Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 618


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Er Gou and Purple green bull python heard Su Ping’s words, they could only reluctantly follow behind him.

Er Gou’s performance was slightly better. After all, he had eaten half a golden fruit, and he had good battle strength, and he was barely able to walk on all fours.

But as he walked, Er Gou grinned again, with an unbearable pain.

Su Ping saw that Er Gou’s reaction was even more exaggerated than Purple green bull python, and he gave it an angry look. In order to avoid suffering, this guy is about to become an acting party.

Purple green bull python is obviously an honest python, twisting the python body like a ghost, rubbing and twitching on the ground, and Su Ping seems to want to swing with it.

Leading a few pet beasts, not long before they went forward, Su Ping suddenly saw a group of flames rising from the ground in the distance, and then, the group of flames approached them quickly.

When I got closer, Su Ping immediately saw that it was a giant beast covered in flames. The body was like a giant lion. It was seven or eight meters high. The hair and eye sockets were all burning flames, including exposed outside. His hideous fangs, with flames stained on them, are a complete Demonic beast of the Yan family.

“Flame Lion? Damn, how can there be such a big man.”

Su Ping not even think, stepped back and looked at Er Gou who was grinning. Er Gou was also looking at him, but the moment he met his eyes, he turned his head like lightning and looked at the other side. , Seems to have seen some important information on the other side, watching very intently.

The Purple green bull python is still in the same place with ghosts and animals twitching, and there is no time to worry about the flaming giant lion rushing in the distance. Even if there is no Demonic beast attack, its survival here is extremely difficult.

“Er Gou, you go.”

Su Ping snorted, direct orders.

Er Gou turned his head slowly, with an aggrieved look, but seeing Su Ping’s greasy face, knowing that it would be useless to sell miserably in front of this cold-blooded man, so he wailed and turned his gaze there. The flaming giant lion, a path of defense skills emerged all over, the dwarf Goddess with several meters high appeared again, in addition to the Goddess of the earth.

The rock skills and Wind Element skills don’t have much impact here, they are very full.

The strongest is the flame skill, Goddess Shield of Flame!

An extremely huge, round flame shield appeared, as high as 100 meters, like a huge wall, blocking the front of Er Gou. The flames burning at the edge of the shield tended to expand continuously.

Su Ping can see his eyebrows raised. The strength of this flame defensive skill is more than twice as powerful as when used elsewhere.


Ahead, the roar sounded, and the flames of the blazing giant lion’s body suddenly gushed out, transformed into a lion shape, and ran forward first, hitting the aegis of the blazing Goddess.

With a boom, flames burst out from the Aegis, enveloping that flame into a lion shape, and the bursting flame resembles countless inverted blades, killing it!

Immediately afterwards, a giant flame hand suddenly struck, slapped on the shield of the flame Goddess, and slapped the aegis into a depression.

“You can’t just be beaten, Little Skeleton is not here, you have to fix it for me.” Su Ping said ill-humoredly.

Er Gou’s ears moved slightly, and it seemed that the three-character “Little Skeleton” pierced it. He didn’t turn his head to look at Su Ping. The original sad eyes disappeared, and he became sharp and serious.


a dragon roar burst out suddenly, accompanied by its howling like a wolf, resounding through several dozen li, and then a strong golden light divine force emerged, and from behind it gathered a huge female Divine Idol full of flames. , Holding a divine bow, an arrow composed of flames condenses out, aiming at the giant flame lion.


The divine arrow shot out suddenly, rubbing a piece of flame along the way, and in a flash, it came to the giant flame lion.

The flaming giant lion sensed the danger and roared, two flaming giant claws suddenly stretched out on the ground on both sides of the body and patted the divine arrow.

The giant claw collided with the divine arrow and turned into a Heavenly Fire flower, which dissipated at the same time, and the silhouette of the flaming giant lion remained unchanged.

Su Ping saw this scene and didn’t look at it. Without Little Skeleton, his battle companion’s attack power was flawed, so he could only go to battle himself.

Moreover, this time, cultivating pet beasts is the second, otherwise he can give them to Er Gou and Purple green bull python and consume them slowly.


Su Ping silhouette flickered, flashed out instantly, as soon as he shot it, his full strength emerged. The potential area behind him appeared, and the endless murderous intention of the tape. At the same time, the power of his fleshy body exploded to the extreme. The burning feeling, that is the power of Golden Crow.

One sword!


The sound of the wind is dead, and the sword light is pitch black. Under the infusion of the power of the surging Golden Crow, it is like Mount Tai smashing from the top of the flaming lion.

The body of the flaming giant lion suddenly stopped, and the eyes of the two fluttering flames seemed to shrink fiercely, and then, its body suddenly burst into a lot of flames.


The sword energy is cut off, but Su Ping has a feeling of cut empty.

The sword was separated from the body of the giant flaming lion, but the giant flaming lion turned into a mass of fire, fleeing from both sides, and gathered outside several dozen meters in a blink of an eye, once again returning to the appearance of a giant lion.

It glanced at Su Ping, turned around and ran.

During the run, its body changed from the appearance of a giant lion. Its body was longer and slender, running faster, and flashing continuously when running away, and it was about to disappear from Su Ping’s sight in a blink of an eye.

Su Ping was stunned and didn’t chase. When the flaming giant lion disappeared completely, he had to take back the Divine Sword and dissipated the killing.

“It’s really fucking hot!”

Su Ping clutched his chest, feeling that his heart was too hot to bear.

It was better if he hadn’t exercised vigorously before. As soon as he took the shot, he felt that his blood within the body was boiling now, and his heart was twitching, and the pain was so painful.

He took a deep breath, but it was still extremely hot.

