Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 582


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“Let’s go too.”

In the crowd, Qin Shaotian saw the silhouettes of some students flying out, his eyes flickered slightly, and he whispered.

Liu Qingfeng and Ye Longtian and the others hesitated, but saw that Qin Shaotian had left, so they had to grit their teeth followed along.

sou sou several times, several people quickly rushed out of the crowd, followed the direction of Su Ping, the dean and the others, and hurried towards the tomb god forest not far away.

With Pei Tianyi and some Fengyun-level students in other institutions taking the lead, many students with a lot of background couldn’t hold back, and they broke away from the team and chased them up.

The academic advisors who were in charge of maintaining order around the square saw this and wanted to stop them, but when they saw Pei Tianyi and other top students taking the lead, they all had headaches, so they had to bump some of them in front of them, and students with relatively ordinary backgrounds stopped them. under.

Those with high background, they can’t stop them, and they cannot afford to offend.

In particular, Pei Tianyi’s this level is higher than some teachers in the academy. As long as he doesn’t commit a major taboo, he will not be punished.



“We are here.”

Ten minutes later, Su Ping, Yun ten thousand li, Han Yuxiang, and the others came to a jungle. The jungle was full of purple bamboos, and the bamboos exuded strange dark rays of light, which looked very gloomy.

“This is the Tomb God Forest.”

Han Yuxiang chased a little bit, saying: “The land of the tomb god is behind the purple town of Divine Bamboo. These purple towns of Divine Bamboo are found in the unknown world in the crack of Starry Sky. They can absorb the dirty and evil spirits. Suppress fierce hostility, rely on them to isolate the land of the tomb god, otherwise the dirty air inside will erode the entire Longyang base city.”


Yun ten thousand li slightly nodded, the expression is also a bit solemn.

At this time, a silhouette flew out of the Zizhu jungle, walking in the sky, and came to several people.

This is a burly middle age person. He was a little surprised when he saw the cloud ten thousand li. He quickly knelt down on one knee and said: “I have seen the dean, are you here?”

“No need to be polite.” Yun ten thousand li held his palm up, raised his body, and said: “I’m here to find Student Nan, is he here?”

“Student Nan?” The middle-aged Titled was taken aback, glanced at Han Yuxiang next to him, and immediately realized what could allow the dean and deputy dean to visit in person, there must be a major event.

He hurriedly said: “Dean, what you are talking about is Nan Fengtian from the South of Setting Sun City? He is indeed here. He came yesterday, but he hasn’t come out for cultivation.”

Yun ten thousand li relaxed, nodded said: “That’s good, you can call him and let him come out quickly.”

The middle-aged Titled hurriedly nodded, and then turned over the palm, took out a dark stone and injected it with star force. This stone was engraved with the word nineteen. As the star force was injected, it immediately glowed with pride.

“19 layers?”

Han Yuxiang was a little surprised to see the numbers on the black stone.

After the middle-aged Titled injected the star force, he put his hand down, lightly said with a smile: “Yes, Nan Fengtian is indeed a descendant of the sunset Old Ancestor, the innate talent is so good, in Willpower, it is estimated that Ranked first in our university, even your student of the deputy dean is not as good as him.”

The student he referred to was naturally Pei Tianyi, not someone else.

Han Yuxiang has a large number of students, but he is still a student, and he is the only one who can rival this Nan Fengtian.

In the Academy, it is called Pei Nan Guo Ji.

refers to the four extraordinary natural talents, the strongest students in this year.

Pei Tianyi ranked first with strong battle strength, and was honored as “God Pei” by many students. This student Nan Fengtian, with Willpower that surpasses ordinary people, ranks second and is also highly regarded by many students. Respect.

When several people were talking, there was a sound of wind behind them.

The leader is Pei Tianyi, 100 meters behind him, is a young girl, showing extremely quick posture, also not to be left behind.

Soon, Pei Tianyi jumped into the Tomb God Forest and stood behind Su Ping and the others.

The young girl also arrived in a flash, falling beside Pei Tianyi.


Seeing Pei Tianyi, the girl glanced at him, a little annoyed.

She obviously ran first, but was actually caught up by the opponent, which made her hate gnash the teeth. This was also considered a discussion between them, and she lost again.


