Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 577


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“Where will she go after she leaves here?”

Su Ping’s eyes flashed.


At this moment, a bloody black mist suddenly appeared around, and the condense one after another hideous evil silhouette slowly surrounded Su Ping.

Seeing these evil demons, Su Ping suddenly moved in his heart.

Su Lingyue’s disappearance may not have nothing to do with this. If you want to know what happened here, the best witnesses here are these evils.

“It came just right, and there was a pet beast position. Sign one. From the evil memory, see what happened here.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart.

He has not signed many pet beasts, and he has a spare pet beast position, so he can sign a new favorite at any time.

Although this evil monster is not qualified to become his pet beast, he signed it temporarily, and after reading his memory, he could unlock the contract.

Of course, when he wants to unlock the contract, he will first return to the store. After all, when the pet beast contract is unlocked, the owner will often enter a period of “aunt” weakness, which is more dangerous.

Thinking of this, Su Ping did not hesitate, raised his hand and grabbed it. In the distance, an evil spirit with two heads was taken in. The evil spirit was filled with blood mist, full of corrosiveness, and wanted to break free from Su Ping’s energy. Control, but at the next moment, Su Ping’s body shook and directly pinched one of its heads with one hand.

A strong killing intent poured out, and the hideous face on this evil monster’s face suddenly shrank and became frightened. Shiver looked at Su Ping coldly.

Su Ping quickly closed the seal and patted the contract on its head.


The contract penetrated directly into this evil man’s head. Next moment Su Ping suddenly felt darkness permeating before him. An indescribable and extremely terrifying evil aura surged out of the invisible darkness and turned into a hideous one. roar.

This roar runs through Starry Sky, like a Heavenly God roaring, deafening.

Su Ping’s pupils contracted slightly, a little shocked.

In front of this roar, he felt that he became extremely small in an instant, as if it were a giant roaring.

Soon, Su Ping woke up. At this time, he saw the contract on the evil man’s head dissipated. It seemed to be torn apart by some force, and the contract failed.

And the evil in his hand, from the shiver coldly before, suddenly went mad and roared, then his body burst open and turned into a blood mist.

This blood mist surrounds Su Ping. In the blood mist, Su Ping sees countless silhouettes in a daze, appearing here, fighting evil and blood charms, and performing one after another fierce secret skill.

Suddenly, Su Ping’s gaze froze on one of the tumbling silhouettes.

That is, Su Lingyue!

It’s just that “Su Lingyue” is completely different from Su Ping’s impression. Although the cheeks are similar and the body shape is similar, its hands, cheeks, neck and neck are covered with silver white scales!

Su Ping suddenly thought of the nail-sized silver scale he had picked up earlier.

So it seems that Su Lingyue really dropped it!

How did she become like this?

Su Lingyue, the silver scale in the blood mist, is extremely powerful and has Tilted rank combat power. It fights with the evil spirits and the blood charms, and releases extremely fierce attacking martial skills. These martial Su Ping has seen skill moves on other silhouettes. It seems to be a unified martial skill in the True Martial Academy.

While Su Ping was watching, these pictures suddenly dissipated, turning into a darkness where you could not see your fingers. In that darkness, it was extremely quiet, but there seemed to be something staring out from there.

I don’t know how long it has been before, a road suddenly appeared in the darkness, it was a passage.

This passage is like the passage that Su Ping has experienced before. The difference is that the walls of this passage are not dry and cracked, but made up of creeping flesh and blood!

Su Ping’s pupils shrink slightly. Is this the true face of Longwu Pagoda?


In the passage composed of flesh and blood, dark blood energy squirmed out of the wall of flesh and blood, turned into a huge silhouette of blood charm, and rushed towards Su Ping ferociously.

Su Ping raised his hand and waved his fingers like a sword, and an Asura sword energy stretched out vertically.

With a bang, several blood charm bodies were directly strangled and cut off, and even the wall of flesh and blood was cut out a gap, but soon, the flesh and blood squirmed and returned to its original shape.

Su Ping turned his head and looked around. The way back is no longer visible.

Walking, there is no way out!

“The contract failed. It seems that the evil spirit is not a separate individual, but… a whole?”

Su Ping looked at the flesh and blood walls on both sides, browsed frowned, and felt that the Dragon Martial Pagoda was extremely strange.

At this moment, in his deep passage, it is not the original vast Secret Realm world, only the passage in front of him.

