Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 617


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Soon, the breeding list flashed quickly, jumping out of a breeding ground.

Primal Chaos Heaven Sunstar:

As an ancient star born at the beginning of the Chaos, Tianyang Star is extremely vast, with many ancient Fire Element elves living on it. Among them, Golden Crow gods and demons are headed, and the Tianyang Star is close to an era…

Charge: 9000d.


9000energy for one day!

This charge is the same as Immemorial Divine World, and it is indeed the Peak plane.

“With my current strength, can I enter here?” Su Ping asked system in his heart.

He was afraid of the bad environment there. He would die as soon as he entered, and that would be too expensive.

“Your Fire Element resistance has reached the high rank, where you can barely survive 5 minutes of time, which is one quarter of your clock!” system said.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. He knew that his flame resistance was very high. After all, he had passed through that many cultivation land. In some extreme environments, he not only cultivated pet beast, but also cultivated himself, like ordinary firewood. The burning flame burned to him, he would not feel pain.

He thought that his resistance to flames was already close to immunity, and didn’t expect just a high rank.

“My Fire Element resistance is high rank, and I can only survive there for a quarter of an hour? What level of Fire Element resistance do I need to survive there?”

Su Ping asked in his heart.

System said: “You can adapt to the environment when you are promoted to the top class, but there are powerful creatures, even if the environment cannot kill you, you will live soon.”

“Is there a special class?” Su Ping asked: “How long will it take me to upgrade to the special class flame resistance?”

“This depends on your cultivation. If you live comfortably all day, there will be nothing for 10,000 years.” System said calmly: “But if you are in Primal Chaos Heaven, you can reach it after a few days. Got it.”

“What does it mean to wait for a few days? Are you not a smart system? You can’t even tell the exact data?” Su Ping complained.

“What’s wrong with the smart system, who says that the smart system can be counted as a no-brainer, why should I give you accurate data, do you want it? Charge hundreds of thousands of energy, and I will tell you your current resistance value. “System said ill-humoredly.


I didn’t respond to it for a while, Su Ping found that the system had a temper.

Well, this system has always been very bullish.

“Give it?” system provoked.

Su Ping said nothing.

“Do you scold again?”


Don’t follow this system lower oneself to somebody’s level anymore, Su Ping put his thoughts away, checked the current energy in the store, there was more than enough, enough to support him to this Primal Chaos Heaven sun star.

“Go ahead then.” Su Ping made up his mind immediately.

There is no other choice now.

He will do the same for the rest of the energy in the store, even if all of them go in.

We must strengthen the battle strength as soon as possible, and then find Little Skeleton back. Although we know that Little Skeleton is extremely survivable and can be called abnormal, but after staying in Abyss for a long time, there are still accidents. may.

Fortunately, from the deep contract of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Su Ping can feel that Little Skeleton is still alive.

“Are you sure?” System’s tone began to be serious, saying: “If you do this, you will most likely use up all the current energy.”

“You can make more money when you run out. The least valuable thing is money.” Su Ping said.

System didn’t say anything, it seemed to pause for a few seconds before saying: “It’s as you wish.”

In front of Su Ping, a vortex appeared, which was the Transmission Passage to Primal Chaos Heaven.

Su Ping took a look at Joanna. The current Joanna has not been rated as an excellent employee. He can’t take him to other breeding grounds, otherwise he will be dead.

“I’m leaving for a while, you are waiting for me in the store.” Su Ping said to her.

Joanna was startled slightly and said: “Didn’t you go to my place?”

“No, this is another world.”


Joanna can only watch Su Ping stepping into the vortex. She has long been accustomed to Su Ping’s special ability, but this time Su Ping comes back and seems to be pretending to be worried.

When the vortex disappeared, she also retracted her gaze, returned to the pet beast room, found a free Fostering seat, and entered the cultivation.

Su Ping’s rapid growth also gave her a trace of eagerness to compete.



The light flies by, the moon and stars change.

When Su Ping felt his body stop, before he opened his eyes, he felt an extremely hot breath that enveloped his whole body, as if being in boiling water, to the point that he grinned.

“The host has connected to Primal Chaos Heaven…”

“Buy the number of deaths, 900energy once!”

“Please let the host die.”

