Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 586


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“This is Abyss Cave!”

On the side of the cultivation hill of the True Martial Academy, there is lush greenery. Deep in the green shade is a huge cave, like the passageway of an underground train. The inside is pitch black and bottomless.

Outside the cave, eight guards were stationed in front of the cave entrance. Seven of them stood upright, and the other was sitting on the rough boulder beside the cave entrance with a root of weeds. They were a little loose and drank little wine from time to time.

Wow! Whoosh!

Two figures whizzed down from the sky, landed in front of this cave, and rolled up the surrounding dust. It is the cloud ten thousand li and Su Ping.

“The Dean?”

“Master Dean!”

The guards outside the cave saw the cloud ten thousand li. They were all taken aback. The middle age person who was sitting and drinking was also taken aback, and immediately jumped off the stone, hiding the jug behind. , Spit out the wild grass in his mouth, jumped in front of the cloud ten thousand li, respectfully said: “Master dean, why are you here?”

“Feng Xiu, you have been guarding this place. Did you see a student enter here a week ago?”

Yun ten thousand li I looked at this middle age person, my eyes were a little serious and cold and severe.

The middle age person named Feng Xiu was taken aback, his face changed slightly, and he barely said with a smile: “Master Dean, you are joking. This is a forbidden area. How can I let those student boys in, even if they are near Here, I will scold them away.”

“Shut up!”

Yun ten thousand li screamed abruptly, and said angrily: “A week ago, did anyone get in from here?”

Feng Xiu was frightened by this angry shout. He saw Yun ten thousand li’s angry eyes, a little flustered, and quickly knelt down, saying: “The dean’s atonement is due to the weak guards of the subordinates. Junior happened to have something a week ago. , I left for a while, and when I came back, I heard that someone trespassed and rushed into it. I didn’t dare to chase in…”

Yun ten thousand li looked ugly and said, “Is it a female student?”

“Yes.” Feng Xiu’s head dropped even worse.

“Then why didn’t you report!”

Yun ten thousand li angrily said: “Do you know what is inside. If a student trespasses, it’s not to die?”

“I, I’m afraid you will blame…” Feng Xiu said weakly, knocking his head to the ground.

The seven guards at the back saw this scene and knelt down in a hurry, all bowing their heads, not daring to breathe.

Even Feng Xiu, who is Titled, is so afraid, and their fear is even greater.

Everyone in the True Martial Academy knows that the Dean is a Legendary who surpasses Titled, and can be called a first-class figure in the world, with unpredictable power.

“I’m afraid I will blame…” Yun ten thousand li His lungs exploded when he heard this.

In addition to anger, he was a little weak.

If he can report in time, he will know it early and he can go in and search immediately, so that the probability of the other person surviving will be much higher. Now a week has passed, although he is willing to accompany Su Ping in to find someone to redeem, but in his heart I know that the younger sister of Su Ping has mostly turned into bones inside.

Even, there are no bones left.

Su Ping glanced at Feng Xiu, who was kneeling on the ground. Murderous aura appeared in his eyes, but it stopped. He looked up at the cave in front of him, and said to the cloud ten thousand li: “This is the Abyss cave?”

Yun ten thousand li Hearing Su Ping’s words, he turned around and nodded said: “Yes, this is one of the entrances of Abyss Cave, which is guarded by our True Martial Academy for generations. Of course, we just watched this entrance. Those who really guard the gate are those Legendaries in the tower who are willing to sacrifice.”

Su Ping slightly nodded, lift your foot and walk inward.

When Feng Xiu on the ground heard the conversation between the two above his head, he was a little surprised. What is the identity of the person who can talk to the dean like this?

Could it be the Legendary in the tower?

He didn’t dare to raise his head. He waited until he felt someone passing by and mentioned that the heart of his throat slowly returned to his chest. He looked back, watching the dean and a teenager walk into the Abyss cave side by side, and quickly said: “Dean, you want to go in?”

Yun ten thousand li said without turning his head: “You stay here, and you will be accounted for when I come back.”

Feng Xiu complexion slightly changed, dare not say anything.

The seven guards at the entrance of the cave also kept their heads down, sweating.

Su Ping glanced at the seven guards and felt that they seemed to be overly nervous, but he didn’t think much about it. First he found Su Lingyue who entered the Abyss cave.

living, then must see the person, died, then must see the corpse.

Thinking of this, Su Ping’s repressed killing intent became more and more violent.

“Inverse King Su, be careful, most of the Abyss caves are King beasts, they are extremely vicious.”

