Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 576


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“Su Ping…”

Mo Fengping was stunned, silently remembering the name in his heart.

He knew that Han Yuxiang was right, at least he felt that he could not forget this terrifying young man.

“Titled, who is less than 24 years old, so he is also the age of a student…” Mo Fengping muttered to himself.



Among the crowd, Xu Kuang stared at this scene blankly, and suddenly felt that something within the body recovered.

When meeting Su Ping for the first time, he treated him as his peers.

But later, as Su Ping’s strength showed up, he felt more and more about the gap between himself and Su Ping, so he was willing to call Su Ping a Master.

Slowly, he gradually regarded Su Ping as an elder in his heart.

But at this moment, in the scene before him, he perfectly and clearly told him that Su Ping is about the same age as him.

This is what he identified as Teacher.

Thinking of Su Ping in the elite league, killing Titled in seconds and becoming the hero of the Dragon river in the beast tide, Xu Kuang has a feeling of boiling.

This is what he wants to pursue!


In the cave.

Footsteps sounded, and Su Ping and the Junior Recorder walked along the passage.

“Tell me about this Longwu Pagoda, let me introduce you.” Su Ping said as he walked.

He feels that this teenager’s cultivation base is only Rank-5. At this age, he can have such a cultivation base and he is quite talented. At least in the Dragon river base city, he can be admitted to the highest-rank battle companion institution. .

“en. ”

The young man promised and behaved very well: “Senior, Longwu Pagoda has a total of 33rd-layer. From bottom to top, each level up, the difficulty will increase a lot. There are demons such as evil spirits and blood charms. Above, the stronger the cultivation base of the evil spirits and blood charms, generally speaking, if you can step into the 10th floor, you will barely have the Tilted rank combat power.”

“If you step into 13 layers, it can be comparable to a Tilted middle grade powerhouse.”

“16th-layer, comparable to Tilted high grade!”

“The 18th Layer is already close to Tilted Limit.”

“If you can enter the 20th-layer, it is said that you can get the title of Legendary Inverse King.”

“Senior, I listened to you earlier, did you come in to find your younger sister Su?”

“Do you know?”

Su Ping tilted his head and looked towards him.

The teenager felt Su Ping’s gaze, and suddenly felt a pressure, an inexplicable sense of tension. He quickly said: “I have only seen it a few times. I don’t know you well, but your younger sister is pretty. Well, unlike other geniuses in the Academy, eyes high above the top, I don’t bother to say a few more words.”

Su Ping slightly nodded, saying: “She was here before she disappeared, were you there at the time, did you see anything strange?”

The boy shook his head and said: “I was on duty at the time, but everything was normal at the time. I told the deputy dean that after sprinting to the 14th-layer, Student Su continued to challenge 15 layers, but the challenge failed, she just After leaving Longwu Pagoda, she disappeared. As for where she went, I don’t know.”

Su Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Did you see her leaving with your own eyes?”

“en.” The teenager was nodded, and Su Ping looked a little nervous.

Su Ping stared at him for a moment, not feeling like a lie, and immediately retracted his gaze, but frowned even more.


Then it was not missing in Longwu Pagoda.

He was lost in thought.

“Senior, the entrance to the 1st floor is here.”

The voice of the teenager brought Su Ping back to reality.

In front of the two of them, there is a huge dark door. At the door, there are several recorders dressed like teenagers. They are all young. One of them seems to be the leader here.

“Are you here to challenge?” The young man saw Su Ping and asked.

Su Ping came back to his senses and glanced at the huge black gate. Since it is here, I have to go to the 14th-layer to see what happens.

“en. “Su Ping nodded.

“Senior, this is a locator. Please pay attention to your safety. If you lose, you can withdraw at any time. I will keep a record for you.” The boy handed Su Ping a tiny silver nail and said obediently.

Su Ping took it and asked, “Aren’t you going in with me?”

“My cultivation base, how can I follow Senior to challenge.” The boy blushed authentically.

Su Ping didn’t say much when he saw it. He put the silver nails into his pocket and walked towards the big black door that opened.

When the giant gate was closed, the youth recorder looked at the young man and asked in doubt: “Asen, who is this person, you seem to be afraid of him?”

The restraint and well-behaved on the young man’s face were gone, his eyes flashed, and he said: “This is the person we can’t afford to offend. You all know that Senior Pei who just left, I was taught by this person, and Han The deputy dean was also there, and they didn’t stop him.”

“Senior Bae was taught by this man?”

“How is it possible!”

“Didn’t the deputy dean stop me, are you cracking a joke?”

The young man and the few teenagers next to him were astonished and looked at the young man Asen suspiciously.

“humph.” Assen coldly snorted, without much explanation.



As the black giant door closed, Su Ping suddenly felt that his perception was blocked by this giant door.

In front of his eyes, there is a faint passage.

The light comes from the lamps on the walls on both sides of the passage. The flames in the lamps are wavy, reflecting the walls red.

