Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 581


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“Just do what Inverse King Su said.” Yun ten thousand li opened the mouth and said.

Seeing that the dean said so, Han Yuxiang was a little speechless and could only obey.

After Han Yuxiang left, Yun ten thousand li said to Su Ping: “Inverse King Su, your younger sister has disappeared in this school. I can’t shirk the old man, and the old man will definitely help find your younger sister. , And Wang Haihan.”

“Well, this matter has nothing to do with you. I entrusted it to Han Yuxiang to take care of him. If I really want to blame it, he must be his turn first.” Su Ping said.

Yun ten thousand li smiled bitterly, and had to say: “Inverse King Su, please move to Martial Peak. I will ask Yuxiang to call the students there.”



After half an hour.

On the huge mountainside in the center of the True Martial Academy, there are thousands of people standing on an extremely wide open space, all of them are students of the True Martial Academy.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why did you call us here suddenly?”

“The people who just heard Bae Shrine said that it seems that a great character came to the Academy, and the dean came back.”

“Really? I heard that the dean is Legendary. I have met three times in total. I saw it at the New Student Enrollment ceremony every year.”

“The news of Bae Shrine should be true, and no one would dare to pretend to be.”

“I just heard the news. It seems that a new record has appeared on Longwu Tower. I heard that someone rushed to 33rd-layer!”

“Did you drink fake wine, 33rd-layer? Why don’t you say three hundred 30th-layer.”

“That is, God Pei has only reached 17 layers. The strongest genius in our school’s history has only reached the 22nd floor. You tell me 33rd-layer, do you dare to believe this kind of rumors?”

There was a low voice of discussion in the square, and the students were all three to five groups, each with their own club forces.

“I don’t know what great character is, it can make everyone gather here.”

In one place in the crowd, a few silhouettes stood here. In the middle of the station was Qin Shaotian. His complexion is gloomy, a little less energetic and a little more gloomy than before.

Beside him are Liu Qingfeng and Ye Longtian, as well as Zhou Family’s Young Master Zhou Yun.

“Who cares about him, it doesn’t matter to us anyway, damn it legs, it’s still gathering here, delaying my cultivation, annoying!” Ye Longtian said in a low tone.

Liu Qingfeng glanced at him. He really didn’t understand why Ye Family chose such a brash man to be the Young Master. Ye Family will surely suffer an extinction.

“Look, the one standing over there, isn’t it Xu Kuang?”

Zhou Yun next to him suddenly said, pointing to the high platform in front of the crowd.

Several people followed his line of sight, all in a daze.

It’s really Xu Kuang!

They have met each other in the elite league. The big black dog of Xu Kuang summon made them quite jealous and deeply impressed.

It’s just that after coming to the True Martial Academy, I learned that the big black dog is the pet beast of the Xu Kuang lease. After a series of tests, he himself did not get satisfactory results and soon became a freshman. The bottom of the class exists, and the living conditions are extremely tragic. Didn’t expect is actually on that high platform now.

“Strange, why is that guy there?” Liu Qingfeng was also a little confused.

Ye Longtian raised his eyebrows and said: “Couldn’t this guy provoke someone again? If he commits a crime, he will be punished publicly?”

Zhou Yun nodded and said: “Seeing that he has no injuries, it is probably true. This guy is considered bad luck. So, I don’t have real ability. Don’t pretend to be forceful. I will use my pet beast. You have to pay it back, or you have to rely on yourself.”

Liu Qingfeng shook the head, somewhat speechless.

Although they are both born in the Dragon river, Xu Kuang is different from them. They are not from Five Great Families. They are not familiar with them. The other party did not take the initiative to seek refuge with them. In the Academy, they are separated from each other.

When a few people were communicating, suddenly a cry of exclamation sounded from a distance. Soon, the surrounding discussion disappeared, only a few people called: “coming!”

The eyes of everyone converged to one place ahead.

Several silhouettes flew under everyone’s attention.

