Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 619


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Are you really cracking a joke with me?

Su Ping complained in his heart, but didn’t say this, lest he enter the resurrection space again.

In terms of appearance, never argue with females. This is a profound truth summed up by Su Ping in his previous life.

Fortunately, his looks are good in this life…

Thinking of this, Su Ping suddenly felt much better, feeling the scorching heat around it, and it seemed to have subsided a little. He suppressed the pain of the intense heat, and said with a smile on his face: “That’s really fate. , It just so happens that I am uniquely handsome in our Human Race. In terms of appearance, should we talk peacefully?”

“Handsome? Look?”

Golden Crow was a little confused, but it seemed that he barely understood what Su Ping meant. It looked Su Ping up and down and said, “You four-legged animals are so disgusting, I can tell. Not out.”


Don’t think you are a female bird and I can’t scold my mother!

Su Ping had all the desires to lift the table, but for the sake of Daju Guan, he still held back.

Good men don’t fight with birds.

“This is my hand, and this is the foot. Forget it, this is nothing to discuss. Back to the topic, I want to find the cultivation material of the Golden Crow god Devil Body 2nd floor, and wait for me after successfully cultivating it. It’s also half a Golden Crow… Looking at these feelings, can you give me some instructions?” Su Ping asked.

While speaking, he glanced at the three claws under the abdomen of Golden Crow.

You three-legged guy, you actually despise my two-legged guy!

“Hand? Half a Golden Crow?”

Golden Crow glanced at Su Ping’s hands, but soon his attention was attracted by the half of Golden Crow mentioned later by Su Ping. There was obvious anger in his eyes, and said: “We Golden Crow Clan’s bloodline and Heaven and Earth, which is something strange creatures like you can get, no matter where your cultivation method comes from, it is crime deserving ten thousand deaths!”

Su Ping was also a little angry when he heard the words of contempt, and said: “What is a strange creature? I said, this is given to me by the Senior of your clan. I am gracious to it. You Golden Crow Clan. It’s also an ancient god and demon. Is it right or wrong?”

“You have a thick skin.” System’s voice popped up in Su Ping’s heart, and it was a bit disdainfully snort disdainfully to him to speak so rightly about the source of this cultivation method.

Su Ping heard the voice of system, and said ill-humoredly in his heart: “You still have a face to say, do I want to shake you out? You don’t see anyone, and you blame me for making up stories!”

“Who said I’m shameless, you have the ability to tremble, see who believes you.” system sneered, arrogant.

Su Ping was suffocated by the words, and suddenly thought about it, it seems that system has not been afraid of exposing it, but he himself is afraid of exposing system, damn, so angry, this dog system…

“Why are you scolding me again?”

“Do you scold me?”


system chuckled contemptuously and said nothing.

Su Ping’s thoughts returned to the Golden Crow in front of him during the argument with system.

“We, Golden Crow Clan, will never spread cultivation law outside. You must speak, and you questioned my appearance. You are definitely a treacherous creature!”

Golden Crow’s clear voice said righteously in Su Ping’s mind, and his tone was full of certainty.

Su Ping opened his mouth slightly, wanting to argue, but after thinking about it, he really couldn’t explain the fact that the cultivation method was not spread outside except for his appearance.

Perhaps in Golden Crow Clan, there is such a rule.

Then if he is nonsense, he will just show it.

As for arguing in terms of appearance…What is the difference between that and courting death?

Seeing Su Ping’s silence for a while, Golden Crow’s clear voice was a little proud, and said: “Look, I saw through Divine Vision, huh, but you guy is damned, but I It seems that it can’t kill you. It’s a strange species. No matter what, I will take you back and show the Elders. They may have a way.”

Su Ping’s chills stand, take it back to Elder to see?

Can be called Elder, his generation and battle strength are obviously much higher than this Golden Crow, he will not be able to die if he wants to!


Su Ping turned around and ran, flashing out.

But when he was about to flash, he suddenly hit a wall, and he really felt like he was knocking his nose crooked.

Space is confined!

And it’s a tight bondage, like Copper Wall Iron Bastion!


Su Ping flipped his hand and drew his sword, and suddenly cut it out with a chuckle. The sword energy was surging, but it disappeared into the confined space like a get into real trouble.

Cut a loneliness!

Su Ping’s heart is cold, and even the strongest sword technique he currently masters can’t break this space!

