Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 578


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“Such a deadly spirit is comparable to the level of Asura King.”

Su Ping’s Asura Sword of Broken Evil, which he learned in Asura King City.

There is a land of dead spirits and sins. There are no creatures, but there are all dead creatures and souls. There is only Min, a god servant who drinks the blood of the Asura King and turns into Asura.

The True Martial Academy, located in the center of the prosperous Longyang base city, has such a strong lifeless spirit, which surprised Su Ping.

He raised his hand and touched the floating black breath lightly.

Under the touch of his fingers, the black breath immediately wafted more loosely.

Su Ping’s fingers were unscathed and protected from death.

He within the body has the power of the Asura King clan. Min gave him the blood of the Asura King clan before he practiced the Asura Evil Sword. Asura is the master of the undead world. This lifeless spirit is not lethal in front of him. .

“I want to see, what is the end of this road?”

Su Ping’s eyes flickered slightly. This Dragon Martial Pagoda is a bit weird. It is ridiculous that True Martial Academy uses such a dangerous and weird place as a place for students to test innate talent.

Most of the previous powerhouses of True Martial Academy did not see this secret.

Otherwise, students from the True Martial Academy will never be allowed to take risks here. These students have backgrounds and high innate talent. One loss is definitely a big loss for humans.

However, if the previous powerhouses of True Martial Academy hadn’t noticed this weirdness, how would he know?

Su Ping thought of this, a little confused.

Is it unique in appearance, can it pass in such a place?

In the words of a certain host, I don’t believe it.

Except for this point, Su Ping can’t think of anything else in him, which is special than others.



Could it be the Golden Crow god Devil Body, or the power of the Asura King family?

Su Ping’s eyebrows twitched slightly. Probably only these are things that the previous powerhouses of True Martial Academy do not have.

After all, the Golden Crow god Devil Body Secret technique was given by the system, and it is also a body refinement Secret skill that has long been lost.

And the power of the Asura King clan is mostly not available on Earth. After all, the Asura clan is an extremely terrifying existence. It is the Starry Sky clan. With a little training, it is possible to step into the Starry Sky-class Transcendent Realm world.

shook the head, Su Ping didn’t think much about it, and moved on.

A sharp bone worm crawled out of the gap in the flesh wall, and Su Ping directly drew his sword and killed it.

At this moment, with the sword energy commanded by his hand, it is already difficult to kill the bone worms here.

The sharp bone worms here are huge in size, and their carapace is hard. They are all King grade worms. If you put it another way, it means that all the worms encountered before are juveniles, and here are adults.

His sword was given by Min, Divine Sword of the Asura King clan.

This is a Starry Sky-class Divine Sword. Although it can shake the Space-Time Force to dissipate, its sharpness is first-class.

But despite this, Su Ping found that using this Asura Divine Sword to slash and kill these sharp bone insects is still a bit exhausting. It is too hard. I feel that these insects are a hundred times harder than diamond stone!

“If this is Land of Trial, these insects are really good swordsmen.”

Su Ping kills all the way. Although these adult spiked worms have battle strength comparable to Legendary, plus sharp claws and hard carapace far beyond Legendary, their battle strength is not to be trifled with. With one hand, the Asura Evil Broken Sword, even Void Cave Realm Legendary can be cut out from space teleportation!

Only by his own battle strength, he can easily kill ordinary Void Cave realm Legendary.

During the continuous killing, Su Ping’s energy was consumed extremely fast, but Su Ping discovered that although the rules here restrict summon pet beasts, they can still communicate with pet beasts.

In addition to communication, some skills compatible with pet beast can also be used!

For example, only grasped by Tilted rank, energy is the same!

He can directly borrow the energy of the battle companion within the body in the summon space.

It can output to the battle companion, or use the battle companion as a supply bottle, which can be carried continuously.

Of course, this kind of transportation is not 1:1. There are middlemen who make the difference and 100 shares of energy. If the conversion is over, the other party can only receive 50 copies, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, Su Ping continues to borrow the power of Little Skeleton to keep himself in the Peak state at all times. Anyway, the Little Skeleton at this moment is in the summon space and does not need energy.

bang bang bang!

Continuously killing dozens of bone worms, Su Ping saw the meat wall channel in front of it, which became more and more decayed. The previous meat wall was still alive, but the upper meat wall channel was dim in color and in the air. There is also an extremely unpleasant, suffocating smell of rotting flesh and blood.

Seeing this rotten flesh wall, Su Ping suddenly moved in his heart. I don’t know what will be inside this flesh wall?

He found a place of corruption, used Asura Divine Sword to cut the wall of flesh, and walked in.

The smell of rotten is getting stronger and stronger. Fortunately, Su Ping has taken it in a more sinister environment. Apart from some discomfort at first, I quickly adapted to it.

Just like the kind of experience in nurturing the world, back to the body.

