Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 580


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Han Yuxiang was a little nervous, and said: “I checked, but the nearby monitoring Formation just failed at that time and something went wrong, so I couldn’t find it from the monitoring investigation.”


Su Ping showed a sneer on his face and said: “Your True Martial Academy is the 1st place school anyway, can monitoring Formation fail? It often fails, or does it occasionally fail?”

“Usually, there is no problem, but it happened this time…” Han Yuxiang said awkwardly.

“Really, don’t you want to tell me, is this a coincidence?”

“Uh, of course not. This is by no means a coincidence. At the time, I noticed that the situation was not right, so I checked all the surrounding monitoring Formation, but I didn’t find anything suspicious.” Han Yuxiang said quickly.

Su Ping squinted slightly and said: “Is it not found, or did I dare not ask or say when I found it?”

He has already seen the gathering of geniuses in this True Martial Academy. The forces behind these geniuses are complicated. Even Han Yuxiang, as a Titaned Limit powerhouse, does not seem to dare to be too public.

This can be seen from the previous student surnamed Pei who claimed to be a student of Han Yuxiang, who has no respect for the teacher.

Han Yuxiang complexion slightly changed, and immediately realized Su Ping’s thoughts, and felt that Su Ping is a bit difficult to deal with. Such thoughts and the city are definitely not something people in their twenties can think of, but Su Ping can enter Longwu. Ta, had already tested his age, and it was hard for him to imagine what kind of person it was to breed such a terrible guy.

“It’s not that I didn’t dare to ask, I really didn’t find it.” Han Yuxiang had no choice but to say, a little wronged.

Su Ping coldly snorted, ignored him, and said: “Take me to see the surrounding monitoring Formation, I want to see that day.”

“en. ”

Han Yuxiang immediately nodded, and he has kept the monitoring records, so he knew that he might use it.

“If the dean comes…” He stopped talking.

“I’ll be here when I come, just ask him to come to me.”

“Well, all right.”

Han Yuxiang did not dare to disobey Su Ping. Although the dean is also Legendary, Su Ping is a monster who can kill Legendary. He knows a thing or two about the realm of Legendary. It is learned that the dean is not Rank-2 in Legendary. It’s only the Rank-1 segment, and the ancestor of the Qing Family killed by Su Ping is also the Legendary Rank-1 segment.

From this point of analogy, he feels that Su Ping’s combat power should be both equally excellent to the dean. If you include the legendary in the Su Ping store, who retired the original, then Su Ping is definitely better than the court. The existence of long and daunting.

Mo Fengping next to him saw Teacher’s awe of Su Ping and was a little silent. He felt Han Yuxiang’s deep fear of Su Ping along the way.

The origins of this young man became more and more unclear to him.

Pei Tianyi next to him heard Su Ping’s words, and a sullen flashed in his eyes. Although he was very proud, the position of the dean in his heart was no worse than that of Han Yuxiang, who taught him.

That is Legendary powerhouse after all!

Moreover, not only the cultivation base, but also the dean’s life history, and his handling of things are all people who are enough to admire him, but Su Ping’s attitude seems indifferent, which makes him a little hard to accept.

However, he is not stunned. Although he is angry, he also knows that if the record is true, he is probably not Su Ping’s opponent.

Looking at Han Yuxiang’s attitude towards Su Ping, one can also take a look.

With Han Yuxiang leading the way and Su Ping follow closely from behind, Pei Tianyi also silently followed behind. If you want to see, you can also meet the dean by the way.

There are not a few students who have the same thoughts as Pei Tianyi. Many students have followed, wanting to see what major events will happen.

Soon, everyone moved from in front of the Longwu Pagoda to a pavilion, where the entire academy was monitored.

Han Yuxiang ordered the students behind to wait outside and only bring in Su Ping and Mo Fengping, Xu Kuang, Pei Tianyi and the others.

When he came to the monitoring office, Han Yuxiang asked Chief-In-Charge here to call up the records of the day.

Su Ping is standing in front of the instrument and watching.

The illusory projection shines in the spacious hall, which is the surveillance record around the Longwu Pagoda.

Su Ping saw the silhouette of Su Lingyue in the surveillance records. After a while, the other party seems to have grown a lot, and the temperament of the whole person has also become cold, no longer like the dragon river, like a arrogant and naughty Little girl.

A person is away from home, independent for a period of time, growth and changes are too fast.

Su Ping watched silently, his thoughts flying.

After watching for about half an hour, there was a commotion outside and there were bursts of exclamation.

Several people in the hall were shocked. Mo Fengping, Xu Kuang, Pei Tianyi and the others turned their heads and looked towards the door, faintly guessing something, and there was excitement in their eyes. In contrast, Pei Tian The expression of the clothes is the most constricted, but the divine light is revealed in the eyes, with a certain expectation.

Soon, an old man wearing a white soft cloth robe came from outside the door.