The middle-aged Titled faced Su Ping and the others, and just saw Pei Tianyi and the young girl chasing behind them. He was a little surprised, with a smile on his face, and said: “Classmate Pei and classmate Guo are here, too. Lively.”

Han Yuxiang turned his head and took a look, and saw Pei Tianyi and the girl standing side by side, a little speechless. The two of them didn’t want to stay in the square well, and when they came here, he was too late to blame.

It’s good to have such talented students, but they are always disobedient and have a headache.

Not long after, there was another gust of wind surging one after another, and more silhouettes used secret skills, chasing them with their peculiar physical skills, and stood behind Pei Tianyi and the girl without passing them. There is no tie.

Han Yuxiang saw these students who followed one after another, and found that they were all those talented guys in the academy. He couldn’t help but get even more headaches, so he chose to ignore it.

Since you want to follow it, let’s watch it.

“Hey, who is that guy?”

Beside Pei Tianyi, the girl looked at Su Ping’s back with interest, and asked Pei Tianyi next to her.

Pei Tianyi is slightly frowned, indifferently said: “What does it have to do with you?”

“You straight guy, just ask, do you need to be so stunned?” The girl glanced at him, said ill-humoredly.

Pei Tianyi didn’t bother to care about her, staring at Su Ping’s back, a scene in front of Longwu Pagoda appeared in his mind, and his fingers could not help but clenched.

“I heard that this person seems to be the big brother of the freshman Su Lingyue? No, I don’t think he looks very old. He is actually a Tilted rank. Then Su Lingyue said that he has no background, why siblings the two Are innate talents so high?” The girl put one hand on her waist and the other hand resting her chin, tapping her fingers on her cheek lightly, talking to herself.

Pei Tianyi came back to his senses, a deep color flashed in his eyes, and said: “He is less than twenty-four years old.”

“en?” The girl didn’t expect that he could talk, and the words had no beginning or end, surprisedly said: “What?”

Pei Tianyi ignored her again.


“Not out yet?”

Su Ping looked at the swaying bamboo forest ahead, his face was slightly gloomy, and said: “How long will I have to wait?”

The middle-aged Titled also noticed Su Ping at this time, said curiously: “This is this?”

“This is Inverse King Su.” Yun ten thousand li introduced.

“Inverse King?” The middle-aged Titled was startled, his eyes widened, “Is that Titled?”

Cloud ten thousand li slightly nodded.

The middle-aged Titled opened his mouth slightly, a little surprised. Inverse King is above the Titled Limit and can rival King beast and Legendary. Is this boy in front of him such a character?

“It seems that it’s a long time, you can hurry up again.” Han Yuxiang also felt that it was almost time to come out. He looked at both eyes, but still didn’t see anyone, and said to the middle-aged Titled.

The middle-aged Titled was taken aback, came back to his senses, and hurriedly said: “Then I will press it again.”

Su Ping frowned and said: “Can’t you just go in?”

Han Yuxiang shook his head slightly and said: “The cultivation venues in the Tomb God Forest are all separate. Once someone enters to occupy it, the closed Formation will be activated. It can only be opened from the inside or unlocked the Formation Secret Formation. Unraveling the array is quite troublesome and complicated, and it also takes time. Let’s wait.”

Yun ten thousand li is also slightly nodded, saying: “Wait a minute, Nan classmate is in 19 layers cultivation, the degree of danger there, even the Tilted Limit, may be infected, mentally disordered, or wait It’s best for him to come out by himself.”

Su Ping was slightly silent, and said to the middle-aged Titled: “Help me push it down again.”

“Okay.” The middle-aged Titled hurriedly agreed, saying that he urged energy to be injected into Blackstone again.

Black Rock glowed with pride and slowly dissipated.

After a quarter of an hour, there was still nothing inside.

Han Yuxiang complexion slightly changed, and asked in surprise: “Student Nan won’t have any accidents inside, right?”

Yun ten thousand li is also frowned and said: “It is possible, after all, he is only Rank-8 Grand master, 19 layers in the Tomb God Forest is too reluctant.”

Su Ping showed a cold light in his eyes, stepped out and flew directly to the forest of the tomb god.

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