, his steps directly into the stone cave passage.

Han Yuxiang: “¿¿”

He looked dazed, a little dazed.

Go in?

Su Ping can actually get in? !

The weird age limit of the Dragon Wu Tower is an unbreakable rule. As he said, even Legendary won’t work!

Can Su Ping actually get in? !

Seeing Su Ping’s young figure from the back, Han Yuxiang’s eyes suddenly widened, his face full of incredible.

Could it be that Su Ping’s age is the same as his appearance? ! !

Titled rank who is less than 24 years old? !

Can you kill Legendary before the age of 24? ! !

Han Yuxiang was stunned with a look of horror.

If this is the case, Su Ping in front of him is undoubtedly the number one genius in ancient and modern times that he has never seen, or even dared to imagine!

“This, how is this possible…”

Han Yuxiang’s lips trembled slightly. Ever since he saw Su Ping’s skills, he has always felt that Su Ping took some divine medicine to keep his body younger. Didn’t expect, this is actually Su Ping’s reality. appearance!

“Call the recorder over and let him lead me.” Su Ping turned his head.

Han Yuxiang woke up from the shock and looked at Su Ping’s young face. Although he had seen him all the way before, but seeing him again this time, he felt an indescribable feeling.

Really young!

Too young!

“Su, Boss Su, what is your age…” Han Yuxiang couldn’t help asking.

Su Ping said indifferently: “No one told you, don’t you just ask about the man’s age?”


Han Yuxiang was a little messy, but didn’t dare to ask any more. He immediately turned his head and recruited the young recorder in the distance, and said: “You follow Boss Su well, do what he asks you to do, everything is up to him. , You know?”

This juvenile recorder is also full of surprises. He also saw the scene where Su Ping picked up Pei Tianyi before. He thought Su Ping was a Tilted Senior, but didn’t expect Su Ping to enter Longwu. tower!

This is incredible!

“I’m understood, deputy dean.” The juvenile recorder quickly nodded.

Han Yuxiang patted him on the shoulder and asked him to pass by Su Ping.

Su Ping didn’t say much, leading the young recorder to the depths of the cave.

After Su Ping’s silhouette disappeared, riots broke out outside. The crowds who had been watching before were all looking at each other in blank dismay, a little dazed and shocked.

Their thoughts are the same as that of the young recorder. Everyone didn’t expect that this arrogant young man can actually enter the Longwu Pagoda. Isn’t this a senior?

Pei Tianyi stared at this scene blankly, his mind buzzing, and the anger and hatred towards Su Ping in his heart became at a loss in this brief moment.

I thought this was a Titaned Senior, but the other party turned out to be his peers!

He was actually picked up by a guy of his generation just now!

Thinking of this, in addition to solemn eyes, Pei Tianyi’s eyes also hide deep humiliation and anger.

“Su Lingyue’s big brother, I want to see where you can go…” Pei Tianyi looked up at the giant peak in front of him, with a killing intent in his eyes.

If Su Ping comes out and walks to a lower level than him, he will never endure it and must declare war on him!

“Teacher, who is he…”

Mo Fengping came to Han Yuxiang and looked at the depths of the dark stone cave with a shocking expression on his face.

Han Yuxiang came back to his senses, eyes full of palpitations, and whispered: “He is Su Lingyue’s big brother, his name is Su Ping, you will always remember this name…”

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