Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 585


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“Don’t say these are useless, I ask you, where is Su Lingyue?”

Su Ping stared at Nan Fengtian closely. He had an instinct that Su Lingyue’s disappearance could not be separated from the other party.

Nan Fengtian’s face changed slightly, and he barely said with a smile: “Su, Inverse King Su Senior, I really don’t know where student Su is. I just learned about her disappearance. I have been cultivation these days. ……”


Nan Fengtian’s voice stopped abruptly, one of his arms broke, and blood burst out.

This sudden attack made Nan Fengtian completely unresponsive. When the pain struck, he looked towards Su Ping in horror. When he saw the strong killing intent in Su Ping’s eyes, he immediately knew that this young man was fundamentally If you don’t believe him, no matter what he says, you will be killed!

He couldn’t help holding the broken arm, backing backwards, and said in horror: “Before, Senior, you misunderstood me.”

“Inverse King Su!”

The cloud ten thousand li next to him couldn’t see it, and couldn’t help but utter a sound. He stopped in front of Su Ping and said, “Inverse King Su, if there is no evidence, I hope you will show mercy. My student of True Martial Academy is Legendary Bloodline. His ancestors sat in Abyss Cave and sacrificed for the great cause of mankind. His children should not be so humiliated…”

“Get out of the way!”

Su Ping’s voice is cold, killing intent.

“Inverse King Su!”

Yun ten thousand li’s face is ugly, and the breath is released from all over his body. Although he knows that he may not be Su Ping’s opponent, he just watched Su Ping indiscriminately killing students in his face. He couldn’t bear it.

“Boss Su, I know you have lost your younger sister…” Han Yuxiang also hurried forward, trying to persuade.

But at the next moment, with a whistling sound, Su Ping’s silhouette suddenly disappeared from the cloud ten thousand li, and moved directly to Nan Fengtian. He strangled Nan Fengtian’s throat with one hand and lifted his body.

Cloud ten thousand li eyes shrank, at the moment Su Ping disappeared, he knew it was not good. When he turned his head and looked around, he had already seen Su Ping killed in front of Nan Fengtian.

“Inverse King Su!”

Yun ten thousand li Can’t help but shouted out, full of beard and beard, really angry.

“No one can save you today. I’ll ask you again, where is Su Lingyue?” Su Ping looked at Nan Fengtian in his hand coldly, literally.

Nan Fengtian was suppressed by Su Ping’s imposing manner, feeling more terrifying than the oppression suffered by 19 layers in Tomb God Woodland. His face flushed red, and he squeezed out his voice and said, “You, why do you tell me to lie? , If you don’t have evidence, just slander it, good guy…”

“What I say is evidence. If I say you lied, then you lied.”

Su Ping’s eyes were cold, and he spoke extremely domineering words. At the same time, he couldn’t see how he acted. On Nan Fengtian’s chest, a sword mark drawn by the air appeared, and blood poured out.

“Don’t tell me, I will not only kill you, but I will also destroy your family!” Su Ping said indifferently and wildly.

Nan Fengtian saw Su Ping’s murderous and indifferent gaze, his heart was trembling violently, both scared and angry. He gritted his teeth and turned his attention to the cloud ten thousand li behind Su Ping. Squeezing out the voice: “Dean, save…”

Yun ten thousand li Seeing Nan Fengtian who fell into Su Ping’s hands, he didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking, and said angrily: “Inverse King Su, I treat you like a guest, but you are supercilious, do you really want to follow me? The True Martial Academy breaks, is it an enemy to the entire human race?!”

“What about breaking up, how about being an enemy?”

Su Ping turned his head slightly and glanced at him indifferently, “I haven’t been to the Pagoda, a group of assholes that’s all, if you talk more, I will kill you!”


Yun ten thousand li His eyes widened, and his face turned purple with anger.

Beside Pei Tianyi, a girl with the surname Guo and the others, they were all surprised and a little confused when they heard Su Ping’s words.

The Dean is Legendary, Su Ping dare to say that even the Dean will kill him?

Han Yuxiang was trembling next to him. He had heard some rumors of Su Ping, but he did not dare to persuade him at this moment, for fear that he would provoke this killer, and then the entire True Martial Academy would be bloodbathed!

Nan Fengtian’s pupil shrink in Su Ping’s hands was horrified. When Su Ping’s eyes fell on his face again, his heart beat wildly, his face turned pale, and his voice trembled : “I, I said, Student Su is in Abyss Cave…”

Su Ping didn’t expect that he disarmed so quickly. When he heard the four-character Abyss cave, he complexion changed, and his eyes shot out terrifying rays of light: “What did you say, say it again?!”

From the League of Kings, he learned about Abyss Caverns.

I also know that this is the place where the peak tower needs to be guarded by Legendary all year round, which is extremely dangerous.