“Yes, is it him?!”

Seeing one of the silhouettes, Qin Shaotian, who was staring at him, suddenly widened his eyes, with an incredible expression on his gloomy face.

It was that guy? !

“It’s really him!” Ye Longtian’s eyes widened too.

Liu Qingfeng also looked wrong.

Zhou Yun was startled and said: “Why is he here…”

In the crowd not far away from them, a young silhouette also had a ghostly expression on his face, unbelievably, he is Mu Family Young Master, Mu Chen.

Among the few silhouettes that came out at the moment, two of them he knew were Vice Dean Han Yuxiang, and the most mysterious and Legendary Dean of True Martial Academy, Yun ten thousand li.

But among them, it was Su Ping!

The Su Ping he saw in Dragon river!

He is here, and beside the dean? !

“Mu Chen, do you know?” Next to a slender figure, the girl with a face turned to look towards him, and the expression asked coldly.

Mu Chen stared at the front in a daze, for a moment he did not hear the girl next to him.

Seeing Mu Chen reacting in this way, the girl was a little surprised. Mu Chen took refuge in her and behaved very well all the time. This was the first time she was so rude.

But seeing the terrified look on the latter’s face, she was also a little curious.


“Are they all assembled?” Su Ping glanced at the thousands of people gathered in the square and asked Han Yuxiang beside him.

Han Yuxiang hurriedly said: “Basically everything is here.”

Su Ping slightly nodded, said to the cloud ten thousand li next to him: “Dean, you will help me cross-examine in a while. You have more prestige among these students. If you ask, they should not dare to lie. “

Cloud ten thousand li startled, thought about it, nodded and said: “Also.”

These students don’t know Su Ping’s identity and may not answer seriously. Su Ping has such concerns, and he can understand.

Su Ping whispered a few words with Yun ten thousand li, Yun ten thousand li nodded, expressing understanding.

After that, after waiting for a few people to stand still, Yun ten thousand li took a step, and a sincere and gentle voice enveloped the audience, saying: “This time we gathered all the students, mainly because one of our students is missing. I believe it will not Few people also know this student, who is the newly enrolled student this year, student Su Lingyue.”

“Student Su disappeared a week ago, shortly after leaving Longwu Pagoda, there was no news. I don’t know which student saw her on the day of her disappearance.”

When I heard Yun ten thousand li, many students below looked at each other in blank dismay.

Didn’t expect such a huge gathering of everyone, actually want to ask about this.

“Is that Su Lingyue who is very eye-catching among the freshmen?”

“Yes, that’s the guy who rushed to the 10th floor when he first arrived, and it didn’t take long to rush to the 14th-layer!”

“It turned out to be her. I heard that she is expected to be comparable to Pei Shen’s record back then.”

“She was missing, I just heard about it.”

“Why did you look for it after missing for so long? Who is the person next to the dean of the station? Is it also from our university? Why have I never seen it?”

The audience discusses spiritedly.

Qin Shaotian and the others, standing in the crowd, all came over suddenly.

“It turns out that he came to find his younger sister.”

“Su Lingyue is missing.”

“This guy can actually let the dean come and help him find a younger sister, which is outrageous. I heard that the dean is Legendary.”

Liu Qingfeng and Ye Longtian are both surprised. Although they know that Su Ping is very strong, this is the True Martial Academy. Even if they are here, they have to be honest when they come here. As a result, Su Ping can invite the courtyard here. It seems that this energy is too big.

“This guy…” Qin Shaotian squinted slightly and clenched his fists. He came to True Martial Academy to narrow the gap with Su Ping.

When I saw Su Ping again, it turned out to be like this.

The opponent is on stage, he is offstage.

The other party was accompanied by the dean. He was facing a student’s difficulties not long ago, and he didn’t even dare to talk back!



Following Yun ten thousand li’s question, not long after, some students raised their hands to give feedback.