Wearing a blue hat on his head, like an old schoolboy.

There is a refined and calm temperament all over the body, but if you feel it carefully, you can feel a sense of vastness and restraint.

“The Dean.”

“Hello Dean.”

“The student has met the dean.”

Several people said hello quickly, with different words.

Han Yuxiang hurriedly greeted the dean when he saw the dean, and said, “The dean, you are here, Mr. Su has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“I know.”

old man slightly nodded, then looked towards the young man in the hall watching the monitoring screen, a grave expression flashed in his deep eyes, and then his face calmly, with a kind smile, stepped forward and said: “This It’s the Inverse King Su Titled who was born not long ago, right?”

Inverse King?

Mo Fengping, Xu Kuang, Pei Tianyi and the others were all stunned, looking at Su Ping with wide-eyed eyes.

Su Ping is Inverse King? !

They are well aware of the meaning of this title. This is an exclusive title that surpasses the Titled Limit and can be comparable to the Legendary Titled!

There are fewer people who can get the title of Inverse King in history than Legendary!

Su Ping in front of me, is it an Inverse King? !

That Pei Tianyi’s eyes showed unbelievable color, which is unacceptable. This person who can enter the Longwu Pagoda and is of the same generation as him, not only has the cultivation base surpassed him, is it an Inverse King?

This combat power, the gap with him is no longer a little bit!

Thinking of the previous records of the Longwu Pagoda, Pei Tianyi’s heart suddenly twitched fiercely. If he was awarded the title of Inverse King, he would have that combat power to rush to 33rd-layer. It is indeed very possible.


His innate talent is already in the same class and has been hailed as the strongest student in a century by the True Martial Academy!

Compared with Su Ping, the gap between them is a bit exaggerated.

The gap between him and other ordinary students is bigger!

In this world, does such a monster really exist? !

Hearing the sound, Su Ping withdrew his gaze from the Formation, and at the same time raised his hand, a force was released to freeze the Formation so that he would not miss the things behind.

“Are you the dean?”

Su Ping looked at this old man with a blue cap but couldn’t cover his snow-white hair. He felt the transcendence on the other person. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said: “Are you Legendary?”

The old man laughed and said: “Just barely cultivation to Legendary that’s all, in front of Inverse King Su, not worth mentioning.”

“How to call?”

“Yun ten thousand li, Boss Su, if you don’t dislike it, you can call me old fogey, brother Yun.” Yun ten thousand li said with a smile.

When he heard what he said, Mo Fengping and Pei Tianyi and the others next to him were all shocked. Han Yuxiang was also surprised. Although he knew that Su Ping’s identity was comparable to Legendary, he didn’t expect to be Legendary. The dean, who was so humble in front of Su Ping, actually took the initiative to lower his status and came to call Su Ping a brother.

This is the first time he has lived for so many years.

This is Legendary!

“Okay, then I will call you Brother Yun. Next, I want to say something about Longwu Pagoda, which may not be convenient for others to hear. I will tell you alone first.” Su Ping said .

Yun ten thousand li startled, his face changed slightly, and he immediately said: “Okay, let’s go outside and talk first.”


Su Ping agreed, and the silhouette flashed and disappeared instantly.

Cloud ten thousand li startled, pupils shrink slightly, this is the teleportation of genuine!

Void Cave realm says that what Genius can do, Su Ping in front of him, is just the Tilted rank cultivation base, can it be displayed so easily? !

He was shaken in his heart, and he had already heard about the terrible Inverse King Su, and now he saw it with his own eyes.

No wonder you can make a big fuss in the tower, kill Legendary, and retreat!

Yun ten thousand li did not speak, turned and walked out of the hall, looked up, saw Su Ping’s silhouette standing high in the sky, and immediately got up and flew up.

Su Ping saw that the opponent did not teleport to keep up, and raised his eyebrows slightly. It seemed that it was just an ordinary Vast Sea realm Legendary. He thought that although the opponent was a Vast Sea realm, he had already realized the ability to teleport.

“Inverse King Su, tell me.” Yun ten thousand li raised his hand to place a Formation, solemnly.

Su Ping nodded, said: “Your Longwu Pagoda is not an ordinary test place. What is the origin? Do you know? I went into the tower to look for clues to my younger sister. I encountered something unexpectedly and the top of the tower was I smashed it through. The monsters in there didn’t know what they were afraid of and didn’t rush out, but I don’t know when they will rush out. Once they come out, with the power of those monsters, you can instantly destroy your True Martial Academy. .”

“At that time, the entire Longyang base city will be reduced to burial objects, including the entire sub-land area, and unless it is the Legendary in the peak tower, it will be impossible to stop it. “

Yun ten thousand li His face changed repeatedly, and finally he gave a wry smile and said: “I know it will be a disaster sooner or later!”

“How to say?”

“This Longwu Pagoda is indeed not an ordinary place. When the acting palace lord visited this place at the beginning of the year, he noticed the strangeness of this Longwu Pagoda and built a school here.”

