Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 592


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“No one is there at the pass?”

“How is it possible!”

“In that case, would there be a Demonic beast sneaking out and making a mess outside?”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and some didn’t believe Su Ping’s words.

“This is true, I don’t have to lie to you, you can go and see for yourself to know.” Su Ping said.

Thinking about it, everyone can’t help but look worried.

“Tieyi, go and see.”

A calm voice came from behind. A middle age person covered in scars came over. He was a burly figure and a bit horrible, but his expression was calm at the moment, without a strong oppression.


A small middle-aged Legendary nodded, after speaking, summon a King beast flying pet, display a pet beast, extend the wings behind his arms, and swing forward spirally, like a long spear spinning, pen It shot straight into the distance, and disappeared into the sight of everyone in a blink of an eye.

After the Legendary named Tieyi left, the middle age person with scars came to Su Ping and said: “Hello, I am the leader of the border gate stationed in the Ice Prison, Ye Wuxiu, thank you Su Brother for his assistance just now. If it weren’t for Brother Su’s help, we probably would have another brother injured today.”

Su Ping glanced at him, and felt an extremely deep and introverted aura from Ye Wuxiu’s body. His eyes were slightly condensed. The opponent was mostly Void Cave Realm Legendary, and he was still a strong presence in Void Cave Realm.

In the peak tower, Void Cave Realm Legendary is already regarded as the upper powerhouse.

Vast Sea realm and Void Cave realm, although there is only a realm gap, there is a huge difference in battle strength. Void Cave realm can easily kill Vast Sea realm Legendary by virtue of the Profound Truth of Space.

“Since I saw it, I should take action. I can’t sit and watch these Demonic beasts attacking you.” Su Ping glanced at the Legendary around him and said: “Have you never seen my younger sister?”

Everyone looked at each other, no one spoke, and in the end they all shook their heads.

Su Ping’s eyes were a little disappointed. Could it be that Su Lingyue didn’t get to them and something happened?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

“Brother Su, if your younger sister is able to come in, it must be an extraordinary strength. You don’t need to worry too much. Although we haven’t seen it, some people may have seen it at other borders.” Ye Wuxiu saw Su Ping’s emotions, comforted.

Su Ping was silent for a moment, shook his head slightly, and said: “Then I will continue to look for it. If you see my younger sister, please take care of me and I will return here.”

“Where is Brother Sue looking for?”

Someone asked.

“Brother Sue, where did your younger sister come in? Tell us, maybe we have a clue?” said another older man Legendary.

Su Ping’s heart moved slightly, thinking about it, these Legendaries are stationed in Abyss all the year round, and they are more familiar with this place than him.

“Come and talk to them.” Su Ping said to Yun ten thousand li.

Everyone’s eyes also turned to Yun ten thousand li.

Yun ten thousand li was a little stunned, said with a bitter smile: “Under the cloud ten thousand li, I have seen all the seniors who are stationed at Abyss. The younger sister of Inverse King Su came in from the entrance of the seventh channel. The entrance of Longyang Base City, this entrance was supposed to be guarded by me. It was my dereliction of duty that caused the younger sister of Inverse King Su to accidentally enter.”

“The seventh entrance? That’s not far from here.”

“It’s hard to say, this Abyss prison world changes all the year round, it depends on when it came in.”

“Inverse King Su? Isn’t Su brother called Su Ping?”

“Inverse King? Is it the Inverse King I understand?”

Some people were talking about the entrance to the passage, and some people noticed the strange name Yun ten thousand li. As someone raised it, everyone else responded and looked at the cloud ten thousand li in confusion.

Cloud ten thousand li was a bit nervous by everyone. The Legendary present almost beat him. Even though they belonged to the Vast Sea realm, these Legendary fought in Abyss all the year round, and raised a Qi of Slaughter, much better than him. The pampering and superiority in the peak tower must be strong.

