Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 579


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This giant peak is extremely majestic, but 70% of the upper end is curved into an arc, like a number “7”.

There are a few creases on the mountain, not so much like the number seven, but more like…a finger!

A crooked finger!

Su Ping’s pupils dilated and felt unimaginable.

This giant peak turned out to be a broken finger?

Is it the broken finger he saw in the illusion by the unknown force? !

If this is the case, what stalwart physique should this finger deity be? !

Su Ping’s face is shocked, speechless in a daze.

If he had not seen many majestic creatures in the cultivation world, he would never have such an association at this moment, but he had seen some physiques in some high-rank cultivation world and Primal Chaos Dead Spirits world. Extremely stalwart creatures, some creatures grow on Baili, and the bones are a mountain range.

“This Longwu Pagoda is the finger of the person who claims to kill the Celestial Emperor?”

“If this is the case, the killing Celestial Emperor must be a powerhouse beyond Starry Sky, too terrifying!”

“The Dragon Martial Tower of the True Martial Academy, where the innate talents of generations of students are tested for cultivation, is actually a severed finger!”

Su Ping believes more and more that this is a broken finger.

The evil spirits and blood charms he encountered in the Longwu Pagoda before are most likely to be the creatures that rotted inside this severed finger, and the same is true for the sharp bone insects.

These sharp bone worms live by gnawing the flesh and blood of this finger. No wonder the sharp claw is so sharp and the carapace is so hard.

“This Celestial Emperor doesn’t know how many years he has died. The bright and invincible blade light I just saw is mostly the last picture recorded by this finger, and the roar echo…”

Su Ping was a little frightened. I don’t know how many years have passed. A severed finger didn’t rot, and some things were recorded. This cultivation base was beyond his imagination and was beyond his understanding.

“Joanna should know about such a cultivation base. If you ask her back, you will probably know.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart, Joanna’s deity is Order God level of Demi-God’s Fallen grounds, second only to Supreme Lord, as to whether the Supreme Lord of Demi-God’s Fallen grounds is different from the Supreme Lord in Immemorial Divine World, Su Ping is not known.

However, Joanna’s deity is at least Starry Sky level existence, and may even surpass Starry Sky level.

looked deeply at this severed finger Kyoho, Su Ping’s thoughts are converging, and it’s useless to think about it in front of me. Whether or not the finger is severed, it has nothing to do with him. Finding Su Lingyue is the most important thing at the moment, followed by The hole he pierced on the top of the giant mountain was blocked.


Su Ping changed direction and flew towards the people in front of Longwu Pagoda.



In the crowd, students with keen perception noticed Su Ping, which was descending rapidly in the sky, and immediately shouted.

The others also looked surprised.

Soon, when seeing Su Ping clearly, all the students’ eyes widened, with a ghostly expression on their faces.

The first thought that pops up in many people’s minds is twin?

Whether it’s dressing or appearance, it’s too similar!

“Boss Su?”

Han Yuxiang had noticed Su Ping a long time ago. After being astonished, he immediately greeted him and couldn’t help but said: “Aren’t you in the Longwu Pagoda, how could you…”

“I came out from the top.” Su Ping landed and said after landing.

Pei Tianyi in the distance also stared at Su Ping in a daze. After hearing Su Ping’s voice, his pupils shrank even more. To say that the twin was similar in appearance, the voice was exactly the same as the breath, which was too frightening. Up!

The Longwu Pagoda is just an entrance, which is something all students know.

The whole audience watched Su Ping enter the Longwu Pagoda, and now he actually drops from the sky, this is unscientific!

“From the top…”

Han Yuxiang couldn’t help but look up, but found that he actually believed Su Ping’s words, which was stupid enough.

If it really came out from the top, is it possible that Su Ping penetrated the Longwu Pagoda?

Be aware that the legend of Longwu Pagoda has 33rd-layer, which is just a legend and has not been confirmed.

The only thing that can be confirmed is that Longwu Pagoda has a 22nd floor, which is recorded by the strongest genius left in the True Martial Academy.

No one else can go beyond the 22nd floor.

After all, Longwu Pagoda has that strange restriction, and it is absolutely impossible to enter if you are over 24 years old, even if Legendary comes, you don’t believe it.

In fact, there is indeed Legendary who has visited the True Martial Academy, but failed to enter the Longwu Pagoda.

Moreover, there are not one or two Legendary who have done this, so True Martial academy has reason to come to this conclusion. Legendary can’t break this rule!