System’s prompt sounded. This prompt sound was a bit rigid, unlike the feeling that system usually talks to Su Ping.

Su Ping opened his eyes quickly. At the entrance, there was a red world surrounded by a world like Fire Mountain Cliff slurry. The earth was red with a path of cracks, and there seemed to be lava flowing at the bottom. In thick places, the grill is blackened, and there are some strange plants.

There is a red tree with golden light on its leaves and several golden fruits on it.

Farther afield, Su Ping also saw clusters of bright red weeds on the burning ground.

“This is Primal Chaos Heaven Yangxing, is this going to burn me to death?!”

Su Ping looked around, feeling that his blood pressure was soaring, his blood was hot, and he was sweating a lot. He felt that he would soon be alive and hot!

Su Ping thought of what system said, he can survive here for a quarter of an hour.

Obviously, this quarter of an hour is the limit of survival, just like humans can persist for ten minutes in boiling water, but the process is undoubtedly extremely painful!

He is like being boiled and roasted by fire!


Su Ping raised his hand and tried to release an ice wall to isolate the surrounding heat, but after the release, there was no movement, as if there were no water molecules around.

In other places, Su Ping can be displayed. He exercises in the cultivation area and has an understanding and mastery of the use of other energy. Although not like Er Gou, he can display the whole department. King grade skills, but some Low rank skills can still be easily released.

“I don’t know if Er Gou and the small dragon can stay here.” Su Ping secretly said in one’s heart, this can be considered an “excellent” cultivation environment, don’t let them come out to cool off together , It is really “sorry”.



Two space vortex emerged, accompanied by a dragon roar groaning, Purgatory Candle Dragon beast stepped out of the space vortex, but as soon as its sole landed on the ground, it immediately retracted like an electric shock, the previous imposing low Roar, and become like a cat, full of vigilance and shock, what the hell is this place?

On the other side, Er Gou also retracted his paws and stood inside the vortex, looking at Su Ping with flinching eyes.

The furthest distance on the world is not the separation of life and death, but that you are in the summon space and I am outside.

“Come out!” Su Ping said ill-humoredly.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou had to walk out obediently and honestly, but the feet of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast were like stepping on steel nails, their bodies twisted, grinning, without the style and majesty of Dragon Race.

Er Gou is even more peculiar, with four feet landing only two, left front and right back, and then quickly changed to right front and left back, constantly beating.

“Use your ice attribute skills to cool down.” Su Ping said to Er Gou.

Although this is not conducive to cultivating the body’s resistance, Su Ping came here this time. The cultivation is second and incidentally. The main purpose is to find the cultivation materials of the Golden Crow god Devil Body 2nd floor as soon as possible, so as to save Little Skeleton.

Er Gou got the order, and immediately there was a Goddess guardian of ice appeared, but this huge Goddess guardian, which was originally several dozen meters, has shrunk to the size of two or three meters, and the figure has changed from the original Goddess to one. The thin female dwarf degenerates directly from D to A, which is sad.

Goddess, which became an A-Rank, quickly melted within a few seconds after appearing and turned into a cloud of water vapor, which floated on Er Gou, causing it to let out a two-half wailing.

“It can be displayed. It seems that I can only resist.”

Seeing that Er Gou can release the skill, Su Ping was a little surprised, but the effect of this skill was obviously not as useless. He didn’t think about it any more. Now, except for the brace oneself to take his life to carry it, nothing else Method.

He first saw the scarlet tree in the distance. The tree that can grow in such a dangerous environment is definitely not a thing.


Su Ping jumped on Er Gou’s back and let it run over.

Er Gou had to run towards the tree, but his running posture was peculiar. It was still the same as before, with his limbs bouncing in turns, jumping over.

Su Ping raised hand and beckoned, picking the golden fruit from this tree.

The fruit was like a hot red stone. It was so hot that Su Ping almost threw it away.

“There are fruits here. I don’t know if there is any water in this fruit.” Su Ping looked at the golden fruit and couldn’t recognize it, but anyway, just eat it.

Even if it is poisonous, he can be resurrected.


Su Ping took a bite and felt like he was eating fire.

A hot fluid burst from the fruit, Su Ping felt as if he had bitten the lava, and his entire mouth was almost melted.