Yun ten thousand li and Su Ping flew forward together, inquiring and listening carefully.

Some people say they have seen it outside Longwu Pagoda, and some say they have seen it on Grand Dao somewhere in the Academy.

Some people say they have seen it at the entrance to the Academy’s forbidden area, in front of the Demonic beast.

Continuously questioned dozens of people.

“You said, she left with classmates Nangong and classmate Monsoon?”

“en. ”

The nodded students are a little nervous, and they are quite cautious when facing the cloud ten thousand li.

Su Ping has been following Yun ten thousand li, and upon hearing this, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Yun ten thousand li looked up and said: “Where are Nangong and Monsoon?”

The crowd looked at each other, no one answered.

After half a minute, someone whispered: “Reporting back to Dean, I, I am here.”

Su Ping and Yun ten thousand li looked towards the person who spoke, is a young student.


Su Ping silhouette flashed, arrived in an instant, and came to this student.

This sudden appearance made the student unresponsive and startled. After seeing Su Ping clearly, his face turned pale and a little nervous.

Yun ten thousand li felt the murderous aura spilling over Su Ping’s body, and flew over quickly, saying: “Inverse King Su, don’t worry, wait for me to ask first.”

“My younger sister went with you, where did I go?” Su Ping’s eyes were like knives, staring at the young man.

The young man was startled, his face changed, he looked towards the dean, hesitatingly said: “Master dean, I don’t know, I haven’t met Student Su. The person just said nonsense, or he I remembered it wrong. I was cultivation that day and didn’t go out at all.”

Yun ten thousand li startled slightly, turned and looked towards the previous student, and signaled to Han Yuxiang to bring him over.

Han Yuxiang picked up the student and flew to Su Ping’s side.

“Have you read it wrong, or did you remember it wrong?” Yun ten thousand li looked at the student.

The student was a little nervous. He looked at the cloud ten thousand li, then looked at the youth monsoon in front of him, and said weakly, “But, maybe I remembered it wrong.”

“You lied.”

Su Ping said suddenly.

But he did not say this to this nervous student, but to the young man in front of him, saying: “Your heartbeat frequency, the sweat from your pores, all show that you are lying, you are very nervous, and It’s abnormal tension. I’ll ask you again, where did you see her last? Or, did you cause her disappearance?!”

The young man’s eyes just showed a hint of relaxation. Hearing Su Ping’s words, his body suddenly tightened again. Seeing Su Ping’s overbearing icy eyes, he gritted his teeth slightly and said: “Why are you squirting? You are Su Lingyue’s big brother? I said, I was in cultivation that day and I never met her at all. Who can prove that I met her?”

“I said, you are lying.” Su Ping stared at him.

“Why do you tell me to lie? What is my monsoon status, I never bother to lie!” The young man couldn’t help but anger.

Han Yuxiang secretly shouted inwardly. He wanted to persuade him, but it was too late.

With a snap, Monsoon’s neck tilted to one side, and a bright red palm print appeared on his face.

This crisp applause spread all around, and the students watching here were stunned, their eyes widened.

This monsoon is a senior student. He is about to graduate, and he is considered an influential figure in the university. He has a very strong combat power and already has a combat power comparable to the Titaned rank. There is still an ancient Great Family behind him. Slap in public? !

“I will ask you again, where did she go!”

Su Ping stared at him with cold eyes.

The young man tilted his neck blankly, and it took several seconds to react. He felt the shocking glances from the people around him. Suddenly he felt the blood flow backward, and his entire neck was flushed.

“You, did you hit me?!”

“Do you know who I am?!”

Monsoon is a bit mad, but in front of all the teachers and students, he was slapped and humiliated, and he felt that he was about to lose his mind.

In the crowd in the distance, Qin Shaotian and the others were shocked when they saw this scene. They looked at each other and were a little dumb. Didn’t expect this guy to come to True Martial Academy and behave as fiercely as ever. And in front of the dean, this courage is too fat!