If it is the Space Imprisonment in the Destiny Realm, he can cut it open, just like in Abyss, the Space Imprisonment displayed by the thousand-eyed Rakshasa beast, can’t stop him!

“Huh, there is dark magic power?”

Golden Crow saw the Asura sword energy released by Su Ping, showing surprise, it seems that he didn’t expect that the race on this Primal Chaos Heaven sun star can actually master this power.

“It’s peculiar.” Golden Crow didn’t say any more. The golden light suddenly stood up around him. In an instant, Su Ping felt his sight turned into a piece of red gold. From the outside, his body did not know when. The golden cube is imprisoned in it.

Su Ping slashed on the cube with a sword, but there was no effect at all. On the contrary, he was shocked.

On the ground, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast saw Su Ping in distress, roared and rushed quickly, making a deafening roar.

But at the next moment, a blazing flame rolled out, and the roar has not disappeared. The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast that just rushed in anger was melted by the golden flames, and there was no slag left.

Er Gou also rushed over, and was also killed in seconds.


Su Ping didn’t hesitate to bring them back to life.

Golden Crow was shocked again. Obviously, it didn’t expect that in addition to Su Ping, these two Low rank Demonic beasts also have such peculiar abilities. With their wings waving, gold flames gush out again. Kill Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou in seconds.

Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou displayed the strongest skills, but in front of this golden flame, like ice and snow melted, there was no resistance.


Su Ping resurrected them again.

Golden Crow is getting more and more surprised, but this time, instead of killing them, it releases golden cubes and imprisons them together.

“Different races actually help each other.” Golden Crow felt a little surprised. The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast, Er Gou, and Su Ping are obviously not the same family, but they can help each other desperately, making it feel incredible.

In its perception, this is unlikely to happen.

The same race will kill each other, even more how is the foreign race help?

On the ground, Purple green bull python was scalded to death by the surrounding heat, and Su Ping brought it back to life.

The newly resurrected Purple green bull python is full of energy. Seeing the imprisoned Su Ping, he immediately rolled up the surrounding boulders and shot at Golden Crow.

Golden Crow has a trace of contempt in his eyes. For this striped creature, it has a natural contempt and a feeling of wanting to kill.

However, it guessed that this thing is probably hard to kill.

With a swish, the Purple green bull python on the ground suddenly flashed in front of Golden Crow.

Purple green bull python was stunned. Obviously, I didn’t expect why I was so close to the enemy. But soon, the oppression of the gods and demons from this Golden Crow made it tremble, and there was no fighting intent. , Curled up in the sky, shiver coldly, shivering all over his scales.

A golden cube shrouded it, and Golden Crow didn’t kill it, but kept it in the same way.

“You weird guys, come with me back to see Elder.”

The clear voice of Golden Crow appeared in Su Ping’s mind. It glanced at Su Ping, then turned and spread its wings and flew forward.

Su Ping and a few battle companions imprisoned in a cube are closely following the Golden Crow, driven by invisible forces, flying extremely fast.

Su Ping’s eyes flickered, hesitating whether to escape by suicide and resurrect randomly, or to delay a day to go to the nest of the Golden Crow Divine Race.

Fortunately, the number of days he bought this time was only one day. Even if he was imprisoned in Golden Crow Clan, only one day was wasted.

He is afraid that the Peak of Golden Crow Clan exists, and he perceives his weird ability to resurrect, and analyzes him as a little white mouse.

“System, your resurrection ability, no problem, will it be cracked?” Su Ping asked in his heart.

For another world, Su Ping won’t have such a worry, but the Golden Crow gods and demons here are the oldest creatures between Heaven and Earth. The top Golden Crow powerhouse inside, what kind of cultivation base will it be? Su Ping is totally unimaginable.

“Don’t worry, as long as there is enough energy, no one can stop me from reviving you.” System said calmly.

Su Ping felt a little relieved when he heard it’s relaxed tone, but still said: “You can think clearly, don’t pretend to be forced, after all, a handsome host like me, died, but there will be no more Second, you will find another ugly man at that time, and you will have to see you every day.”

“If you die, I’ll find a beautiful woman, why do you want an ugly man?” System asked.

Su Ping’s face turned green and said: “So, it’s really possible for me to really die?”

“You think too much.” system said ill-humoredly.

Su Ping murmured, and he was not in the mood to quarrel with it anymore. Now, he can only trust the ability of the system.