Looking at the spacious passage in front of him, Su Ping suddenly felt an extremely uncomfortable feeling, as if something was staring at him in the dark.

The further he goes, the stronger this discomfort feels.

Soon, Su Ping realized what was going on with this discomfort.

It was a danger signal he instinctively reflected!

There is something in it that makes him feel dangerous?

Su Ping was a little surprised. According to the boy’s words, this is only the 1st floor of Longwu Pagoda.

trifling 1st floor, even ordinary students can pass, he feels dangerous?

Could it be that the danger does not come from here, but a deeper place?

Su Ping’s eyes flickered slightly, and without thinking, he strode forward.

Anyway, since he’s here, he has to take a trip first.

As Su Ping moved forward, the smell of blood-reeking qi wafted in the air before long. Then Su Ping saw a dark mist gushing out of the dry cracks in the wall in front of him. The mist gradually gathered Cheng’s hideous silhouette, like a Resentful Soul, rushed towards him.


Su Ping is slightly frowned, feeling that it is not the real energy body Demon, it seems to be just an illusion of his consciousness.


The murderous aura appeared in his mind, and a killing intent condensed blade rushed out, the ferocious mist silhouette in front of him instantly dissipated, and the surrounding passages returned to normal.

Su Ping continued to move forward. Not long after, he came to a step where there was a hole.

Su Ping walked down the steps into the hole, and there was another spacious passage in front of him, somewhat similar to the ground floor below.

“This is the 2nd floor?” Su Ping is slightly startled, putting it that way, he has just passed the 1st floor?

But he was not at all attacked by the evil spirits and blood charms that the boy said, or was it the so-called evil spirits and blood charms that interfered with his consciousness before?

Su Ping didn’t think much. He continued to move forward. He didn’t walk fast. He watched the surroundings along the way. Although time has passed for a long time, he wanted to feel the breath left by Su Lingyue.

Maybe it’s been too long. Su Ping perceives a lot of aura, a little mixed, but not at all find Su Lingyue’s aura.

The most obvious breath is the student named Pei who was just outside.


It didn’t take long to walk, and the evil condensed dark mist appeared again on the wall.

The murderous aura in Su Ping’s consciousness slashed out with the blade, the evil spirit dissipated instantly, and Su Ping went all the way up.

3rd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor ……

In a blink of an eye, Su Ping came to the 10th floor.

In this 10th floor, Su Ping encountered evil again, but this time he discovered that it was not a conscious interference, but a real object!

Moreover, the space on the 10th floor is not a passage, but an extremely vast world that seems to have no boundaries.

This is like a Secret Realm world!

A large number of hideous evil spirits and blood charms emerged around them, and those blood charms exuded a strong smell of blood-reeking qi, with a hideous posture, all kinds of strange things, twisting and swarming towards Su Ping.

Su Ping was shocked with energy, and smashed all these exhausted evil spirits and blood charms.

“It seems that there is no summon battle companion here. So, she used her own combat power to climb to the 14th-layer? How could it be!” Su Ping felt the weirdness of this 10th floor space. No matter how he called, she couldn’t Opening the summon space, it seems that he has become an ordinary person without awakening.

However, he can clearly feel the consciousness and breath of Little Skeleton and Purgatory Candle Dragon beast in the summon space.

“It seems that this is really what the Starry Sky-level powerhouse left behind. Most of it is a rule restriction.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart.

Unable to borrow the battle companion, if he relies on his own strength alone, he can’t figure out how Su Lingyue got to the Fourteenth Layer.

The young recorder is right. The evil spirits and blood charms on the 10th floor already have a combat power close to Titled, and when Su Lingyue came to the True Martial Academy, he was just Rank-5 cultivation base that’s all , Even if you improve quickly here, it is only six 7th grade, and it is still a long way from Rank-9.

Su Ping can’t figure it out, and I feel that this matter will be discussed later when I ask Han Yuxiang later.

As the surrounding evil and blood charms were bombarded and killed, the world in front of them gradually faded. Su Ping appeared at the end of a passage. In front of him was a door with a number, eleven.

This number is engraved on the iron plate, apparently left by people in the early years of the school.

Su Ping looked around, but didn’t see any bloodstains and scars from the battle, and there was no Su Lingyue smell here.

He went on to 11 layers.

Time flies.

Suddenly, Su Ping came to the 14th-layer.

With his punches, the surrounding evil spirits and blood charms were all killed. Su Ping looked at the empty space in front of him. This is where Su Lingyue broke into?

He expanded his perception to the extreme, and suddenly, he found a scale in a corner.

This is a silver scale the size of a nail.

“There is her smell, and the smell of Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon. However, Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon does not seem to have such small scales, and there is no summon pet beast here.” Su Ping looked at the scales in his hands , Frowned, some doubts.

The breath on the scales is undoubtedly Su Lingyue’s.

She obviously fought hard here.

Su Ping thought for a moment and put away the scales.

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