“This is the bone, is this…blood vessels?”

Su Ping walks in the wall of flesh, using Divine Sword to cut the road constantly, getting more and more frightened as he goes, the wall of flesh seems to be a huge piece of flesh with bones, rotten blood vessels, and some stoutness. , A complex vein like spider silk, filled with a heavy death spirit.

Shortly after leaving, Su Ping cut out with a sword and found that there was another passage outside. He went around in a circle and returned to the flesh wall passage.

“Is this really the Dragon Martial Pagoda, or is it some alien space hidden inside?” Su Ping was a little surprised. He thought of the dragon pillar of Longtai Mountain, which was used by the old Dragon King who chose the inheritance. Here too?

But Su Ping didn’t feel the feeling of being tested. The spiky worms that crawled out from all over the place at any time, even Legendary was here, had died prematurely many times.

After all, Legendary can’t summon battle companion, nor can it mate with battle companion. It’s still a little choking just by its own strength.

Legendary’s strongest method is to merge with the battle companion. The superposition of combat power is not one plus one equal to two, but a surge of several times or more.

“There are fewer evil spirits and blood charms around, and more lifelessness, and there are fewer spiky worms, eh? What sound?”

Su Ping kept walking forward, and suddenly heard a faint voice. He listened carefully, and as he slowly went up, the voice became clearer and clearer.

It seems to be… some kind of rant?

There is also some kind of roar of ancient Demonic beast.

These sounds seem to be separated by thousands of layers of cloth, and they sound very vague and far away.

In addition, Su Ping also heard one after another muffled loud noise, it seemed that there was some kind of extremely strong impact.

As he went up, these voices became clearer and clearer.

“…Sun, Moon and Stars can all die…but our generation will never stop fighting, in the name of the Celestial Emperor…”

Suddenly, the voice wafting from the front seemed to be in an extremely remote place, 10,000,000 li away, an extremely heroic silhouette roared.

The sound penetrates extremely strongly, seeming to transcend time and space. Even if Su Ping has seen many horrible creatures, he is shocked by the bloody anger in this sound.

Someone in front?

Su Ping looked towards the front, he didn’t feel any Life Aura.

Even if someone said something, it was obviously not told to him from that word.

Su Ping felt that this voice seemed to be intercepted from time and space, just like a phonograph. It wasn’t that someone personally said in front at this moment, but an echo from time and space.

It’s just that, what kind of cultivation base is needed to make one’s roar that time can’t erase it? !

Looking at the road ahead, Su Ping suddenly flinched.

But when he looked back, there was already darkness behind him.

I don’t know when, when there is no way to go back.

Su Ping was silent for a moment, but chose to move on.

There are fewer sharp bone worms in the front, and the evil spirits gush out from the rotting flesh and blood. They are huge and exude a heavy spiritual Qi smell. They are more than ten times stronger than the evil spirits that Su Ping had seen before.

The evil spirit is physical, and it is not an illusion caused by consciousness infecting the surrounding environment.


Su Ping has a killing intent in his eyes, and the Asura breath of pitch-black as ink bursts out of the Divine Sword in his hand. A sword swept across, but the black sword energy seemed to illuminate the world.


Pour into the sword of divine force and strength of Asura, burst out the incomparable sword energy, chopped all the way up along the channel, cutting away all the evil rushing oncoming.

The sword is unstoppable!

People are unstoppable!


Su Ping holds the Divine Sword and rushes forward quickly.

There is a faint demon whispering in my ears, and the roar of 10,000,000 li before also resounds again, still the same as before, full of hard to describe anger.

“Sun, Moon and Stars can all die…but we will never stop fighting…”

The angry words caused Su Ping within the body’s suppressed killing intent to rush out, hard to restrain, just like being aroused by fighting intent.

Just words can make him killing intent violent, and that words contain unpredictable power.


As an evil spirit burst open, Su Ping suddenly saw the end.

It is the end of the passage!

That is a rotting wall of flesh.


Su Ping swung out a sword suddenly, and the sword energy sank into the flesh wall. Next moment, Su Ping cut ten swords in a row, the sword shadow overlapped, and with a thud, the flesh wall passage was bombed.

At the moment it exploded, the rotten aura around it suddenly vented out like a gap.

At the same time, Su Ping suddenly felt that the roaring sound weakened and drifted away. Then, suddenly, the sound of a knife sounded extremely loud, appeared in his ear, next moment, the world in front of him changed. , Heaven and Earth disappeared completely, only a brilliant blade light swept away the entire Heaven and Earth.

The dazzling degree of the blade light is unprecedented in Su Ping.

He felt that his body seemed to be cut apart, and he seemed to be dead.

But next moment, he saw a picture where the blade light was blocked, black blood spattered, a finger was cut off, and it fell down.

