Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 587


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“I don’t know, but we should be careful.” Yun ten thousand li said cautiously, and two vortexes appeared behind him again, two more cryptic King beast breaths were released from the inside, and stepped out from the inside. The two King grade battle companions are both King beasts of Vast Sea realm bloodline, and both are currently Peak.

One end is the Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast. This is a kind of rock dragon pet, which is relatively rare. It lives in dense rock formations and has extremely strong defensive power.

On the other side is the winged green listening wind beast, which is only six or seven meters in length. It has many articulated limbs like an Insect. The front end of each articulated limb is sharp claw. Although the body is small, its within the body contains huge energy. , Is Wind Element quick pet beast.

It is rumored that the top speed of Yiqing Tingfeng Beast reaches twelve times the speed of sound, surpassing the current fastest fighter.

Furthermore, Yiqing Tingfeng Beast can perceive the movement outside the two Baili, and its perception field is extremely wide.

“ten thousand li, where is this place, is there something to ask us out?”

The Dragon Beast, which is more than 30 meters in size and occupies one third of the cave, crawled out of the vortex with its huge body, glanced at the cave with amber eyes, and said in a low voice.

Su Ping heard that Dragon Beast actually speaks human’s words and couldn’t help but glance at it. Although King grade pet beasts have not weak spiritual wisdom, they can slowly master human beings under special teaching. Language, but it’s a bit strange to hear a battle companion speak human language so proficiently.

“Lao Wan, is this kid your discipline?”

Beside, another winged green listening wind beast flapped the wings of azure black, and the Insect-shaped fine-toothed mouth also made a sound, speaking very smoothly.

Yun ten thousand li smiled bitterly, and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, this is Inverse King Su, it’s much better than me, please pay attention when you speak.”

After a pause, he continued: “I asked you to come out because I was in trouble. This is the entrance and exit of Abyss Cave. There is a dangerous signal from my big eyes. You may be fighting later. Ready.”

“Abyss Cave?”

“My God, old man, are you crazy, why are you here for nothing? All the demons are imprisoned here.”

Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast and Wing Qing Tingfeng Beast were both scared by Yun ten thousand li’s words, and immediately watched all around vigilantly. Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast was even more crisp, directly condense a dark crystalline rock formation. , Covering the body of the cloud ten thousand li, this is its special skill, it can easily resist the ordinary attacks of other Vast Sea realm King beasts.

Yun ten thousand li glanced at the black armor on his body, raised his head to the Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast and said: “Inverse King Su is with me.”

Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast understood the meaning of these words and glanced at Su Ping, somewhat reluctant, but still condense the same layer of black crystalline rock on Su Ping’s body.

On the other side, Wing Qing Tingfeng Beast has already released its own perception skills. After Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast has added defensive skills to Su Ping, it said suspiciously: “There seems to be something wrong in the place more than 80 miles ahead. Few things are hidden, I can only hear their internal organs squirming.”

“Is it a human?”


Yun ten thousand li complexion slightly changed, frowned, “Are these Legendary battle companions?”

He glanced at the deep passage ahead and hesitated.

Su Ping has already walked directly, no matter what is in front of him, since he is here, he will take Su Lingyue home.

Even if only her body can be found…

“Inverse King Su…”

Seeing Su Ping’s back, Yun ten thousand li called out quickly. When I saw Su Ping, I didn’t stop and pay attention to it. I felt helpless, so I had to follow along.

“ten thousand li, who is this kid, it seems that I have never seen this person in that tower.” Cangyanli Dragon Beast lowered his head and whispered beside Yun ten thousand li.

“He seems to be just a Titaned.” The Yiqing Tingfeng Beast next to him also glanced at Su Ping.

Yun ten thousand li said ill-humoredly: “you two, this is not a problem you care about, please be prepared for it, this is not a place for fun.”

The Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast hummed, snorted, and washed away the dust on the ground. Then he swung his body and drilled directly into the bottom of the tunnel. The ground swelled up. This small swelling bag was straight. Rushed forward.

“I will go find the way first.”

The sound of Cangyan cracking Dragon Beast came from the ground, and the small uplift of dirt gradually shrank as it moved forward, and the ground was leveled again.

The cloud ten thousand li caught up with Su Ping and saw that Su Ping was still empty-handed and defenseless. I couldn’t help but say: “Inverse King Su, your battle companion……”

“When there is trouble, it will come out.” Su Ping said.

Yun ten thousand li opened his mouth slightly, and said that by then, it would be too late to summon.

After all, it takes time to summon a battle companion, at least one second, which is enough to lose a small life in a King grade battle.


Continue walking forward more than 10 li, suddenly, Yun ten thousand li’s face changed suddenly, and said to Su Ping: “My pet beast has been attacked, there is danger ahead!”

