Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 583


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“Boss Su!”

“Inverse King Su!”

Han Yuxiang and Yun ten thousand li hurriedly cried out in unison when they saw Su Ping’s behavior.

The cloud ten thousand li silhouette flickered, purple lightning appeared between the sleeves, his silhouette appeared in front of Su Ping almost instantly, saying: “Inverse King Su, wait a minute, there are a lot of restrictions on the secret array inside. The formation leads to separate cultivation places. If you want to go to 19 layers, you can only wait for Nan classmates to come out of it, or wait for me to unlock the secret array restriction of 19 layers. Otherwise, you will be the demon in the forest of the tomb god. The corpse baleful qi attacked, even Void Cave Realm Legendary couldn’t stand it…”

“Yes, Boss Su, don’t be impulsive.” Han Yuxiang also rushed to persuaded.

“It’s okay.”

Su Ping said.

His eyes were cold, with a resolute disregard for everything, he raised his hand, and a wave of power surged out, pushing the palm of his hand that was blocking the cloud ten thousand li aside.

next moment, Su Ping takes one step forward.


There is a faint strong wind in the air.

Su Ping’s silhouette appeared directly above the jungle of Divine Bamboo in Purple Town. In the void air around his body, a large array of one after another purple divine runes emerged, which enveloped Su Ping like a spider web. Isolated from the Tomb God Forest.

“Inverse King Su!”

Yun ten thousand li hurriedly called.

Su Ping raised his hand and touched it on Divine Formation.

With a bang, this secret array barrier bursts, the next moment, hong long long sound rang, and the whole sky seems to be Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move in an instant, the light is dimmed, and the originally blue sky suddenly gathers There are countless dark clouds covering the entire Tomb God Forest, or in other words, covering the entire True Martial Academy!


Yun ten thousand li Seeing this scene, I was so angry that I stomped my feet, and people who wanted to court death couldn’t persuade them!

If you rush so hard, it will provoke the baleful qi of the monster corpse in the Tomb God Woodland to attack, and even he will be dead!

No matter how strong Su Ping is, it is just a youngster after all. Even if the battle strength is strong, it is useless in front of the baleful qi of the monster corpse. The baleful qi of the monster corpse attacks Divine Soul. That’s why, the battle strength in the academy The first Pei Tianyi’s performance in the Tomb God Woodland is not as good as Nan Fengtian’s sake.


“This, is this too bold?”

Behind, the girl surnamed Guo by Pei Tianyi stared slightly, looking at the young man who tore the secret array forbidden to rush to the Tomb God Woodland. This is the Tomb God Woodland, which is not only the land of cultivation of the True Martial Academy, but also the True Martial. Colleges can be used as shelters when facing foreign attacks!

Failing to follow the secret array restriction route here will surely provoke the monster qi attack of the entire Tomb God Woodland. It is rumored that even Legendary will be killed!

Pei Tianyi was also stunned, obviously didn’t expect Su Ping to be so brave.

There was a trace of disappointment in his eyes, and he rushed to the tomb of the gods woodland. Su Ping was basically dead.

I thought it was an extremely rare super genius since ancient times. Didn’t expect to die in such a stupid way.

“Father said, geniuses are like crossing river carp. There are countless people, but there are only a few people who can laugh at the end. Innate talent is not a big deal, and innate talent can survive. It is the real powerhouse. ……” In Pei Tianyi’s mind, father’s childhood teaching appeared, looking towards the young boy’s eyes, the awe in his eyes faded and became a little indifferent.

No matter how stunning the legend left in Longwu Pagoda, when it dies, it is nothing.

The people behind the two were also stunned. They didn’t expect this boy to be so crazy!

“It’s over, he’s crazy!”

“Forbidden to break into the woodland of the tomb of God, this is a forbidden place in our school, Legendary dare not come!”

Among the crowd, Qin Shaotian and Liu Qingfeng and the others are both surprised and anxious. Although they have no friendship with Su Ping, they are all born in the Dragon river after all. Seeing Su Ping’s suicide actions at the moment, they are all somewhat Dumbfounded and angry.

They have been in True Martial Academy for less than half a semester, but they also know the terrifying place of this Tomb God Woodland. After all, it has been passed on from other students.

In history, Legendary once attacked the True Martial Academy. As a result, he broke his sword and sank the sand in the Tomb God Woodland, leaving the name of Legendary here!

This is where Legendary has to stop.

Some students come here for cultivation, and they are obediently and honestly, following the rules of this place, receiving the token of land of cultivation, and following the path restricted by the secret array. They dare not do other rash actions.

“Dragon river finally got talent, we are going to die here…”

“It’s not worth it!”