Yun ten thousand li walked side by side with Su Ping into the dark cave. He raised his hand and turned it over. A spar glowing with hot white light appeared in his palm, illuminating the cave.

This cave is huge, extending to the depths. The walls are full of pitted grooves. Occasionally, you can see claw marks as large as seven or eight meters. From the length of this claw mark, it is not difficult to imagine what a huge creature caused.

The air is full of dampness and turbidity, but there is no other extraneous smell.

“The Demonic beasts of Abyss Cave are suppressed in the Abyss tunnel deep in the cave. There is no Demonic beast nearby, but occasionally there will be some a fish that escaped the net, but the number is very small. Let’s go to the Abyss tunnel first. Check it out at the border gate and ask the seniors guarding there to see if they see your younger sister.”

Yun ten thousand li led the way and said to Su Ping behind him.

Su Ping asked: “How many entrances are there in the Abyss cave?”

“There are more than a dozen of them, distributed all over the world. Some entrances and exits are deep in the ocean. The entrances and exits of places like that have been filled by Legendary. There are more King beasts in the Sea Territory than on land, and Legendary can’t guard them.”

Cloud ten thousand li walked and said: “There are five Abyss entrances in the Asian land area. Our True Martial Academy is one of them. From this entrance to the Abyss tunnel, there is about more then 200 li.”

Su Ping looks at the pouring down cave, browses frowned and extends down more then 200 li?

“How was the Abyss Cavern formed?” Su Ping asked as he walked.

Yun ten thousand li shook his head slightly, and said, “This is a long time ago. I heard that Early-Stage had existed in the Star pet era. There are rumors that it was the Battle pet master powerhouse that was awakened early and put the powerhouse on the ground. The powerful Demonic beasts were all expelled in a unified manner, and they were all driven to Abyss underground. There are also rumors that Abyss has existed for a long time, and all Demonic beasts were born from Abyss. No one can tell what kind of them they are. Clear, there is no need to distinguish.”

Su Ping frowned and fell silent.

In the empty cave, only the echoes of the two people’s footsteps remain.

Cloud ten thousand li The rays of light shining from the spar in his hand, keep moving forward, and the two of them follow the pouring steep slope and gradually penetrate into the depths of the cave.

After leaving several dozen li, Su Ping’s nose twitched slightly, and he smelled blood-reeking qi.

His complexion slightly changed, said solemnly: “There is blood energy.”

The cloud ten thousand li was startled, his face stunned, a space vortex suddenly appeared behind him, and a silhouette of seven or eight meters high flew out of him, which was actually a king grade demon pet.

The height of seven or eight meters looks huge, but in the King grade pet beast, it is definitely petite.

Su Ping is quite familiar with Dead Spirit pets and demon pets, and he recognizes it at a glance. This is the ghost mist beast, the bloodline of the Void Cave realm, and the one in front of him has not yet grown to the Peak stage, it is just Vast Sea realm that’s all.

The ghost mist and eye-catching beasts in the Peak period are ten meters tall and have good close combat capability.

King grade Demonic beast to grow to the Peak stage, it cannot be achieved by eating and sleeping. It must be supplemented with some valuable pet food, otherwise it will not reach Peak until the mature stage is over. , It will fall into a phase of decline, and battle strength will only decline day by day.


Cloud ten thousand li low voice.


Following his command, the body of this ghost misty eye-catching beast floated suddenly, turned into a dark smoke, dissipated in the cave, flew toward the depths, and merged with the dark surroundings.

Su Ping knows that he sent the ghost mist beast to find the way.

“Let’s go.”

Yun ten thousand li said to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded, continue to move forward.

We left several dozen li again. In one of the caves, Su Ping and Yun ten thousand li saw the corpses of several huge Demonic beasts, but the bones were white, and they were obviously dead for how many years. Trace.

The two continue to move forward. As they move forward, the smell of blood-reeking qi in the air becomes heavier.

Suddenly, Yun ten thousand li stopped, his face changed, and he turned to Su Ping and said, “My big-eyed beast sent a signal to me, there is danger ahead!”

Su Ping was startled and frowned: “Didn’t it mean that this is just an entrance and exit. In front is the gate of the Abyss tunnel, with Legendary guarding it. How can it be dangerous?”

Yun ten thousand li There is also a flash of surprise in his eyes. It is true, and further forward seventy-eighty is the gate guarded by Legendary. Did his pet beast meet Legendary guarded there?

No, if it is Legendary, this signal will not be sent.

After all, his ghost mist beast is King beast, spiritual wisdom is not low, and it distinguishes the threat of human and Demonic beast.

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