“Go, continue.” Su Ping gritted his teeth. He felt it was impossible to adjust his breath to cool down. The world here is like a huge furnace to him. As time goes on, he will only It gets hotter and hotter until it is completely melted.

Er Gou also unlocked many defensive skills, and white smoke came out of his hair, which was evaporated sweat. He licked his tongue and gasped.

Su Ping glanced at it and let it continue to follow him.

Er Gou shook his head when Su Ping couldn’t straighten his back when he walked, and slowly followed him.

After walking for about twenty minutes, Su Ping finally couldn’t hold it, his consciousness became blurred and his whole person fell down.

Not long after, Su Ping’s consciousness recovered and appeared in the resurrection space.

He directly chose to resurrect in place.

After the resurrection, he saw that Er Gou was also dying. The Purple green bull python was also unbearable. Only the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast state was okay, but he looked very tired.

Su Ping had to let them lift their breath and move on.

This Primal Chaos Heaven sun star is barren, Su Ping sees the world like a lava. He endures the pain of being burnt all the time. As he goes on his way, a flash of heart flashes through his heart. A single thought is to go back, return to the comfortable store, and return to other nurturing worlds.

That’s easy.

There is no need to be so painful.

But the thought was extinguished in a flash, and did not appear again.

“What kind of monster is this.”

Su Ping saw an extremely magnificent skeleton. The reason he used it to describe it as “magnificent” was because the skeleton was so huge, like a mountain range!

Even the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, which is more than 30 meters high, walks on this skeleton within the body, which is not as big as 10% of a rib, like an ant.

While Su Ping is walking on the bones, it looks more like dust and sand from a distance.

If it hadn’t been in other breeding grounds and had seen some extremely scary creatures, Su Ping would never believe that there are such huge creatures in this world.


While Su Ping was walking along the giant beast’s skeleton, suddenly, there was a humming sound from high in the sky.

The chirping is so ethereal and strangely penetrating. When Su Ping heard it, he could not help but feel his heart beating a few times. There was a hot feeling within the body, like some kind of ……resonance?

Su Ping followed the fame and saw an extremely huge golden Divine Bird, galloping from a distance.

The end of the wings of this golden Divine Bird is surrounded by flames. Under its belly, there are three bird feet. Its body shape is not as gorgeous and peculiar as other birds and beasts, but just like a normal bird. , It’s just that I have a bigger body, and I have to say something like it, more like a crow.

“This is…Golden Crow?”

Su Ping saw this Divine Bird, and was shocked.

In the cultivation method of Golden Crow God Devil Body, he has seen the appearance of Golden Crow, just like the Golden Divine Bird in front of him!

Seeing that the Golden Crow was about to fly by, Su Ping reacted, bursting out of strength, his body flashed out one after another, and in a blink of an eye he reached a height of 1,000 meters.

However, this Golden Crow is flying very fast. When Su Ping flashed to high altitude, the Golden Crow, which was tens of thousands of meters away from Su Ping, had already flown ten thousand meters away from the back of Su Ping.

Su Ping suddenly appeared, which attracted the attention of the Golden Crow.

Divine Bird’s sharp eyes turned, glancing at Su Ping.

Su Ping exploded with the power of the Golden Crow god Devil Body. Soon, the momentum of Divine Bird’s forward flight slowed down, the body turned an arc, and flew back to Su Ping.

“The breath of Golden Crow?”

A clear thought appeared in Su Ping’s mind.

The Divine Bird didn’t speak, but Su Ping could feel that a quiet female voice was speaking through the wonderful ideas in his mind.

He quickly said: “You are the Golden Crow god and demon, right?”

“What creature are you?”

The clear female voice said again in Su Ping’s mind.

Su Ping said: “I am a human. You may not know what a human is. In short, our creature is called a human. I came here to look for something. I cultivated you Golden Crow Clan’s body refinement method. , It’s half a Golden Crow Clan, I wonder if you can help me?”


Divine Bird’s eyes showed obvious suspicion. After staring at Su Ping for a while, his eyes became visibly cold, and said: “I don’t know where you learned the cultivation method of our race. You want to get the blood of our race. It should be a death penalty. !”

After speaking, the surrounding air suddenly heated up.

Su Ping saw the change in his eyes and knew it was not good. He was extremely sensitive to killing intents, but before he could explain it, he suddenly lost his mind.

next moment, Su Ping found out that he was dead again, in the resurrection space.

“Resurrection in situ!”

Su Ping makes the choice directly.

As soon as he was resurrected, Su Ping was about to call his mother due to the high temperature in the air. He was scorched and trembled, grinning.


A sound of surprise emerged, and it was this Golden Crow Divine Bird.

Su Ping was in pain from being barbecued. Hearing this strange sound, I was so angry that I wanted to scold my mother, what a shit!

“Don’t struggle, you can’t kill me.” Su Ping called.

But when I said this, I felt like a villain, but the second half was a bit wrong.

Golden Crow Divine Bird obviously didn’t believe it. Just after Su Ping had finished speaking, he was wiped out again.


Su Ping still wants to describe, but just started to vomit blood, what does it look like? Isn’t it all your Golden Crow “bird”, what difference can it make in my eyes?

“Long…that’s what you are.” Su Ping had no choice but to say, “I don’t know what it is called. The senior seems to call himself system. I think it should be cracking a joke. How can any bird get up? Such a stupid name, don’t you think?”

“You lie!”

Golden Crow Divine Bird’s eyes changed and said coldly.

Su Ping startled, have you exposed it? Is it because of ridicule system?

He regretted it secretly, knowing that he shouldn’t be so slurped.

“In our Golden Crow Clan, my beauty is unique, and it is absolutely impossible to be like me.” Golden Crow Divine Bird icily said.


Hearing it so serious, murderous-looking said this, Su Ping felt like he wanted to wipe his sweat but didn’t dare to wipe it.

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