Nan Fengtian was almost suffocated and exhausted all his strength before squeezing out a voice: “I, I didn’t lie…”

Su Ping’s eyes are like evil beasts that choose people to eat, staring at him, and after a few seconds, he restrains the killing intent in his heart, and relaxes his palms a little, icily said: “Why would she be in Abyss? Cave?”

Nan Fengtian trembled: “She, she wants to go by herself, and said she wants to exercise inside…”

Su Ping stared at him, slowly falling into silence.

At this time, Yun ten thousand li and Han Yuxiang also rushed to Su Ping’s side. Yun ten thousand li saw that Su Ping’s killing intent was gradually receding, and his heart became slightly relaxed. Then he glared at Nan Fengtian and said, “You Didn’t you just say that you don’t know, when did student Su go to Abyss Cave, why didn’t you stop her?”

“Yes, in such a dangerous place, even if Legendary goes in, it is possible to fall. Isn’t she courting death if she goes?” Han Yuxiang couldn’t help but said.

“I, I can’t persuade…” Nan Fengtian’s face was pale, somewhat aggrieved.

“You…” Yun ten thousand li looked at his innocent appearance, hate iron for not becoming steel sighed deeply, then looked towards Su Ping, and said: “Inverse King Su, without further ado, I will accompany you now You go find your younger sister together.”


Nan Fengtian was stunned, didn’t expect that Su Ping in front of him was actually Su Lingyue’s big brother.

His throat rolls and he can’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

At this time, Su Ping slowly raised his head. He glanced at Yun ten thousand li, and then his gaze fell on Nan Fengtian’s face. His tone was like stagnant water, and he said, “She won’t I went there for no reason. Even if I did, I would not deliberately avoid you. Why did the monitoring Formation in front of Longwu Pagoda fail? The monsoon has already explained it clearly.”

Nan Fengtian was startled, his face turned pale, his body trembling slightly, his knees suddenly softened, he knelt in front of Su Ping, and cried, “I, I really didn’t mean it, I just said that, she then went, I didn’t mean to harm her…”

Cloud ten thousand li Wrongly shocked.

Han Yuxiang was also stunned, and then the complexion became ugly.

Many students around were dumbfounded, didn’t expect normally in aloof and remote, Nan Fengtian with high and cold temperament would have such an unbearable side, this begging posture is really ugly.

And listening to this, it is obvious that the disappearance of the student Su was caused by him.

Su Ping looked down at him, a very strong killing intent flashed in his indifferent eyes, and with a bang, Nan Fengtian’s body in front of him suddenly burst, and his flesh and blood spattered.

The killing intent in Su Ping’s eyes also diminished, then turned around and said to Yun ten thousand li: “Where is the Abyss cave closest to your True Martial Academy?”

Cloud ten thousand li came back to his senses, looking at the stumps and blood everywhere, his face changed, and said to Su Ping: “The Abyss cave he just said should be the place guarded by our True Martial Academy , I will take you there now.”

Su Ping frowned, “In your institution?”

“en. ”

Yun ten thousand li nodded, he confessed to Han Yuxiang next to him: “Longwu Pagoda is temporarily closed, you send someone to guard it, I will accompany Inverse King Su to the Abyss cave, and I will return when I find student Su.”

Han Yuxiang was taken aback, nodded immediately, then looked towards Su Ping with shame, and said: “Boss Su, it’s all my fault, it’s my unfavorable care, I can’t shirk the blame…”

“If you don’t find it, you will go in for the funeral.” Su Ping only left one sentence and flew away.

Han Yuxiang opened his mouth slightly, his face was pale, and his body was on the verge of collapse.

Find Su Lingyue in Abyss Cave?

Even he dared not enter it alone.

Not to mention that Su Lingyue has been missing for a week, which means that she has been there for at least seven days. The probability of surviving is almost equal to zero!

Yun ten thousand li My face changed when I heard Su Ping’s words, but I knew that this was the end of the matter, so I could only pray that Su Ping’s younger sister had a vision, otherwise Su Ping really wanted to kill. He couldn’t stop it either.

From the moment Su Ping took the shot, he knew that he was not Su Ping’s opponent at all.

With the departure of Su Ping and Yun ten thousand li, the suppressed murderous aura shrouded in the woodland of the tomb god also disappeared. Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, looking at the remains of the ground, If it weren’t for the ground meat and blood this time, many people would suspect that all the previous ones were hallucinations.

“Nan Senior actually died like this.”

“I stepped into the 19 layers of the Tomb God Woodland at a young age. I can be called a genius. It is also a Legendary Bloodline. The probability of becoming a Legendary in the future is extremely high. I actually died like this.”

“I heard that Nan Senior had a festival with the freshman Su Lingyue, it was true that didn’t expect.”

“tsk tsk, it’s too dark, you actually got student Na Su into the Abyss cave, isn’t that murder?”

“Let’s just say a few words, this kind of thing has not happened for the first time in our school, there is nothing good to make a fuss about nothing, but the surname Nan kicked the iron this time.”

“Yes, the South House of Setting Sun City is about to end!”

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