As for why there is 33rd-layer?

This is estimated from the outside based on the height of each layer.

Han Yuxiang remembers that the strongest genius who entered the 22nd floor of the True Martial Academy in a thousand years, won the Inverse King Titled at that time, and also has the record of killing Legendary and King beast!

If it weren’t for later rushing around Earth, encountering Virtuous Evil in Four Great Heavenly Kings and falling, his achievements would be scary, and he might even become the lord of the tower and the king of Legendary!

“Boss Su, this is the exit of Longwu Pagoda, you… did you really go in just now?” Han Yuxiang couldn’t help asking. He did see Su Ping on the top, but guessed that Su Ping had been there before. There, and the one that went in before, may be an illusion caused by a secret skill.

After all, compared with this, let him admit that Su Ping got through Longwu Pagoda, which is even more outrageous!

Su Ping glanced at him, lazily speaking.

“Looking at you, I don’t seem to understand the things in this Longwu Pagoda. You call the dean of your True Martial Academy. I have something to tell him. Besides, the young man who led me the way before Say, my younger sister left from Longwu Pagoda and disappeared later. Isn’t your Academy monitored everywhere?”

“Call the dean?”

Han Yuxiang was stunned, a little confused.

The complexion of Mo Fengping next to him was slightly changed. The dean is the true god of the True Martial Academy, the Legendary powerhouse, and is also the object of respect for all students, including academic advisors.

Su Ping has such an attitude. Boast shamelessly asked the dean to come over. He listened very uncomfortably. Although he admitted that Su Ping is very strong, can it be better than Legendary?

“What are you talking about?”

In the distance, Pei Tianyi came over and said with a cold face: “How can you see the dean? If you can enter the Longwu Pagoda, that would be considered my peer, huh, I don’t know if you just played What kind of means, no matter what, since it is a peer, then I declare war on you, it is not bullying you!”

Su Ping glanced at him, “Declare war? You are not worthy.”

“Are you afraid?” Pei Tianyi squinted, revealing a strong murderous aura in his eyes.

Su Ping’s cold light flashed in his eyes, showing him the killing intent, which is courting death.

Just as he was about to take a shot, suddenly a silhouette ran up in a panic. It was the teenager who had led Su Ping before. He saw Su Ping standing outside the tower, half of his body suddenly stopped, and he was stunned. In place.

“This, this…”

The teenager was a little confused.

He obviously ran out of the tower. Su Ping wanted to come out, but also came out behind him. How could he be in front of him?

He just went in?

The young man’s mind is a little bit overwhelming.

Han Yuxiang saw this boy, thought of the weirdness of Su Ping, and immediately took him from the air, and said: “What’s the matter with you, didn’t you just let Mr. Su lead the way? Where did you go? ?”

The young man looked at Su Ping’s face, dumbfounded, and heard Han Yuxiang’s accusations before reacting, and said with trepidation, “Vice, deputy dean, I did lead Mr. Su in, Mr. Su. Su also chose to challenge, but, but I don’t know why, he will be here…”

“talk nonsense! You said Mr. Su was challenged, what about his challenge record?” Han Yuxiang said angrily.

The young man is like enlightenment, his eyes become more and more horrified. Looking at Su Ping in front of him is like looking at the evil spirits in the world, saying: “Remember, record some, I have recorded it, right here.”

He raised the bronze book in his hand. The previous bronze book recorded Pei Tianyi’s challenge record.

Han Yuxiang was a little suspicious when he saw him like this, and said: “What record?”

The boy quickly hugged the copper book, trot to the black giant tablet next to him, and embedded the copper book in the groove below.

As the copper book was embedded, the black giant tablet seemed to be activated, and the golden light, the next moment, emerged from the bottom. This golden light climbed up rapidly and came to the first position in a blink of an eye.

And here is Pei Tianyi’s name.

The next moment golden light rises and opens another column above Pei Tianyi, pushing Pei Tianyi to the second place.

A new name emerged there.

Mr. Su.

Under the number of layers behind this name, there is the number thirty-three.

Everyone is silent.

There were some commotions in the crowd before, and the needles were dropped instantly.

Everyone stared blankly at the flashing golden light name and the exaggerated number behind it.

Pei Tianyi was also stunned, his expression a little sluggish.


Isn’t this cleared? !

This record is 11 layers higher than the most outstanding student of innate talent in the history of True Martial Academy! !

This gap is like a joke.