He looked down, and the fruit was flowing out of golden.

This golden is not water, but liquid.

Su Ping endured the severe pain and swallowed the bitten fruit.

The hot flesh was drawn all the way down the throat and into the stomach, Su Ping felt completely burning, from the inside to the outside.

The remaining fruit, Su Ping really didn’t have the courage to bite again, and threw it directly to Er Gou. Er Gou was tossed to death and can be resurrected for free. He was tossed to death. After all, he still needs 900 energy. 900energy is not much, but no one knows how many times he will die here next.

Ao ao wu ~!

Er Gou took a bite to eat, and suddenly let out a scream, his limbs didn’t collapse in place, and his whole body was rolling on the ground in pain.

Su Ping looked a little unbearable, so he chose not to look at it.


After jumping off Er Gou, Su Ping suddenly felt that the burning sensation in his stomach subsided. In addition, a refreshing sensation came from Dantian and spread all over his body, so that he felt, The temperature of the huge heat around has subsided slightly, and it seems that it is not as painful as before.

Soon, Er Gou, who was rolling on the ground, also stopped, quickly got up, and turned his dog’s head in surprise, apparently a little surprised by what happened to him.

“It seems that this is a good thing.” Su Ping glanced at the Fruit Tree. There were four left on it. He was not polite and took them off. Suddenly he thought of the Purple green bull python in the space and the Abyss Starry Sky insect race, they also summon out soon.


As soon as the Abyss Starry Sky insect came out, it jumped up and screamed zhi zhi.

After a while, its body fell to the ground and hung up directly.

Su Ping was not surprised. He didn’t cultivate this little green very much. He only let it soak some of Joanna’s divine spring. The current cultivation base is still 7th grade. It was originally an ordinary Azure Abyss Starry Sky bug. It is now an excellent class, after all, the content of divine force within the body is extremely high, far better than the same level.

On the other side, Purple green bull python swam out, and soon the skin and scales under the abdomen were burned and rolled up, twisting and rolling on the ground with pain.

Su Ping flew over and stuffed a golden fruit into its mouth.

I just ate the golden fruit, and the purple green bull python pain became more severe. I didn’t last long, the scales all over my body had fallen off and curled, and I lost my breath.

Su Ping resurrected it and fed another one.

This time, Purple green bull python’s reaction is not so strong, but it is still a painful march.

Su Ping threw the remaining golden fruit to Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

Although Purgatory Candle Dragon beast can barely stand by its own ability, Su Ping wants to hold a bowl of water level, and in case this golden fruit has any other special effects, it can also give Purgatory Get some Candle Dragon beast.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, who had eaten the fruit, was still a bit awkward in his standing posture, but it didn’t take long for him to return to normal, barely able to withstand the surrounding heat.

Su Ping glanced at the crimson Fruit Tree, did not think about it, shoveled it out along with the nearby soil, then turned out the picture scroll, ready to take it away with the tree.

Just as soon as the scroll was taken out, there was a black mark on the edge of the scroll. Su Ping was taken aback and quickly returned the scroll to the storage space.

“Damn, the hidden treasure can’t stand the temperature?”

Su Ping is a little dumbfounded. This scroll is a hidden treasure of space. There are signs of destruction here. If it is left here for a few minutes, it is estimated that the divine force on the scroll will be destroyed soon.

But it is enough to see how bad the environment here is.

Fire Element Dragon Beast and Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, which are comparable to Void Cave realm battle strength, feel strenuous here, and the ordinary hidden treasure cannot be kept here.

“This tree is definitely not a mortal thing. Is it going to be discarded like this?” Su Ping was a little bit reluctant. After thinking about it, he called Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and asked it to carry the Fruit Tree temporarily.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, come here obediently and become a porter.

Su Ping came to the bright red weeds nearby, pulled out the weeds, and threw them to the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast.

After finishing the collection, Su Ping looked around. The surrounding area was a little barren, so he could only slowly fumble to find it.

“Let’s go.”

Su Ping greeted him and took Xiaoqing back to the summon space. It died as soon as it appeared. He can’t be resurrected even when he is resurrected. It doesn’t have much exercise effect. There is no time for it to adapt. The space is cultivated.

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