Super Divine Beast Pet Shop Chapter 621


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Three Heavenspan Golden Crows looked down at Su Ping without speaking.

This time, they all saw that Su Ping did not lie.

This human is really looking for cultivation materials, and is only looking for materials for trifling 2nd floor body refinement.

In their eyes, Su Ping’s whole body is clearly seen from the inside to the outside, including the strength of Asura that Su Ping within the body did not display, but it cannot be hidden.

They all see that Su Ping cultivated 1st floor Golden Crow body refinement, within the body, has a very small amount of Golden Crow power.

“Di Qiong, you just said you can’t kill him?”

The strong-tempered and majestic Golden Crow on the right asked Di Qiong.

As soon as he said this, Su Ping felt a bit of a bad thing, it was murderous aura!

This Golden Crow seems to have murdered him!

Should I come or come…

Su Ping’s heart is secretly sighed, so he can only pin his hopes on system.

Diqiong heard Elder’s question and immediately replied: “Yes, not only this guy, but also these Low rank Demonic beasts. If you don’t believe Elder, you can try it out.”


Even though the Golden Crow on the right was about to make a move, the Great Elder in the middle shook his head slightly and said: “No matter what, this human being has some connection with the Heavenly Venerate. That Heavenly Venerate has also been kind to our race. Descendants, we don’t want to take a shot.”

The Golden Crow startled on the right side had no choice but to stop and say: “I just want to try and see if it is so strange in the end.”

Great Elder shook his head and ignored it. Instead, he said to Su Ping: “If it is convenient, can you tell me how to get here? I want to know if our Star God array has a weak spot. Loopholes, this is a matter of our whole family, and I hope you can tell me.”

The super Golden Crows around were all looking at Great Elder in surprise. They didn’t expect it to be so polite to such a small thing.

Su Ping also felt the kindness of this Great Elder, and felt like he was unfathomable mystery, and he was exposed to the light of a certain Heavenly Venerate. Facts once again proved that appearance is very important. There was a car accident and he was rescued first. The one is definitely the handsome one.

“I don’t know how to say this, but it’s definitely not a question of your banning the Star God formation. Specifically, I can’t explain it…” Su Ping was a little bit embarrassed.

The star is sealed, and system can still teleport him over. He doesn’t know how to explain it. He can only say that the ability of system is too sturdy.

“hmph, your cultivation base, what else can you know? You can’t even explain how you got here, but how do you know that it was not our problem with sealing Star God?” Golden Crow on the right said with a sneer .

“It’s a bit weird.” Golden Crow pondered then said on the left.

The Great Elder fell into silence. After a few minutes, he opened the mouth and said: “Well, since you are here to find materials, since you are descended from Heavenly Venerate, I will give you one to get materials. But it’s up to you to grasp the opportunity.”

Su Ping was taken aback, with some surprises and surprises. He didn’t expect his vague and perfunctory rhetoric, and he could really get confused.

“many thanks Great Elder.” Su Ping said quickly.

After thanking him, Su Ping suddenly calmed down. He couldn’t see through the idea of ​​this Great Elder. Was he really so confused?

He doesn’t know.

“By the way, since I am a descendant of Heavenly Venerate, I don’t even know how I came. It’s just the cultivation materials for the trifling 2nd floor, the huge Golden Crow Clan. It’s better to get it directly Give it to me, why bother to scribble?” Su Ping secretly complained, feeling a bit weird.

But he didn’t say anything, otherwise he would seem to be a bit intolerant.

Regarding what Golden Crow Great Elder thinks, anyway, you can get the materials and you can go back. The soldiers will come and stop.

“The cultivation technique of your cultivation is the original cultivation technique of our Golden Crow Clan. Once the cultivation reaches the 4th floor, you will inherit the complete Golden Crow Bloodline, that is to say, you will become the real Golden Crow!”

Great Elder said slowly: “Since you want to cultivation this cultivation technique, can you prepare for this?”

Su Ping has long known this from the introduction of the cultivation technique, not even think: “This is already prepared.”

Becoming a Golden Crow is a Golden Crow. He didn’t think there was anything. As long as his heart and will remain his own, he didn’t care what his body changed.

If this can be exchanged for invincible power, what about abandoning the human shell?