Suddenly a dull sound sounded, Su Ping raised his hand and patted down. The roaring monsoon suddenly shook his body, and sank fiercely on the ground beside him, splitting the cobweb-like gaps, and monsoon’s clothes They all exploded and slumped on their bodies like broken strips.

On his body, one after another blood crack appeared.

Monsoon’s expression fell into a sluggish, seemingly dumbfounded.

The cloud ten thousand li next to him shrank slightly, showing a bit of surprise.

He could see the mysterious palm of Su Ping. He didn’t shoot this monsoon to death, but he shot it directly to the point of death, with extremely serious injuries.

The key is down. With this destructive power, he should have directly killed the monsoon. As a result, he did not die. The control of this power is exquisite!

As the dean of the True Martial Academy, which focuses on martial arts, Yun ten thousand li admires and understands the Battle pet master Secret skill even more, knowing how rare it is to control this power!

“There is another named Nangong, right? Call me here.” Su Ping complexion is gloomy.

Yun ten thousand li startled, looking at the monsoon, the other party has fallen into a semi-fainted state, only a breath is left.

He was a little bit unbearable and wanted to persuade, but seeing Su Ping’s killing intent on his face, he still held back, looked up and said, “Where is Nangong classmate?”

When I heard the dean’s words, the students around were all stupefied, looking at Su Ping with some surprise.

At this moment, everyone can see that this boy is not simple.

I followed the dean before, I thought it was just a supporting role, maybe it was the discipline the dean received.

But didn’t expect, now that he hurts people in public, the dean didn’t blame him, his identity is a bit scary.

Moreover, being able to shoot the monsoon like this with one palm is really scary.

“It seems that an amazing person has arrived.”

Among the crowd, beside Mu Chen, the girl who looks like use strength to bully the weak slightly squinted her eyes, her eyes are like crescents, showing a bit of interest and solemnity.

Beside her, Mu Chen was completely stunned.

He didn’t expect that the guy who was fierce in the Dragon river would dare to be so irritable when he came to the True Martial Academy!

You know, since he was beaten severely at the True Martial Academy, he has already recognized reality.

Dragon river is just a small place after all.

No matter how fierce it is in a small place, it is just a small shrimp jumping in the pond. When you reach the sea, you will meet the real overlord sooner or later.

But Su Ping in front of him now seems…still a hegemon.

Too fierce!


After waiting for two minutes, no one answered in the crowd.

Yun ten thousand li slightly frowned, at this moment, someone suddenly said weakly and weakly: “Master Dean, Nan Senior seems to be still cultivating in the Tomb of God, and has not come over.”

Su Ping heard frowned, “Tomb God Forest?”

Yun ten thousand li immediately replied: “The Tomb God Forest is a land of cultivation in my school. There are some ancient Demonic beast bones in it. These bones have the energy that Demonic beast once lingered. They are extremely fierce and can exercise. Spiritual, strong willpower, long-term cultivation in it, it is not easy to be intimidated by the deterrent skills of Demonic beast.”

“Really, take me there.”

Su Ping said.

Yun ten thousand li nodded, said: “It just so happens that the forest of the tomb is not far away, you come with me.”

After speaking, he flew in front.

Su Ping follow closely from behind.

When Han Yuxiang saw this, he quickly followed along. After all, if he didn’t find Su Lingyue, he felt that he would suffer a little too.

The many students present looked at each other in blank dismay, how come they all ran away, and they continue to stand like this?

Soon, someone from the crowd rushed out and followed.

The girl next to Mu Chen also set off to catch up, ignoring the rules here.

Being in front of the crowd, Pei Tianyi also set off to chase him, the rays of light in his eyes flickered, didn’t expect Su Ping more domineering than he thought, in front of all the teachers and students of the entire True Martial Academy. Dare to shoot.

He has seen the monsoon and challenged him several times. Although he has failed, he knows that the other party is not weak and is a worthy companion.

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