Zhou Yun and Ye Longtian are a bit speechless and heartache, Su Ping’s innate talent far exceeds them, and it is laughable and generous to die here.


Su Ping stands in the sky above the Divine Bamboo Forest in Zizhen.

The originally clear sky has completely darkened at this moment, and the air is violent wind erupted, it seems wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, the surrounding temperature has dropped a lot.

Behind the bamboo forest, a cloud of darkness rose up, and inside came an extremely harsh, numbing roar, which was full of weeping, madness, and ferocious emotions.

“Boss Su!”

Han Yuxiang turned pale and couldn’t help shouting.

He doesn’t want to see a genius like Su Ping just die here.

Su Ping didn’t look back, but felt the strong baleful qi surging around him. His eyes became colder and colder. Behind him, the outline of the potential domain gradually emerged.

“A group of dead souls, dare to howl!”

Su Ping faced the strong wind, stepping out.

The bitter and cold wind blew one of his hair wildly backwards, and his body stepped on the void under the eyes of everyone, and walked straight.

The dim baleful qi surged from all around. Those dark auras gathered into the outline of the huge Demonic beast, baring fangs and brandishing claws roaring towards Su Ping.

Su Ping step by step, go forward.


The roar of the ferocious beast resounded above the Tomb God Woodland, and a huge dragon head connected to the dark baleful qi suddenly swooped towards Su Ping.

At the moment the giant baleful qi head swallowed, Su Ping suddenly looked up.

A pair of extremely cold, brutal and bloodthirsty eyes emerged.

In an instant, the wind stopped.

The sound of the dragon’s whistle also stopped.

At the same time, in the dark potential behind Su Ping, a stalwart dark giant suddenly stepped out of it. This giant is holding the giant, taller than thousands zhang, and covered with sharp blades. At this moment It suddenly raised the shadow giant in its hand and slashed forward.

The great sword of shadow condensed with killing intent, wielding a dark sword energy.

With a bang, the condensed dragon head of the baleful qi burst open suddenly, and countless screams rang out from the inside, collapsed into scattered baleful qi, rushing to all directions.

The dark giant behind Su Ping also disappeared. However, Su Ping’s silhouette has become more and more eye-catching, and the murderous intent is permeated, like a Demon God.

As Su Ping walked forward step by step, all the baleful qi around retreated to the sides, and they didn’t dare to come closer!

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone behind, everyone’s eyes widened, revealing an incredible look of shock.

“This, this…”

Yun ten thousand li’s eyes widened, even if it was him, there was some lost self-control at the moment, and his face was full of horror.

He knows better than anyone the terrifying of Tomb God Woodland, however, Su Ping at this moment is even more terrifying than anyone he has ever seen!

The trembling murderous aura, even though he was far away, he could clearly feel that the skin all over his body was aroused by this murderous aura to get a layer of goose bumps.

If the Woodland of the Tomb God is the home of the dead souls, then Su Ping at this moment is the lord of the souls!

This body is fierce and hostile, I don’t know how much blood is stained to show it so clearly.

“Legendary is not, actually leading the Comprehend Momentum domain, it is still such a powerful and brutal potential domain… The potential domain is the manifestation of the soul, what is inside his heart?” Yun ten thousand li heart beating wildly, at this moment he Suddenly I understood why this young man was able to retreat with his whole body after making a fuss on the peak tower!

He was not there at the time, just listened to other Legendary’s brief talks, everyone seemed to be more taboo about this matter, and he understood that it was not a glorious thing after all.

But now it seems that there is obviously another reason.

This boy, too terrifying!

Han Yuxiang next to him was also full of horror, speechless.

Su Ping once again subverted his cognition. The previous incident at Longwu Pagoda has proved Su Ping’s age.

How did a monster who is less than 24 years old, rivals Legendary, and has such a terrifying mind bred?

Han Yuxiang didn’t dare to think about it. When thinking about the Legendary hidden in Su Ping’s store, he felt that Su Ping was too mysterious, and it didn’t even look like someone on Earth.

Behind them, Pei Tianyi, a young girl surnamed Guo, and the students behind them were all stunned.

This scene is beyond their imagination, they seem to see the hell open, and Demon King, walked out of it!

That boy, like is a Demon God!


Pei Tianyi stared blankly, somewhat absent-minded.

The girl beside him was also dumbfounded, with beautiful eyes wide open.



Su Ping step by step, crossed the sky above the Divine Bamboo Forest in Zizhen and entered the Tomb God Forest.

The surrounding baleful qi all evaded, and the shadows appeared behind him, one after another ancient silhouette with extremely vast aura faintly discernible in the potential area, but no one noticed.


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