Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 584


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A Su Ping surrounded by murderous aura, going all the way.

Perhaps because the Secret Array prohibition was broken, the mist that had originally enveloped the Tomb God Woodland dissipated and the field of vision widened.

This Tomb God Woodland is actually a low-lying basin. The deeper it goes to the center, the deeper the depression is. On the outermost steep slope, there are Formations connected by purple divine runes. These Formations only have an area of ​​ten square meters. Most of the Formations are it’s empty, and a few of the Formations are filled with one after another young silhouette, who should be students of True Martial Academy.

These Formations are like terraces, layered on top of each other, Su Ping’s line of sight extends forward, and the deeper, the less silhouette in the Formation.

At the very front, he saw a tiny silhouette sitting deep in the basin, the most forward position. He was undergoing cultivation at the moment, but it seemed that the other party had noticed something. Under Su Ping’s gaze, he broke away from the cultivation. come out.

Thinking that Han Yuxiang and the others heard the reaction of 19 layers before, Su Ping’s eyes instantly locked on the front student, cold light flashed in his eyes, and his body stepped forward.

The roar of the demon sounded, the wind was raging, and the surrounding baleful qi was surging, wanting to get close to Su Ping, but it seemed to be afraid of something, just accompanied by the silhouette of Su Ping, following the shadow on both sides.


19 layers of Tomb God Woodland.

In Formation.

Nan Fengtian slowly opened his eyes and frowned slightly. He felt that the baleful qi attack around him suddenly weakened a lot. In his mind, the howling and roaring Demonic beast Evil Thought seemed to shrink suddenly, which made him retreat. He was a little puzzled, this kind of situation, he had never encountered this kind of cultivation here.

Could it be that this treasure given by the family has worked?

He stretched his hand into his arms and took out a piece of jade from the inside of his chest.

This jade piece is shining with Yingying luster, and its shape is a bit irregular. It is nothing strange except for the fluorescent light it emits.

But Nan Fengtian knew that this treasure was extremely precious, and it was also because of his outstanding performance in the school that he applied for it from his family.

This is the treasure left by their family Old Ancestor. It can guard the soul. With this treasure, even facing the deterrent skills of King beast, it will be immune to it!

Such treasures, even Legendary will be greedy!

“If this thing can disperse the baleful qi, then the meaning of wearing this thing for cultivation here will not be so great…” Nan Fengtian muttered.

He wears this treasure and cultivation here is to be attacked and attacked by the baleful qi to the greatest extent while guarding the soul, so that the consciousness can be exercised to the greatest extent.

If this thing will weaken the attack of baleful qi, it is better not to wear this treasure in the 18th Layer cultivation in 19 layers cultivation.

Nan Fengtian shook his head slightly, and was about to get up and leave. At this moment, the surrounding Formation suddenly shook, and the purple divine runes that made up the Formation shook violently, directly revealing the original transparent color.

This shocking change made Nan Fengtian startled, his face suddenly changed slightly, such a situation has never happened, and he has never encountered it.

If something goes wrong, there must be a problem. Could it be that what happened to the Tomb God Woodland?

He didn’t dare to wait too much. Although it could be cultivation here, it was also a dangerous place. If there was any turbulence, it would stay here, and it would be very easy to happen.

Just as Nan Fengtian was about to leave Formation, the Formation in front of him suddenly split, and a silhouette full of dark demonic energy floated in from the Formation.

Seeing this silhouette surrounded by demonic energy, Nan Fengtian’s eyes shrank, couldn’t help backing up, his heart beating wildly, and said: “You, what are you?”

The demonic energy radiated from the opponent, he feels more terrifying than the silhouette manifested by the Demonic beast Evil Thought he encountered in his mind.

Is he still in cultivation?

Here is his consciousness world?

“Are you Nan Fengtian?” Su Ping looked down at him with cold and indifferent eyes.

Nan Fengtian stunned: “Do you know me?”

“Su Lingyue, do you know, where was the last time you saw her?” Su Ping said coldly.

Nan Fengtian was surprised and said: “Su Lingyue?”

Wow! Whoosh!

At this time, two figures came quickly, it was Yun ten thousand li and Han Yuxiang.

The surrounding baleful qi didn’t dare to approach Su Ping, Yun ten thousand li also chased in. Seeing Nan Fengtian’s astonished appearance, he immediately said to Su Ping: “Inverse King Su, if you have something, let’s go out and talk?”

“Court, Dean?”

When Nan Fengtian saw the flying clouds ten thousand li and Han Yuxiang, he was even more stunned. He felt more and more that he had not broken free from the cultivation. Otherwise, he would always see the head of the Divine Dragon But Not The Tail. Dean, how come here?


Su Ping glanced at this Nan Fengtian and didn’t say much.

Yun ten thousand li relaxed, he immediately grasped Nan Fengtian’s body, and then quickly returned with Han Yuxiang.

Su Ping also turned and flew away, exiting the Tomb God Woodland.

When Su Ping and Yun ten thousand li and the others returned, Pei Tianyi and the others in the open space outside the bamboo forest were sober. When they saw Nan Fengtian in Yun ten thousand li’s hand, they were all somewhat Astonished, didn’t expect that in such a short period of time, they entered the 19 layers of the Tomb God Woodland, which was an unattainable place for them.

Many people’s eyes fell on the boy. At this moment, Su Ping’s murderous aura has been reduced, but the previous scene like the birth of the Demon King still deeply shocked them and is unforgettable.

“Student Nan, Inverse King Su wants to ask you something, you should answer truthfully, don’t lie!” Yun ten thousand li put Nan Fengtian on the ground and said seriously.

After speaking, he glanced at Su Ping next to him.

At this moment, the status of Su Ping in his mind has been completely improved by several levels. Previously, he only regarded Su Ping as the strength of the ordinary Legendary. If he played against Su Ping, he should be able to reach 50-50.

But when that scene happened just now, he immediately realized that this boy can probably match the Void Cave realm Legendary, and even against some old Legendary who has been in the Void Cave realm for many years!

This is a strength that he is currently unattainable, and he is already old. If nothing else, he will be Vast Sea realm Legendary Peak at the end of his life.

Su Ping looked directly at him, with a chill in his eyes: “I’ll give you another chance, I don’t care what bloodline you are, even if the Legendary in your family is still standing in front of me, I will kill it together. !”

Nan Fengtian was a little stunned, this tone is too rampant!

The Legendary Old Ancestor in their family has long since passed away. He is the offspring of the Legendary family, the Legendary in the family, but the honor of all clansman in the past.

“You insulted Legendary, what kind of crime do you know?!” Nan Fengtian couldn’t help but anger.

Yun ten thousand li and Han Yuxiang were both shocked, Yun ten thousand li hurriedly said, “Shut up, Inverse King Su has the strength to kill Legendary, how did you talk to Inverse King Su? ?”

Nan Fengtian was drunk for a moment. After hearing Qingyun ten thousand li’s words, he was stunned.

Have the strength to kill Legendary?

Could it be that the young man in front of me is also a Legendary? !

His heart couldn’t help beating wildly, his blood was getting hot, and a lot of cold sweat was rapidly secreted from his pores.

The dean is Legendary, which he has known for a long time.

Will Legendary lie and deceive him?

“I, I damn…” Nan Fengtian reacted and knelt down quickly.

Thinking of Yun ten thousand li’s attitude towards Su Ping, he is sweating coldly at the moment, even the Dean, who is Legendary, is so in awe of this young man, his attitude is simply courting death.

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