Swish, all the pictures disappeared suddenly, Su Ping returned to the passage in front of him, and from the opening that was blasted, Su Ping actually saw the blue sky.

On top of this, is the sky?

Su Ping was stunned and walked towards the gap. When he crawled out of the gap, he immediately saw moss and black chains all over the gap. These chains had black nails on the front end, nailed to the ground.

Su Ping was stunned. The illusion in his mind flashed again. He couldn’t help looking towards all around. Soon, not far in front of the arc of the downward ellipse, he saw a large number of things far below his feet. Tiny silhouette, those are… Han Yuxiang and Xu Kuang and the others.

This is… the top of Longwu Tower? !

Su Ping was stunned. He came out of the tunnel and came directly to the top of the tower? !




In the Longwu Pagoda, beside the giant black gate on the 1st floor, the young Asen and several other recorders stood blankly in front of the instrument, their faces completely dull.

The signal tracked in the instrument went from 20th-layer all the way up to 33rd-layer? !


The instrument must be broken!

Several people slowly came back to his senses, looking at each other, seeing the blankness in their eyes.

Since they served as the recorder, they have never encountered a problem with the instrument.

“I, I’ll go talk to the deputy dean.” Young Assen reacted and said quickly.




In front of the Longwu Pagoda, Han Yuxiang suddenly felt something. He couldn’t help but look up at the top of the giant peak in front of him. He felt a noise coming from it, and suddenly felt a bad breath from it. Come.

When he looked up, Han Yuxiang was stunned.

He saw a silhouette standing there.

In other words, it is flying in the air.

Su Ping? !

Didn’t he enter the tower? ?

Han Yuxiang stared, a little dumbfounded.

He saw Su Ping enter the tower with his own eyes, and he has been waiting in front of the tower. Just this one exit, when did Su Ping run to the top of the tower?

Noting Han Yuxiang’s expression, Mo Fengping also looked up. Soon, he looked at Su Ping on the top of the tower like a ghost, his face full of consternation.



Su Ping saw his surroundings clearly and floated from the top of the tower.

At this moment, he heard evil auras coming from below, and looked down. In the channel cut by his sword energy, several evil spirits floated out of the rotting flesh wall, baring fangs and brandishing claws. He looked at him, but seemed to be afraid of something and didn’t rush over.

Su Ping brows slightly wrinkle, the evil in this position is extremely powerful, close to the combat power of Void Cave realm Legendary, but not that many peculiar secret skills, but the Spiritual Qi breath is enough to make normal people’s hearts shattered and fighting. The intent is completely lost, and it is extremely easy to be affected by the evil aura emitted by evil all the time, and there will be beautiful hallucinations.

“Are you afraid of the sun?”

Su Ping was a little surprised to see the evil appearance of these animals.

At this moment, they are all hovering in the shadow of the sun. This kind of strength evil is actually afraid of the sun, which makes him feel a little unbelievable.

Sunlight is obviously not lethal. If you insist on saying it, it is burned by the ultraviolet rays inside the sun for a long time.

If these evil spirits are really afraid of the sun, they can be completely covered by things.

“Wait, don’t you seem to be afraid of the light, don’t you dare to come out?” Su Ping suddenly saw an evil being hit by the edge of the sun, but not at all what happened.

Su Ping does not believe that these evil spirits are afraid of him.

Before in the passage, they all rushed desperately, never timid.

“Here I was beaten through. If these evil spirits are going to come out, True Martial Academy will be ruined, or the entire Longyang base city will be ruined, and even the entire Asian land area…”

Su Ping is frowned and has some headaches.

He felt like he had pierced an incredible hole.

There are more than these evil creatures here, these few alone have the power of Void Cave realm. If they are allowed to come out, the True Martial Academy will surely be turned into ruins of killing.

“The secret in this Longwu Pagoda, I don’t know how much True Martial Academy knows. I’ll ask before you talk about it. It’s really troublesome.”

Su Ping was a little impatient. He came to find a girl, but the guy hadn’t found it yet, and got into the matter again. Although he doesn’t like the True Martial Academy, he wants to take care of the evil worms and the bone worms. Released, that is definitely the big culprit that caused the end of the world.

He has not yet reached the point where he wants to destroy the world because of the younger sister’s accident.


Su Ping flew from the top of the tower. These evil spirits won’t come out for the time being. He can ask Han Yuxiang first, this matter must at least be known to the people of True Martial Academy, otherwise he will not wipe his butt.

As he landed, Su Ping turned his head and looked at the huge peak. In a daze, the illusions he had seen before disappeared in his mind.

blade light, severed fingers, roar.

Su Ping froze for a moment, and an extremely unbelievable thought suddenly popped into his mind.

He couldn’t help flying forward, away from the giant mountain.

After flying out of 1000 meters, Su Ping looked back.

At this glance, his scalp exploded and his blood froze.

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