Hearing Su Ping, all Golden Crows in the audience were staring at Su Ping. Except for the Heavenspan Golden Crow on the right, which always had bad eyesight, the hostility of the other Golden Crows towards Su Ping was slightly reduced. If you change into other creatures and want to be Golden Crow Clan, they will feel insulted.

However, Su Ping bears the name of descendants of Heavenly Venerate after all, and his identity is extraordinary. Now that they are willing to become Golden Crow, they also feel quite prosperous.


Great Elder said: “In half a day, our clan will conduct the Divine Physique awakening test. At that time, my clan’s Golden Crow infant will participate. I will prepare a trial space for you alone. If you can pass this I will give you this material for the second trial. If you can’t, then you have to go back to your world.”

Su Ping startled, trial?

He was a little bit confused and asked: “What kind of cultivation base are these Golden Crow infants participating in the trial?”

“Much weaker than me, don’t worry.” Di Qiong answered Su Ping and hummed softly.

Hearing this, Su Ping felt a little relaxed in his heart, much weaker than it. It was very likely that it was only Legendary, so he might not be without hope.

“Okay.” Su Ping nodded, he knew he had no way out. The other party was the Golden Crow Great Elder. Obviously, it was impossible to bargain with him.

“Di Qiong, take him down, let him prepare well, and tell him about the trial by the way.” Great Elder instructed.

Di Qiong didn’t expect Great Elder to throw Su Ping this guy to him, a little dissatisfied, but still reluctantly agreed, turned around to Su Ping and said: “Look what to see, come with me .”

Su Ping was also a little speechless. He wanted this Great Elder to change himself as a guide, but let’s just think about it and let it go.

“You unexpectedly encountered the Golden Crow trial, you are lucky.” System said in Su Ping’s heart.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, secretly said in one’s heart: “Do you know this trial?”

“Of course, there is nothing I don’t know about the universe.” System said indifferently, but his voice was somewhat contented.

Su Ping sneered in his heart, “It’s all you peeping.”

“Go away.”

“Go away.”

“Go away.”


After spraying each other in the bottom of my heart for a while, Su Ping followed Diqiong Golden Crow away from this branch and flew towards the bottom of the canopy.


“Big brother, why keep this human being?”

As soon as Su Ping and Di Qiong walked, Heavenspan Golden Crow on the right couldn’t help but say.

The Great Elder’s reaction was very calm. Its golden eyes passed through the leaves, still falling on the tiny silhouette flying below the branches, and said calmly: “First point, this man is a descendant of Heavenly Venerate, that Heavenly Venerate is kind to my clan. If you know that my clan treats his descendants like this, how would you feel?”

“The situation outside is turbulent now. One more ally is more advantageous than one more enemy.”

“Secondly, this human being is so weak and able to enter through the Star God formation. The first ancestor did not move, indicating that there was no problem with the Star God formation. Then do you think he would enter in by what method and what would it be? Exist, sent him in?”

“Thirdly, you have heard what Diqiong said just now. This human being cannot be killed. Even Diqiong’s Di Yan cannot be killed. Although Diqiong has just left his childhood, his cultivation base is far superior to this human being. Emperor Yan can easily kill even the gods and demons of the same rank, let alone kill this human being.”

The Heavenspan Golden Crow on the right was startled, and said: “Then why don’t you let me test it out, I want to see, why can’t you kill him!”

Great Elder glanced at him, and said indifferently: “This is why I let him participate in the trial. You and I are both Elder. If we attack, if this human being is the Heavenly Venerate and thrown to test my race What about the pawn that reacts? If we make a move, don’t we just break with that Heavenly Venerate?”

“Let him participate in the trial, do you think he can pass with his cultivation base and his within the body?”

“During the trial, he will definitely die!”

“At that time, we will naturally be able to see how he did not die. If Di Qiong reads it wrong, then he will die if he died. No wonder we.”

Heavenspan Golden Crow on the right said: “So you want to test him with trials. You are a little too cautious about such a weak thing?”

“I’m not afraid of being careful, I’m afraid that I’m not being careful enough.” Great Elder said: “Even if the other party is a small insect, but if this small insect is stuffed by Heavenly Venerate, it will not be easy to peck.”

Heavenspan Golden Crow on the right understood his thoughts and didn’t say much.

“Allowing this human to participate in the trial is not exactly the Undying Body test that Emperor Qiong said. On the other hand, I hope that he can pass the trial.” Great Elder said again.

As soon as this word came out, the super Golden Crows around all looked towards him suspiciously.