“Such a situation, shouldn’t it be normal?” Su Ping’s eyes flashed, not sure if the scene in front of him also belongs to the Fourteenth Layer test of Longwu Tower.

If it is not, then the cause may be because he concluded the evil spirit.

“The roaring idea behind the evil monster seems to be the real deity…” Su Ping’s gaze became serious. With the vision he wandered through in many nurturing worlds, he could feel that the master of that idea was at least Starry Sky level. Creatures.

However, the other party should not be at the peak period, otherwise, with the evil bloodthirsty in the mind, the entire Earth would have been destroyed long ago.

Looking at the steps in front of him, Su Ping thought about it a little before stepping up.

As he goes all the way up, evil spirits and blood charms continue to rush out of the flesh and blood channel, Su Ping ejects one after another sword energy to kill him, his Asura evil sword has already been introduced, and he is proficient at this moment. With the reference to the sword, its lethality is also extremely amazing, killing the ordinary Tilted rank nothing difficult.

It didn’t take long for Su Ping to meet a new kind of Demon.

This is an insect covered with sharp bones, like a Pangolin covered in backstabs, but with a body size of two or three meters. This piece is considered petite in a pet beast, but the power of these sharp bone insects is extremely terrifying. The attack is swift, and the sharp claw under the belly and the mouthful of pointed teeth are terribly sharp.

“This thing, at least the strength of Titaned high grade.”

Su Ping was a little frightened. He didn’t know where he was in Longwu Tower, but the Demon in front of him was absolutely terrifying, and there were so many in the passage!

“Fortunately, in this small area, you are considered bad luck.”

Looking at the continuously swarming bone worms, I changed my scalp to normal people, Su Ping clenched his fingers, and suddenly energy burst out.

A whistling fist shadow rushed out like a dragon roar, and the strength of Subduing Devil Divine Fist swept through and pushed back.

The numerous spiky worms that rushed towards the face were immediately hit by the fist strength of the gods, and they all flew upside down, some hit the flesh wall, and some broke on the spot.

Su Ping didn’t stop, followed along, and sword energy burst from the fingertips to make up for those who weren’t dead.

When Su Ping was walking along the passage, the bottom of Longwu Tower was outside the black giant gate.

The former juvenile recorder Asen, and several other recorders stationed here, are now standing in front of a huge instrument not far from the giant black gate.

There is a virtual composition of the entire Longwu Pagoda on this instrument. Although there is no detailed topography, it is divided into layers.

On the map, a red talisman number marked ① is moving up quickly.

“Fifteenth Layer, my goodness!”

“What kind of speed, from 1st floor to 15 layers, it only took less than ten minutes. Is this going straight up all the way?!”

“17 layers…”


Looking at the red dots above, they were all dumbfounded and their expressions were horrified.

The light on the instrument shone on the faces of several people, reflecting their shocked expressions.

The young man Asen also had a dull face. Although he saw that Su Ping is very strong, he didn’t expect so strong!

It was nineteen in a blink of an eye!

Be aware that Pei Tianyi, who shocked everyone before, and the strongest student in True Martial Academy’s rare encounter in a century, has just passed the 18th Layer!

The record I just left was surpassed before I covered my heat!

“Look, it’s twenty…”

A young man is dumb and honest.

The other people are also sluggish and speechless.


“It’s so deadly!”

In the meat wall passage, Su Ping beheaded all the way, leaving behind the corpses of scorpion insects everywhere, among them there are some large, pointed Insect Kings. Those Insect Kings have the strength of Titled Limit and their back shells are hard. Incomparably harder than the Dragon Beast scale of Titand Limit that Su Ping has seen!

I don’t know what kind of creature it is. The body is extremely hard and the claws are unusually sharp. Su Ping was accidentally caught, and blood stains were left on his arms.

You know, his fleshy body is very powerful.

After Heavenly Tribulation baptism, the Golden Crow god Devil Body, who is also a cultivation, has been immersed in Joanna’s divine spring many times. The fleshy body is stronger than the Dragon Beast of the same level, but it can’t stand the tip. The paw of a bone worm.

“She didn’t encounter these things, right, but the boy said that she had left Longwu Pagoda, so she did not encounter this strange thing.” Su Ping’s eyes flickered slightly, before his eyes, Strands of black air drifted, this is lifeless air, it has become so strong that naked eye can see it.

As long as ordinary creatures touch it, their lifespan will decay immediately.

If it’s an ordinary person, touch it lightly, and it will die of aging.

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