Although suicide can get away, he got away. Er Gou and Purgatory Candle Dragon beast can’t get away. Su Ping can’t order them to commit suicide. This is the constraint of the pet beast contract. The master can order the battle companion Fighting desperately, even knowing that it is dangerous, can order the battle companion to attack, but the only way to let the battle companion commit suicide is Self-destruction!

Once he commits suicide and escapes, Er Gou, they are still alive, and they are taken to Golden Crow Clan. When the cultivation time is over and Su Ping returns, they will not be in the pet beast space and they will be stuck here forever.

Su Ping has lost Little Skeleton now and cannot lose them anymore.

A trip to Golden Crow’s Lair, even if you have been confined and tortured, it’s just a waste of tickets that’s all.



The scene on the ground flicked by.

Su Ping saw various lava pits and fire sea lakes. The Golden Crow’s flying speed is extremely fast, even dozens of times the speed of sound. If it weren’t for the golden cube to cover Su Ping, Su Ping felt that this flying speed brought about The tearing wind was enough to make him extremely uncomfortable, and the wind on the Primal Chaos Heaven sun star was extremely hot.

He felt like he would be rubbed and sparks!

“How many members do you Golden Crow Clan have?” Su Ping, who was dragged into the golden cube, looked bored at the scenery below his feet, and chatted with the Golden Crow.

Golden Crow ignores Su Ping, spreads its wings and flies towards it, making noises from time to time.

“You are in your Golden Crow Clan, what is your level?” Su Ping asked again.

Golden Crow still doesn’t answer.

“A beautiful person like you, shouldn’t you see it in Golden Crow Clan?”

“It’s not that many, it’s unique.” Golden Crow finally spoke, aloof.

“I don’t believe it.” Su Ping said directly.

There is no doubt that these three words directly angered Golden Crow.

But Golden Crow knows that Su Ping can’t be killed, it’s just coldly snorted.

Su Ping did not intend to give up “communication”, and said: “It is said that Golden Crow is raised by Innate Earth. Does that mean that you all have no parents or mothers?”


Golden Crow turned his head and glared at him, full of anger.

Su Ping doesn’t care. I used to lick the dog to say good things, and it didn’t work. The fundamental problem of cultivation Golden Crow God Devil Body was not solved. No amount of good words were used.

“By the way, when you are flying, why do you call every now and then?” Su Ping asked again.

“You control me?” Golden Crow angrily said.



During a period of well-intentioned communication and childlike exploration and inquiry, Golden Crow’s flight speed suddenly slowed down. At the same time, Su Ping suddenly felt that the surrounding temperature was extremely rising. Even in the golden cube, he I can feel waves of heat infiltrating from outside this confinement secret technique.

The world around it has long become full of golden.

In the front is an extremely huge old tree.

This ancient tree is so big that it is incredible, standing on this ancient planet.

Outside this ancient tree, there is one after another golden light surrounding it. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that it was a golden Crow with huge physique.

The postures of these Golden Crows have several tens of thousands of li. They are huge and obscure the sky. But in front of the old tree, they are only the size of a leaf above. A large number of Golden Crows shuttle on the old tree. Some Stay on the leaves.

Su Ping opened his eyes wide, only shock left in his heart.

In other breeding grounds, he has seen a lot of giant beasts and some incredible giant beast bones!

But the ancient tree in front of me, as well as the Golden Crow above, gave Su Ping a breathless shock.

Each Golden Crow is incomparable gigantic, and a feather can cover an aircraft carrier! And these huge Golden Crows surround the ancient trees, flying around like guards.

From the time I saw the old tree, it took a full hour before Su Ping arrived in front of the old tree. Although there were countless dust and distorted air waves in the sky, Su Ping was still there. An hour away from Golden Crow, you can see this ancient tree straight from the Heavenspan.

From a distance, the canopy of the ancient tree seems to be higher than the entire planet’s atmosphere!

“This is the habitat of your Golden Crow?” Su Ping couldn’t help himself.

Golden Crow heard Su Ping’s full of shocking words, glanced at him, proudly said: “This is the ancestral land of our Golden Crow Clan. It is your honor for your strange creature to be here.”

Su Ping ignored its irony and looked at the Golden Crow all around.

Some of the Golden Crows patrolling outside the ancient trees flew up. Su Ping could feel that the feathers of the Golden Crow in front of him were shaken by the huge wind. This Golden Crow was similar to those patrolling Golden Crows. Comparison is simply a little sparrow, as small as a feather, it can’t be compared at all.

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