Han Yuxiang and Mo Fengping, Xu Kuang and the others were also dumbfounded and a little confused.

Su Ping just glanced at it and didn’t feel much. This ranking and record and so on are not rare for him. Finding Su Lingyue is more important, and he doesn’t feel much about these things that have no substantial benefit. It’s not as good as one more wealthy customer in his shop is happy.

“Really, really…”

Under the black giant tablet, the boy was dumbfounded.

What is displayed on the recording instrument is actually true!

“Let you go and call your dean over, so hurry up, otherwise there will be a major event, and I will not be responsible.” Su Ping pulled Han Yuxiang back from Dane, and said in an angry tone.

He has limited patience. At this moment, he is a little anxious to find Su Lingyue, and he has to deal with this hole.

Han Yuxiang came back to his senses, looked at Su Ping in a daze, and said: “Boss Su, you, you really came out from the top?”

“Do you have money to lie to you?”


Han Yuxiang was choked, money? Is this a colloquial saying that you can say?

He didn’t dare to say any more, but his heart was tumbling. When he knew Su Ping’s age, his impact on him was strong enough. Now that Su Ping directly broke into 33rd-layer, he was even more confused.

However, thinking of all the deeds Su Ping was spreading outside, he suddenly felt more acceptable.

It’s just that he is a little confused now.

How can a person under the age of 24 cultivation to such a degree?

This is no longer a genius, but a monster, even a terrifying monster!

Even if you leave Earth and throw into the Interstellar Federation, you are all first-class geniuses?

Thinking of this, Han Yuxiang looked towards Su Ping and became more in awe. This is a powerhouse that will stand out from Earth sooner or later and gallop in Starry Sky!

There have been many geniuses on Earth, and some have fallen, but there are still a lot of them. They have entered the broader Interstellar Federation and have better development.

shook the head, Han Yuxiang didn’t think about it anymore, but asked: “You are looking for the dean over here?”

“I told you that you don’t understand. Anyway, it’s the major event, which is about the survival of your True Martial Academy, and even about the survival of the entire Asian continent.” Su Ping didn’t say anything politely when he saw his ink painting.

Han Yuxiang was startled, looking at Su Ping’s indifferent expression, he didn’t feel like cracking a joke, and his heart became even more dazed.

It’s about the survival of the Asian continent?

Didn’t Su Ping come to look for the younger sister before? How did you find half of it and suddenly such news popped up?

If you have come with such news a long time ago, then you can go to the dean directly.

He couldn’t figure it out, but seeing Su Ping’s face and his impatience, he didn’t dare to say any more, so he said: “The Dean always Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail, I don’t If I know where it is, I will contact him to see if I can get in touch…”

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up.”

“en. ”

Han Yuxiang quickly took out the communicator and started contacting the dean.

The Pei Tianyi next to him has already came back to his senses and looked towards Su Ping again, but he didn’t even look at him when he saw Su Ping. He was looking at a place where there was no one, as if thinking about something.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. As the highest innate talent student in the True Martial Academy in the past century, he is also the most watched and respected student in this year. His challenge has been completely ignored!

“This guy…”

Pei Tianyi gritted his teeth slightly and clenched his fists.

He has never experienced this neglected feeling.

Through childhood, he is the most eye-catching genius. From his family, from school, to the True Martial Academy today, he is leading the way!

At this moment, he suddenly thought of those students who tried to challenge him before, but were directly ignored by him.

Could it be that in the eyes of the other party, he is that kind of person?

Thinking of this, Pei Tianyi became more angry and humiliated.

As Pei Tianyi’s face changed from time to time, the people around him were a little shocked when they heard Su Ping’s utterly unspoken words.

It’s about the life and death of True Martial Academy and Asia?

Are you kidding, this is a big deal, how does this boy know about such a thing?

Some people think that Su Ping is playing mystery and exaggerating, and some people are dubious.

“Yes, um, um, yes, that’s the one…”

Han Yuxiang got in touch, holding the communicator in both hands, showing a respectful attitude, and at the same time propped up the soundproof Formation beside him, and then he put down the communication after the other party finished talking and hung up the communication.

“Boss Su, the dean said he will come soon.” Han Yuxiang dismissed Formation and turned to Su Ping respectfully.

Su Ping nodded, immediately said: “What I asked you before hasn’t answered me yet. My younger sister has left from Longwu Pagoda. It was not missing here. Didn’t you find the route she left? “

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