“Later, as I explored, I found that this Longwu Pagoda is very not simple. It was listed as a forbidden place for a while!”

“Only later, under the exploration of three generations of palace owners, this place was reopened and became a place for students to test innate talent.”

Yun ten thousand li sighed, said with a bitter smile: “This Longwu Pagoda is a relic of the old age. It appeared on Earth before the Star pet era, but it was hidden deep underground. Later, in the Early Stage of the Star pet era, with the battle between the two first-generation Monster Kings, and the heaven falls and earth rends were fought, the Dragon Martial Tower was revealed from the ground.”

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. This Dragon Martial Pagoda was the broken finger of the Celestial Emperor who killed the Celestial Emperor. The Celestial Emperor was definitely a super powerhouse. A single broken finger can cut off time, bringing the illusion he had seen before. The picture, preserved from time and space, is definitely a cultivation base beyond imagination. Such a person is most likely a powerhouse in ancient times.

“Long Wu Pagoda is now broken by me. Can you solve the contents of the Pagoda?” Su Ping looked at the cloud ten thousand li.

Yun ten thousand li came back to his senses, the corners of the mouth twitched slightly, what you said, you broke, now come to ask me the solution?

Who broke this? Who will repair it?

Although he was speechless, Yun ten thousand li did not dare to say this directly. Su Ping was willing to call him over to discuss the matter. He had already seen that Su Ping was not too evil, otherwise there would be no need to bring it up. At that time, the sub-continental region has fallen. For Legendary powerhouse, Heaven and Earth are so big and have more accommodation.

“There is no way.”

Yun ten thousand li said: “When the three generations of palace masters opened this place, they had already figured out a solution. He arranged an Ancient Secret Formation outside the tower, which is a Divine Formation that specifically suppresses the evil spirits! “

“Looking back, I will invite a few friends over, and I will trouble Inverse King Su to accompany me to repair the top of the tower. As long as the Formation is still there, I can temporarily guarantee that there is no harm.”

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, relaxed in his heart, and said: “That’s okay, it seems that the basket I pierced is not too big, otherwise, I really have to kill all the monsters inside, which is quite laborious.”

Cloud ten thousand li is slightly dumb.

Although he only entered the Dragon Martial Pagoda when he was young, he found that the top floor inside it was extremely dangerous, and he wanted to kill all the Demon inside, almost It’s impossible, unless, as Su Ping said, the towers come out, including the master of the towers!

“Do you know why this Longwu Pagoda is only restricted to people aged 24 years old?” Su Ping asked again.

Yun ten thousand li shook his head and said: “I don’t know, this is a weird thing that has existed since it appeared, no one knows.”

Su Ping raises his eyebrows, it seems that this is the rule attached to the severed finger itself.

It’s just that this rule is a bit peculiar, maybe you will know by asking Joanna later.

“Since this can be solved, then I don’t need to worry about it. I will go ahead and do my business first.” Su Ping said, without thinking about it anymore, I will find Su Lingyue first.

“I heard that your younger sister is missing, can I help you?”

“Not yet.”

Su Ping said, his body flashed and he teleported back into the hall.

Looking at Su Ping who disappeared suddenly, the cloud ten thousand li was slightly stunned, and his face showed a bit of bitterness. He was a Vast Sea realm Legendary, and he could not master space teleportation. Su Ping and a Titled could perform easily. This is really slapped.

He had to fly down and also entered the hall.

Since he’s here, he can’t get rid of Su Ping and leave like this.

Seeing that Su Ping and the dean came back one after another, everyone in the hall looked at the two in amazement, not knowing what they had just talked about.

However, seeing the dean’s expressions being calmer, Han Yuxiang, Mo Fengping and the others were also slightly relaxed, and it seemed that the talk was going well.


Su Ping said to Han Yuxiang.

Han Yuxiang came back to his senses and immediately instructed the staff next to him to continue to assist Su Ping to look through the monitoring records.

Su Ping took a quick tour. Soon, all the monitoring on the day of Su Lingyue’s disappearance were finished. Several of the monitorings were invalid. Only the silhouette of her coming out of the dormitory and passing by other exercises could be seen.

Su Ping watched it again, but still didn’t find the doubt.

He browses frowned, thought for a moment, and said to Han Yuxiang: “Call me all the students who were in school that day, I want each and everyone to ask.”

Han Yuxiang was stunned and said: “each and everyone ask?”

“Since the monitoring fails, then these students are the best monitoring. In those failed monitoring places, most people will have seen her whereabouts.” Su Ping said.

Han Yuxiang couldn’t help turning his head and looked towards the dean.

Want to gather all the students and let Su Ping ask them one by one?

This kind of thing is difficult to do except for the opening ceremony or some extremely important activities.

Be aware that these students are all people with their own backgrounds. Which is an ordinary student, you can knead it at will and let you question it?

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