“We have been sealing the stars for too long. I don’t know what’s going on outside. It would be a good thing if we can learn something from this human being.” Great Elder sighed lightly, his eyes long and vicissitudes.

The two Heavenspan Golden Crows next to them were silent and didn’t say anything.



“You have to get ready, half a day here, equivalent to your ten days on Earth!”

On the way to follow Di Qiong, system said in Su Ping’s heart.

Noisy to noisy, noisy to noisy, system is still quite serious when it should be serious.

“Ten days?”

Su Ping was taken aback for a moment. In this Primal Chaos Heaven sun star, half a day is the ten days of Earth?

On that day, wouldn’t it equal Earth’s twenty days?

“The change of seasons here is different from yours. It is the dark rose season. One day is only the twenty days of Earth’s operation. When it comes to the season of God’s light, the alternation of day and night is longer, the furthest, and even equivalent to your last Earth. Years!” said system.

Su Ping is slightly speechless.

One day is equivalent to Earth and one year!

How is the time of this planet calculated?

He couldn’t imagine the trajectory of this.

“Since Golden Crow Clan allows you to participate in the trial, if you can pass, they It shouldn’t be your trial reward. This is a trial prepared for Golden Crow Clan’s childhood, Golden Crow infant has reached a certain level and needs to be stimulated in some ways to awaken the Golden Crow Divine Physique!”

“Golden Crow, who has passed the trial, can obtain the supremacy of Golden Crow Clan and stimulate the potential in the bloodline. The battle strength has skyrocketed! You want to increase strength. This is a good opportunity not to be missed.” system Said.


Su Ping was a little surprised.

To stimulate the potential of bloodline?

Battle strength surge?

Isn’t this what he is desperately lacking now!

“Is this trial difficult?” Su Ping asked quickly.

He was completely moved.

“Of course, with your current strength, it’s basically useless if you want to pass.” System pouring cold water unceremoniously.

Su Ping is dumb, his strength and system are the clearest, and system says so. He feels like he has been hit.

“Impossible there is no hope, if there is no hope at all, why are you telling me so much?” Su Ping asked with hope in his heart.

The system was silent for two seconds before saying: “You are not stupid yet, and the solution is not at all, but it is difficult. In short, you should first learn about the trial with the Golden Crow of the emperor bloodline.”

“Emperor bloodline?”

Su Ping heard a new word from system again. Is bloodline still ranked?

His thoughts returned to his body, and he saw the uncomfortable appearances of Purgatory Candle Dragon beast and Er Gou among several golden cubes next to him, and said to Di Qiong in front of him: “Can you unlock my partner’s seal, I think Let them come to me.”

Di Qiong glanced at him, said ill-humoredly: “It’s troublesome.”

Speaking of which, the golden cubes that imprison the Purgatory Candle Dragon beasts approached Su Ping and directly attached Su Ping’s golden cubes to form a big cage.

When the imprisonment between the golden cubes disappeared, Su Ping immediately took Er Gou all of them back into the pet beast space, so that if something happened, he could choose to resurrect randomly and stay away from here.

Listening to the system’s tone, this trial is a good thing. This Golden Crow Clan did not pursue his origins, but instead let him participate in the trial. Su Ping didn’t know what Golden Crow Great Elder was making.

The other party is the ultimate Old Monster who has a cultivation base and doesn’t know how high or how long he has lived. Su Ping can’t figure it out at all.

“You put them…”

Di Qiong saw Su Ping put the Purgatory Candle Dragon beasts into the summon space, and was a little stunned. It looked at Su Ping suspiciously, and said, “What space is that? With your cultivation base, it should not be enough to open up. This kind of space is right!”

It’s a bit messy.

This kind of ability, even it, is not yet mastered.

Su Ping was so surprised when he saw it, and was a little surprised, saying: “This is the summon space, haven’t you seen it?”

“summon space?”

Di Qiong looked at him suspiciously, apparently the first time he had heard of it.

Su Ping saw its reaction, suddenly a weird thought popped up in his mind, and he couldn’t help asking system in his heart, saying: “This Golden Crow doesn’t even know what summon and the pet are, right?”

The system was silent for two seconds before he said: “Golden Crow Clan has been starring for many years. I don’t know it and it’s normal. The summon system emerged later and they haven’t seen it.”

Su Ping is dumb.

It seems that these Golden Crows are all isolated from the world.

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