After finishing speaking, his whole body suddenly exploded, instead of turning to escape, he rushed forward.

Su Ping’s eyes flashed with rays of light, and his body quickly followed, flashing continuously.

Seeing Su Ping’s body flickering one after another, the Yi Qing listening to the wind beast who followed the cloud ten thousand li screamed in shock: “space teleportation? How is it possible, his breath is clearly only your human Tilted rank, I will not this……”

At this time, Yun ten thousand li and Su Ping didn’t bother to pay attention to it. They rushed forward at full speed. Several dozen li’s journeys were spanned in a blink of an eye. Su Ping’s teleported body was slightly paused, and he smelled a smell. The extremely strong smell of blood-reeking qi almost poured directly into his nose.


In the darkness ahead, there was a sudden vibration, followed by an angry roar.

Listening to this roar, Su Ping immediately recognized that it was the roar of Dragon Beast that had previously explored the path.

“Astral Blazing Technique!!”

Yun ten thousand li His face was anxious, loudly roared, and the snow-white robe agitated, within the body star force turned into strands of rays of light, condensed on his body, and then suddenly burst out.

In an instant, the entire cave was completely illuminated, like day!

In this light, Su Ping and Yun ten thousand li can see that at the end of the front view, the Cangyan Crack Dragon Beast and the previous ghost mist beasts are fighting with a few giant beasts. The giant beast was restrained by the siege.

“Lao Wan!”

Wing Qing listened to the wind beast and hurriedly shouted when he saw this scene.

Cloud ten thousand li can’t help but quickly display the combined skills.

The body of Wing Qing Tingfeng Beast burst into rays of light, and then shrank, turning into a mass of energy and rushing into Yun ten thousand li’s body. In an instant, his body became straight and his body grew. Its normal height is around 1.7 metres, and in a blink of an eye it becomes a Little Giant of more than three metres.

In addition, behind him also appeared the wings of the Wing Qing Tingfeng Beast, but it was much smaller.

Combined with different types of pet beasts, you can add the special skills of different pet beasts. In addition to the power that this winged green listening wind beast brings to the cloud ten thousand li, the most notable thing is speed.


As soon as the combination was over, the body of the cloud ten thousand li burst out instantly, several times faster than before, lifting the dust on the ground.

Su Ping felt that his gaze almost missed the silhouette of the cloud ten thousand li, his gaze became deep, turned over the palm, and Asura Divine Sword was transferred from the storage space to his hand.


Su Ping looked towards those giant beasts that were under siege, they also erupted at full speed, blasting out like a missile jet. During the flight, their body flashed one after another and caught up with the cloud ten thousand li in the blink of an eye, Then he overtook him and appeared behind a giant beast attacking a ghost-mist eye-catching beast.


Sword Yang, murderous intent.

A sword slashed out, and this giant beast was too late to guard, and a huge wound was cut at the neck. Blood spattered, the attack was interrupted, and a mournful scream sounded.

Su Ping’s eyes are cold and cold, and he regards these giant beasts as ominous beasts that killed Su Lingyue, and cut them out with one sword.

A dazzling Demonic flame burned on the Demon Sword. Every sword was cut on these giant beasts, and the wounds were burning.

Su Ping’s body appeared and disappear unpredictably, shuttled between several giant beasts. In a blink of an eye, several giant beasts were chopped up, and the attack that was originally surrounded was also interrupted. They all retreated, while suffering Growled, looking towards Su Ping in horror.

“Inverse King Su…”

The cloud ten thousand li flew over, with peculiar scales on his face, similar to the Yiqing Listening Wind Beast. He looked at Su Ping, who was pushing back a few giant beasts in a blink of an eye, with a bit of shock in his eyes.

Although I know that Su Ping is very strong, but didn’t expect Su Ping to compete with King beast without the help of a battle companion. This is a bit shocking!

“Catch them and stay alive!”

Su Ping’s gaze shot all around. Behind him, two vortex appeared. One vortex was very small, only two or three meters in diameter. From inside, a snow-white skeleton foot stepped out, and the other vortex was very huge. A frenzied and tyrannical aura emerged, and the strong Fire Element permeated out, and the temperature of the entire cave rose accordingly.


The body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast stepped out of it, and after fusing the bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon beast, its bloodline has surpassed the Destiny Realm Legendary and is a Starry Sky-level creature!

Although he is still in his adult stage at this moment, his body already possesses the supernatural Starry Sky biological aura, deterring the audience.

“This guy…”

Dragon Beast, a body wounded and bleeding Cangyan crack, saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, which is also a dragon, and his pupils shrank slightly. The Dragon Race oppression that looked down completely gave him the idea of ​​kneeling and crawling. , Its eyes showed a terrified look.

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