“Well, Mr. Su won the “Inverse King” not long ago and killed Legendary with the power of “Titled”. In order to maintain respect for Mr. Su, I will call that.” Yun ten thousand li immediately explained .

Everyone was stunned and looked towards Su Ping. This look immediately revealed that Su Ping’s breath is not Legendary, but…Titled Intermediate? !

Their cultivation base is ahead of Su Ping, and Su Ping did not use secret skills to hide their breath, they could see through it at a glance.


“Do you mean that Brother Sue is still a Titaned realm?” After a brief silence, a Legendary couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

Cloud ten thousand li Seeing their thoughts, nodded with a smile.


It’s still a Titled realm.

Titled is already strong enough, this is a monster!

Seeing the cloud ten thousand li nodded, everyone showed ghostly expressions. Even Ye Wuxiu, who had a calm personality, changed his face and was a little shocked.

The strength of the previous skeleton battle companion is undoubtedly the battle strength of the Void Cave realm, and it is even considered extremely tricky in the Void Cave realm.

Su Ping, who can control such a battle companion, is actually only a Tilted rank?

How is it possible!

Battle pet master can’t sign pet beasts whose realm is too much higher than themselves. This is an iron law!

Unless… That skeleton beast is not Void Cave realm, but Vast Sea realm!

But in this case, it would be even more exaggerated.

Vast Sea realm’s battle companion actually has that terrifying combat capability. Isn’t that a top grade battle companion? !

Seeing the people who fell into silence, Su Ping slightly frowned, said: “Just now you said that the prison world changes all the year round, what do you mean?”

Everyone came back to his senses, all expressions looked at Su Ping in surprise.

It’s hard to imagine this boy, just a Tilted.

Titled dare to come to Abyss, this is also bold!

“Brother Su came to Abyss, just to find your younger sister?”

“old man, at my age, I was a little touched by Brother Su.”

“Brother Sue, what is the origin of your battle companion just now? It seems that you have never seen that kind of peculiar skeleton beast. It feels like an ordinary Low rank skeleton?”

Everyone is talking, it looks a little messy.

Ye Wuxiu shook his head slightly, took a deep look at Su Ping, and said, “Brother Su is young and promising, and he has such a strong affection. This Ye admires, what you said about the prison world is like this, this Abyss There are five prison worlds, and the location will change throughout the year. For example, we are the closest to the entrance of passage number 7, but after the change, maybe the entrance of the parting passage is the nearest. How long has your younger sister moved forward? p>

“A week ago.” Su Ping said immediately: “Has this changed a week ago?”

“One week?”

Ye Wuxiu was taken aback, nodded and said: “Yes, it will change two or three times in a week, but it only changed twice in the previous week. Which two are the two prison worlds here? , I’m not quite clear, I can help you contact them and ask them directly if you have seen your younger sister.”

“Can you contact me directly?” Su Ping was surprised, and hurriedly said: “Then trouble you.”

“Small things.” Ye Wuxiu waved his hand and said indifferently: “I’ll go to help you contact and ask, the rest of you, first bring Su brother back to the base.”

“Boss, you have to be careful.”

“Boss, let me go with you.”

Others are showing worry, one after another opened the mouth and said.

Su Ping saw their expression, realized the problem, and asked: “Is it dangerous to contact them?”

Ye Wuxiu lightly said with a smile: “It’s a trivial thing to say, Brother Su don’t care, all of you go back first, and treat Brother Su and Old Chen well. Just come with me.”

An old man walked out of the crowd, said with a smile: “Don’t worry, everyone, it’s enough to have me with the boss.”

When the other people saw him stand up, they were all relaxed, and no longer said anything.

“Brother Su, let’s go back first. By the way, Brother Su, you come from the ground, have you heard of Song Family, Song Family in Xiangyu Base City.”

“Brother Su, have you heard of Han Family, that is my family.”

Other people flocked to Su Ping. Someone saw that Su Ping was asking too many people, so he turned to the cloud ten thousand li next to him and asked.

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